COVID-19 and Shows

Due to the chaos caused by the COVID-19 issue, the shows are in constant flux.  Some have been cancelled, some are tentative.... 

Until this settles down, please call ahead before heading out to a show.  



Mud Brick - Lower 5 Acres - and a couple Easter eggs.

Added the MudBrick Dobro Session CD to the MUSIC tab.  These tracks were recorded live in Mobile, AL. 

A fictional short story "The Lower 5 Acres" written and spoken by Kraig is now available on the Blue and Green MP3…


All Music on Sale

We've always had some of our music available for download on Itunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.  Now, we have all of it right here on the site.  And, it's all "ON SALE".  Visit the Music Tab, pick your format (flac…


New Site

Welcome to the new site. 

Now we have all the music available for sale directly from the site.  You can choose from 2 formats:  high quality MP3 or lossless flac. 

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