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hey webbers remember lowel george?he used to coment/ on all his records never. using; proper pronuncation. or spelling well he's gone nowso Iguess its myturn

Kraig blowing harp
Olympic National Park 7/97


Circles in motion I swear I've been hear before I can't trust my mind after all we have been through together maybe this is just a re union like a tree gift of life after it has been used a bit either way I will smile when I see you smile and all of the waiting will be anxiety of the past now to just get two hands on the cash and settle down in the nest of imaginary freedom done with the worries that bring the grave open for the chance to celebrate and veer off track long enough to re catch my breath

Good luck with your peace



Circles in motion I swear I've been hear before I can't trust my mind after all we have been through together maybe this is just a re union like a tree gift of life after it has been used a bit either way I will smile when I see you smile and all of the waiting will be anxiety of the past now to just get two hands on the cash and settle down in the nest of imaginary freedom done with the worries that bring the grave open for the chance to celebrate and veer off track long enough to re catch my breath

Good luck with your price



so what's left is on the move leaving behind a sad month with a pair of slightly more slide diminished eyes ready now to re embrace to walk this new soul over solid space not in nieveity I can't promise absolute honesty not because I don't believe in its embrace but because of the security of intense exposure so it's time now to screen back at the excuses tear down the walls that week so carefully built scream at the day is it was our last and let the burning flame tear out from our hearts and leave the way like a beacon in the night giving us back the purpose that we were born with to shine out in every moment and breaths we take welcome back to my life

welcome Life to my back

Something peaceful



The awakened heart now has nowhere to hide open to ecstasy vulnerable to pain spied on from curious eyes now sometimes even jelous please spare us let the seed s fall and grow strong with time leaving enough distance not to smother but to flourish with the space and the wind neath wide blue sky

I'm only a create created never to know how far I've come our how much time I'm allotted to continue

Lie still as the lake as it mirrors the heavens quiet satisfaction while one path leads to the next

Don't die if your not dying if your moving towards love let nothing slow the motion don't short change by playing the game

Can I have a peace



So youth is missing the anchor finally out weighted pulled to the bottom finding a secure spot to rest far below the tossing and tearing of a relentless stuttering of unfinished turmoil not created from within buy rather surrounded by rather than enduring indulge rather than understanding become rather than running embrace with all your might did u see through my act today could you hear beyond the songs would you cross line to get to me even with no guarantee of a way back I've heard of healing I've heard of the truth I've walked along side of a mountain

In the days of my youth

Secure your voice the world is in need of your humble wisdom I need only a place to rest

Inpeace k


give it a way dont make me give it away i worked so hard to make it pay now you all want me to give it away so i stand here in front of you do you think its easy do you think its natural i tell you all what you allready knew do you think its normal to tell you how to feel ive spent time on my knees against the thorny ground ive chased dreams that have beat me down i asked for forgiveness for all of our sins ive watched my heros grow old in their skin so now whats left you want for free why not just take what you want and leave me leave me be i hope you reached your toxic goals and all the money you made is kept in rools and when the lights go down and dim ill ask of you to give it back to me again give it awy give it away all you have ever made just give it away


i wish it was mine when you talk of love its in secret and in rhyme im held up in silence not in fear or disrespect just waiting for a clearing to make a clean connect ill raise up my tomorrow and wonder where you are stare deep into a sorrow like a faded distant star so as you walk together with your new found clarity i wonder if youll ever think about what could never be did you think i had driffted with my anchor set in so deep just waiting for the moment for the chains to break free sadly now the news will read this troubador still walks alone its a wonder i can still breath with this heart thats turnig to stone ill catch a train heading north so the snow covers my tracks leaving only broken words and resons to never come back if my eyes apear somewhere where you would least expect i suspect youll ignore them instead of cleaning up the mess ive carried you so heavy deep down within my heart with my tears behind the levy thats about to fall apart all alone as the rains fall with somuch left to say words to fall on deaf ears my as well be left to fade russeling cold wind blows as the night begins to blink wrapping me in its blanket as mmy shallow body shrinks you used to call to me under the moon lit sky now the peices you take will just blemish with the time



dont tell me im not lonlely dont become sad and look to become somthing more by surrounding yuorself with nothing else dont follo the lights of a fading inspiration as it heads to a new destination dont be rediculous and expect any pty ill shower off in the rain burn slowly through the pain visit the clock as it measures anouther chunk missing burnt by the wasted worry still looking for square and hopeing for the true meaning of settled should have married a visionary and subtracted all the wisdom stop beleiving in death and learn the lesson pouring across the burning bridge call me friend and fill your lungs with needs burried so deep that your short breaths will never allow them to escape until there are few choices left may u play your best until the final curtin drops and own more than just memories of the days it just roolled of f your tonge peace for a change


Just out of reach after a flood of embrace living deep in my cells multiplying the unsatisfied yearning the seeds of hope fall from my pocket growing strong roots bulging across a path that I walk as my time spent becomes more the hours past I bravely ignored the inevitable parting so the moment of end less nes would remain free and un abandon but the consequence of loss is unavoidable once the glimpse is invited with open hearts Peases of me K


Fwd: The lamb lie by the river very sleepy from the endless journey His mind wanders to his old friend jango and reminds him to reflect on the precious moments accumulated not the power of the obstacles in front of him


can you find me im hanging in the wind showing it again takin for a spin hopeing for a win please dont tease me would you sellme for a song let me tag along miss me while im gone leave before too longe can you ease me you know where to find me cause ive been here all alone sitting by the emptyness spilt from my heart splintered by the razor sharp waking of a morning breaking neath a thunderous shaking can you save me from the choices i have made the promises we gave the time in the cave the cut of the blade the reason i was laid please dont bleed me ill do what i can livng by the plan grow to be a man pretend to understand if you dont beat me



neither could prepare the near miss of this crash landing while one re fuels the other is left dizzy on cource with less to hold on too and less of a reason to endure the moment so as you slowly regain yourself or whats left of the repaired version you choke on the tweaks of pain that breifly out weigh the peace you have finally realized like a soft coat to lean on with that familyer sent that lures you into a safe place far removed from the everyday world that so loudly pleads for this break this truth between two run fast and repent turn yestardays passion into moments of captive deluge run the water burring deep dark secrets so find safty find peace find security find forgiveness all at the cost you can only calculate but leave me to my own means let me keep my story free from all of this my heart is tired my feet are anxious and my love is true now let me fade from blue to grey as anouther ending finds its way



If I was a Beatle You'd be a rolling stone If I was an eagle U would have already flown If I was a bicycle You'd be a drive by If i was an icecicle You'd be a bride


There is a peice of my heart just for you

No one can know how I feel any one can see that its real and if its true I've got all o need why does the night call to me alone a conversation filled with precious minutes rid the mind for such a short time while I forever wish you were mine not to own just to hold to watch as the world turns in front of our join ed breathe tumbleing though the days with only the fear that eventualy time will take one of us from the other leaving only a vault of memories worth more than any gold ever dug



i were my years

out on the road

somewhere out of reach

begging for attention

with no time for observeing

just one fleeting moment

that lasted many years

chasing a dream

only i could invent

using every peice of might

trusting in foward

to fufill my needs

beleiving in recognition

not understanding the convictions

pailed by many

born with the ability

with every choice available

looking down at me

wondering why i try

still the moovement

relentlessly mooves foward

with backwards no longer a choice

all systems cease

a breakdown for rebuilding

arms to the sky

a perfect circle

a bridge to the past

a re evaluation on time spent

travel with the gods

rely on the advice

and all the sighns

were not done here

just a bit slower

so hold love close

laugh loud and hard

stop worring about

time gone by

even though there is no other try

create a new dream

love whom you have become

watch the sun

it still sets like

its allways done


sure took a long moon lit ride too bad everything i wanted was behind locked doors closed for now i dont know why i bothered you with my number how could you possable keep track with the digits in you head and multipixles ocupieng whats left of that hollowed out dust trap you once called a brain i dont much care about the increased amounts of excess but more of a yearning for the time to share a moment without looking into my secret spyglass only pretendinlisten to charlie when he was young and strugled to become one of us g to have din er or intimate relations cover your ears im about to blow wont probaly hear it from that deep trance anyhow when you were yourng u used to dance you taught me to loose inabitions when you were beautiful you used to be green you taught me how to climb trees when you were smart you were quiet and you taught me how to listen not to words but the motions of the samll feet blown by the wind lifting off withtheir feather wieght bodys when you were young i kissed you like i have never kissed again but when im alone i still search that memory and replay it to settle my heart go now hony the halarious fact that you get anouther day to either worry yourself to death or live at the edge of the excitement that you will really never know and as quickly as you have the moment it vanishes into the past surrender to know one let yourself not be ruled give in only to what impassions and ignore the misguided greedy hands of our new arising techno exzistance f the war f the goverment f the prices of food f the teachers for cash f the idea that your not perfect and your day is not a masterpeice for you to enjoy till the next awakens you

pick your peace



oh ya

peace k


posative thinker i was alone when i thought of you you gave me hope then burned me through walking the line between real and learned hell my as well forget about the dreams weve yearned i can remember a grey houd somwhere near huntsville texas and how much i liked the cold spring in st lous the year running on empty was released its easy to look back just not as simpe to own the walk i wish i could say my heart ment somthing to you wish i could burn off all your clothing wish we could mend this mass of scared tisue into once soft and pertective layer when i lay and look up at night i think of things we could do i think of how much regret will settle in these bone before my time is met when will the rainbow that crossed between come back forever allowing us to be sunk in like an iron stake in stone where the passing of time will leave us alone so ill tell the stories while the sky lights your eyes and the roars of thunder lul us to sleeep empty these cells from the anx of time unclutter the masses that clog my pores i need it back so i can give again with out fear or pain of consiquence so we ramble on as the days take us further with not much to measure this valuable pass i want to sit quiet without a docket no more wars between the blood and the veins i missed a chance or two i wonder what i look like to you i sure have made a mess of what is left of a crumbleing wall dont ask for control if you dont have the endurance to ride out the storm be ready to surender one day or anouther and watch as the light fades from the sky have faith i guess belive in somthing thats better than the rest let your blind eye lead and dont ever cry theres just not enough tears to ever satisfy


charging foward and no longer afreaid of death such a laugh how long have we had it on our mind somthing we see for a second neith the leather jacket between the pavement and the bike till we notice were a bit behind scheduale and the single line of traffic is really makeing things worse one thought that makes sence can bring so much confidence in the acomplishments made until minutes later when your face brings no reminders and no attachment to a name much less a purpose in her life when seconds can steal the only dream worth having and minutes take your thoughts forever to a new exzistance where love is a memory and a word that took so long to be used day to day laying there where i can see you is this for my benifit now can i take from you the time that is standing still and put it too a use before the sand runs out of my glass your losses add up and you have really gotten your moneys worth and im sure you mean well with your posative advice but im posative the road im on will lead me through the darkness without words and i will arive to a well deserved destination without shouting crying or screaming maybe the celebration will come out of the journey in slow solitude and gradual reduction of pain and depression so the light will fill me instead of burning me out the heavens have shown down on me through the faces i have looked upon i only wish to see more in those i have missed through blindness and ignorance sail if you can to the waters and lands that will fill you take them with you and share all you freeely to those less fortunate not to those whom you can compare greatness you will be if you undrstand that all are and will allways be no one above and no need to prove your place beleive in the mystery and let the rest up to the highest of power besides it too much responsability and no one is really listenig anyway

peace and justice



pushed hard with nowhere to go with backs against the wall is it somthing i said somthing you read someone i remind you of or an act right in front of you please dont think your responsable for my cold cold heart its been frozen long before this life time confusion in direction and whats going to make a difference good turns to evil when fed the wrong medicine friends turn and wait for the payment due then stu and stu until comming back at you why do we invest so much without weighing the potential cost and kickbacks there has to be peace somewhere beond the words and assumptions just a few days to watch the sunsets and walk neith the moonlit sky forget about what i think im not even sure why i made it up i havent lived outside of my own head for an eternity

big peace of



so sad to see yu go blending with the wind as it carrys you off again now lighter than ever like a bird on a wing of feather reaking with a protective resistance hardened from the haul faint speach never the less more potent than ever sharpened like the edge of a soword fresh from flame exzausted over tested and ready to pounce if nesasary to imeadatlely dowse the situation shout to the universe "are you kidding ? haven there been enough lessons what can be learned drowning beneith your very exzistance please dont tell me its time to make peace with god or that the ansers wait in some book of rules waiting for me to turn the page and share the wisdom with rows of smileing faces because now everthing can be mishandeld as long as you beleive the message is so clear disguised as a rap song as it twists it way through oversized head phones laying betwwin the sheets and the futon behind my head not sure what he is saying but he is letting me know he is here and ready for action you can count on a criminal if its crime your looking for collect as much of your self look at it once then make it vanish feel the freedom of not being who you have called yourself forever see you when we can be and im so glad your interesting enough to keep me around till i slip through this town down will only bring you down up will always take yuo to endlessness of psability

loveinpeace k


so you saw me way up on your mountain top and iwas wounded from the air that i could not catch between my teeth did it move you when you heard me scream obove the swollen notes did you find a place that you had some time traveled and while your waiting for the turning of the winter to the spring with all its glory sweeeping from your mind all the discomfort as green replaces brown but still the ditance that time has brought brings a reminder that deeper than you could imagine lives a yerning for path that some how turned of the cource that you relied on with every effort made to try to change hideing behind your self made vision of rightousness so allow me right or wrong just to be here in your presence not unraveling thought i might be thinkiing just allow me to relish in the backgrounnd we fit into and melt like the sun into the mountains while the glow of the evening overtakes us then tell me a story

not ready for peace



take a little walk and feel the earth beneith your feet feel like a million today with every little step i take take anouther look and ive started on my own ill do it till im grown and then who knows maybe ill put on a show just for you with these brand new pair of shoes it feels good to move im so light on my feet and i can barely beleive that im flying again far above that way look down if i just keep my eyes ahead who knows where this road will end and thank god the journey still calls to me me and my two light feet

peaceful steps



out of touch and barley reachable beond the beating heart that reminds me with every pulse of its precious enlightened exzistance so i look now and the moon is full again and still i havent taken a breath.time to grow and for a while let go of what drove me to this position all that weighed so heavey now floats above like a question on the wind giving more power to the undenieable mystery one thing is for sure on this winter solstice i could never have dreamed of you bieng where you are next to me balanceing each moment crossing squares of tile as if sailing the open water or staring into eyes so ready that strike me in awe as we open our book together and take on anouther day

a solid peice



for some there are no words for me somtimes all there is are words words that soar and find their way bouncing from one to anouther and in one form or anouther finding their way back a special message today perhaps more obvious and personal the man who brought me here taught me life from his point of veiw left impressions on me which have shaped and challenged me and utimately for the better and the worse made me who i am today has surprised us with his exit i know so many of you have struggled with the commings and goings of essential parts of life and i wanted to thank you for sharing with me along my endless search for peace as the lessons continue new wings are sprouting and soon will allow flights never known till now

good bye dad soar high above and please share with us the reminders of the importance of the simple joys of life

be the peace



foward leaning down twards a past ive built on fullfilling a dream that was dreamt while sleeping with built in restrictions created by its creator me so now all the big acheivements are only as large as the saftey net that has been so carefuly regulated look at me he is so cool hes allways flying never really here like a spce ship passing us all by gathering only the peices he chooses then mooving on to show off his worldy ways look at me not so cool inside a shell painted with sparkles with more doors than windows more hell then heaven getting closer to the bend and realizing the truth of freedom that has been kept just out of reach while pretending to know what it takes to satisfy a day and a night till the last curtin falls

breath peace



bouncing off the dusted rocks warn sunlight slighlty waynes as the summers grip loosens just a stones through from mexico where loaded vans with human cargo make their unpredictable journey across vauge lines disguiesed by shallow promises of a new oportunity to life but for the privalaged like me its just a look of interest an observation from a close distance to the out come of an unknown face with curious eyes with an alien launguage with only few words to speak please please so a land where outlaws used to escape and wild learned to survive is wearing much the same face with fools who have thoughts of controling this sun beaton territory fly with the buzzards far above the forbidden borders finding enough carcuses along the way to keep your blood pumping

peaceful travels

kraig kra


most of the audience had their eys closed this afternoon i had mine closed too while i could through the silence it was sumonsed like wakeing a sleeping spirit an all knowing mate to sit down next to them and allow the colors that melt like a calidascope during a dream where wakeing seem imposable or at least very disapoiting too much responsability i think as i try to remain in the groove right to the edge of falling with starteld guest questioning the interuption i guess the paractise makes it possable and the trance becomes more and more a part of my everyday pretending to be spacy i like that more attention more exposure there was a time but now time has worn its edge and ill settle for a nervous shake standing next to what has been confused as a great gift with jst a job well done



