Recommendations from:

October 15 2012

Kenosha Public Library
7979 38th Avenue
P.O. Box 1414
Kenosha, WI 53141-1414

Dear Kraig,

Hi Kraig - I wanted to thank you for the great show last Thursday. What a crowd! Your music sure does speak to people, and you’re definitely a favorite here in Kenohsa! I really enjoyed the concert, and the CDs are getting lots of play-time in our house.

Best wishes to you on your journeys around the country, and I hope to hear from you again next year! We’ll save you a spot!

Jill Miatech
Reference and Adult Programming Librarian

October 15 2012

Palatine Public Library District
700 N. North Court
Palatine, IL 60067

Dear Mr. Kenning, Thank you so much for a terrific concert this Sunday! Patron feedback has been outstanding. Thank you for coming to our library! Sincerely, Phil

Phil Skeltis
Adult Programming Coordinator

December 23,2009


As a member of the audience, I am transported by the music of Kraig Kenning. His guitar playing is truly transcendental and his songwriting speaks the beauty of life with a poignant, almost painful accuracy. Kraig’s rapport with the audience is so personal and intimate: it’s as if he is a close friend and we are catching up since the last time we were together.

As a presenter, Kraig Kenning is a delight to work with. He brings with him a professionalism and passion that make my reasons for being in the business of presenting independent musicians so clear: I do this in order to share the insight I hear from musicians with a broader audience. Kraig Kenning fills this bill with an undeniable grace and joy. He is also one hell of an entertainer!

Lani Richardson
President, Snapshotmusic
Executive Director, Charlotte's Web for the Performing Arts

November 6, 2009

Aurora Public Library (630) 264-3600
233 S. Constitution Dr.
Aurora, IL 60506

Dear Kraig,

I write this letter to thank you for playing at the Aurora Public Library - West Branch on October 25, 2009. Our patrons absolutely loved your music - they enjoyed your original songs and seeing the variety of guitars you played. Among the many glowing comments I received, one patron wrote, "I can tell [Kraig] loves music and has spent a lifetime playing", and another patron told me "Kraig was the best one yet - get him back again!" I think you were a hit at the West Branch, to say the least.

Thanks again for the great concert. I hope that you'll be able to make a return visit to us in the future.


Rebecca Clark
Reference Librarian
Aurora Public Library - West Branch

October 21, 2009

Paul H. Wieland (630) 406-4490
100 N. Island Avenue
Batavia, IL 60510

October 21, 2009

I write this letter to heartily recommend Kraig Kenning if you're considering booking him as a performer for your event.

Our festival recently celebrated its 5-year milestone and Kraig has been a featured performer every year. I can't imagine having our festival without Kraig performing on our stage.

Kraig is a crowd favorite and for good reason. He's a top notch performer, singer and songwriter, and probably the best guitar player you're ever going to hear. He grabs the crowd and the entire festival seems to come to a stop to tune in to his performance. His show is powerful and moving and is always a true highlight of the festival.

I've also had the opportunity to book Kraig for concert series I've organized for other organizations and have always found him to be wonderful to work with, totally reliable and his performances always stellar.

If you have the opportunity to book Kraig, I suggest grabbing the chance. I'd be happy to discuss this and provide any other information you may like. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Paul H. Wieland
Entertainment Coordinator
Batavia's Art in Your Eye Festival

July 19, 2009

Lisa Wagner 970 963-8240
475 Redstone Blvd.
Redstone, Colorado 81623  

I am the promoter and creator of "Magical Moments" Summer Concert Series here in Redstone Colorado. This concert series has been in existence for 8 years.

This summer 2009 Summer Concert Series I had Kraig Kenning as one of the headliners for Saturday, July 19, 2009. It was a successful concert and the audience just loved his music and his performance.

I would recommend Kraig Kenning to anyone and everyone. He is truly a talented musician and entertainer.


Lisa Wagner


May 12, 2003
Jane Addams School
Teresa Landon, Principal

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kraig Kenning, slide guitarist. He performed at Jane Addams School the Friday before our Spring Break and he was amazing. He is a very talented performer and is very good with children. We are a Kindergarten through Sixth Grade school and he was able to adapt his program to keep the interest of all the students (all 320 of them!!!). He brings all of his own equipment and sound system which was a benefit. Kraig demonstrates a love for what he does and the staff and students really appreciated his talent. We would highly recommend him to another school and we are sure that you will enjoy his performance as much as we did!!

