There always seem to be schedule updates. Some changes may be made to the Schedule without an entry here, so please check the Schedule page before heading out to a show.
08/11/2011 - New merchandise, order and paypal to include New tShirts. Jason will be redoing the home page for tshirts
01/29/2011 - New merchandise, order and paypal to include Mudbrick. Been some updates missed. Jason is working on the site too.
02/13-2010 - 1 New recommendation. From Aurora Public Library.
10/31/2009 - 2 New recommendations. 1 removed it was last years version from Art in Your Eye
9/21/09 - New music page with 1 minute MP3 samples of every song and links to the order page, cdbaby, amazon, and iTunes
9/07/09 - Added 2 minute sample of all the songs from Blue and Green. Put a Yahoo player on the page. Just 1 line of code (gets everything from Yahoo). 2 minutes seems too long (this was a cdbaby recommendation, but now they use about 30 secs.) Will probably go with 60secs.
9/05/09 - Fixed bandg links merchandise music. The links to the music sites were updated - CDBABY in particular
8/17/09 - Added a link to Kraig's interview at Jemsite to the homepage. Read the new interview here!
1/19/2009 - Modified the MP3 links on merchandise and links to add amazon and use search so they will pick up Blue and Green once it's up.
11/30/2008 - Changed home to include the embeded WMA music. Copied indexb.htm over index.htm this removes the splash page but leaves all the links alone. Added a recommendation from Paul Wieland.
6/23/2008 - Changed the guestbook. Had a complaint that an entry wouldn't show up. Tested it Ok. Found that nearly 25% of the log entries were posts to Renamed it to and made the password kraig spelled backwards. Now the sites trying to get to guestadd are getting 404. Maybe this will slow them down?
6/9/2008 - Changes to make Blue and Green $12 like the others. paypal, bandg, index, update, contents, merchandise, order, and music all updated.
5/8/2008 - Changes to announce the new cd. 3 sizes of the albumn cover. 1 replaces the splash page. moment go by mp3 free for download. new page bandg.htm with comments from Kraig. entry on the dropdown at the top talking about the new cd. paypal and merchandise and music all updated.
3/15/2008 - Removed all the email addresses from the guestbook. Copied all the guest files to a backup first. Changed the guestbook addition to not put the email address on the web page anymore. People were stealing the addresses and spamming them
2/17/2008 - Changed from Real Audio to MP3 samples on the MAKTUB page. Included 1 minute 128K of every song.
12/24/2007 Merry Christmas. Changed the link from the video page to a generic YouTube\kevinkenning since there are 6 videos now.
9/22/2007 -What a long strange trip it's been.

Didn't hardly notice that it's been 10 years since this site was born.
Back then we had black and white photos and wav files (which were too big for anyone to download and quickly converted to Real Audio)
Images were all less than 35 KB, most in the 5-10 range.
Most users were dialup with 640X480 resolution.
Ordering a CD meant printing out an order form and mailing a check to Kraig. You can still do this if you want.... Please, do it often, he won't mind.

Now, we have Full color, MP3s, and VIDEO!
Most users have braodband connections.
We accept credit cards through paypal
Just a couple of weeks ago we joined ITUNES (others on the way) and are now selling MP3 singles.

We've had some 'red alerts' along the way. Thanks to viewers for letting us know. Overall things have been pretty good and our Web presence continues to grow. Search google for "Kraig Kenning" or even "slide guitar music" to see what I mean.

I found a copy of something close to the original home page and if you want to check it out just click on the link below.
Kraig Kenning & Company - Original Roots Rock - Electric Folk, Pop, Blues