i got a place i can wash my hair

i got a lake i can swim in anywhere

i got some shade i can lay under

i got some rain mixed with the thunder

i got a veiw that looks like heaven

i got some blue that goes up to eleven

ive got a tune thats stuck in my head

the one about you by the greatful dead

now all i need is to realize whats in front of me

everything i could ever be beleive or see


when did you twist it im not your millionare but i would fly in every chance i had if i had wings made of money and an endless suply wouldnt thik twice and drop it on you but your so used to that but not from me not from the one who could set you free maybe once the dust has settled and were long past our stay our spirit will find its way mine to you you to me and together we can ride the waves that kept us away from our cureing embrace dont want to make you responsable dont want ot make you clean dont want to take you from the hospital cant give you the choice youve made dont want to take it away only want to melt next to u while the rest of the world worries bout all they wish they had



blind as a bat brave as a soldier the nights around here just keep getting cloder and colder ill sprare you the drama if you allow me to be free and stop reading my mind right in front of me how cani relax when the reel is running pouring out full color of so many directions to choose how about dripping out until white turns blue till we can both see strait through without any ill effect or anything to expect just sweet murmurs the sound time makeswhen its having its way with us



i was born in april neith a new moon no room for light on this blackend night i thought i heard a cyote off in the distace as the fire burned with rage drinking up oxegen to feeds its lashing flames to their knees slighly scarred and callesed praying to the gods of weather and fortune can we make it to the next graduation or doese the wind of death wrap us in a suffercating coat leaving behind speachless non denominations listening to the comforts of stories written just for times exzactly like this its easy to beleive when the shock of staring into a life that has left its familyer carrage so sorry if the words would not come or if what i said was nothing more than small talk to comfort my clumbsyness of the unexplainable mystery that lay so loudly in front of us

rest for us in peacefullnes



lovers sing about love and broken hearted fools do too

i havent thought of anything latley ecept being with you

lost in a tangle far away and way down deep

how did i ever think that we could ever bee

you told me to visit said i would love the veiw now ill never get out of what ive gotten in to dreamers sing about dreams and i admit to a few

woken up this morning while the sun burnt off the dew

allways thought id find somthing perfect and true

but as time goes by i see all of what time can doo

so now all the love ican sing about

lives in a dream ive about worn out

till i look at how perfecly we fit

with my arm wrapped around you with a weight less grip

peaceful good night kisses



anyone meiss me how long would you wait if we loaded the van and headed west would the coast make the difference i looked beifly through some borrowed eyes from the past and all those i looked up to who have mostly moved on or graduated some making it and most just combusting from too much heat the heat we brought on can you feel how hot it is lately more things to plug in more stuff to run on more winding like time bombs fixed to our electric minds on off on off on off on e tow one two talk about missing the boat making a movie about it isnt enough whats the use of a song if its not listend to then practised what a tease a dribble of incomplete dreams made too uncomfortable to reach instead we do what me must to blindly suceed with only enough time to breed then leave live it up live loud make you r point and stand your ground give me somthing to beleive again a reason to wake and make the next bend

peice of it



it feels weird to be me today thank god for the water and the places to stay looking down the bottom doesnt seem so far when all ive done is climb with all my might never gave much though to these bones and flesh that carry me till the wearig of the wind and stone has ever so humbled me now the blowing outside teases as it makes anouther round offering me one more glimpse of this forever changing scene maybe with a little less worry i can float above these cemented boots and summons up the power of the heated core for one last world tour regaurdless of the critics acheiving absolute

peace in thought



thought about calling ya

then i realized my phone was broke

thought about kissing ya

then i realized my lips wont kiss

thought about asking ya

then i realized my question was to broad

thought about squeezing ya

then i realized my reach is too far thought about doing ya then i thought about it again

nice peice



nothing but stars and the way up feeling you get when your the point of all interest nothing but the sound of a rageing river and the beating of a heart anticipating your arival nothing but hardened ground beneaith two worn out feet pounding down as gravity tightends with each closeing of a day nothing but sun and heat cooled hear by the night air only the lucky ones will sleep tonigh the same ones that filled my head with dreams of climaxing in passion with out a word spoken just a breath between to slightly opened eyes good night to everything that made today a special place to be includeing all the memories of spaces shared that brought me here




tore me down to my roots sectioned me off fitting me through screens splitting me into splinters now dust blowing in every direction gathering together what peices really ever mattered calling out do you know me i found so much beond the faces that blindly stared with such stong sugestion that i nearly fell face down in your lap not knowing your intention was to keep me from ever finding what i spent my entire exzistance hope ing for now just a blade of grass lit by the light of a morning sun turn years into made up thoughts merely stashed and counted held in an unpenatratable vault a prison coated by scull and matter exzaustingly performing for an instant of recognition

bleed for peace



screaming winds smothered the crys that no one heard blurred visions made him impossable to idenify so say he came back to remind us that his promise will be honered and others beleive in hell some beleive in nothing like a switch making everthing a blank a clean slate where nothing began and no trace of an ending ill follow a star whos light long burned out as long as it gives me guidence and a direction what more than a gaurentee what more than somedday ill bring you closer together we wont question ill watch as you glide along and if you let me come ill go without need and no secureitys press all this dust into heated rock showing lines of time gone by but my secret will follow me and sleep with me long after my grave has been re dug

everlasting peace



its a beautiful day

nothing more to say

were in a perfect place

not a shadow in the way

if there was more

id let you know

but its for sure

were in the glow

so glad to be awake

on this beautiful beautiful day


just added early morning set at the custer street fair on

the main stage 10 am for a slide guitar church service

thats in evanston il.


anouther song i can cry to

one more day ill spend alone

with time to look inside and behind

woundering what it is ive become

as i take a minute to look at myself

been spinning fast so far ahead

feels like im on my third life

when i look back at what i was

compared to the shape im in now

to used to the road to stay home

to tired to continue to roam

falling in love with every dream ive had

still dreaming of every love thats gone bad

is it true autumn is listenting it makes me smile to think of her thoughts as i whisper her peices of my heart which will retire and pass along every precious moment to be resung somwhere down the road

peaceful beginings


every cell in my body crys when i think of it

weve long outgrown our ability to control

these veins of the earth spilling liquid gold

tell me that greed isnt the reason we are here

and what is holding back the retrabution so deserverd

can you finnally here them talking now ?

as the ancient voices of our ancesters scowl

we cant put together these peices

with mire broken words and promises

we need more than elegant speaches

to coat this horror that far outreaches





while the fabric of our being

is being auctioned by kings

who ideals we dont suscribe

allowing the risk fro high profit

out weigh our right to coexzist

in peace with our mothers and kids

shme on you for not listening

and dam you for taking so much away

there is no punishment worth enlisting

no amount that could ever be paid

death is permanent nothing brings it back

youve raped our souls once again

only this time there is no curtain

its plain as day for the world to see

murder times infinity in the first degree

disturbing any peace


ive seen what i wanted

and left here mistaken

on grounds that were haunted

that had allready been taken

walked out on water

with my trust in my footing

like a fathers daughter

where everything is put in

torn from the views

i watched to closely

while all i knew

confused me mosly

like how do i ride

with all this in front of me

whos on my side

holding this gun to me

so ill share myself

while your still listening

i really do need help

neath this shadow ever glistening

and when i say pain

i mean it forever

there is no other way

to keep it together

but lets stick to you

its easier on me

and by the time it comes true

thell be nothing left to bleed


time to be at peace



looking at your picture and you dont know me maybe a distant curiosity but nothing really to talk about i miss holding you but you have the whole world now to discover no more need ing me anywhere to set you down some day i think youll wonder why some how our lives colided but the chance of reuniting are winding farther down the winded trails do you still have your guitar the one that shines through the window glass follow the colors to your dreams and one day i hope to hear that every single one of them had come true sing through your life my sweet and one day our songs will meet till then i have your picture and the thought of you burried deep in my heart

peaceful memories

k with a k


way to keso sad to leave you behind this song really brings me back like the little miami running through the feilds of ohio on its way to kentucky my brother and two otheres on a honda 70 man i miss him and those days id give anything to feel that way again about every day to want to be so bad and in the meantime nothing could make me sad but now through the window with the sun bouncing off the pacific the water is so much larger and surrounding me and catalina could it have been so many years ago will i ever find anything worth writting about as teh time ticks away so swiftly santa anna blowwing its warm winds blowing back my hair makes me wonder what were in such a hurry to find as my wheels spin beneath this claimed territory lucky i wont be in one place long enough to be found out but now so used to running its staying in one place that feels so difficult and hard to talk to you hard to keep you in my heart dont even know why the calls ever come in for now ill take the eve and sound of disco and who knows maybe ill dance tonight grab the wings of your next flying friend and allow them to take you some where you have never been dont look back just stay focused on ride below and smile as the world allows passage to its new feild of daisy and sage

peaceful places



soon ill be a feather on the wind soon ill be farther along than ive ever been soon my heart will cry out loud soon the same figures will follow me in the sky soon i will remember the touches i miss soon i will blunder in happy bliss soon my eyes will apear glazed and longing soon i will put on a shirt with no sent soon i will live off of time allready spent soon my love will reach out again soon i will burry myself in your ocean soon ill be taller in my own way soon ill miss my caller somewhere in the dark soon ill see the importance of our spark we can gather together the years gone by hold them safe for an end less taste and make every peice worth the wait



let me know if there is room for two ive been thinking somthing has got to move the king is driven and all the lonely creatures can only wish to rise to the apeciative thoughts that might win his favor perhaps a tale that will crack his smile whisping happiness through the tortured mind if only my sleep wasnt filled with wrestless adventures that this undecided soul relentlessly persues ive been missin you cant you tell ive been needing you but oh well the bridge is narrow and the water wide almost make me wonder whats on the other side and what if this is my last trip with no return once the crossing has been burned ill write ya ill like ya ill carry ya ill marry ya ill wipe ya ill pipe all my thoughts down your throat hopeing i make some kind of impression meet ya for that very special vist that i can carry with me in that special pocket sewn to my heart




ill call from the phone way out on catalina island where the buffalow roam and never stop talking and if you dont anser ill understand and ill try to grow out of my rambling ways just for a day ill settle down ill lay myself down and let the time slide just for a day ill stop looking back and grow out of my old rambling ways we can sit down on your big couch watch all the shows watch the time go as i stay at home hell throw in a kid ill watch her grow too and alltogether we will shine up our shoes cause we dont want catch the goddarn flu with out feet out all cold and blue send me a letter off to my mom ill tell ive found a plce to call home ill tell her to visit if she feels like dancing cause we allways happy here down on the farm



would you follow me as long as i look the part would you make me a peice to carry through the dark will you win me if i cant beleive in a start will you still hurt me never leaving a mark fondness piles in layers so deep its hard to dig through lately its so hard to do i imagined your face like a page in my story allways available to read in perfect splender in my own privacey few things matter keeping up with cross country ships nevr landing until the gear is to worn to hold the wind below ill allways get nervous when i think of a room with a chair against your bare back and only a mind to read and a face to take and burry safely in my heart not a secret to the blood that carries love through my veins and reminds me of the one truth that can allow me to rejoice in every new minute day week and blue moon that brings us this new year

peaceful cheers my friends



so what happend to you sifting through stars anouther day leans on your tired shoulder thoughts smolder now as the level grip takes hold and keeps ou safe but what of the restlessness how long it sleeps beneath passionate lures to the only voice of truth the only complete comfort the stars you are looking for are in the eyes you are looking through




rather than chace we need to allow our dreams to come true only then can we live in the moments that lead up too one day and in the mean time

peace would be



spemd a whol;e life looking one night living a life time when im sleeping im with myself talking to me secrets that only i know remind me what the day is worth and how much luck s is involved only 6 soon to be 24 then three by air just to walk in my shoes belive me i beleive in you two steps could make all the difference



try and make this make sence stirring up the dreams that seem to good to be true but this is all about truth hidden beneath all the bullshit were made to beleive and honor is a strait line to what we need to hold us when the strong winds come begging us to change so hold tuff keep your stance time will wear slowly and carve out a home that resembles happiness look into the eyes that judge you and be careful not to beleive just be just be

deep peace



time mooves slowley in california and when i think of how far away so much has happened here before us and so much is on the way never saw dimonds like the like the tops of the lakes never saw red till the sun set in the valley better reneiw before im left behind with nothing to drive and no means to keep mooving better stay awake while anouther hour still bring memories to life in my head of time well spent in a new home that lives restless in my heart rooled through my skin like the pound of the wheel grasped by my two hands



just above the waters no bridge connecting just words and voices and thoughts of breif memories we stretch into long day dreams and movies we star in choices on chances or steady the decisions allready made hearts can be tricky but life goese by quickly and in the end im sure we will remember most the the roads that scared us as the time most wisely spent tear off anouther page and sail across those blue waters into the hands of fate nothing last longer than you keep it alive in heart and your heart lives on longer than the years that that move us along two minutes would be a life time in your eyes sorry if it sounds like love somthing i know nothing of not unless the day comming is the dream i had

deep inpeace



the moon fills like a time glass counting until its full and im 50 a distant fire burns out of control no way of know ing how much it will destroy before its energy runs down but the leveling is impartive to the rebirth allthough the screams will be heard and the misunderstandings will bring their share of hatred but in the end its all very simple like a blanket on a sand filled beach benieth the stars falling like drops of heatd glass where there are so many that we run out of wishes

level peace



it really mattered when you listened so i could rool on with a head full of steam full steam a head never thinking until now i was only full of myself and if i cna make myself beleive that it matters to some one else how muuch easier it is to beleive in myself lonliness will rool in like a thick front of grey hanging over like the comming of a storm but if we let it it will break too and maybe leave with a new understanding of what it takes to make it through anouther day next to people millions of people who live wiht the same questions i propose a break given out for free to the kids the olds and im be tweeners im setting down on small shores tomorrow boundried by the mighty michagona what will she teach me this year

oh ya happy b day to the web master



a number of zeros in a great big spce filled with ideas i think ive changed at least when i look at you beig all i ever had and all id ever be well lets not say forever or even until we get there perhaps we might learn there is a great state we all own a peice of it but its so far off and now one wants to own up not even give it a name what do i care im off to tucson to take jo jos place on the double decker bus serving coffee and pastries how hot can it be so close to the sandy sun dont run over any ideas worth more than you can fit in that shinny little head of yours and please dont go loosing your razors edge that what we count on you for

peace as if



tired and i can smell the mountains soar fingers and open hearted so many people olong the way giving so graciously its a nice thing to see and keeps shoes on my feet which keep me visiting and learning ffrom all of you from salida to redstone to golden and back again how many years can it be impossable for me to anser the simple question what have you been up too where do you call home where are you from makes me wonder how many stories of much more signifigance are never told maybe just a glance into eyes that care is all it takes to settle the restless thoughts that become the lifes we live so once again thanks to everyone who takes care of me and others my friends syd and billy clark my sis and jim kim kerry and billy and lisa and jen at the stone tommy in the springs mary w roger in boulder forever and ever and so many more a vist i cant wait for and a journey twards through the midwest then back to the u.p thanks for the gifts the ears the critisisim the shakes the smiles the winks the eyes the waves the goodbyes the water the stone the food and what you know the spots the sounds the hugs and all the love



so its all here ecept the rainbow id swear i might trip over it when it comes rooling up and down using all i got then letting go whispering too myself over the music playing in my head where is it at so deep it doesnt really matter but to the soft shell with a worn back now thats a different story jango would agree the trails that are worth it dont come easy but i keep thinking easy thoughts keeping pace while the cracks from the walkway pass beneith closed eyes waiting on what touch comes next having a decision made for you with your interest in mind becoming addicted to the smell one that is missed and will never be matched lately ive been looking at stars the way they pulce and shoot makes ya wonder ya cant help it makes me think of you i knoe kind of simple and an easy ending share the world with some one who cares dont waiste time on getting there today is all yours and mine wakeing next to a perfect view

share a peice



dont worry for me im the freezing rain the cold touch of two days dead the look behind the last of the waltz behind the scene looking for the ending if you have a minute one your not planning or paying close attention to the rules dont wast it on me better to burn your engine full tilt im sure there is some where you have to go that will take you closer to the dreams that live smothered just beneith the surface dont pull to hard on the chained locks seeing wont be believing if you let those demons out better off running safe from being cought or questioned besides the ansers can all be paid for one way or anouher i sent you amessage not sure if you got it i just thought it real hard and passed it along might have worn a bit or picked up some momentum so dont take it too sereiously when it arrives just put your own slant on so that it fits your day dont worry for me learning form living in shadows bigger than life sweet will be to bad to blue to blind two gether a perfect part in a predictable script especially well rehursed