May 7, 2003
Ericsson Elementary School
Moline, IL
Patricia Nelson, Principal

We believe that all children can and will learn with the support of parents, teachers, and the community.

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Kraig Kenning

Mr. Kenning performed for our school on Friday, May 11. We serve students in grades K-6 and they were all impressed with Kraig's music. Teachers and students alike had a hard time sitting still as he played "rhythm" and blues. He played for approximately forty minutes and allowed plenty of time for questions. He did a good job relating to students at their level of understanding.

I would recommend Kraig for any level in a school setting. He is flexible and easy to work with.

Apr - 2001 
by: Paul Butrymowicz
Co-Advisor, University Activities Commission Cabin Committee
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Dear Kraig,

Thank you for gracing The Cabin at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UW-Eau Claire) with your presence and skill! Students are still approaching me and reliving the experience by stating how great the performances were. The energy from your three performances still hangs in the air!

The Cabin coffeehouse series is presently in its 32nd year of existence and boasts of a great history of performers. Kraig, you are indeed a part of that rich and vibrant history. From the moment of the first phone contact to the load-out of your equipment on the last evening, you were always the professional. The Cabin Committee members looked forward to your arrival on-campus, enjoyed your music immensely, and were sad to see you go at the end of your engagement. And as for the music, in a word, mesmerizing! After experiencing only one performance, I knew why you captured first place in the first annual National Slide Guitar Festival in Brevard, NC.

Kraig, the students and I would not hesitate to have you back at UW-Eau Claire! The Eau Claire community would love to invite you back too! The Cabin coffeehouse series is going to end on a very strong note as a result of your performances. The students and I cannot thank you enough! It was indeed a pleasure.


Apr - 2000 
by: Michael Nejman
Coordinator, Student Activities
Harper College, Palatine, IL

"Kraig opened for Willy Porter as part of our Java Jams Coffeehouse Series and his electrified performance set the tone for a great evening of dynamic guitar playing! This was Kraig's fourth performance at Harper and he's a seasoned professional who is a joy to watch and a thrill to experience."

Feb -1999
Loyola University
by Jeff Brown,
Coffeehouse Chair

To whom it may concern,

Loyola University of Chicago recently included Singer / Slide Guitarist Kraig Kenning as a part of our Spring 1999 Coffeehouse Program. As one half of our Valentine's Day Blues Fest, he was incredible. Kraig and his friends played an intense 90-minute set that was well-worth the money spent to have them play. They seemed to have been well received by the crowd that gathered to watch them play, and drew in several others who were just walking through the area.

Kraig and his group were professional, and helped to quicken our set up and tear down of the show. In addition, they were very approachable and personable to both our staff and the audience. My committee and I send strong recommendations for Kraig Kenning and his group to universities considering him as a part of their musical programs. I would be happy to address any questions or concerns if the need be.


Jeff Brown

Dec - 1998
by:Sam Servais
University of Wisconsin,
Eau Claire, The Cabin

Kraig Kenning has changed the way I look at my future as a result of hearing his music and spending time with him in the dorms during his visit to UW Eau Claire. The sound of Kraig's dobro floated into my life and took my senses out of the small confines of the Cabin where I'll forever remember floating, sliding, slashing, carving. After hearing Kraig, I know there is nothing like a meaningful concert that makes you want to become a better person. Music Therapy, that's what Kraig calls it.

After talking to Kraig about his hard times at music school, his feelings about music, and his perseverance, I'm going to pursue music therapy as a major. Kraig's presence on campus made everyone who attended one of his concerts feel a lot better about themselves. I did. The last concert in the Cabin was unbelievable!

Oct - 1998
Fox Valley Technical College
Appleton, WI
by Vicky Barke,
Student Life Assistant

Your performance on October 19, 1998 was exceptional! On behalf of the Student Programming Board and those in attendance at your lecture, I want to say thank you. The combination of telling "your story" and music left an impact on those in attendance. This was a wonderful way to kick off National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. As always, you give more than 100% in your performance and are one of the favorite performers on campus.

Thank you!

 Sep - 1998
LeCafe U.W. Platteville, WI
by Kevin C. Groen

Over the years I have seen many musicians play. In those years, I have never quite seen what Kraig Kenning did on Wednesday night. I know what I dislike and I make that very clear in my reviews, but I also know what I like Kenning was something that exceeded what I like. He recently won first place at the National Slide Guitar Festival and he has opened with people like Sonny Landreth and Rare Earth. Kenning also plays with a band named Kenning and Company.