9/5/2007 - We've gone Digital!
You can listen to samples of 19 of Kraig's greatest hits and buy an MP3-CD of them from CDBABY
You can purchase individual songs from Apple ITUNES (now); and many other online venues soon. Removed the free MP3 downloads from the site (download, and unreleased pages). Modified the music page to link to ITUNES and CDBABY,
Added links to youtube,itunes, and cdbaby on the links page
3/21/2007 - New (large) high res poster on the downloads page.
2/25/2007 - Changed copyright date and titles on most pages.
2/10/2007 - Additions to the photos page. Changed the guestadd image
1/24/2007 - Added google analytical to index,news,korner,slide-guitar-samples,music pages.
1/15/2007 - Changed the downloads and contacts pages to send to
1/7/2007 - Linked to 3 Youtube songs on videos and unreleased pages. Added headshot2 on downloads. Commented out headshot1 Many additions to the photos page
10/31/2006 - Samples from the next cd on the Unreleased page.
10/23/2006 - New promotional manager. Changed contacts, downloads, maillist. Also added password to maillist.
8/19/2006 - New music on the splash page: kati from the Halloween DVD
7/22/2006 - New photo at bottom of schedule thanks to Angie
New photos in Fans section of the Photos page.
7/16/2006 - New recommendation from Marie at the Fremont Public Library
It's under Libraries on the Recommendations page.
New photos in all 3 sections of the Photos page.
6/7/2006 - Added a link to Katie at Google Videos on the Video page.
Katie at Google
Added "Like we used to reprise" to the splash page.
5/13/2006 - Added Promotional manager (Becca) contact information to the Contacts and Downloads pages.
4/23/2006 - New recommendation from Dwight and Pat at the Highland House Concert Series.
It's under Coffee Houses on the Recommendations page.
1/2/2006 - Changed copyright date and titles on most pages. Put more passwords on perl 'add' scripts
12/31/05 - Brand new photo page - Updated downloads page with some nice Flyer Handouts - Sonic Blues on the Splash Page
Happy New Year - Enjoy!
12/17/05 - New prices - Simpler PayPal. Commented out the PnP on Unreleased. favicon.ico thanks to Jason Kenning
12/13/05 - New maillist - ask for City/St.
12/11/05 - Added a new video of Crossroads to the video and the download page.
11/13/05 - Started work on a downloads page
11/04/05 - Changed guest.htm to note that the updates will not be immediate. Changed guestadd.cgi Added a link to Dwight Mark's Highlands House Concert Series
10/29/05 - Couple of additions to the recommendations in the Library section.
8/2/05 - T-Shirts are sold out. Commented out code on order.htm and paypal.htm
5/30/2005 - Some new recommendations
1/1/2005 - Changed the splash page to Photo by Nicola Anderson (splash2.jpg). Text added by Jason Kenning. 614x614 may be too big?
12/18/2004 - Put The Lower 5 on the dropdown at the top.
12/12/2004 - Changed the status bar marquee to "The Lower 5 Acres".
11/29/2004 - Added Kraig's short story, "The Lower 5 Acres".
You may have wondered what Kraig does in-between shows when he's camped out in Florida for the winter. If he's not enjoying the natural beauty around him, or can't come up with a new song, he might be writing about a fictional character, somewhat like himself, experiencing a fictional place, somewhat like a piece of Florida.
See the link on the Earth page

11/21/2004 - New address to get the "FREE CD". See the 11-23-2003 entry on the Unreleased page

10/12/2004 - New references under Festivals and Libraries categories.
Kraig Kenning - Recommendations
9/10/2004 - Added a slideshow from the Photos page. Directories res, slides, thumbs, and files - slideshow-slideshow5.
8/19/2004 - Added links to Donna Weida and Buckingham Blues Bar
8/1/2004 - New splash page. Original watercolor by Donna Weida -
6/25/2004 - Fixed Guestbook. Slight change to earthbook.
6/5/4 - Every page has been redone. Please report any problems you might find by using the following form
Contact the Webmaster
4/1/04 - April Fools
3/21/04 - Getting ready for a face lift. New home page.
Contacts, Booking, and Maillist on a seperate page available from the footer of every page.
Another video added (left behind). Video page redone.
2/21/04 - Added the Halloween DVD to the Merchandise Page.
2/12/04 - Added 4 more videos and the real DVD cover to the Videos Page.
2/07/04 - Split the guestbook, so it loads faster.
1/26/04 - Added video of Jim Seidel. Just a part of his bass solo that is on the soon to be released DVD on the Videos Page.
1/25/04 - Added some old photos and 1 new to the "FAN PHOTOS" on the Photos Page.
12/08/03 - Changed "out of stock" note on the Some Faith CD.
Deleted all the links to MP3.COM is moving to CNET. Get the MP3s directly from us for now on the Unreleased Page.
11/23/03 - Get a FREE copy of a live show. Kraig in Black Forest Colorado 11.14.03. See the Unreleased Page for details
10/14/03 - Andy added to &Company. Slight shipping increase for tshirts
9/7/03 - Added 2 recommendations to the Press page.
9/4/03 - Removed links to jukebox (SIB and PTH used to be there). Part of yahoo now, appears not to be free
7/29/03 - Added link to probands
7/17/03 - Added 2 new recommendations
5/31/03 - Reorganized PHOTOS. Lots of new photos on the Fan Photo page.
5/24/03 - Brand new bio thanks to Faith Watson Check it out.

5/12/03 - Linked to 7th Heaven

4/15/03 - Interesting Photo added to the Earth page.