peace in knowing



her perfect hand caught in a photografh time spent together in the moment hunting the treasures of this big big world living in trust in unpenitateable love one hold no beginging or end just anouther day of proof


two ships on a very large sea what a perfect meeting must have been the stars or just the way the gravity flew anoportunity within reach and touch available enough to knock me off my feet just to breath just to exzist but here comes the need to be the greedy security that makes sleep so easy like crawling back to the womb for a tangled up dream sorry sad and so close no way to begin when its held so tight why cant we laugh on and on with no sarcasim that means any harm just relax in thought with strong grips assuring long lasting never ending care if nothing lasts then ive never started and if ive never started then neither does anything ever seen so beleive what you need to make the wind make the weather you need and i will smile to make you happy so i can remember how many sleeps how many i get to keep and how many wait fo rme down the road

much peace



its endless all this one thing for sure then anouther comes along one long tour then anouther one begins i ment it when i said those things i ment it when i said i was tied and it was was past time to be in bed now the ringing hasnt stopeed and im not sure what how i need to anser carry me like a wave not twards shore but far where i have to look inside away from any decisions no more stories about lost and found just celebrations on one more click so muchfor the traveling ive seen the world through your open eyes so much for settledown ive been farther there in your arms and i do beleiver in more than being in tune or tuning up the machineary so fall in love with the words they can be written down folded in half and kept in your pocket until the next wash leave room for my hand keep your mind open and we will wattch as the world moves slowly past slowly past information acumulating dont know if i need to let go but one thing is for sure and thats you

live in peaces



move on me like a wind out of nowhere instant attraction way ahead of any sences a giant glimer likea n invitation to a week that follows anouther into a sncronized walk down main gently squeezing molding just enough to fit beneath the covers safe from any borrowers do you see the magic or is it a layer below just out of reach or maybe not cool well perfect is the spot that allows everthing to fit with or without



brain misfunction

thanks to dori for insainly llong drives to our new favorite city and above and beond roadie shanangans that only i could be in need of a wonderful listener to a rather burt out needy oveexposed me i swear there were times i thought she was a chicago girl love ya dori

a side note please send all good vibes my way im not out of the florida sand yet a small leak and little creek to go monday is d day have to be on the road tues



up and running to the north then the west so many thanks no way to know where to start places to stay cars on loan ears and ears rides to airports speaking of airports im digging tampa jack my main man picked me up dusted me off and sent me on my way lent me a jeep for as long as it took before that was mistys bug and andys passot tinas pick up a long ride from bonnie mean while a house to stay in thanks to david in ft myers so now the white horse is ready to haul the grey ghost for anouther 250,000 maybe more thanks to big al and andy at vap motorsports in ft myers fl so its off to ga then tenn then kentucky then chicago then colorado to oregon to michigan to ohio to chicago again then reasemble all my thoughts in canada lucky me and thanks to all of you i kno wi have lost contacts and may not have had the time but your all burned deep in my heart never to forget with out you i couldnt continue in the middle if caos so much finds us through the hard comes soft ness so to the late hours of sun beond any imagineable comfort streaks of soaring fire spitting clouds behind the recent past

peace and love



i almost asked but the time was spent about a star im sure far to the west and a bit to the north now that there is time and the wind blows through the white horse im blanketed with an oportunity to run twards open arms and melt allowing layers of beaten time to twist its way out of my knotted capture so your real with offerings of truth and you live as i do just a breath away from belonging doesnt every one want to be i look up and i remember how much i miss touch beating the path of dirt below wondering feet criss crossing keeping just enough balance to steady the gripping shoulders




do you still walk the woods where i used ot live do you still think of the time we kept for ourselves there is a moon tonight and of cource its above in the sky but all that is you lingers in its wandering path can you see it through your new roof does it mean the same to you i hope you dont spend too much time liveing in our dream or wondering why as the time ticks by do you undo the ties that made a second so wonderful so the hand that you hold keep s you safe in your restless mind

do you still walk on water before the suns come



you coiuldnt mean more to me all white and shinny looking at you and i know i can go anouther round your smooth you know you are and im hopeing you wont let me down were both a little ruged but were determined and together were the perfect match wheels to the gound gas in the tank anouther cresant moon we watched sanc see you on the islands see you in my dreams humming to gether to your vibes taken us almost above ground youve just been lent and ill miss you when your gone but for now you rock my world and keep me spinnin round love wouldnt be enough and im not sure you would know how to rate it but its you and me side by side running for our lives from town to shakey town ride on you sick machine its all good its all for me



left my life in little piles way down south to look through the blue sky hanging above the white painted pines rooling through endless mountains that allowed me to slide atop their boosoms covered in fresh blizard snow

45 stranger s lowered their heads one looked me in the eye 67 friends walked strait by 1 took my hand 307 voices never ansered my crys one gave me all two many took my love one gave it back more more more right in line with what i was thinking



lost my van lost my girl lost my head lost my world sent me alone into the dark were looking st what stands in front cant help but take me to the edge of steady lost my plans lost all control saw a clear view then i met you lost a friend lost my way found it necasary again to look you in the eye beat by the road needing the voices that had needs of their own standing alone looking over the ocean then flying to the mountains holding the words close now like floats on the water giving me or just reminding me this passing needs to be embraced i leaned to hard and felt your shoulder give not that it colapsed but weakened under the strain so build your wall and make it strong prepare for all the incoming from the remaining years in the meantime spend as much time as you can in madening love cause in the end it wil be al that mattered ill miss so much about the rides to know where the simple laughs the comfortable silences lost my home lost in you lost my adress lost in the look of you in that dress next time ill be mooving ill go a bit slower and ill think of all the good times as the times rools by adding up to a peice of a perfect life one more ride




so much help turning the world dont have to look far take turns bringing together without counting or adding up the debts time will move mch too quickly spent on the acount rather stare deep in brown living in the trance now that is a dream worth being ive waited till i can see the difference in the shake of my hands the fit of my cloths and the blur of my vision time to let past bend over to climb opon for a better look at now

paint me in water coulor so we can run off the page




i wanted to send this to you in the mail then i thought you might take it too personally but maybe that is exzactly my intent so instead ill take the safe way of the future and stand off in the protection of these shadows so that anouther day can sleep in a sort of peace at least not wakeing the possable disapointing ansers but arent these the same ones that teach the ones that force us to move on so then how much honesty is enough i dont want to travel through time watch it through my window come and go unless its beond your concern where the moving and the stops are shared i know the surprise is probaly too much and im used to all the running but when the world has swallowed you whole ill clutch and pry at its jaws until either we both get anouther chance or fall for ever together

peace in english



its not a dark night allthough i do remember not a head full of thoughts but more of a plan one to see beyond all the layers to take oportunity and turn it into light ride it though the heavens that surely exzist in this day we so quickly call the moment mine burns like a beacon of light beaming to you all i think but cant say having to be careful with the words if i told you how i feel if i let you know my insecuritys i could crumble with a simple responce im scared of the power im scared of myself but im sure the ultimate content lies in the truth of two entangled in embrace sharing thouhgts as the unconcious becomes one

were never too far away there is room in my heart



i felt hope puor through the streets of atlanta screams ofexcitement and celebration perhaps a short lived jubilation but maybe a prolonged reorginized thinking searching for the 4th demention sudddenly seem a bit more possabe the joining of sparks to create new actions on some very old ideas black runs thinly into brown and greay and even turning white were all blind anyway its about time we stopped seeing distraction created in hate and jealousy and let go of the means for revenge and payback no need for perfection just a taste of the sweetness of a new day or the sweet lips that allow you the comfort to have without oweing or owning embrace the change that he represents but dont rely on anyone but yourself to live in a free soul a giveing heart with a mind full of dreams that you are willing to share and teach to your children and children of others




stare out at the night this one comes with a chill but not this year a warm wind left over is kind enough to calm the thoughts that inevidably acompany this hallowed eve a new babe on the the way taken the place of my fallen hero a long long ago rooling wave that passed by almost disapearing as time wears through even the most stuborn memories so inside ill scream as the nights gools and dead return to remind us all of our finnall curtin cant count the years or give them creed cant stand this hour or the falling leaves ill take myself from the brown cold ground as the road will open to a sunlit heaven but heavey is a heart and that part will never leave

restless peace



tied to number 11 and then it repeats sound familyer im sure if it does its not cause i wished it on you i love you andall you can think it leaves me in awe that you need so little to make your day real and perfect just the way you create so if your thinking of leaving me alone im thinking of the storage you know the compartments ive been keeping full in case of a disaster tcked away are all the touchings eteched in my heart strings so 11 years or one wink or 1111 kisses 1more chance 4 ones in a row meaning one then one then one dont you get it yet just one here i am leaning strait twards you nothing can match the flow of pure x mixed with blood seaping through every cell finding its way to oxegen to be a breath on the wind and trvavel the world with no excuses no boundrys only one obligation 1111

giv e peace a glance



so surprise again guess thats what keep s it in such shamble but not all together bad closing one to open anouther goese to show i sure never know what slips off the tounge and where you wind up doesnt allways match the prediction but no dought it takes us places so jumping ship into open waters who needs all the responsability of where and wehn anyway prove your point then take the result walk away and feel good about the space dont think of the empty spot it will fill walk throught the days and make sure you have cleared the right path so your way back is kind

peace and kindness



one foot in front one following anouther id folow you to the end bring me closer with every look are you nervous i might fall in all the ansers to all the yearning or maybe just a sample that taste perfect like chocolate spilled over bursting strawberry as i move i think of you i think the place you picked suits us fine anouther perfect day with and ending bringing us closer to the begining of all we need to comfort the hours that pass before us

smile tonight whisper to the wind before falling deep



spent a time or two hideing come around these days for some reason hanging with my self contemplateing all that passes with the future shortening for the hard ground below maybe its other side that is getting me ready a slow turn twards the inevetable unknown my belief in deed uncharted as these thought i carry in my head unclaimed as the love that lies in my bed so today a nother one to a mother and her son one to share and laugh as the years whill us senceless as needs lessin and our lives amout to the best we can do either alive with the age attached or dead with a number latched

be nice tonight muble somthing soft before you sleep


k 2+2+20x2+1


a deep breath

atouch of the night

falling foward

with closed eyes

a simple thought

adeeper calm

a perfect union

one who belongs

far from now

close to the heart

a cool sigh

that breaths us in

wondering spirit

come closer now

to one whos learned

the anser is yes

you should have known

you allways knew

but now i own

a gentile reminder

im still alive

and all ive dreamed

still lives in life

sleep well agin

angles will come

show you the way

as the watercolors run



read an old line just a ways back nice o see you have your own payback measured in mnths measured in minutes usedto slave the demons that wait at the end of the call or the fireless night that digs in its hold until anouther season comes and goes still nice of yu to take the blame at least thing to say then silence for a while if we stay busy enough this will all turnto smoke and blow to the next county while hearts heal and prepare for anouther go

did in deep and try to miss the veins to avoid permanent damage bang on the glass while holding your breath there is air on the other side




just in case you wanted to know im in a glass kids room at the vw dealership just 20 klicks outside omaha thats righ the big nebraska leaning on the breasts of iowa people walking by wondering who this guy with his calender lap top headset phone is doing next to mr potato just in case you care im camping out not quite held hostage but not exzactly free either 3 hours of sleep after a rocky ride then the knoking started couldnt be good and it wasnt but it ws more than luck that 3 exits from sure 3 wheel surfing lives the volkswagen elfs so now if i give them all my money they will let me go tomorrow mean time its desert conditions and a ravioli dinner with relatives just outside omaha ihear the humidy here is from sweating corn

illb e good please let me go



from nova scotia to colorado miles from the air then benith my wheeels not much sleep but so much to take in delayed flight and on time help a mixture of anxiety to total apreciation from rude threats to human love and unconditional passion i guess what im tring to say is this world is full up and its up to us to see what we need to fill us with love or hate for every chance lies a lesson every lesson anouther choice for now the humming birds are doing a good job keep ing me company as i recover with neem smoothies water rest sunshine river shade veiws of late day sun new songs .........

peace and quiet



very sleepy and its off again uncharted but then agian if i made it more simple where whould be the adventure not sure if i can make it not sure you should take it not responsible for my reaction just liveing should be enough satis faction dont think for a second take a minute to ponder that next thought then the summer wind will make more sence and growing up will surely convince you to amke a few changes just enought to blow yur hair back just long enought to feel cool about your self and the way you deal with every one else lite the flower settle into your pre motion and find the top of the mountain and maintain keep your distance keep the faith ill come running back when its too late to loney and to broken to peice together run strait into the welcoming booth and meet your needs next to the order you made so long ago live the dream and on top of the world your sure to find somthing you have missed embrace the scenery from far above as you realize the trip is over and you have been there for some time


blue and greeen is here well it has been here for a long time but now ived used it for a cd title and they are circulating some common circles with energy unditermined levels of expectations its been a long while and now its out of my gaurd living between the fingers and ears of the known and unknown i hope it works on you

then there is nashville near the woods but deffinately not in them talks and new friends comming up with plans and 5 years of future is all i ever wanted or all ive become or too good to be to be true ive allways said i beleive in the unknown can little worker ants evolve into queens can sad and lonlys turn into mighty mights see ya when you talk to me or hear ya when i see your real or realize that all we ever needed is all you have been right there at my lazor lips mr universe is reacting and doing his big job ms universe is smileing as it all passes by

pass the peace please



further and further now ill look down from way aboove time just misses till at last ill touch down watch anouther union and wish them well side tracked by a life that has and is rushing away with the tears of event some sad some unexplainable some just the wind as it tugs on my eye lids as i strian to see the path through uneven slits and blury waves soon ill be washing the wind sheild clean gathering my books and refilling my pens it off to the wild to observe anouther year fearing the down time that only alows the thoughts of where i fit in to be pondred and again un ansered i supose i could send it all to the creator put it in the hands of the maker and zombie through this passing until the unknown becomes the next step

but for now ill sail through and watch anouther sunset from abve then take to land on a night lit city to give my best to the new union of spirit wishing only fortune and compassion



there is a trail that leads me makes me speak and think only of one it feel like a place ive been to before like cloths ive had for years like the low hum that luls me to sleep so now i sail way past the needs of the day the pleasures i have invented the unreached expectations of the ones i say i love and allow the way the one and only way to bring me back to the one and only sad that i can feel sad glad that i can feel glad blue that i can feel blue true that i can feel you

peace ;'



just got off the river that spoils me so clear water running through me its hard for me to beleive i could spend a minute feeling alone against the hard moon beating on the crest there is a long distant awakeining witha power of its own burningits way east like a fire on the wind it will take strength to let it all unfold is this an echo im finnally hearing that was launched in the canyons strait from your soul some time ago or anouther dream ive created from the bits and peices i collect along the way time will tell me ive waited to long




dont ask meto fail dont question my path dont praise my ellusion of your dreams make what you can wiht all of your life and it helps to have me by yor side do the same for me and together as one we will live the lives of stars shinning above all that matters throwing our light until well after we burn out

mouthpeace k.k.


so many ofus waiting as the inevidability eats us like a cancer takes all we have just to make it through not even sure what all these plans have landed but some how in your arms in my dreams a cool breeze blows through the quiet night and the gentle stirr of hope arives on its crest now a deep breath and i remem ber what lives inside and maybe half way is the perfect place just the right amount learning to fully apreciate all that lies ahead thanks god we can touch and share this world humming with such vibrant partners please purswade me to stay make me feel wanted my gifts dont feel real without a heart to hold them longer than the road thats takes us to the end ill circle the earth then continue on but taking with me the peice of the stars ive collected from all of you along the way



round anouther corner bu ti still dont understand how she looked so pretty but couldnt stick to the plan all iwanted was a cake walk not to become a saint next thing i know im burried 6 ft deep in the dirt of hate there is nothing quaint about this vision i keep deep in my mind but what im selling i got a feeling you cant live without so stop all the questions your wearing inside out

live with it k


the band is singing slightly out of tune

anouther day is at the end of some bad news

you never became what you had in mind

but you still rooted for me from behind

it must have been hard for you to watch me

burried in a croud so far below

so now i get the call that kevins gone

the guy who wrote that candy pantys song

dont know if ill ever live long enough

to be at peace when out time is up

i think of love and oportunity to embrace

i think of laughs and stories of the chase

i thank you for sharing a peice of your heart

that might have been easier to keep under gaurd

save a place for me when your settled in

ill be the one at the back door sofly knokin

just like the side enterance of those smokey clubs

a long time ago when we were on our way up



so when the heart falls and the perfect match softens beneith with all the time it takes to fillthe need and receive it in return quiet unthinkable presence takes the place of restless searching

until then there is now a formal introduction to the ever talked about moment one to recon with or punch the clock for an unknown amount of duty that will result in an aged drum filled with regret and loss stop talking and look into your flow do you see anything worth shareing forever to wait is to waiste if the meantime is missing

peace is absurd



maybe its easier with just the lines leaving all the spacaes to be filled no connections necesary and opinions just that no distance to eliminate no touch to stimulate useless conections just a clear look strait as an arrow pointed twards an endless illusion painted by the creator not god the inventer of what is important from within learned from hits taken along the way

never thought understanding would have to be a pre requisite just floating above on a cloud reserved for dreamers no space no time no direction just the look that started the day your eyes opened and never stopped till the day you go

one more peace of the dream



shine your soul it aint quittin time any time soon just learned a great big lesson about using the cost to even out the decision i know you can afford to live inthose fat cat shoes cant wait to see them on the dance floor when your finna;;lly long gone ya getting some wear out them ive tuned out for a moment that turned into a while that makes me think slower than i used to seems like by the time im about to say somthing im beaten to it by my nervous guest and end up listening to whats next before we finished what was before ever happen to you im inclined to think it over between you and me and maybe come up with a prize some type of reward for all the reconing lulibies sure sound ncie across the skys the ones we like when today will turn tomorrow and i get to look into your eyes and you back into mine simple little love