Folk music is not shoved down our throats like bad rock n' roll is, but it should be. There is no gimmick behind what Kenning was trying to say. He did not get dressed in tight leather to grab your attention. Kraig Kenning was a man with a Dobro (a type of steel guitar to keep it easy) singing songs that are about life and all the stuff in between.

Kenning was a storyteller of sorts that exhibited exquisite skills with his fingers on the strings. One tune about Michael Hedges (a folk musician who recently passed away) was Kraigs way of dealing with the loss of a mentor and idol. Another was about a friend he grew up with that got on the wrong track and is now in jail for drugs. All of his tales hit the listener in some way, whether or not had lived it or not. A personal favorite of mine was a song he said was simply about a sunset. The image of golds and violets that hit water just right made me become instantly calm. Also, to add a little flavor to the show, a Beatles cover of "A day in the life" was welcomed.

Not to forget someone very special to the performance was bassist Jim Seidel. Playing one of the coolest looking instruments I have ever seen, a Mosses bass, Jim flew across the five string bass like there really were no strings. It was simply magic the way he took hold of the bass. The blur of strings and digits slid up and down the neck of the instrument.

I came to the show on Wednesday expecting to hear some fine blues and homemade folk. I left with a deep feeling in my chest that I wish I could have with me every minute of the day. The show was good because I said so, and so did every single person I talked to after the performance. I never will look at a 6 string the same again after seeing this show.

To learn more about this master of the Dobro, visit his web site at Who knows? You might actually find something different besides the force fed music that the corporations make you want to buy. Kraig says, "People walk into stores now like Zombies, because (the corporations) make you."



August - 2003
Patricia Battaglia
Program Manager
City of Evanston

Dear Kraig,

Thank you very much for your performance with the Starlight Concert Series. Due to the outstanding quality of musicians like you, the 2003 Starlight Concert Series was a success. I particularly enjoyed your concert as a highlight of the summer and found you to be a wonderful person to communicate and work with. Your concert provided many Evanston residents with a chance to hear local artists and to interact with the community. I would be happy to recommend you and your group to anyone interested in booking you in the future.

We hope you enjoyed your evening at Dawes Park, and hope to see you in the future.


Caloosahatchee Park
Mar - 2003
Nancy MacPhee
Senior Supervisor, Parks & Recreation

Lee County Parks & Recreation enjoyed having Kraig Kenning perform in a wooded Oak Hammock along the Caloosahatchee River, near Ft. Myers, FL.

Your laid back style, storytelling and vocals filtered through the woods and campground at beautiful Caloosahatchee Park last March. What a perfect release from the fast pace of "season" in SW Florida for just one afternoon! We can't wait for your next park performance in January at Manatee Park. Perhaps the Manatee will join you in song!

Collier-Seminole State Park
Mar - 2003
- Christine Ketter-McDiarmid,
Campsite Host

Sitting under the stars around a giant bonfire after an evening rainstorm was perfect enough, but when Kraig Kenning began playing his three different guitars and singing blues and folk, we didn't want the evening to end. Collier-Seminole State Park was very fortunate to have Kraig perform an evening in February. His slide guitar brought cheers and encors and we hope he will return many times to our park.

Geneva Park District
Aug - 1999
- Brian Kroening,
Recreation Supervisor

The show you put on was incredible. I haven't seen someone get so into their playing. It was totally original and everyone there was impressed at your musical abilities. I had a good number of positive comments. It was a joy to watch and I hope to see more shows.
Thanks for playing

Westmont Park District
Jan - 1999
- Pat Johnson

"We keep asking Kenning & Co. to come back to us, year after year! Kraig is an absolute professional to work with, and the music is a great mix of blues, acoustic pop rock and country flavored songs. They are truly people-oriented, play to their crowd, and as a result, we get requests to have them return."





"Kenning & Company's outstanding performance on the 1995 Taste Stage was one of the highlights of the Taste of Chicago."
- Mayor's Office of Special Events

"Kenning & Company is a crowd pleaser for a variety of age groups. By far one of the most professional acts we've worked with..."
- Palatine Jaycees

"Kraig is an audience pleaser, and is versatile enough to direct his choice of concert material to suit any audience. It was indeed a pleasure to have him perform for us at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron."
- Jean Hewitt, Director
Friends of Florida Folk

December - 2003
Chris McNamara
The Village Square Concert Series

Many people in our audience that night came from 60 or 70 miles away just to see him and this is why: Kraig Kenning is one of the most accomplished solo performers of our time. His exciting guitar style and top-quality slide work coupled with a driving and tireless energy thrilled our audience and left them wanting more!