4/12/03 - Added Downers Grove Library Recommendation to the Press page.

4/9/03 - Reworked the Press page to make recommendations easier to locate. Experimenting with CSS again.

3/29/03 - The new T-Shirts are in. Check them out

3/10/03 - Some Faith CD is out of stock
Added more to the photo albumn to the Photos page.
3/7/03 - Added fans photo albumn to the Photos page.
12/7/02 - Added liner notes to the MAKTUB page. Thanks to Richie Hofherr.
11/23/02 - Henley Tshirts sold out! New ones not ready just yet. Modify merchandise.htm, order.htm,paypal.htm
11/12/02 - Lots of MAKTUB music samples on the MAKTUB page. 3 full length instrumentals, and part of Iowa.
11/5/02 - MAKTUB is shipping. Updated the MUSIC and MERCHANDISE pages.
9/24/02 - Advance orders for MAKTUB now being taken on the Merchandise page.
9/23/02 - Peace (from the soon to be released MAKTUB CD) mp3. The whole track is now available on the Unreleased page.
9/3/02 - New photo (long overdue) on the Photos page thanks to Dimitri Nicoli Jansen.
7/28/02 - New clip (mp3) on the Unreleased page thanks to Jeff Hillman. 'Crossroads' live from the Chicago Blues Fest 2002 on the Best Buy Stage.
7/1/02 - New photo on the Unreleased page thanks to Don Rieck, Evanston
6/25/02 - Some new Library recommendations on Press page. Lisle and Fox Lake.
6/16/02 - Another real audio clip on the Unreleased page. This is a 20 minute set/interview at the Chicago Blues's Fest 2002. Happy Father's Day
6/13/02 - Added a real audio clip - part of Run With the Wind to the Unreleased page.
6/02/02 - Added a real audio clip - part of Used To to the Unreleased page.
5/20/02 - Added a real audio clip - part of Peace to the Unreleased page. Sounds really good.
3/9/02 - Added a shopping cart to the paypal purchase page
3/2/02 - Added Henley tshirt and poster to the merchandise and order page. Check them out, they're nice.
1/12/02 - Long overdue additions to the Press page. 3 on libraries, and 1 on colleges.
1/1/02 - Gave credit to Debra Lee Photography on home. Added to links.
9/10/01 - Some new photos on the photos page taken in Rockford by Jerry Mosier .
4/5/01 - 5 new entries in Press. Comments from Downers Grove Public Library, Carol Stream Public Library, Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda, Bill Dudley of WMNF radio in Tampa, and the Art Fest in Ft. Myers.
3/1/01 - Now accepting Master Card or Visa for Merchandise through PayPal. If you don't want to print out the Order Form and send us a check, try PayPal. International Buyers and existing PayPal members should really appreciate this option.
2/11/01 - New photos on the Unreleased and Press pages.
1/28/01 - Article from the Newton Daily News on the Press page in the Misc. section.
Recomendation from Roselle Public Library on the Library section of Press
12/03/00 - Put an unplugged version of Iowa on the Unreleased page.
11/10/00 - Write up in the Lake Villa Report covering the show at the Lake Villa Library on the Press page in the Misc. section.
9/24/00 - New splash page: Photo - Warren Winter; Web Effects - Jason Kenning
9/05/00 - Earth page has a comment book.
8/31/00 - They just keep a comin. Put a live version of Sweet on Sugar (Mike Jordon) on the Unreleased page.
8/30/00 - Put an unplugged version of Left Behind on the Unreleased page.
8/28/00 - Changed "New CD" button to "Unreleased". Added an "Our Earth" button with a link to Save the Rainforest.
8/27/00 - New artwork for the Every Precious Moment CD. The CD cover has a new look (same great songs).
8/6/00 - New CD now contains information about the next CD, not Every Precious Moment. Added the first Round and Round sample.
7/1/00 - Recomendation from Waukegan Public Library on the Library section of Press
6/1/00 - Recomendation from Oswego Public Library on the Library section of Press
5/21/00 - Heartland Journal article concerning the Chicago Blues Fest on the Festivals section of Press
5/1/00 - Comments from Harper College on the Colleges section of Press
Added site to The Slide Guitar Web Ring
4/24/00 - Removed the Chat Link. Sorry to those of you who tried to get in. Our Chat Server closed down. I guess that's what happens when it seems to good to be true. It was free while it lasted.
4/12/00 - Audience Comments from the Crystal Lake Public Library on the Library section of Press
4/8/00 - Recomendation from Barrington Middle School on the Misc section of Press
4/3/00 - Photo of Kraig with his newest fan (taken by her husband) on Photos
3/30/00 - Recomendation from M.Y. Promotions (Fort Myers, FL) on the Festivals section of Press
3/20/00 - Recomendation from the Algonquin Area Public Library District on the Library section of Press
3/15/00 - Fox Valley Blues Society Review of Every Precious Moment,
and show in Aurora in the Misc section of Press
3/11/00 - Herald CD Review of Every Precious Moment.
2/25/00 - Created an 'On the Air' section for the Press page. Moved the XRT clips there. Also added a KGRR interview with Denny Garcia there.
2/21/00 - 2 more reviews - Kane County in the MISC section of Press; Naples Art Fest in FESTS section
2/20/00 - 2 new reviews in the MISC section of Press, from the recent trip to Florida
2/8/00 - Added another Every Precious Moment CD review
1/21/00 - Added Tamara Anderson information to the &Company page
1/2/00 - Added a Chat Room. Kraig will try to be available Mondays 7-8 CST.
12/5/99 - Clips from WXRT in Chicago on the Press page
12/4/99 - Chicago Tribune metromix review of Every Precious Moment on the NEW CD page.
Monterey available as an MP3 at
11/21/99 - Every Precious Moment on WXRT this week
Every Precious Moment available as an MP3 at
10/27/99 - Great new References from Borders CRCs on the Press page.
10/26/99 - 11 Photos added to the Photo page. Most can be found elswwhere on the site.
10/20/99 - New format. All files updated in some way. If you find something broken (sorry), please let the Webmaster know ASAP
All the wav files have been replaced with Real Audio G2. See HELP page if you need a wav.
10/15/99 - Lots of Slide guitar samples on a New Page