I look at pictures

The ones that Ive saved

I still remember the ones ive thrown away

Im on my stairs

As the last of daylight waves

To yet another perfect Christmas day

I guess im lucky

Ive got all this time

To sit here and think

of all the time gone by

I donít feel sorry

This sadness will fade

And tomorrow will be the end

To yet another perfect christams day

Of cource I remember

All that im missing

Ond wonder if this heart

Will ever stop drifting

Maybe its destiny that keeps me a stray

On yet another perfect Christmas day

The phone is not ringing

And its just as well

Donít know what id say

No stories I have could tell

We all keep secrets

Mine are tucked away

With no one to share them

On yet another perfect Christmas day

Peace on earth



im glad you called

couldnt have been a better time

i was laying here thinking of two

and how nice it would be to talk to you

im on my way

allways somewhere else to go

its so nice to have you on the line

there is no where like this place on my mind


aloha how did i wind up here well al ittle help from my friends one being my sis falling asleed every night to the fresh sound of waves no smells no red tide havent seen any dead fish just lots and lots of water i think i am water ive heard were stars but im water rain mixed with sun nextt o water falls and rivers heading to the ocean pools hot tubs and bottled water for drinking my dilexia is really on a rool here street sighns look like a blur of moawa hoo tihiayho whahom maki mama so i pretty much just follow the tree line and try not to crash into anything thats not soft enough to curl up and sleep with my bro in law and i went to see derek trucks at a funky place with a great vibe man that guy can play i even danced well kind of a trace back and forth thing but once in awhile i think my hips grooved a little ive met so many nice people here so sweet about the little stuff we need a bit more of this everywhere well ive still got the night to owl through and most of you are tucked away dreaming of niceness so ill send all myself across these waters until we connect again

id love a peace



youd hide too with all that goese on tell me do you think traveling widens your veiw and gives you a better perspective on things maybe less jugemental or just plain tired without time to stop and share all you have consumed does it justbecome anouther yestarday that no one had time to hear about until the whole story is so long and complicated that you would have to write a book and make it a good one to tell your tale i guess thats why i write songs less words with lots of possable meanings and without a dought taken word for word and painting a very clear picture of what couldnt possable be

how about some clear explainations yestarday i woke up to birds singing a warm sun clear blue ski in a sleepy little town pulled on shorts and made a smoothy in between yard walks then off to the dentist for a bit of high speed on my way to the air port three seats to my self with a camping raft to rest on got a nice snack a sappy movie i cried a little then like magic im in the arms of colo cool eve with scattered snow and that see your breath kind of a night so how lucky can a guy in a day get

then there is love in love around love being loved lost lost in love long term love love ya love romantic love endless love brotherly love universal love

so if your real and your not afraid of the shadows behind the photo step into my arms and i promise the time that we share like the blink of an eye will live for an eternaty like seeds in our hearts that grow into souls forever reliving the oneness we shared

peace time



its becoming so predictable now the winds blowing abit of cold air and so the likely move is south but i have to say the winter snows in minturn gave me plenty to think about with old and new friends watchin the white snow fall against the black sky glowing orange from the unstopable street lights sharing old songs good food and a mixed bag of what we have become perhaps a bit mellower knowing that were no different than all the rest headingtwards the darkness minute by minute skin tires and wrinkles eyes creep deeper hands move slower with a little less acuacy smiles axcent the widening grooves across faltering faces but the heart remains not only amuned to its age but even strengthened by its wisdom and not as afraid to share the love thats been learned

peace it together

k k


if i were black laid across white would your opinion of me matter if i asked you not to think would it effect our friendship if i could challenge all your worlds would it make you r breakfast less satisfing if i called you my lover would you have a great day if asked you for no anser would you question my motive if i laid with you in grass high as the hills would it spell more than a rest if i gave you my word with the look of my eyes would you beleive me if i said i dint know would you think i was a lier if i said i needed you without speaking would ask me about my father if i held you the night would last until my breath was no longer needed and i could leave here happy

peace of



no way to sleep if i think too hard it will never come there is somthing about the night a place that takes over when the next day comes without then comes the crash under lit skys paying for your rest now it time to question just enough of a wak to stir the brainwashed truths taken the oportunity to drift back to a time when you wernt so afraid to speak out wheres your balls lately hiding in your house smothered in tv not even realizing youve halfed your potential is the point to make it through safely continue on slowly rot as you call names behind closed doors blaming unknown streams of video for all the lack there of take a chance dive off the edge chances are the 10 second fall will bring more to your life then the last twenty years and who knows maybe youll survive then the begining of somthing to really talk about and maybe not so scared to buble out of your skin to be more than a walk down a nrrow hall with one window seat tell them how you feel with powerful love





see ya in nashville walkin the mile or two between the south and unreachable mix it up with some late nights something lit over and over wondering if it where im sleeping or where ive been or going to be what about the hole crawling closer and closer come closer come closer come closer tooo close



i heard you could sing

and saw what you see

ive lived what you love

and been where youll be

i know yu can dance

and it makes me feel

nows our last chance

to make it all real

to be cont... happy birthday to you tooo



allright i admit im still thinking and i still drift off when the night settles in roomfor two i guess my as well in case more show up until then ill be stuck between the se tracks knowing the magic im looking for lives and itsnot to be found its to be recognized then celebrated using evry excuse all this time learnig how to tame leaves us with an unused regret now maybe to weak to exicute so we wait till what matters is a nice place to lay down with no pain maybe a phone call or maybe just a look at the passage i can feel all of life leaving like a wave of anxious sweat with just the thought of what was never explored tasted experienced

good luck



lake michigan roared in her glory on a perfect earthdance sat night a great night to marry your soul mate as well the giant fire kept the outside tunes comfy while the dresses made way for wet straw seats and sandy shoes i scored on the left overs from the fruit table smoothies for a couple of days with mellon and berries

id like to say i miss you but were not close enough nor will i look deep enough inside to consider letting a stranger take up residence guess that means alone time a big seat way up on a rock now from memphis you dont look so bad but dont think about dragging that lonley face any further north stay with the seeds who knows maybe youll make it after all and you can tell me what itall means

peace monger



the smae reason we watch trains go by

i miss the comfort of an endless posability

before the days shrunk all the old hang outs

when every event was worth a dicussion

and every friend had time tolisten

even careing about simple ideas

so as our worlds collect endless distances

our grasp weakens outside our new village

in careing for our own creation

we have forgotten who we really belong to

saddle up and ride beside me

every step will be the one

and with just a look i assure you

you will be what we have become



finally landed back in denver not by plane but grounding in a more ussual manner ya know clean house soft beds home made hamburgers by jim way above steamboat my head took a turn sort of familler but not as surprising i remembered being on the pacific crest trail in ca when i was a punk but the chill in the air and the smell of the pines were simular but the difference was the aloneness was more of a welcome this time instead of blind fear not to say one is better than the other

if we give up what we have because were scared we have missed out on a chance

if we dont give up what we have because were scared of leaving we have missed a life

be peace



if you could see the mountains like i can you would be here maybe you are or maybe you have a better veiw the storms throughnebraska are highly recomended 2 hours of lightning before the rain hit other than that i would say fly got a bracelet from nederland co i figure if your going to try magnets and copper my as well be from nederland or maybe mexico city going twards the peaks and looking off the edge filling yet anouther days head full of wonder back in a couple of weeks to wor real hard on some tracks that are well underway




more rain than i could imagine now the thunder roars to awaken a sleeping self drift back into a solid balance after the tears after the fire life will conclude and move ever so fast we will manage but to make the most of it takes courage



lucky i supose or more than that too bad i cant suround myself in the place that now im sure exzist only imagining as the moon glows above and sink with the sun below the horizon sink into a place in my head where time no longer chalenges just allows with just enough to make sence of being together



more than the naked truth wrapped into a neat to go pakage and of cource the kiss the one that changed my world well thinking back takes a life of its own and only i can be responsble for the actoins not taken who started all this any way la la la giving me reason to sing not if yoor complaining hot enought to spoil ya rotten more than enough for every evening sinking deeper into a bliss not amy bliss a real state of afairs hows the heat down in sarasota hows the cool air blowing from the swinging dors pouring into the miraging streets ill ride again high and might y leaving no shadow just a hint of paradice waiting on the horizon ican feel your eyes beaming twards my heart and more incouraging is the strenght in the years




simple take a look and trust your first feeling

we can make all the way without showing whats real

lonley only when i let the time mean somthing

broken just until i learn to walk on my own

sending more than i can fit into this old heart

heading twards the thoughts that keep you new

searching burning up the lineings that protect me


one light one night

honestly one life one side one too devide

looking west as the days end as i drive south

peacewould be



i need air the way the sky is blue today

i need water the way it feels in the rising sun

i need to hear whispers along side of me

i need fire burning deep in my heart

i need silence from all man made instraments

i need ground to walk me across the earth

i need you so i can recognize myself


its allways a reminder how fast timegoes when you realize the forth of july has passed the summers in the midwest are so waited for then slid through our lives like a night on the porch neath the midnight moon the harder i try to hold on the quicker it goes as my world shrinks i find myself hopeing the faces ive collected along the way are rightous more than just getting what we need from eachouther but giving a peice that will help complete our visit so what the hell 47 seven somthing and the van is pointed north 185 thousand and still carrying me along im looking foward to lloking out over the great gitcha goomi endless veiws in every direction ill be a guest with complimentrary passage to a higher demention but with or without me the sun will set where the sky meets the sea ill se you tonight through endless sky when the sounds all settle and the truck is packed when my thoughts are calm and my arms are tired ill be rooling home shattered and wired




bout to rool into rockford just up 90 a bit karen and bill have been running the web for 35 years ive worn the varnish nearly clean off the neck of my dobro left cars on the curb and girls with my heart now a days i have dreams of old friends with new girlfriends some in jail some getting out some would give up everything to be free of a recent diagnosis so its back to the same old im afraid pick up your heart and let it sail right or wrong happy or sad let the day take you to a place you can remember when the time comes that memory is all that serves you ill be in the sun today beeen there alot lately i still dig the endless blue against the valumpuous greeen starting over but with a few more cracks im afraid i still meet you your a virous living dorment inside until i get that what if twinge im thinkiing that what ifs only ocupie our precious time and keep us from living the present walk meet me on the horizon bet our eyes wouldnt lie cause they dont but we do dont we?



so you feel the tingle the numbnes the worn out dull pain from overuse all of that would be perfered to the nothing ness that comes next the hand missing from the wrist up all the time spent all the work now needs to be ajusted or abandoned the greatness of adventure will still be available but never as easy as the younger years so the moments of beauty shout now instead of whispering to you as the wind blows you past now we stop and sometimes wonder if it wouldnt do us better to stay rather than look beond after all we have been looking for a long time now and knowing the best of the best resides inside our own heads we choose the dream and how unravels with the day thanks you to the winding roads that took us through the hollers of tenn the mountains of georgia and rivers that run from place to place the water the people the changing winds unpredictable acounts of each day and night on the road


dont you want to see the system breaking down breaking down im the king of least resitance butin the end it dont feel right say what you mean when you mean it sitting on anouther long year or wait wait i think it will work once its worn down to the bone i can almost see to the bottom and where tthe regrets begin if you have a question if you have the time if you have compassion lets start walking the line dont want to see whats around the bend want to hear the roar of thunder as it crashes strait on its so tireing all this running for your life or from your life my friend my love my intimit trust save me from drifting throught the next pass without exploding with passion for just this just this

upper peace



thinking of you sleeping thinking of what you must be thinking do you wake in the night like i do do you feel the years slipping when a new day rushes to meet yor tired eyes did youstick to the plan even so it catches up doesnt it tonight the wind reminds me that its a pretty simple connection the same that touches me touches you and every friend and enemy from here to every there when did it become more than the whaling of electric guitars and turn into a way to walk through the day sleep with me on your mind and ill keep you tucked neath my heart

i see the black dress but conary is even better thanks for sharing a dream

sleep in peace



so here we are back in the korner its been quite a while since you have heard from me i mean not througha n abstract thought or for some of you the real truth but not likely that you would pick up on that ive been thinking thereare some real people in my life now making me so special that i have thanks them out loud on my korner first of all my new manager an friend tina lives in the middle and is slowly sorting out this mess i have so carefully piled in one huge to do list can tsay enough you will notice the gigs popping up in ga ten and nc thats right and we plan on going till we run out of gas then well walk well maybe hores back never to forget the faithful webmaster my bro kevin who hasnt tired yet working non stop thinking his little bro might be on to somthing well its been a long might be and im lucky to have him around back to the nonames of folks who acually get me and let me blow off steam on the phone and pur my hopes and dreams down their throat when the would sure ly rather be sleeping getting ready for their next days gig ill be leaving here soon but now a days leaving is just comming back again and as long as there is love on the way thats good enough for me it will have to be cause the gypsy code is one not to recon with i recon

dont leave me just yet i know ive given you reasons but didnt you say there was somthing maybe i imagined the ease or just needed it so bad made you the invention either way i feel a shadow now and then close enough to touch it makes me think and make s me smile maybe its just the night maybe just the moon maybe its just one more peice that i need to collect travel light on the rugged grounds these are the lessons that make us who we need to be embrace dont question the gifts that are far more important than the painful disapointments

yes i ws thinking of you




so i hear you are back at least made a go at comming round only saw what you could fit in or what didnt go against the grain its a little easier to visit when it will just be a short time wish i could have said more wish i knew you were leaving so soon the night is quieter than ussual giving me more time to think more than i need more time to plan on meetings that most like ly wont ever take place but ill see you in the shadows disapearing just as i turn ill feel the twitch when ihear a familyer phrase we shared and who could forget the laughter not me if only it keeps me smileling i cna live wiht that so your right this one is for you

for peace sake



hey you so you think you know me well thats areleif now i know who to ask and while im at it can you loan me anouther day make it sunny better yet make it rainning while the sun is out where its big and full of life not much talking though cause as you know i do plenty of that can you beleive i wrote that and really ment it and the part you play is so dam real i can almost taste your hair unfortunately knowing tooo much means knot likeing everything id write more but im real busy living in the past its seems smaller than what i remember maybe im just bigger now or just older or maybe im getting to know myself a little to well




get the car i need a long drive maybe out west somewhere where the air is clean we can drive all night while the little twons are sleeping late night fill ups slipping unnoticed pass the counters bursting with neon anyone on these roads would just as well assume no idenity so well be in safe company i want to dis a pear no more opinions no more assumptions just a hum huvering above spinning wheeels no more searching for the great wisdom or walking in amazement of creation just to be without needing to be somthing calling to the echo and hearing no responce



im still tring tolisten do you ever my as well move in i miss the time we spent the places my heart went but more than that the friend thatknew and i knew some too a mile or two or thousands without you is the same i wish there was a simple way somthing i could say if i could learn one thing before i go it would bring us close at least enough to know buy the way the moon is full it doesnt have to be so far not so far

about time for peece



some beautiful friends family gigging hikeing all in mo.thanks to dan the man for turning me on to the shaw perserve and enlightining me of the pure beauty of the prairies of mo. a day of stunning greens indigos pink and white ill head east then northback to recording in chi town oh ya my nephew who buy the way is alot taller than me know taught me how to burn cds so ican stay in touch with my studio mixes no matter where i am it was cool to learn but cooler to hang with him