December - 2003
Kathy Kubick,
North Barrington Fall Festival, Director

Kraig Kenning was a wonderful addition to our outdoor fall festival. He immediately 'got' what we were looking for and truly jelled the event by providing a warm and beautiful sound that brought everyone together. I recieved just as many compliments from the teenagers as I did from their parents. Everyone is hoping he is a yearly attraction.


May - 1998
Florida Folk Festival
By David M. Cambest
South Florida Folk Festival performer selection chairperson,
Broward Folk Club Board Member and Newsletter Editor

Kraig blew us folkies away

While I was not able to gain Kraig a slot on the main stage of the festival, he stole the show anyway. He took the Cypress Hammock Stage, literally, and by his second song the crowd had gathered to the largest at that stage for the weekend. His driving sound captured the attention of young and old alike.

I never had to field so many questions and comments about a performer before. Everyone was asking why he was not on the main stage. The only reply I could give was, "Next time he will, I promise".

He was just as pleasing in the campgrounds during the night time jams. We will never forget his style and charm. He makes that slide whisper and shout at the same time, and his singing ain't half bad either.

I welcome the day when I can bring him back as a main act (now that so many down here know of his talent).

Thank you Kraig.

Art Fairs

Apr - 2001
ArtFest Fort Myers
Sharon McAllister Director

Dear Kraig,

Thank you for being a part of ArtFest Fort Myers. Your music was just the right sound to compliment our fine art show.

You were a pleasure to work with and your music was a great mix of styles. We have received so many great comments from artists and attendees alike regarding your amazing talent. They all truly appreciated your versatility in music - something to please everyone.

An addition, the artists were very impressed with your professionalism in playing for the crowd and being considerate of their need to be able to converse with customers. As you obviously know, this is a delicate balancing act and you did it very well.

Thanks again for joining us for the weekend. Of course, you have an invitation to join us again for ArtFest Fort Myers 2002. The dates are Feb. 23 & 24 and we will once again be located on the beautiful riverfront.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you when the northlands once again become cold.


Sharon McAllister

Mar - 2000
M.Y. Promotions, Inc
100 E. North Shore Avenue
North Fort Myers, FL 33917

To whom it may concern

Kraig Kenning did a show with us, during an Arts & Crafts Affair, and we were very pleased with him and his beautiful music. He is welcome to join us, in as many events as he would like. It is very conducive to the Arts & Craft Show atmosphere, and we appreciated him very much.

Sally Mere


Jan - 2000
Naples Invitational Art Fest
Naples, Florida
- Patsy Reeves, Director

Dear Kraig,

It was a sincere pleasure to have you join us at the festival this year. Your music was such a wonderful addition to the show. The quality of music was professional, easy-listening for all age groups and the perfect enhancement for our event.

Pleasing 200 artists and the crowd is not an easy thing to do, but your music as well as you and your wonderful attitude received nothing but compliments from all. Thank you for taking the time out of a busy schedule to join us for that weekend. All the prodeeds benefit children with autism, and your participation in that helped us.

We do hope that you will consider joining us again next year. The festival dates will be Jan. 27 and 28th, 2001.

Once again, your talent is amazing, you have a wonderful gift and we were very happy to have been chosen to be on your tour. You have a blanket invitation to join us again anytime. Sincerely,

Patsy Reeves

Book Stores
Coffee Houses

June - 2006
Fremont Public Library
Mundelein, IL

Dear Kraig,

I want to thank you and Jim Seidel for an outstanding, enthusiastic concert last evening. Your music rocked the library and was enjoyed by all. Our patrons appreciated your willingness to answer their questions about your music and instruments. Wasn't it great to see all ages at your concert?

Wishing you continuing success with your music writing and concerts,

Marie K. Zahnle

April - 2006
Dwight & Pat
Highlands House Concerts

Dear Kraig,

Many months have gone by since your 2005 performance here at Highlands House Concerts in Colorado. The majority of our crowd was not familiar with you and your music, and since your performance we have featured what I consider some of the most well known performing artists at both the local and national level. Still, rarely a show goes by without a guest mentioning your incredible performance as one of their favorite shows at Highlands House Concerts.