9/27/99 - Full length samples on the NEW CD PAGE!
Link to Slider Zone (Germany).
9/12/99 - IT'S DONE! Every Precious Moment (The new cd) is being duplicated. Should ship the first week of October. Look for some new samples and a slightly modified Web design to celebrate the release.
8/20/99 - Slider thumbnails on the photos page
John Rice and Matt Quinnan on &Company
7/30/99 - 2 Library 'letter of recommendation' on Press
7/23/99 - 5 more G2 samples on the New CD page, including a newer Every Precious Moment.
6/16/99 - Site Map and Contact info at bottom of Home.
5/23/99 - Listen to the entire Every Precious Moment sample on the NEW CD page.
5/1/99 - Link to Fox Valley Blues Society
Comments from Kraig on the New CD page
3/23/99 - Loyola recommendation
Lots of schedule changes
Kraig gets email on guestbook additions now
1/18/99 - 80 seconds of "I'm not a Cocaine Girl" real audio G2 sample on the Unreleased Music page.
This version of the song is on the Christmas Benefit CD.
1/5/99. - Christmas Charity CDs available to buy
1/2/99. - More Real Audio G2 samples added to Somewhere in Between and Pass the Hat.
Another Borders Recommendation on Press
12/25/98. - Merry Christmas. We've got some Real Audio G2 samples on the NEW CD page. They sound great without the wait. If you don't have the G2 player, you can get it for free from It's really worth installing. I've used older versions of Real Audio, but didn't include any on the site till now because the quality was barely usable. This one's GOOD.

12/19/98 - Christmas Benefit Press Release link off the Schedule

12/10/98 - Christmas Benefit Marquee
Mail List Form

11/30/98 - Kraig has been adding to Korner
New graphic on bio
Graphics on bookstores
11/18/98 - Massive schedule updates
Christmas Benefit is on Christmas
Jim Seidel bio
11/11/98 - Recommendation from the Sweet Been Cafe
4 Schedule additions
11/08/98 - Awesome reviews from Australia on Pass the Hat
Faster Main Page graphics
10/26/98 - Des Moines trip cancelled
A couple of schedule additions
10/23/98 - Bye Bye Purple
A little consistency
10/22/98 - Kraig asked for purple; now he's got some
Total reorg of the Press section
09/26/98 - Schedule changes
4 Village Squire shows and 3 Borders shows in St. Louis area
08/26/98 - Schedule changes
Links to Cyber-Slide and Song Search
08/23/98. Schedule additions (7)
08/12/98. International Blues Talent Competition (August 28) link from the Schedule

07/25/98 - & Company page started
Buttons with flyover help
2 new Cocaine Girl samples. Sorry I must have cut out one of the channels on the original one.
More schedule stuff

07/21/98 - THE NEW CD added to the Table of Contents
1/2 dozen schedule additions. This guy is busy