peace up your life


the time it takes and what does it leave more space to become or to look back on whats done blue more than its worth ocupieng the places between steady and strong a goal careful not to harden careful not to show plans to keep track steady on without with out just a glimpse of real one touch one kiss a look deeper than any word to let go to honestly feel tot urn form a person to auniverse from a thought to a world without end a heart singing like a sacred harp far above so im asking who has the time and what he do with it all



blue skys in the midwest wow its beea a while waiting but thatsok i think the grey sunk in real dee p where needed im off to st louis this week end so the excitement builds i know ive been talkingabout recording for quite a while and i really have been working on it well now im back in 10 by 10 room talking to the recorder staying up eating weird stuff drinking green tea on ice with the magic white powder soooooooo im thinkin somthing should be surfacing before we all know it i miss things i feel things i am somthings but all together were somthing elese hope everone is getting all they can stand of all days see ya all soon

peaceful thoughts



so can we wwalk

can i tell you my dreams

can i ask you for truth

can we lie down and sleep

can i spend time here with you

can we stand beneith the stars

can we sit while suns set

can we talk into the night

can we be love without regret

can there allways be tomorrow

can we live for the day

can we count everymoment

as our live pass away

so can we walk



slowly the circle comes full and the rains make their way back time for the words ive choose or those that have chosen me to give them a life then set them free so i can walk agian in a brand new light im not loooking for a wrap a clean ending to a desperate search there is enough here and maybe shes right it took all these years but looking back doesnt have to be so ragged just a path to now and that is much as the moon glows or sun sugests hollowed out to make room for the growing spirit and the wisdom to take anouther look at judgements and quickly face mistakes ;

shoes are for industry

tonight peaceful seas



grand rapids was a nice welcome back to the midwest other than the two hours of crawling down 80/94 couldnt ask for more thanks ralston and pete and all the folks who came out hope to hang again soon ill be cruising to the upper p in aug maybe ill stop on my way i wonder why i keep looking up im feeling like i left my shoes somewhere

peace i need




so it was off to iowa and back just x the missisip thanks so much to my friend kerly for taking such great care of me and nick for having me out doing the woods gig the cabin brought me back to a calm place and reminded me how much were missing just to sit and feel the cool air against the warm sun and hang with a thought or two ill be off to grand rapids tomorrow then back home and settleing inn for some recording

finding the right time to share whats allways been there thats the trick the road is okay because of all of you

peace of mind



now the night comes and i sit with my thoughts rooling through the greys greens yellows and reds chatanooga tulips indianas mustard seed phones clamped and ears ringing somewhere in here lies the secret to my soul not ready yet to land so ill stay up here a while it makes more sence for now visiting the guids who led me who led you ill imagine your listening as the music comes time to take time which makes me wonder

dream in peace



perfect in a place that feels just like home half way or in the middle no time for plans no need for anouther chance if i could explain my wishes would vanish as if i stopped beleiving washing down stream never finding the end but never needing the anser just the satisifaction of the journey let them rool and fall till the calm comes bring home yourself and ill meet the suns rest and walk away slowly finding its warmth in the comfort of our steps never needing to plan on the end never needing to think of a plan washing between visiting within no talk no restless thought

peices and peaces



almost on myw ay so much to leave a peice here and there scattered like summer rain will this be the last time or the begining of so much more when all the years have been added is there enough left to sart again the deepest impressions live like scars on our hearts fading a bit with time but allways a vivid reminder of their importance we can run till the energy leaves forever and in the mean time ocupying every moment of peace but this of what i speak isnt new but new to deal with perhaps or maybe easier to let slip away back to its hidding place isnt it obvious enough of cource but it also demands bravery a new path with many uncertaintys with onl;\y one gaurentee and this i beleive cures al l its filled wiht life that is filled wiht change but the reward is worth every scrape wiht one touch there is no dought its not ment to be figured out its ment ot be felt to be shared to be embraced to bring fantasy endless smiles and anticipation not the end of the road but the anser to a secret 300 songs and a million lives the journey starts today ;'

peace and love



back to the corner

im back in chi town just for a couple of days it was so much fun doing a gig with jim on bass pete on drums and steve on weel you know what ever magic the moment provides we were at the top of the prudential building what a veiw today was perfect the sky went on and on good vibes form all directions

ive been writting alot and im hopeing that keeps going im sure ill ge t at least a couple out of all this flying out tomorrow back tto my second home down in fla till may then ill be back in the midwest

so many thanks as ussual to my girl misty becca dave and daisy nancy at the tarpon d at beatnics of cource regular joe and sunny the at home crew the webmaster richie john at the market sooooooooooooo many more you guys keep me fueled with all i need to keep my engine rooling lets not forget nat at the bean so on and so on

peace please



a star so bright can only shine so long i am so thankful that you came along you burned through life like a shot from a gun you finished long before i ever begun


is there anyone left outside this world ilive in my head the postage people barely recognized me my expression has changed from going to gotten smooth sailing on the cold dark pavement lights on so many calls to make but what were saying at least for me is i dont want to talk i just want to look into your eyes and refuel poor tired souls a breath or somthing sure would be nice wave to me from your passing window

looks like a couple of my tunes are going to be part of a vidio the webmaster has been working hard so look out for some new vibes on the site its cold and im glad i have heat even though its costing more than i got


one hour left its so warm out it feels like spring the lights look so nice i saw a strand that faded then blinked then flashed then went foward then backwards if i ever get lights i want some like that maybe i could put thm around the vw when im camping ive been in seclusion mostly ive got some expensive gear all cramed in a 10 by 10 room and im working on an acoustic album ive got about 15 days till i hit the road again so in the mean time ill be slouched over a gtr sitting on a foot stool i bought from a thrift shop in elgin back in the late 80s my breaks have included a couple of movies trips to super target and night time walks im so far from a regular dog id probable like one for a while ive got a new rain coat from marmot the one i had leaked for 8 years and they finally made good and sent me a new one that rocks i cant wait to walk in the rain maybe down at myakka or along the golf sing when you can whistle if you have to hum in someones ear or just listen to the beat seee ya all around the next bend bring me some inspiring presence mine to you and allways so close to the next brave step

peace meal



wrapping up anouther mnth in fla this is becoming a habbitt im glad to sy the red tide has been preetty mellow even though its not going away and ive learned about some huge cover ups as far as what might be feeding the organizisim did you know ita hundred square miles a huge morge out in the gulf and witht he right winds and current the beaches get swamped with dead things including lots of fish not to mentoing the choking and smells as allways ive met fantastic folks and got great inspirations that will live with me for allways im heading to the frozen north for a mnth going to record all of dec and maybe head to the upper p for a little cross country sking just to see what all the snow and cold feels like until i head back to fla to hybenate for the rest of the winter so many to thank as allways you know who you are soooooooooo witout your names just know how much it means to me to be treated so kind thanks for all the letters as well they keep me going when the chips are down so do what you do for the holidays and spread some compasion whenever you get the chance every day every minute we get a chance to make things real real for you real for me keep the smiles comming wereall in this together

peace in time and mind



hanging with dwight looking out this coffee shop window in down town denver tommorrow ill be doing a house concert tehn off to salida to check out the snow in the mnts ive got my traditional no oxegen head ache so im drinking alot of water but it iswnt working yet

peace of land



Hey everyone- I know this is kind of weird for Kraig's Korner, but he asked me to get the word out. I work as Kraig's publicist, and we have a blues cruise coming up with tickets still available. It's for the Suncoast Blues Society on November 4th from 8:00 to 11:00p.m. The boat leaves out of Dolphin's Landing in St. Petersburg, FL, and tickets are $25. He and Steve Arvey will be playing, so it will be an awesome show. It's a "reservations only" deal, so if you're interested call 813-855-6310 for tickets, and feel free to email me for any details or check out Peace to all, and if you're in Florida-it's time for a cruise, Becca


justice we will find a way its hard to beleive i see fla ouside this beetles window not to mention that and q is at the wheel im in the passenger seat writting on a lap top a few years back ilene said she saw me on a bech with my lap topa nd moble fone getting gigs of cource it was a follow up to all my comlaining about the modernazation or do you say desina gration of the human race well the race certainly is on and i plan on being the first in the gulf tomorrow i hear the water is a balmy 89 degrees ill be a nice salty warm peice of shark bait cant wait to see you and all it brings around every corner is the posability of running int o you


to win is to wake every day looking into the interest that it holds face the challenges knowing youll learn from them celebrate every chance you get dont be shy from the wounderous souls touch and be touched make it clear to yourself and everyone you meet we are the lucky ones if we see we are

peace pipe



anouthe r year or just one moment still there is room for a smile seems like the summer always winds up hear and the vibration is a bit different a small hint of a huge change a little earlier a litle more urgent the last push for pollination for assurance of the future quiet ly thinking above all the rest does the road really have meaning or have i tricked my self into thinking so rightous the wind the feeling attached to love the guilt the right direction all a part of me that i invented for myself every smile every look of intrest all the credit all the punishment all a dream of mine i think the ansers must be short no too much to think about just an easy rise from the page a quick nod

feel the peace



im back from michigan

who would know the shape im in

like leaving on old true friend

where the beginning never ends

i left the moonbehind

stars above the northern wind

humbulingly proposing for superiors reflection

im ready to start again

down a road i have never been

wher black and blue and green all blend


saw the moon rise over lake superior last night

saw the sun rise over lake superior this morning


hows this for a cool day tony took us up in his blue beauty too see the upper p from above what a gift he even let me drive of cource im an excellant driver we spent the rest of the day in the woods and made a fantastic spinach noodle cheese taco thang

a couple of days ago i spent the day with some folks who were up here doing a bike race mike was the lead singer of tools dad what a great guy with soooo many interesting stories on and on

peace is here



yup you betcha way up here where all roads stop at lake superior the most beautiful swiming pool ive been in ever crystal clear water and on a good day hot rock to dry out on looking out ot an endless horizon seated on a ledge of a small cave being massaged by getchagumee

ive been a bit of a hermit with permission to live at mkeever cabin plenty of fire wood cool breezes clear water blue skys and quiet time to think thanks to nanci for the insite and making this happen for me forever in my soul will be these visions of beauty

ill be on my way down to wildmans whitwater ranch soon for anouther hang in the woods by the peshtigo river north of green bay


thanks to larry and jean for the entire trip to my first visit to southern mo. the shows went great and we even ate thai im taking a break from the world as the uper p will be my home for the next two weeks hanging in the woods with just a couple of shows and those are at campsites hello river hello sky they say they saw the northern lights last night so ill be looking tonight

peaceful skys to all



I am hanging here with Karalee and Matthew down in the Quad citys. It is hot as monkey's jewls in Sahara desert after trampoline workout. which by the way is the only known way to stimulate every cell in the body.We hung out at Frank the Gators cabin under a just shy of a full moon. Quiet, quiet, is time to load in Palmer Chiropractic House of Sin. I am all jaked up on 2oz of superfood/super tonic/trought and tonsil, a ball of apples and jogurt topped with some kind of wheet cake soaked in rice milk.

it is time for some coffee

peace alacromptin



i know i havent been out here too often lately and i dont blame you if your not reading this thinking i have completely abandoned my mindless out loud thinking but the fact is i havent been spending much time on the internet or the phone for that matter life has it ways of sweeping us along it hasnt changed all the fantastic meetings or unexplainable gifts just a little overwhelming this past week end we performed at a wed on sat and a memorial on sun a reminder to me that life is now and this minute is it im spending alot of time recording with the smae old haunts that come along with that job but im thinking im going to wind up with a nice album someday and ill be proud to share it im off to iowa this week then it will be time to hang up north for a couple of weeks in the camper just taking it inn

peace and quiet



a new world and im so lucky to have gotten a look down below the waters in the keys on gregs snorkeling ship staring in the eyes of so many colorful creatures so quiet so salty floating in the big waters every day seems to question the last sunday its back to my home town of arlington heights ill be in streamwood wood for the 4th its ussually like viet nam for about 48 hrs

peace and to hell with all this macho talk fear less way less and live


its hot and im thinking im back in control over the vast consumption of at least one of my favorite addictions ok ok maybe two the omega 5 has two sour feet now but thanks to the re kinship of andqs friendship the front feet are working fine had a scare with the white horse a guy in elgin wanted to charge me 3500 for a new trans give or take a couple of million and it was rediognosed as being low on fluid so were up and running and im spending all that cash on other suff i could live eithout like a trip to disney with misty then to the keys id write you all into my songs if i had the strenght but im hopeing you know that im thinking of you all keep singing when you get the chance and remind me of what ever it is were all suposed to be doing loving the days as they cruise beneith




so youve been thinking too much lately maybe about iowa or moving to new yourk ground zero has a funny ring to it and you dont trust you r own intuition maybe some more lotion on your back or just a little to keep your face from racing so fast in the mirror all the calls in the world dont seem to keep you company and the internet hasnt quite lived up to the relationship standards you thought you had one thing is always handy and chewing at your sleve and that is a hard ays work if you dont your a bum and if you do your missing the point seein g alot of pissed off people in many walks tired of th e= traffic tired of the lame excuses for the filth were passing along form one genaration to the next i gues im alittle happy so many people are sad at least i see some kind of a pulse we need to hang from whatever tree is left and plant seeds in our childrens honer some how connect with whatever we do speak out clean up quit excepting and start standing out its no joke and its deffinatly on us the closet i sgetting dark and there isnt much to breath but its quiet and it has a door on it



i know i haven t been around but ive been thinking

im at one of my favorite spots in south florida myakka river park its pouring rain with alot of lightning and i can here the frogs in the lake when it periodily lets up gigs and people never stop amazing me i need some sleep lets let all our dreams mix together tonight but only posative trips good night

peace is every thought kk


so things spill out so perfecly got great news from st louis saw a huge gator in leigh high acres in my personal nature habitat spent time with my nephew got shiped off to kayo costa in home at cindys in time for a subway superbowl and vicoden took a swim in 86 degrees in legh high then headed off to myakka ran into some camping buddies out of the blue got sime nice sites comped from the ranger hung at jrs who showed up just as i arrived and fed me a fish sandwich hung some flyers took back to myakka and on the road ran into dimitri the photographer for maktub continued on to the park had a coke with penny and hubby took some photos on the way to the back lake watched night come as i worked with my gtr met bill who happens to know everything about the sky and showed me the wonders through his humonguous telescope talked with becca who is going to help out with the biz headed down to vennice and did an outdoor show for about 500 folks on a perfect night on a perfect night on a perfect night opn a perfect night ............. not to menton ev ery thing in between the lines including smileing faces and so much to learn more life in two days than i could possably say

peace kraig


ride em hard way into the wind across the gldes and back again miami was cool im talking the luna cafe thanks to jason for giving me the rehab treatment after jenson beach and lots of mile cooks a mean chicken watching it all grow too fast and talking too much with cheap ideas on the evil of it all babalonian tecneichs its getting a bit hard to connect my life now adays at least in its old fashion the string has gotten too long to keep track off so i just keep winding spent some time with a fellow songwritter ted watts tonight good vibes throwing lines to see what sticks it seems like quite a while ago as i sat next to steve on our way down to georgia to gig at the winchester and check in with doc at the clinic the good news is my neck is as strait as can be i bought on e of those shorty wetsuits and i look like spandex man in it but i think it will help stay warm in the water im no thinking its shark proof though

see ya in the sun

peace please


on the road were due on the road at 12 noon but the van is still in the shop the plug wires were damaged yestarday during the tune up and were having a hard time locating a new set one of the set backs of having a unique ride so im waiting for the phone to ring with some good news so we can start the gypsy convoy south leaving the greay skys for a while and welcoming new adventures and sharing dreams of wonderful poeple along the way

heres to watching the wheels

also thanks so much to nancy c for helping out so much with the gigs in the upper p and sharing the special trip to the woods forever in my mind is dans way

peace kraig


hello winter snow is falling hard and i imagine ill see more of it at the top of old michigan ill leave from the up and make my way to miami via atlanta,talahassee,and orlanddo steve arvey will be joining me for the first couple of gigs so ill have an interesting co piolet i hope he brings the drum solo on his leplin cd im looking foward to hanging wiht all my florida friends and meetin some new ones i have talked with bo at sonic sounds and were going to try to record some tunes as well

cant wait to see you again

miss you like the warm south wind

or the rain that wont stop pounding


turn in your tickets surrender to the new year winter sultice has come once again to remind us of who we are and where we begun tonight so many are filled with love and others a loss of too much expected the moon will brun full to what many of us call christmas an un deniable light shinning down on all of our beleifs greatfully sharing its mistyke while some run the rivers others shoe through the snow some behind moving glass others walking in tall grass some walking the concrete others flying through time some on the backs of animals others pushing carts some nearing the end while others wail there firstt screams some with family others standing alone some caught in their lovers eyes others falling from lovers sides