Your intimate songwriting and interaction with the crowd - along with your incredible showmanship, fingerpicking and slide guitar playing made it a special night that every guest will never forget.

It was our guests that demanded your return to Highlands House Concerts in 2006, and the reservations for your show have been coming in over 6 months in advance.

We wish you the best in your musical journey and anxiously await your return to Colorado.

Dwight & Pat

May - 2005
Jane Connors-Geddes
Adult Program Coordinator
Antioch Public Library District

Dear Kraig,

What can I say that truly describes your talent, without getting repetitive of other hosts and media? How about this? Your lyrics and sound are soothing to the soul, while your blues riffs make the whole body cry in empathy. You are a gifted performer and a gentle spirit. I am pleased to have had you here in Antioch to perform. Jim Seidel is truly a bass player extraordinaire. Thank you


May - 2005
Rachel LaMell
Public Relations/Adult Programs
Lisle Library District
777 Front Street, Lisle, IL 60532-3599
630/971-1675, ext. 102
fax 630/971-170
Lilse Library District

Dear Kraig,

Thanks so much for another wonderful performance at Lisle Library! You are truly a talented performer who draws a crowd of all ages and awakens people to hearing the heart and soul of music. I could feel the room being transformed, as you shared your heart and soul with us through your many songs, using different guitars. Of course, my favorite was the "little guitar."

I will definitely plan to have you back again next year, and hope to hear you on Prairie Home Companion someday soon.

All the best,

Rachel LaMell

P.S. Thought you'd enjoy this quote:

"Truly, the artist is a sacred performer. The true artist must be this. He or she must do that magic act that causes others to participate in manifest reality in the sacred sense, or the sense of love, in the sense of self-transcendence, of ecstasy.

Ultimately, the artist must associate people with the sacred, must invoke in them that capacity to participate in Reality that's about self-transcendence, love, Divine Communion."

- Avatar Adi Da Samraj -

October - 2004
Danijela Djurdjevic
Head of Information Services
Community Library
Salem Wisconsin

Dear Kraig,

What an amazing performance! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with us. Your soulful music was so engaging, I completely forgot I was in a library. You truly are a unique and very talented musician. And I appreciate your taking time at the end of the concert to answer questions from the audience.

I received a great deal of positive feedback last night, and I'm sure I speak for everyone who was here when I say we would be thrilled to have you come back to play for us again next year, and indeed for many years to come.

As a side note, we did receive your CD's and I have been assured they will be processed within the next few days. Once they are, I'm certain they will fly off the shelf.

Warmest Regards

October - 2004
Sean Birmingham
Assistant Administrator/Head of Adult Services
Villa Park Public Library

Hi Kraig,

Thank you for your wonderful performance this past Sunday. From looking at the audience, your playing was enjoyed by all ages. I am already being asked when you are coming back to the library by both those who were in attendance as well as staff members who were unable to get away from the desk.

July - 2003
Allison Wilmes
Adult Programming Coordinator
Grayslake Area Public Library

Dear Mr. Kenning

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert you presented at the Grayslake Area Public Library on July 25. It ended up being a wonderful evening to enjoy an outdoor concert; we're so glad it didn't rain! I know the patrons who attended and the seniors who listened from their balconies had a good time.

Again. thank you for sharing your talents with our patrons and community. We will certainly keep you in mind when we schedule our outdoor concert series next year.


Jul - 2003
Terri Suda
Wauconda Area Library

Dear Kraig

Thank you for your fantastic performance! I received rave reviews on your program along with requests for a return engagement. Maybe next summer? I'll be in touch. Again, my sincere thanks for an outstanding program.

Apr - 2003
Jill M. Yott
Publicity and Program Coordinator
Downers Grove Public Library

Hi Kraig,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for your awesome performance at the Downers Grove Public Library. Your upbeat music made for a great afternoon.

You're so talented. Many of our patrons came up to me after the program and told me how much they enjoyed the concert.

It was a pleasure meeting you. We look forward to having you back again in the future.