07/20/98 - Cocaine Girl sound clip on the Unreleased Music page
Article from May Blues Revue magazine on the Pass the Hat Music page.
New Main page logo
Frankies Blue Room next Saturday
07/15/98 - Harry G's cancelled us.
Sorry about the late notice; their fault not ours
07/10/98 - Schedule Additions.
06/10/98 - Review of the South Florida Folk Fest on the Press Page
More Schedule Additions.
05/26/98 - Lots of Schedule changes. Additions and some cancelled.
05/02/98 - New photos, including 1 with Pierre Bensusan thanks to Ray Seale.
04/28/98 - Schedule Changes/Additions
Opening for Pierre Bensusan tomorrow
04/18/98 - Schedule Changes/Additions
04/08/98 - 5 more Schedule Additions
04/04/98 - Lots of Schedule Additions
Link to Steve Arvey
03/25/98 - Schedule change for Peifer-Wisniewski Benefit May 9 (new place)
03/23/98 - Link to Planet Dobro
03/09/98 - Lots of Schedule Additions thru Sept.(thanks Jen)
Schedule for Peifer-Wisniewski Benefit May 9
03/04/98 - Link from schedule to Flyer on Columbus Bluesfest
02/28/98 - New Schedule through May
02/18/98 - Schedule addition Feb 26 at O'Trainas
02/17/98 - Links to Somewhere in Between at audionet.
Now you can listen to the entire Somewhere in Between or Pass the Hat CD at's Jukebox.
You will need to download 'Real Player' (also available from the site)
Links to Jukebox can be found on the 'Links' or 'Music' pages.
Not the greatest fidelity, but you can get the feel of the CD
Some higher quality samples are available on the Music pages.
02/10/98 - Article covering the Bus trip to the homeless on Press.
Fixed the link to audionet. from Pass the Hat page You can listen to the entire Pass the Hat CD there.

02/08/98 - Guestbook pages.

02/05/98 - Artwork on the photos page.
Five new photo choices. Thanks Tracey
01/21/98 - added a link to Audionet Jukebox from the Pass the Hat Page
Tribune Article from 12/97
01/18/98 - Schedule changes - 2/3, 2/4, 2/7, 2/22, 3/2
A slight hint of dobro on the contents frames
Picture of Steve and Dave at the Christmas benefit
01/10/98 - Redid the Press Page. Moved the CD Reviews to Music.
Added another Pass the Hat Review and an interesting playlist from New Zealand
97 Benefit Article on Press
12/31/97 - More unreleased dobro samples on the music page.
A picture of "yours truly" on the photo page
12/13/97 - Unreleased slide music sample (.wav) on the Photo page
12/12/97 - Schedule change - Dec. 27 cancel
Graphic on stan sane
12/07/97 - Schedule changes Jan 15 and 16
Link off Korner to some fan mail / pictures from Ms. C's first graders

12/02/97 - Schedule changes
Borders in Des Moines 2/21
Harper College 2/6
11/30/97 - More Stan Sane Blues Band
Photo album
New Schedule (Thanks Jennifer)
11/23/97 - Stan Sane Blues Band
2 new articles on the Press page
More Christmas Benefit Info.
11/11/97 - Schedule Additions - Photo courtesy of Doug Birk
You've been asking; so we added some Christmas Benefit Info
10/26/97 - Schedule Additions - Back at the EmPress Nov. 6,12,19,20
10/25/97 - Tribune article on Press about Slide Contest.
Logo added to slide page
10/21/97 - New Contacts page.
Logo heading added to plain pages. Link to Jim Reeves. Link to HotMail
10/15/97 -Schedule change 10/24
Busy Night - Borders 7:30-9:30; then opening for Anders Osborne at Martyrs 10-11
10/11/97 -Schedule additions 10/15 and 10/22
Image on Kraig's Korner
10/07/97 - Added bus picture to homeless benefit on Press
10/04/97 - Added Kraig's Korner
Schedule changes for Nov. 18+25
9/28/97 - 2 more songs on Pass The Hat. Lots of 11khz/8bit samples.
Added graphics to song samples

9/24/97 - Slide Certificate.

9/21/97 - Schedule changes for Blue Note Oct. 14,17, and 21
Schedule change - Radio show WGN on Oct 19.
Another Slide Festival article

9/17/97 - Link to National.
Link to more festival info

9/13/97 - More pictures on slide fest page.
email access for Kraig
More info about links
9/11/97 - Schedule Change - Main St. Depot Oct 29.
Added Can't Be Satisified wavs on Pass the Hat
9/10/97 - Schedule Change - EmPress Casino on Sept 14 and 17.
9/9/97 -

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