for just one moment we rest

thanks everyone for everything



down with the south here i click or two from delparado in cape coral eddy just made me a home made salad a not on the menue entray i neede some greens its too late for coffee but im haveing an ice molka anyway maybe thats why im writting its just the coffee talking read misty to sleep with a book a friend sent me and made sure i read its called ishmeall she right of cource i do need to read it the weather has broke a bit here meaning its sunny clear and cool if you a native sunny clear and perfect if your me i sat yestarday on a pourch out on sanibell island with a chourus it doesnt get any better than this i liked the feel so well see where it winds up but the importants liies in the facts whethter or not it acually becomes a song it allready was one i know i ve talked a bit about rcording and i am when im at home i took a new version of michaels song to dr caws studio and asked him to mix it my goal is to record an all acoustic record and get as true as i can sound form my guitars and vocals not much more than guitar slide and vox im planning on bringing my portable studio on my southern tour this year so i can continue recording while i tour i miss alot of you and im learning from the new as allways thoughts of meetings embraces conversations hellos and goodbyes are allways just behind a blinking eye

i wrote my first short story i started it last jan and finished it in june 04 its a fictional journey loosely based on expierences in old florida. its about love life and our surroundings if you get a chance give it a read we posted it on "our earth" feel free to post comments on the guest book its cool if you think it sucks you can be honest i wont take it personally and please dont you either

love you to peaces k


The universe has been screaming at me to listen. Guess ive been a bit lax worrying too much about insurance retirement how long im going to live. Well guess what im not really living if im thinking too hard about it. Headed off to fla. With a cold I grabbed on the way to a show in Rockford il after too much smoke in Atlanta. The cold hung with me for the whole tour and turned into an ear infection just before I had to fly back to Chicago lucky for me dr. bert from woodson brothers got me a few scrips and cleared up my head just in the nick of time. It didnít hurt that a baggage cart hit the wing of my plane and delayed us for another few hours I spent my time doing office work and teaching a fellow traveler some guitar riffs The tour of fla was sweet did a lot of swimming in the golf and the gigs went great fom fogartyville to mainstreet to the Buckingham bar. It was my first time on the cape at a place called beatniks. Im sure ill be back there a bunch what a great group of folks Ive started back to recording some acoustic tunes and it feels good almost for got to thank my friendly cop in cape coral officer jaffarian for getting my speeding ticket overturned I love florida but its growing like china its getting hard to find peace or just a place to sit down be nice to eachother and to our home we donít have that much room so lets make the best of what we have Keep the pece in your heart


just got out of the gulf at one of my favorite spots to swim bowmans beach on sanibel island just like my heart a only not as cold floating amoungst endless debree tring to find a place to sit and realize the beauty of it all special thanks to regular joe for the nice place to stay down here and the bufalow man for hooking me up where ever i go with gtr center for gear would it be wrong for me to write a song for tony

anyone with gig ideas for the south let me know ill be down in fla for most of the winter

congrates to all of you bush fans lets all rember to love eachother regaudless of politics and continue to reach out your hand to anyone stuck

think peace kraig


the korner fall is comming and the fires are burning in the back yards in the midwest camp fires heat fires but no more fire flys looks like a couple more trips up north for me before i head to the south land should be quite brisk in the upper p in jan got some new bags for the back of the vw so sleeping should be a celebrated as ever beleive it or not i have been working hard on some all acoustic stuff here at home i hope to get a bunch done befor the new year including lots of my old faves that i want to document in solo style but the age of telling the truth has worn holes in the layers of lies so i will bid all f you the best of luck and wishes from the well dig deep and tell yourself somthing that you beleive in really beleive in

that smile really fits you



Ok so heres the deal intelluride I took 2nd place but I must say the universe was once again looking out for me if had taken first I would not have been able to make the gig in salida and I really needed to be there. Thanks to all the folks who showed up for the show and the unbelievable hospitality and friendship of clark at bongo billys

So lets back up im not sure where it all began or where I started to loose track but a bunch has happened ill try to hit on some of the high lights last time I was home no that wasnít home that was theupper p and then on my way back I hung out at wildmans ranch just north of green bay on the Peshtigo river you all need to hang here for a few days I passed through chitowmn on my way to kalamazoo and grand rapids mi I think iwrote a bit about this visit perfect weather and some great gigs I cmae home to make sure I had one for a couple of days then sailed off to Colorado I met my sis at the airport and we traveled to gether she up graded us to first class so I got to have a salad and hot nuts at 30;000 first stop was Montrose I stayed with my old friend dave Andersen and got to meet his little jack and sweet woman then off to telluride aspens at their peak I met with cheryll and she took great care of me and listened to much bitching from me after taking second in the contest as you can probably feel I dint agree with the judge3s so off to salida hung with doc on his radio show he later gave me three home made slides complete with the mojo I had a ruben at the salida cafť that was most deffinately the best ive ever had they use cole slaw insead of sour crout packed the house and hung out with clark covering most every important issue that concerns the world now it was off to the cottonwood hot springs for a bath and massage from my friend donna it was raining and the springs were very hot finishing the day with a gourgeous ride to golden co where I met with a buddy Dwight who handed me his new cd ove a thai dinner sister Kristi has since taken over the care taking of me and ill be off to winer park tomorrow to play for some little critters

So the travels continue and the days burn by im keeping the adat running at home and I hopeing to comple an all acoustic cd sometime in the future along with a new blues cd

Peace and lots of love kraig


im up in the north woods got to hang with my nephews twins havent seen them for a year they are cute i fed them apples and organic cantalope now they like me again i spent the day at a lake off hwy m outside woodruff wi had the whole lake to myselg and one loon im heading to the upper pen tomorrow and them back to washington island a year later ill blay th song o wrote while a sat on schoolhouse beach that was a nice grilled cheese be;eive it or not arvey and i stared work on anouther blues record we have alot of work to do but we acually got together and did some let the news run out we all need to hear it dont be shy anymore join the band sing along

could i have a peace please kpk


i talked to steve arvey today hes comming over tomorrow and we will begin discussing and playing around with some tunes for our seconf album together its way overdue and were both excited about putting out anouther blues record this years blues fest was so fun and there were no hassles ecept for the lady who talked to matt while we wereon the best buy stage i wonder if ill be able to talk steve into a pre practise crab dinner we need to celbrate as well as work hard kind of a cold summer here in the midwest but it has been a nice break for me after being in the sin all winter i got a call from a friend i have to talk to


chicago blues fest was so nice two great days of sunny weather and elegant treatment it feel s good to be a part of the chicago music scene seems like ive been hanging around here for a long time thanks so much to misty mattand denice what an ausome team to have on board sharing time with arvey was a kick soooooooooooo many nice folks andshakes and hugs we even had red from that seventys show come up and say hi we will look foward to playing all those crazy hollywood partys ya with my luck they will fly me out but ill get punked instead but dont you have to be famous to be punked i finished my short story the one i started in jan about my fla travels it needs some editing and who knows what else then ill post it for kicks we lost a friend recently housecat i hung with him for a while in sarasota while he battled cancer he was one of the first to let me read my book in its unfinished entirety so this one is for the cat he said he would leave a door open for me a crack i hope he doesnt forget

peas and carrots



so there i was at a bed and breakfast on a golf cource in mt morris il thanks to sherri and larry for putting together this intimate experience including a gtr cake just like the ones elvis would get so this is my second no my third house gig not counting back yard partys one of wich i can remember from way back when i was over intoxicated at a friends back yard wearing all white covered in mud and grass stains from doing knee slams .... i was honered to be the evenings event for such gracious and well behaved listeners life is truely a long song and im so lucky to be singing

on that knote


couldnt have been more than a mnth ago and before that we wouldnt have even known walks might have been others or none but all the gold i got to spend a silowet seduced imajianation and the water spoke only to me lost in thought i heard some of the talk we could have drove right by or stopped and said hi never knowing the diference or the taste of a kiss now ill nevr forget that in 10 years before that if we hadnt met we would have never known and so much would have been left unsaid i guess thanking your lucky stars isnt so far off ill always remember the flag the night sky made with the smiling moon next to venus

misty morning the rains have finnally come

peacefull sleeps



all this wind reminds me of you

the night does too

youd like the way this all feels

lylaks and chamomile


justa quick check inn to say how much i enjoyed my gig in canton georgia thanks to boby joe and my most warm welcome back to the midwest playing my favorite neighborhood prairie crossing good to hang with liz and dan a gain its a bit chilly but the cold winds remind me of my roots here in the midwest

peace to you my friends



hello everyone im back in the midwest it feels nice to be home im doing a very intimate house party in the oregon il area there are still a few tickets left so if your up for an eve in the country check it out

The Kable House, Mt. Morris, IL. to contact for tickets. Sheri 815-961-8901. sat may 1

se ya all soon


its hard to beleive but illbeleaving so soon the van has become home and the folks along the way family 3mnths from a door that attaches to a house that i can close ill miss the gulf the waters have been so kind more room inmy heat has been made for the generosity that so many have shared with me it would take forever to thank everyone but somenames come to mind misty barbra and the gang in high low jr allen and susan alexa richie and stacey bo kevin in tampa bert at woodsons my visits with housecat tj erik all my friends from hidden acres larry tanya molly mari joe cheryll from anna maria rudy kelly punta gorda all the folks at hte liquid in ft myers becca up near tampa gloria from tampa all the showers cubs to pull up against meals and company

more than words

peace thanks to you



i woke up to a map of the stars outside my back window of the van where im at i dont need to close the shades i might miss somthing if i do like a seetting moon or falling star a bit later i woke up to a chorus of birds doing the spring morning concert for me its very fitting that im back in the flood plains before i leave for the north im very lucky to be able to say good bye to this wonderful palce larry and tanya have been most gracious a couple of days of writting and melting with the surroundings then i recon im back on 75 headin north to a house with a door and a big bed



anouther perfect day the sky is screaming blue and there is a cool wind blowing off the gulf this morn im spoiled by all of this and very greatful



im like elvis in 64 somtimes if you me you have to wake yourself up out of the dream your living just to realize its real spent st patricks at woodsons in bradenton run bythe nicest folks around surprised by dear friends from chicago and hanging with my new friends from down here spent all day on the beach where the water is every shade of green on the chart left the island to visit mary who sliped me a biz card at the old packing house for a free massage major treatment wiped down doused in lemongrass and coconut oil then a rain shower then a 2 hr massage what great hands thank you thank you

peace kpk


woodsons brothers in bradenton was great thanks so much for putting me up for a couple of days on long boat key did alot of biking and beaching im starting to think about heading back to the midwest leaving is always so hard and i think even a bit worse this time that last drive up 75 knowing i wont return for a while as the string of gigs leads me to the next chapter


first jrs in sarasota full house i hng in the campwe as it rained most of the day but it felt delightful friday im thinking it was caloosahatche i know it was cold but such great company made up for it bob and donna from chicago surprised me and showed up while i was seting up misty and family hung in the fron beneith blankets the white one was mine and im happy no mud got on it it was an early ride to tampa on a couple of hours of sleep and a mind fulll street performed the day away and met tom from rode island and hired him on to help me pack up and do it all again in bradenton at the fogartyville cafe standing room only of the best crouds around met moli from the boonies and hung with her through the next day where we went to church in sarasota met a group of women packed with knolage of the enviroment book writting and spiritual awakening then it ws back to bradenton to do a benifit for our comrade housecat hes going down and still carrying his sence of humor back to ft myers to regroup clean the traler ect... i have been working hard on a new song it a waltz and i bought a camera today so maybe i can document some of these journeys a bit im sure ive left some out in fact i know i have it snot all fit for the corner but as allways to all me helpers out here i owe you all my heart

happy spring

peace kpk


what a show what a show down town ft myers with my friends at the liquid cafe sunday afternoon with a warm south wind blowing through the club i got a bit teary eyed a couple of times but i dont think anyone noticed i could just feel the thick vibe scott recorded the show and it should be available as a freebie soon if i can get a hold of andq the roadie the moon has been looking like a universal flag the past couple of nights with a blackish blue background and smiling cresent next to venus very much in the mix ive got quite a few shows this comming week and then a medioker march so i ll have time to do some more exploring and finish my short story for a short thing it takes a long time it s been alot of fun re hooking with some old friends on the road kevin and tammy in tampa venus in st pete rudy and kelly in punta gorda of cource bo from the cape alexa ft myers richie and stacey from ho dunk larry tanya joe molly mari form hicksville and every one else as alllways thanks for you open arms and keeping me dusted off i was introdusced to a cat named kevin who redesighned my gig chair its way cool and gives me alot more options so im hoping my back will heal up that is soooooooo sweet got a new photo my friend deb from sarasota did a shoot wiht me and i think were going to up date the web a bit sooon the dvd will be in my hands for distrabution march 4

happy travels to all and ill see you down the road

peaceful self



im at the vw dealer in ft myersw fl it set up pretty sweet here that have krispy cremes downstairs clean bathrooms next to a real nice showroom at the top of a half spiral stair case they have internet acess and small desks in cubicals i hope they are treatin my ride well in the attached bld its kind of like the trip from the wizad of ozz when they first arive and everyone gets what they neeed to feel brand new my gtrs my gear myvan and a little part of me need a bit of dusting off

gigging last night at myakka was so sweet thanks to lisa and the crew for setting up ssuch a magical venue im so glad i was able to spill out in that crib

i forgot my shrimp and beans after loading out of jrs packing house it was a long day getting there with my van stuck in park until i figured out a way to trick it into releasing then duck taping my shifter but the gig went well in ho dunk fashion

i was a bit surprised when i noticed three matching t shirts sitting at the front table they all had a this guy resembling me in the woods

i just got a call from downstairs and the white horse is ready for mouting see you in miami

pease kraig


those damm dogs all they do is bark bark bark early in the morn and in the dark dark dark its all i can do to get some sleep doesnt even help countin sheep sheep sheep maybe tomorro w i will get me a gun then well se whos having fun fun fun ill help you buirry them a good six feet if thats what it takes to get some peeace they wont be diggin for any more bones once i ve found them a new home home home


is anyone still out there i know i am waaaaaaaay out there im writing from a piece of land on a flood plane in c desoto county florida no lights no cars no planes some fantastic new friends adopted me and have allowed me to hang on their land in june i would have been under 8 ft of water right where im parked miami wa deffinately miami last week end it took two hours to find a light bulb for my trailer tail light and i still had to break open the old one and jimmy rig it to get back over the swamp ive been learning alot about sludge and living around a flood plane larry and tanya have been great tanya and i went out kiaking on the peace river and came face to face with the biggest gator ive ever seen what a graceful dude it was a bit creepy when he decided to head into the water we were paddling across ill be heading back to miami friday for a couple of gigs and to give a three hour lesson to an orthopedic surgen who plays gtr to help kick his addiction to wind surfing he had to go cold turkey im going to work on an old yorma song tonight gennisus ive started writting my first short story im not sur what the universe has in mind but im thinking i just need to perserve some of the marvels im witnessing there isnt much of this life left i can only hope we can wake the sleeping giant deep within us

peaceful night sounds to all



i headed down to sunny flA compliments of my friend everitt from spirit air i got down in time to play a shoe at monsons in bradenton i was a show for a friend of mine and steve arveys so it was nice to join the celebration of brother house cats life hes struggling with his health and making way for the next step he told me he would keep a door open for me and i do apreciate that cause i may need a little help getting inn im taking a bit of a chill break then its back to chi town on xmas to do a few shows and pack for the winter migration

enjoy the spirit of life and be kind to eachother out there in the rush

peace on earth

thank you mask man



so christmas is right around the corner funny thing though i ve allready gotten all my gifts ive been getting them every day they have been piling up and i feel like i cant kkep up with who they are comming from and who to thank evey morning i get up and look out my window and freak that i have a big warm bed and a veiw of my back yard somtimes i get a bright sun and other days refreshing rain some days i just get an excuse to stay in bed and rest my bones but the gifts dont just come to my house every where i go they follow me i sometimes wonder how it is i deserve all this special treatment all the nice food and treats i get to eat the swims in the big oceans and gulfs im even invited into strangers houses and treated like family i have a feeling their is more to this guy santa than were on to it seems to me like there are millions of santas ive been meeting them everywhere i go some of them im realted to and otheres i only visit with for a short while but there all filled with love and they love to share it so i guess it really doesnt matter where i am on dec 25 i do know that my heart will be with all of you i have met along the way and i can only hope you realize how much your gifts have ment to me

peace to you from me everywhere



12 of us armed with vaRIOUS stringed instraments open tuned met up at mitches old barn in crystal lake on sunday to hang out and learn about slide gtr. i was honered to have such an eager bunch of class mates. i even learned a new chord for little martha from matt the next generation anouther slice to reminise excuse us while we slide on down the road