November 22, 2002
Nancy Brothers
Coordinator of Programming and Public Relations
Morton Grove Public Library

Kraig Kenning and Jim Seidel

Dear Kraig and Jim:

Thank you for a wonderful concert on Sunday, November 10! Since the concert, people who were in the audience have been returning to the Library and commenting on how much they enjoyed both your music and your commentary on the instruments, observations on life and music, and answers to questions. Everyone enjoyed the concert and learned something about music - which is our goal!

Again, many thanks.
Best wishes for the upcoming holidays.

Jul - 2002
Homewood Public Library District
17917 Dixie Highway
Homewood, IL 60430
June Enloe
Adult Program Coordinator

Kraig has been a regular at the Homewood Library because he brings his own unique,  personal touch to each performance with his magic fingers and warm voice.  His talent, personality and interaction with his audience definately makes for a happy crowd.  Kraig will be back in Homewood again in 2003.

Jun - 2002
Sue Seite
Public Relations/Programming
Lisle Library District
777 Front Street, Lisle, Illinois 60532-3599

"I expected Kraig to be an outstanding guitar player, and he did not disappoint, but I was delightfully surprised by his rich, soulful voice."

April 22, 2002
Park Ridge Public Library
Gena K. Zelenka
Adult Programming Librarian

Dear Mr. Kenning:

I hear they braved the weather just to see you, tornado warnings and all! Thank you for your wonderful program at the Park Ridge Public Library the night of April 18th. Cathy said the audience loved it, had lots of questions for you and even bought some of your cds!

Thanks for fitting us in your busy schedule. I'll be sure to tell the other programming librarians in the area how enjoyable it was to have you here and what a great inter-generational program you put on for us. It's a real pleasure to work with a professional like you. When I get the tapes I'll send them on immediately.

Apr - 2002
Fox Lake District Library
Cynthia Lobaza
Assistant Librarian

Kraig, you really were a big hit at the Fox Lake District Library! My "coolness" ratio has greatly increased. Library patrons were impressed by your talent and songwriting skills. It was a nice mix of blues and folk. You're a great find -- wish you much success and hope you'll be able to make a return visit! Thanks for letting our patrons know there's more to libraries than just storytellers!

May - 2001
Denver Public Library

On behalf of the the Ross Broadway Branch of the Denver Public Library I would like to thank Kraig for his awesome performance. Kraig's instrumentals and voice were crystal clear and were a beautiful addition to our day. We hope that Kraig will book a performance with us in the future.


Jenny LaPerriere

Apr - 2001
Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Dear Kraig,

Thank you very much for your wonderful performance at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library this last Sunday. The audience turnout was fantastic and their response was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loved it. I've had requests for more musical programs of this kind. It will be difficult to find others of your caliber. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay to see you off after the performance. I hope you sold a lot of CDs. Take care and good luck. I will recommend you to some of my other Library colleagues.


Tom Moran
Library Director
Carnegie-Stout Public Library
Dubuque, IA 52001

Mar - 2001
Carol Stream Public Library

Dear Kraig:

Thank you for performing at the Carol Stream Public Library last Saturday. The afternoon was a complete success! Not only did you fill our Community Room to its capacity, but it was requested by Staff and Patrons that the doors to the main Library be left open so your music could be heard. Since then, I've received plenty of wonderful comments about the show and several people have asked when you're coming back for an encore performance. We will have to work out something soon!

Thanks again!


Dave Jansen
Carol Stream Public Library

Mar - 2001
Downers Grove Public Library

Dear Kraig,

On behalf of the Downers Grove Public Library, thank you so much for the fantastic afternoon of music that you shared with us last Sunday. A library programmer enjoys nothing more than seeing a meeting room packed (I counted 105) with happy people!

I can't tell you how many in the audience approached me afterwards and thanked me for having you. I think everyone loved the variety of pieces you played, and Jim on the bass added even more to the afternoon. Please thank him as well. It was a pleasure to work with you, and the press kit and photos made my job even easier.

It's obvious that you love what you do, and everyone in the audience benefitted as a result. Thank you again for being such a positive part of our programming efforts, and thank you for sharing your considerable talent with us.

Jo Ann Ziech
Publicity/Program Coordinator
Downers Grove (IL) Public Library

Oct - 2000
Roselle Public Library

To Whom It May Concern:

Kraig Kenning performed at the Roselle Public Library on October 15, 2000, as part of the Library's Musical Sunday program. I was impressed with Kraig's promotion packet, and he entirely lived up to his press. Kraig is a professional musician in the truest sense of the word. He possesses a mastery of his instruments as well as his voice. His performance is exciting, his selections varied, and his presentation polished. A survey was conducted immediately after his performance, and every respondent answered that they enjoyed his performance "very much." As a professional musician for twenty years, I can attest to Kraig's virtuosity. As a librarian, I can heartily endorse him for any library musical programming. I would be happy to discuss Kraig in further detail.

Daryl Rogers
Head of Reference and Adult Services
Roselle Public Library District
Roselle, IL

Jun - 2000
Waukegan Public Library

Dear Kraig,
I am writing from the Waukegan Public Library, where you performed on Friday, June 16, 2000 as part of our summer concert series. We have been hosting this series for four years now, bringing back audience favorites, while adding new performers and new types of music every year. We've seen a lot of groups come and go, due to audience response. Based on the audience response on Friday, I know you will be on our "A" list next year!

The library circuit doesn't often see performers of your caliber and it was a wonderful suprise. Your stage presence, music and general good humor made for a wonderful hour. You entranced everyone from my 2 year old (for the most part, cookies did the rest) to the elders of the community. Not an easy feat, believe me.

Thank you for the donation of two CDs the library will be purchasing the rest of your CDs. However, my mother and sister bought them all so I can listen at any time! I know its a good concert when my mother wants to take home the music, because she's very tight with her money!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,
Elizabeth Stearns
Public Relations Coordinator
Waukegan Public Library

May - 2000
Oswego Public Library

Kraig is a versatile and talented song-writer/slide guitarist. His work appeals to a variety of age groups. Our patrons and staff were delighted with his quality performance.

Leila Heath

Apr - 2000
Crystal Lake Public Library
Comments sent through Louise Nee

Thanks so much for the wonderful program that you put on for us at the Crystal Lake Public Library this past Sunday. Everyone enjoyed it alot! Some of the written comments were:

I hope you can come play for us again at the Crystal Lake Public Library, Kraig.
Louise Nee
Head of Adult Services/Assistant Director
Crystal Lake Public Library

Mar - 2000
Algonquin Area Public Library District
115 Eastgate Drive
Algonquin, IL 60102

Dear Kraig,

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful concert last Sunday! Your talent and musical expertise was greatly enjoyed by the entire audience! I am glad you suggested the addition of bass player Jim Seidel. The two of you played a good mix of songs, so there was lots of toe tapping from the children to the seniors!

I was very impressed by your friendly rapport with the audience, willingness to answer their questions, sign autographs and show a genuine love and enthusiasm for music performance! Your infectious smile and obvious gift for songwriting, singing and playing is a great combination for entertaining all age audiences!

Thank you for the donation of two CD's to our library. They will be cataloged and added to our collection for patrons to check out.

Thank you again for helping me bring quality programs to our library. I will heartily recommend you to my fellow library programmers and hope we can have you back again.


Virginia Hanes Freyre
Program Coordinator

Mar - 2000
Susan Emmons-Kroeger
The Lisle Library District

Thank you for your performance at Lisle Library District on March 27, 2000. Your talent and professionalism combined to create a wonderful evening. The pieces were varied in mood, the transitions between numbers smoothly tied the pieces together, and your responses to audience questions about the instruments were interesting.

I particularly enjoyed your warmth, humor and the respect you showed to the audience. The overall quality of your performance was excellent and the evening was truly enjoyable.
Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Susan Emmons-Kroeger

Oct - 1999
CRC Borders Books and Music, Fairview Heights, IL
6601 N. Illinois
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

OCTOBER 14, 1999

Dear Kraig,

I am finally getting a chance to write you to thank you for playing here at our store last week. Obviously I don't normally write thank yon letters to musicians but then again, I don't normally get as much positive feedback from customers, managers and staff as I got about your performance on Thursday.

Kraig, I heard more great comments about your performance than I have heard about any other local musician here in over a year or so. Our customers in this area are so diverse - retirees, families, college students and high school kids - not to mention the diverse musical interests of our own staff, that it is nearly impossible for me to please everyone all the time. But you seemed to have done it! Everyone only had good things to say (even our cafe workers who are not known to like guitar rock) and I wanted to let you know I am sorry I missed it. You are definitely welcome back in our store anytime!

I wish you luck in your efforts to go national and if you need assistance with our Ann Arbor office to make that happen, I'd be more than willing to help. Good luck with that and I hope your tour schedule brings you back through Fairview Heights soon.