peace k


winter sky

crystal clear

spilling stars just out of reach

december winds

rosey cheeks

kissing lovers sound to sleep


ive had a last minute cancelation for the slide guitar workshop sunday dec 7 if anyone is interested please email me



when i was at in salida very road beat from staying up way to late the night before iwas sound checking on stage at bongo billy's and in walks syd and billy from just over the river out side of st lous a 16 hour dr to see ashow i have to say i was a bit surprised

im in the quad cities now hanging with lu anne my part time manager were doing a couple of gig s here then its a couple more near home then i get to sleep in my own bed for a while the workshop in dec is full we should have a great time and i have some studio time booked in dec for 5 new tunes

the live show from the black rose sounds great and we are going to have it avail very soon im tring to talk andq my roadie int being king burner

life is living through me in many ways thanks as allways for all the love along the way awwwwwwww isnt that sweet peaceful times to alll



here i am in golden co ive got a couple of gigs in the mountains today then its off to chi town to repack for the quad cities the black rose society came through what a great show in a very dark village thanks to tom for taking care of me and letting me sleep with cody we watched the new alman bros dvd until 4 in the morn lets not forget the panda paws we had for dinner the night before salida was wonderful clark and company took great care of me and the brick room rocked on my way back to denver i stopped at the cottonwood hot springs for a bath and massage thank you donna did i mention that i met my sis at the air port in denver and was wisked away by my bro in law jim thanks to both of you and much love thanks for the use of the red roadster we have bonded im looking foward to some down time so i can write and record

peace be with yo


oh ya tommy recorded the black rose show and said it turned out great were going to offer it for cast and encourage burning and passing of the show we were also vidioed at charlottes web in rockford a couple of weeks agoa nd were going to offer that as well we will try to keep it cheap as poaasbile


where is it all going the convergance the elclipsing moon the lamp lit beaches the fosfates in the gulf the trees from the golf cource in my back yard the bull shit were being constantly fed by media and leaders the bullets the rockets the spirals to the ground the endless fences the truth the knolege the masters the matters of the heart our youth the truth

thnaks to wmnf radio for the heads up to so many and making it easier to tour fla also the weeekly planet and the sarasota herald tribune all the folks at fogartyville the liquid cafe packing house skippers amy kevin jane doe randy bill f jr bev cheryl and if i forgot you your surely in my heart oh ya the home crew andq luanne spirit air and i swear even the folks at enterprise rock what a great trip i spent alot of time in the golf swimming and its time way time to start telling the truth and learning the truth

the midwest workshop is full i will be doing anouther one in sw fla in march watch for details

im home for a day thenoff to colo see ya there

demand peace


kraftbrau in kalamazoo man i havent beenaround there since i was sixteen i drove up to grand rapids to see my first love patty dimuzio maybe not my first but very special never the less i was more of a friend to her which is norm for 16 but iwas all set to marry anyways i dint see her this trip but i really dug the club steve is a gem and i cant wait to go back the coffeee joint across the street has a nice vibe as well seemed like a good place to find company and thanks to james and co for the deal on the coffee strainer and the molka tht got me back to chi town earlier that day i arrived at eastwood school an hour late cause i wasnt hip to the time change we delt and the kids were kids great congrates to cindy and larry what a nice wedding so glad to have been a part of it dug in at lillys lounge and turned into lizards for a night a real nice room with nice sound halloween didnt fail us thanks to karen and bill running this for over 30 years what a great croud and we have the whole thing on dvd you can order a disk if you want well get the info out soon my yearly visit to the front pourch in indiana was perfect ecepting the front weels of my cart busted loose at a weld spot some nice fans helped me load out and now ive got to see if ian can weld it back im off to fla for a week then to colo then the quad cities all systems go

peace trane of thought



i forget to mention a place that i really want folks to know about dave the owner of a place called gators pub north saw us play at strawberry fest and gave us a date at his place its right on rand road 1/4 mile north of dundee in palatine i love the place nice food good vibe cool for the family the sound is grea t and dave is a great guy were hopeing to get anouther gig going here before i split for the south so check it out if your in the area drop by have some wings and tell them we say hi




im not sure if anyone cares or if im just in a looking back mood but i feel like ive left some events for the past but not neccasaraly ecause they wernt important maybe i just havent been walking the web but not because i have given it any rightous thought or anything i did take some personal trips and didnt feel like i need to bore you all with my mornig cup of coffe or evening shadows after sunsets but just in case ive forgotten to journel some worthy happinings im going to go back a bit at the end of aug i came back from a trip and we did a gig at charlie foxes and it was nice to see our old fans donna and bob down by the fox then lovely gem pitched in and filled a dat for us in lovely joliet at just one more i got to play real loud then it was off to maine to meet new folks learn to surf and take in i came home to head off to perform once again thanks to sara at moraine tech in fon du lak it was a crystal day i always do some thinking on that trip fall thinking getting older thinking jim and i were joined by an old friend dave glynn down in sandwich il for a cool little gig in the basement of a mini mall then it was off to the quad cities where luanne worked her magic and we pulled off 4 gigs in two days next came the cold weekend a little bit of midwestern whats to come we did emmitts in dundee set up in the pouring rain but it cleared up for the set we saw winter coats hats and gloves that night it was nice to work for all the folks at emmetts and big hugs for the hard core fans that hung doen to morris for anouther cold night what a great sound system and jeanette did her norm getting everthing together and she was looking hhot as ussual the warm came back and we did a gig in north barrington outside ian subed as roadie while andq spanked the day away until he met us later to learn some new friz techneques im alittle pissed his throwing is getting better than mine that brings us to mobile print my friends who have been helpng the cause for a long time now they figured it would be easier to have me play for the cash i owed them rathere than wait for me to get rich played with ill slim on a couple havent down that in 20 years or so thanks god for the perfect day down in springfield it was cool to see the folks come out with the owl t shirts then it was off to st louis to see the family that left me here in chi town stopped by sydd nad bills on the way home and hung out by an old crypt and walked through some delta to find the big muddy

end of flash back i bought a new gtr for recording from my friends down at the front pourch in valparasio in ive got a meeting with dr caw and jeff thomas two of chicagos gems were going to talk about the production of 5 new songs

so ill be hanging with the headphones on

the ringer off on the phones

tring to make some sence of the songs

as i wonder where ive gone

maybe on break an old friends voice

or a drive in the car through the night

i tell myself we all have a choice

rewind the tape ill get this one right



imm camping right across the street from the lincoln memorial gardens in springfield il i have a gig here tomorrow the colors are outragous looks like we may have a little rain but we wont melt im logged on in my camper through my cell phone so this is a first to comunicate to the web world from my camper world time to listen to the night creatures

i have started recording on 5 new songs i have a meeting with dr caw the engineer and my percussionist jeff thomas were going to discuss production of the tunes peace in the night kpk


i went to a cubs game we never went in but we hung on the wstreets and had a burger at a bar right there in wrigleville

any one who knows me knows how bizarr this is for kraig kenning

im offering a workshop at my house for slide gtr anyone interested go to our home page and follow the link

peace kpk


welcome autum with all its gifts all its changes and all it takes with

the space between the earth and the sun the blooms where the green came from

covering the walks with damp leaves from the trees no more reason for wearing bare feet

but the colors my god the colors never to be caputured on any photo or pad

a last minute bone thrown to those who find it hard to move twards the grey

so ill remember the ones i lost and the years gone by as my new year begins again

with the wind at my cheek and the chills that the night and the fall moon bring

even though i recognize this is part of my shape and as as much me as i breath

im sad to see summer bending its knees as it makes room for autum and winters freeze


oh ya much much much peace to all of you



i know i havent hung with you all for quite a while

just wanted to stop in and say hi i dont really feel like typing details now so ill save the juicy stuff for late r

i took some personall time off so ill spare you the details ecept two highlights walking the finger lake trail in ny and surfing at 44 in maine


happy b day to the webmaster brother kevin


Itsgoing to be 100 in Gaithersburg today I burned down hwy 270 south this morning heading for dc the sun melted through the morning haze with a clear warning of the heat to come checked my three gtr case made by chilli con with out a hitch . dress the part and have a saw buck or more in hand for the curb side folk. Last night I took a long look from the stage I had spent the last 4 days on I thanked it for the memories and people that space allowed me. thanks to amy for having me out and the dude in florida who hipped amy to me. Jp had some sheep right across from my stage area and he directed me to the black hill county park the sky opened up and the land was such a nice welcome and it was nice to hear from barbra that this was nothing compared to the land near by im looking forward to checkin more of it out. she also told me not to call sheeps wool fur . So cool to meet and hang with tara steve mari Daniel and daniels bro you guys filled my heart im a bit tired now and looking forward to being home its been a wild mix between sharing my stage with the hipnochick and troy next to the pig race track across from the sheep barns and just over from the geese and im not sure what you call it but just to the left of the stage is where the big cows would get their daily baths. so I know that a Lincoln is more than just a car and there are fantastic people on evey corner and as the woman next to me last night who told me my brights were on said ďyour welcome baby were just the sameĒ chill with peaceful people kriag


we busted out of chi town just in time to enjoy gorgous minnasotta skies iguess it rained abit in fact im sure it arained a bit couse at the end of my friday gig in elgin while andq my roadie wwas eating tocos with logan my gear was getting soaked we kissed and made up as allways anyways thanks to allison jim meli jessica and bear for helping out and keeping me out of trouble

next i was at my bank making anouther huge deposite they all come by me at the bank cause they know im rich and they want to favor up to me plus they ussually have to fill out my deposite slips cause of my fear of organizing numbers as i was walking out of the bank a woman gave me the look over and said you have a great life i arrived in evanston early in the day so i could enjoy the lake bike trails and over all wealth that that area offers also im thinking about going back to school at northwestern for typing classes after bikeing eating and a big swim in lake michigan it hit me that my banker lady was right all this before a show that i enjoyed the company of jim larry and steve and of cource the fearless andq who drove the champion solo down to the city so i could enjoy the day the half moon hung over our performance shinning like a london street light oh ya thanks for the sulsa ravioli and cookies

peace this moment kk


SO WERE off on the road to many new adventures starting off in minnasotta and continuing a 14 DATE strait tour looks like it will be stock up time for the good food lots of water and healthy company Maryland is sandwitched somewhere in between and since ive never been there im sure lots of learning will continue. After the tour im looking forward to heading to northeren wis to hang with some relatives and then off to Rochester ny and im thinking maine has a nice ring to it so ill be a changed man come the fall and filled with sunsets views water and landscape

Frog man was last seen 7/27/03 walking in the rain next to Melissa crusing up lunt just outside of Rodgers park he had very little to say but was enjoying the wet morning


whats the goal to live the longest so much work so litle time for now if were worried about later maybe thats the lure who wants to look too closely seing it all so clear might mean time to wake up but there is a;ways those days that come every once in a while that remind us so its off to dream land for me a long way from all ive learned deep in a passonate embrace or the heavyness of the wind against my face meeting with souls who have found freedom and peace





now let me see where to begin how about the begining but that wont do cause im not sure where i last left off i think it was in a lake with matt and josh in liberty ville il and then there was wesmont thanks to pat johnson for havining us back again and even margy showed up what a nice surprise a long drive to arkansas swithching cds with my nephew worked out ok i even liked some of his stuff hes heard all mine cause his dad is my webmaster and big bro it was hot hilly and very peaceful hanging with the fam in the mid south some really nice bluffs to jump int o the lake from did i mention the twins what a couple of cute girls we hung they taught me the importance of napping smiling eating and reading minds. they are my nephew eriks babes no cell phone signal or internet connection so it was chill time i started on a lulaby and finished up on anouther new song while i was creeping around in hte van late nights early mornings

oh ya on the 27 of june i slept through my gig at elgin for the brown bag lunch i took acouple of muscle relaxers for my back and went into a sort of hibernation thanks to an understanding most excellant woman jane reschedualed me for the first fri in aug

next it was rain rain rain but not in a bad way those of you who know me know i love the rain especially if i have soap i am so blown away by the croud that sat through an hour of heavey down pours to hang with the tunes my guitars needed acouple of days for the necks to dry out but they seem ok now well its off to washington island wi im doing a gig for my dentistkind of a barter thing i get a vaca and a tooth cleaning and he gets a show it just acured to me i could use a foot massage i think its the first time in my life where it has been so clear

im hopeing to get some more new tunes happening and take in the sites

thanks for making it such a nice trip

peace and happiness and take a break once in a while


a full day its been firs off headed out to karlas for some healing and massage she has some magic fingers then it was off to guitar gallery where i picked up a gtr ive been thinking about for years its a rain song and i really like it frank gave me agood deal then it was off to the gig at that sweet forest perserve in libertyville independence grove man it was hot but the folks hung in there and we had a wonderful evening after everyone left andy josh and myself took a dip in the lake and cooled off under the summer stars sounds romatic but it wasnt it was refreshing were really digging the vibes from all the folks who are comming to the gigs you have been really making us feel welcome

back up aone day sunday we did the strawberry fest in long grove il kind of a brothers and sisters feel lots of kids hanging with their parents checking the tunes thanks to jannie for the repeat gigs

the day before custer street art fair what a gas always is street performing all day and showering in sprinklers on the way home

and just befor e that we played the lovely wauconda library it was a litle cool but the setting kicked ass thanks to terri for having us over we followed up by doing a set at my friends place otrainas when i got home that night my back was pretty soar so i took a couple of flexorals and i slept right through my gig in elgin sweet jane was cool enough to rescheduale me for the first friday in aug

hope to se youall soon

thanks for the peace



wow did everybody have a cranking day like i did spent time with old friends talked a bunch on the phone tried to make sence out of cell phone plans did a bike trip into the woods more phone calls hung with jamil bought some ben and jerrys oh ya first i cooked a heathy chicken ceaser salad then the ice cream and finnally sat down in the newly organized back bedroom studio and recorded some roughs of my two new songs it felt real good to be back in hte home studio the new plan is to have dr caw stop by some afternoon and tweek the home studio and see if i can get cracking again i am over due for some dobro instramentals

a peaceful rest to all and all a good night



i wanted to write in the miment because i wanted to capture the vividness of the beauty experienced as i traveled through southern ill but soince its been a few days now im sure ill just scratch the surface so imajine everything x 10

i was pretty beat when i arrived a t todd hall in columbia il it was a full day of traveling and after decideing to not have roadies because i needed the peace it also gives me a bit more to do as soon as i got out of the car i knew i was in asacred place you can feel the vibe from the earth down there it mellowed me and gave me a bit of strength i needed to set up quickly sydd and bill were so gracious and made it easy to load in and bought me some nice shrimp with lobster sauce tht i ate in the van just before the show performing in the chaple for a bunck of great folks was the start of a great adventure sydd and bill took me back to their home in the back woods and we chilled and i slept like a rock woke up to the great outdoors and a fine breakfast we tool walks along there property then i took a bike ride and i remember red blue yellow white spotted birds endless songs and purple yellow green endlsss wheat feilds flowers frogs turtles butterflys and zebras it fe;t ;ike a midwest i havent seen or talked to for years then next day it was of fto rend lake a gigantic lake did a show as the sun set and camped near by headed out for st louis in a rain storm bu that cleared and by the time i arrived it was anouther perfect day spent it with my family after chilling for a day it was time to head to bloomington il to meet up with jim the bass man and play for the horizon camp for md adults the show was awsome and spent the next morning with my friend margy

now im back home a bit worn but filled with inspiration ive been hanging ao=round the house working on two of my newer songs

see youall soon

peace k


Blues fest went from one extreme to another the best buy stage rocked it was so nice to be in the heart of Chicago with the streets packed watching the steve arvey fiascle right next to me lets back up just a bit my roadies decided it wasn't going to be a good day for them to work so it all started kind of rocky with just steve and I running the show but thanks to some friends Luanne and company we kept the train running and a surprise visit from myroadie andq about mid day was very welcome as the crouds gathered for the street performance section of the day we were doing fine until the marine battery decided to run out of juice on us. As our patient audience waited we sent andq to the van to remove the xtra battery from the camper and hook it up to our rig now once again we were off and running just one more snag the plain clothes police decided to shut us down for marketing product without a venders licence it felt pretty weird being a grown man watching two cops with wxrt buttons on walking away with my distribution center in front of a huge croud of peaceful music lovers


After playing another set we had to rondevu to the police station and fill out several documents admitting that in fact we were the people we were claiming to be and that we would never sell another one of our cds without direct permission from mcdonalds and would appear in court and graciously ecept our fines and repramandations in july

Soon ill be back in Chicago heading off to Columbia ill then down to rend lake looking forward to hanging in the camper van again