With much appreciation for making my CRC life a little bit easier,


Jul - 1999
Bartlett Public Library District
Karen Stier Pulver
Adult Services Librarian

July 7, 1999

To Whom It May Concern,

--A very popular and successful program at the Bartlett Public Library---Listeners of all ages enjoyed both the music and the commentary of Kenning and Company at an evening event co-sponsored by the Library and the Park District

Jul - 1999
Homewood Public Library District
17917 Dixie Highway
Homewood, IL 60430
Rose Olsar
Adult Programmer

Dear Kraig:

Just a brief note to thank you once again for the great program you treated our library patrons with in June. Your award-winning guitar playing was exceptional and your original music was outstanding -- with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics.

Besides the rave reviews I heard from attendees after the program, several library staff members (who could hear tantalizing strains of music coming from the meeting room) commented on how good you were and forlornly wished they were not on duty so they could attend your performance too!

I can wholeheartedly say that I would not hesitate to recommend you to any organization or person who is looking for a talented and professional entertainer.

Thanks again!

Oct - 1998
Borders Books
CRC Borders Books and Music, Tallahassee, FL
Past CRC Borders Books and Music, Crystal Lake, IL
1302 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32301

To Whom It May Concern:

During my stay as CRC at the Crystal Lake Borders Store #265 I booked many different types of musical acts. One of the finest performers I had the privilege of working with was Kraig Kenning and Company. Mr. Kenning is an outstanding performer with a style that is uniquely his own. I believe his performances fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of Borders. I wish I had the opportunity to work with performers that had his talent and positive attitude all the time; he made my job that much easier.

Due to his talent, his ability to communicate with his audiences, and his desire to entertain Kraig has developed a large following in the Crystal Lake area. This is ever growing as he plays more and more venues. Kraig has definitely cut a place for himself in the world of music through his songwriting, performances, and the respect he receives from his fellow musicians. He always drew large audiences in the Crystal Lake store and the other Borders stores around the entire Chicagoland area. During my time in the Chicagoland area I never heard a disrespectful or negative thought or word about him.

With that in mind I believe that Borders, or any organization, would be wise to work with him in developing a global following. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in booking a performer who will definitely knock your socks off! I think the world of Kraig Kenning both as a person and as a performer.


Scott W. Smith

Oct - 1998
Borders Books
- Patty Sanders
Music Bookings,
Borders Books and Music,
Wheaton, IL

October 4, 1998

To Whom It May Concern,

On several occasions within the past two years, I have had Kraig Kenning perform on my stage. It is my pleasure to give this talented performer a four star recommendation.

Kraig Kenning's Kenning and Company is comprised of some of the finest musicians in the Chicagoland area. I have been in the music business over 30 years. I choose my performers very carefully. While Borders has a network of performers that seem to rotate from store to store most of those performers do not make it to my stage.

Kraig Kenning's blend of Folk, Blues and Pop is spiritually soothing to the soul. He packs the room every time he plays. Kraig is one of the finest dobro and guitar players I have ever heard. I see big things happening for this fine musician in the near future. I can tell you from experience, you will not regret booking Kraig Kenning and Company. He is well worth the time.

Sep - 1998
Borders Books
- Gale Brubaker
Community Relations Coordinator,
Borders Books and Music,
West Des Moines, IA

I would like to confirm that Kraig Kenning has performed several times at Borders in West Des Moines and each time he has given a truly impressive show! Kraig's music and style fits in perfectly with what I and my customers enjoy, and his professionalism makes him a joy to work with. Kraig's rapport with the audience is warm, friendly and makes him a very approachable artist- customers feel that they are listening to an extremely talented friend, not a hired musician. And Kraig's musical talents put him; the top of my list for talent I welcome any time they are available for a booking, no matter what day or time.

All in all, I can recommend Kraig Kenning for any opening you have. You won't be disappointed.

Mike and Amber Burns,
Owners of Sweet Bean Cafe,
Fort Myers, FL

Kraig has put on electrifying, high energy shows in our coffeehouse over the past three years, to sold out crowds. Master of the slide guitar, Kraig is a real crowd pleaser. One of my favorite performers; the energy and soul Kraig puts into his shows is second to none.

Kraig is totally into his art, very easy to work with, and dedicated to his profession. He is a perfectionist, and it shows every time he plays. Kraig gives you 100% --- Always.

S.W. Florida loves Kraig, and he is a must see musician!

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