Deep breath everyone

Peace kraig


anouther chicago blues fest weekend on its way this is getting to be tradition for steve and myself i tried to possably bail on it this year because im getting a little tired of being chased around when were tring to street perform but steve reminded me that it is part of our universal duty to persist in a tradition that is so right for the all important community

got the fridge fixed in the camper thanks to ian and im itching to get back out and perform in the great wide open mean time schaumburg art fair was lovely saw some old friends and the sun was smileing on us all week end

hope to see you all at the buckingham fountain in chi town




and of cource

peace always


i really like the last two our earth tips its nice to hear from the dads giving their kids a heads up we dont get as many tips as i wish but over the years we have gotten some great ones its quality not quanity so if you havent checked them out i would recomend it

ive been out to visit my old friends at the dubuque and diresville library what a nice time betty took care of us in dubuque and shirley and company in diresville im so glad carol has turned herself int o a massage theropist and a good one a t that thanks for sharing the farm with andy and i and the hands on bodywork and worth mentioning is the dinner special at leroys in diresville by the way this is iowa basted chicken all white corn mashed with gravey and a rool for 475 and it kicked ass

ive had some time to work on my house here in the midwest and its looking might y fine amy helped with the yard ian sewed some new drapes and andy started digging a sewer hole very grounding

i had a meeting with afriend from moline luanne who is brave enough to take on booking and managing me were very excited and looking foward to opening many new doors

so i need to get to washing a couple of windows and writing some

greet the world today and let her know your present and intend to stay their as the miricle unfolds


eau claire i cant beleive i know how to spell it its been raining onand off since ivebeen here but all and all a nice visit thanks to paul for hauling me around town as the vw dealer fixed the white horse 700 later its running like a champ i hope i get better gas millage now the house in ill. is shaping up nicely and i have been setling down a bit doing some writting and rough recordings back to eauclaire i did some biking on the chippawa trail it follows the river very sweet and they let me swim at the colleges pool again very sweet im tired and i ve got some driving tomorrow mabe ill stop at devils lake and say hello to an old friend

good night

sleep in peace


as the sun rises i feel the healing i take off the glasses thag magnify the screen my bed waits to calm me as i dream into the new dawn all creation will gather today for the ritual celebration as the web of life becomes more obvious some will have to die off to leave room for the new blooms but the chain will never be broken so today i will feel the air and the sounds of the earth breathing the sky will reveal its infinity and the heart beat will join mine drumming in unisin the vibration of the universe

give peace a chance


some of those marshmello eggs would taste good right about now preferably a little stale but im tring to curb my sugar cravings so ill have scrambeled with vegies looks like a nice day here in the midwest so its off for a bike ride and then mabe some loud jamming on electric slide to derik trucks new record

spent last night with len and linda and friends for lens 60th it was quite nice setting up in someone living room for an intimate show

happy easter and always peace



ive been to moline and back we had a break in the weather which makes it a very different world around here there aresome ancient trees in luannes hood i was surprised to see such cool pines in moline first the radio show which was kind of 60 jazz interview ish on thurs then a couple of grade schools on friday the last class was injected with pepsi and the thought of spring break being just minutes away on sat i hung in th ys parkinglot after swimming tring to recover from some kind of a weird bad chicken day but i felt great for the packed house at the fireworks club

thanks to luanne for all the work including roadie on friday and tom for letting me have her for the week end thanks to tucker for roadieing on sat and doing a great job running the distrabution center

i am about to set out on my first shopping journey via my new bike that i bought on my way back from fla venus hipped me to this shop in st pete and i picked out a treck since the one alexa gave me got ripped and i had i t mailed to me cause they dint have the right size well its here in my kitchen and im going for a cruse and yes its cold out

i send you peace my friends



so i get to see abit of winter its so beautiful to get a late snow in my honor the trees look so nice covered wiht what will most likely be their last snow of the season came home to alot of organizing and of cource taxes so i have had to shift for just a bit out of the camping mode to dip into what some refer to as reality for just a bit im planning on getting out quite a bit this summer in the camper and seeing some of the northern gems maybe even the northern lights looks like ill spend a bit of time in the office looing for some gigs but maybe ill just load up the camper and see who needs a dose

once again so many thanks to the angels who cared for me on the road. my life is forever changed thanks to you

pray for peace

kraig im off to the quad cities


im home

3mnths on the road and im back in the midwest to do some organizing and rest and oh ya play some music

thanks to all for all the support while ive been roaddogging it im tired ill talk to ya soon

peace kraig


talked to both my nephews today and i acually have two more and they are twins but i did not talk to them i talked with the older nephews im very happy to have connected with them and to have it happen on the same day is an even cooler bonus one is in st louis and its nice to see that he thinking on his own and has some very interesting veiws on the world which will be in his hands very soon that is a big job the other is up in minoqua wi hes part hick but hes my bud and he just had twins he said hell take me sking this summer if i come up and visit and i plan to

since i saw you last i did some major hanging at myaka river park and got some help from amy dr knapp and dr rozele dont let the doc thing scare you these guys are cool and i got some good advice on how to heal up spend 10 minutes a day working on your tough spots then enjoy the ride then back to the most excellant caloosahatche park what a great croud showed up we lit the tiki tourches told stories and what can i say ecept thanks for letting me gig here some old friends who now live in ca showed and we talked till late then i fought off bugs for the rest of the eve because we let too many in the van at the gig was turned on to some home made bug juice and some pics from a couple also talked with a dude who drove from jacksonville and shared a bit about how he and his wife run a half way house for teens i got their number incase my roadies get any more out of hand i dont know where they learn that behavior

i havent watched tv since i left in jan so i figured i shouldnt make the fn war and excuse to start again i just creep along and talk as i go and get the vibes from the people i meeet its freaky when i hear songs in my head that were written in the sixties that fit my present state of mind remember monster by steppenwolf it seems rediculus that i need to spend time thinking about how to write songs for such obvios needs like peace and stop bombing cities filled with people there must be a better way to set an exzample for the rest of the world

i hear alot of people say i hate whats going on but i dont know what to do and some say im afraid they are going to do what they want no matter what we do im thinking we need to stick together and stay posative and dont be afraid to let folks around you know your not for all this mass destruction were not looking for arguments just want the power to shift to a more practical end to all this hatred this is a loving country and im hoping and beleiving in the strenght of this love let this be our last lesson in this method and before it too late look for ways to make nucleor missles part of history not our demise


my new friend really said friend in favor not fortune but i like them both


i think we better go back a week wow rainbow springs what a place crystal clear water swiming with the anhingas and comerants and lets not forget the turtles and chicks we did some paddling and some swimming its like a little terrarium just outside of ocala wekieva state park isnt bad eithter nice springs as well got acool hat in leesburg and the shop owner of this mens store was a trip he has stuff liberachi wouldnt wear i almost bought a suit but the pants wouldnt work i wish i could remember the name of that store i finishe d my set in the pouring rain and looked up to see two of my friends from virgina that used to live in rockford dan and jen so of cource i made them instant roadies for not the first time in our friendship "im not a friend in fortune" a new friend of mine sad that to me recently i like it

now this week end was a bit of a buzz kill my back completely stopped working for me on fri night after lifting a battery the wrong way i couldnt tie my own shoes so i only played on sunday but late saturday night someone needed my bike which is really alexas more tha me it was three feet awy from me as i slept ans somone sneaked it away careful on ft myers beach i guess its a 21 speed bike that says vitamin water an the main bar so i hope the new owner is into heath i hope i dont start getting to paranoid over this shit

im in sarasota now home of seista key beach and myakka state park so ill rest and get my back back i hear its warming up in the midwest and i m due to show up there begin of april and see if my house isnt burnt down

i did talke to lana the guru behind the scene of the allmans web site and were going to put somthing together so i can join the family feels right to me

50 ways to keep peace there must be


so time has once again played it trick on me. making me think it matters making me try harder to beat it and luring me through anouther season thinking too much of the past soon spring will be showing and i will be migrating back to what is becoming less familyer the homes i have made along the way have become more comfortable but not quite home. so many faces have melted into one giveing loving unit with so much help i can not describe with these thoughts i hope to settle and cherish every event im allowed to take part in

thanks for the smiles the kind words the nurishment the encouragement the normoralsee the freedom and of cource the love

see youall soon

peace is such a simple thing

i met a guy who was taking cash for gas he told me he was from bangledesh and so asked him about it he said it was fine aside from the floods he said they had plenty of oil and somthing about india not letting them drill for it and somthing about needing the help of the united states he was a very kind man and we held up the line so i had to go as i left he thanked me for asking me about his country this seems like basic stuff if we just talk


Dear everyone im hanging at myaka state park just outsi of Sarasota fl. The sun is so bright its hard to see the words on my lap top but ill make it some how I havenít had time to check inn and there is so much to tell that I wanted to give a bit of a recap before the next 10 days takes me to another level lets start with the present I got in late last night after doing a show at jrs packing house we had a great time lots of faces to remember and some very stong vibes from folks donít think I miss that over all the dinner chat I donít cool to hang with norm and daffney and amy who all helped until the last piece of the kenning puzzle was packed away jr gave me some eggs and butter for the next leg of the journey any way my point was I got in to late to hang at my camp site so we ended up moving to an illeagle spot which was a fantastic star lit area far from anyone eles and now thatís where im typing from although folks are walking by now because the park is open Some high lites the beaux art fair in Miami hung out with my art friend Jeremy hes way out there and gives me plenty to think about we had a cold day and a warm one I did deefield beach art fair and met lots of blues fans down that a way the ocean is beautiful over there I ate some organic ravioli supplied by alexa back in the ft myers area did some shopping and lived in town for a while going out to dinner and watching movies the folks at the liquid cafť are very warm and it always feels good hanging there thanks dan and richie for the help loading out and alexa for counting the cash now my latest invention play at parks and camp there caloosahatchee was so nice thanks to nancey for having me out its hard to beat playing in this atmoshere like a mini red rock so im talking to a fan friend what ever mindy about leo kottke and she found out he was playing in Bradenton the night before I was playing there in front of hellen coldcot she offered me a ticket to the show and it gave me an oportuntiy to check in with leo but also drop off my trailer with all the gear ho w cool was that but I skipped the live in wmnf radio show that was sweet as always thanks bill they are still olaying the heck out of maktub I also performed at fogertyville Arlene and david are very hooked in folks and the show was spectacular the have the thickest vibe there since Hendrix I camped in their parking lot for a few days they were the folks responsible for having hellen come out and speak please look her up and hear what she has to offer im not sure if I spelled her name right Did a couple of hours at the fiesta days art fair it was cold but we still gave it a go Maureen is an angle im so glad I get to meet folks like her mabe it will start to rub off on me another perfect day in punta gorda thank you kathey for getting the word out and I saw my aunt rose from cincinatti there that brings us to skippers back in tampa for an intimate show on the patio thanks to heather for helping out and opening the show I feel like ive gotten kind of factual on this and ive left out somuch of the essenc\e but the truth is I am forever apriciative of all the sharing and diversity and love I get to experience along these trips Please talk about peace


a i dont think i can mabe talking or at a meeting but its a growth thing and so much of every day has a part of it and when i tell people of the inspirations and challenges it comes out very bland and factual liveing on the edge gives us a chance to really experience life and grow and thing s that would have been taken for granted or gone unnoticed become very important and a part of us some of the folks im meeting along the way weather they are campers or very old and wise from raising children or from going to war and looking the devil in the eyes ive been alone but im not as lonley and im thinking i am finnally experiences some of that high school dream like when i left for california but what about all the time inbe tween im old now and it looks different on hte road now

a friend of mine recently asked me what it was i couldnt explain about my recent journeys i was complaining that everything was comming out to stiff and not what i was feelin but what i was doing heres what i wrote her


Caloosahatchee park thatís where I played yesterday what a back drop its getting hard to believe that I am making a living doing gigs like this thanks to nancy for puttiing I together and brother mike for being a roadie for a day perfect weather for a show in the woods I hung out after the gig and had dinner as it turned into eve then I took a star walk throught the woods met up with the only other camper in the park

Im tan im in shorts and the wind is blowing the pools are heated and there are lots of massage therapist down here alexa has been fixing me up with all kinds of healthy organic foods and the camper van is being a nice friendly home on the road Ill be back at the caloosa park in march for anight gig so if your in the area check it out Next week ill be in the tampa area for a week and thanks to wmnf more folks should know about the gigs wish you all posative motion and many friendships

Peace kraig


way down south stopped by high falls in geargia but it was closed but looks like a perfect place to hang the roads around it made me not want to get back on the hwy the miami beaux art fair was nice a bit cold but we had a great time i met a lot of the artist and they wernt even telling me to turn down jeramy turned me on to a peice of fruit i have never had i cant remember the name of it but it has black seeds in it and you eat it like a cantalope tasty material after the fair i camped in big cypress and just happened to run into a guided swamp walk tour right place at the right time those swamps are amazing not dirty prestine im so glad i got to see one from the inside and not on a boardwalk thanks to ranger randy im in ft myers dusting off for a rew days then off for more camping and across the swamp next weekend to deerfield beach

keep the peace every thought matters



good morning the sun is just rising here in the midwest and im getting ready to say good bye to my home town for a while yestarday i took advantage of the greenhouse effect to do some last minute work on the trailer so my gear doesnt wind up on hwy 75 new breaks on the camper and cleaned up its time to learn from last year and enjoy a long juorney ilook foward to meeting new souls and rejoining some old friends

lets back up jim and i had afantastic gig on new years eve we did three concerts in a chaple as part of first night in rockford il it seemed right to be in a church with such warm spirits surrounding us my cycodelic light was perfect for the back wall of this place it was also cool to see some surprise guests fro m out of town who came for the show

moving foward just two dates in the midwest till spring weve made good friends down in morris il and were looking foward to our gig at the fire house on sat eve im going to try out a headset mike i havent used one in a bunch of years well see then sunday is the rolling meadowss library i went to high school in rm but i still havent learned how to read and 0 hour typing did not work out as you can see but the teacher who inspired me to write my feelings worked there thanks linda H

to the present (or close to) spent some time with an old friend yestarday and it reminded me how special everyday is the sun is up full balst and the sky is blue and im off to a spinning class d

maktub has made a nice enterance into my life and im very happy with all the posative vibes comming in im also happy it done!

peace to meet you



Heading out of steamboat springs on hwy 40 in dwights ford explorer listening to a live show of the subdudes still feeling very mellow from the time we spent yesterday I hung out with god started off meeting up with some old friends from Chicago the macleods they got me a deal on a lift ticket and off to the mnts we went ya thatís right I did some down hill with still a recovering back injury but it was fantastic coped a free ride back to meet up with Dwight and off to strawberry park hot springs hard to explain how pretty they say there is lithium in the water so we stared at the rising moon surrounded by snow caked trees in mothers warm bath so now its back to geeks garage for show number 2 dwight opened for me and then I took off for planet who knows and let my soul rise from the mountains and hot springs

Thanks to my old friend kip strean for getting us the gig and the hotel room to Kristi (my sis) and jim for picking me up and putting me up thanks to Jessica and Chelsea for getting our chai tea and stuff thanks for the supporting phone calls that keep me on the ground on the road of cource id like to thank Stephanie the owner of geeks and my dear friend Dwight who opened the shows for me and took most excellent care of me Back to the current views Peace kraig


well it feeels like spring in chi town but its winter in colo im on my way from golden to play at a place in steamboat springs looking foward to hanging with kip and checking out the hot springs kip ran the oppen mike in palitine il the first time i apeared live on a stage now hes running the place im playing in the springs

flash back what about last week end what about the wed before the last week end i was at my favorite college northland thanks to jeff for having me and what a nice croud up there in hippy enviro land it was cold as hee though and it took a long time to get a sandwitch at the subway from there it was off to moline il thanks so much to luanne tom and tucker for working the pro mo for the show feeding me and their friendship tucker is now officially a kenning roadie ill be looking foward to returning to the quad cities in the spring if your in moline stop by fireworks and grab some coffee or tea and make yoursef a mug

got to go my ride is here ill say helo to the mountains for uall





70,000 watts non-commercial

December 1, 2003. A3, PAR, AMERICANA-ROOTS

Randy Wynne PD, Flee MD (ph. (813)238-8001; e-mail Artist Title Label plays ADDS: NUMBER ONE CD AT THE STATION LAST WEEK! EVERYONE JUST LOVES IT!

PLAYLISTS 1) KRAIG KENNING MAKTUB KRAIG KENNING 6 2) BECK - SEA CHANGE - GEFFEN - 6 3) RYAN ADAMS - DEMOLITION - LOST HIGHWAY - 6 4) GEORGE HARRISON BRAINWASHED CAPITOL hey everyone just wnated to share the excitement while i was on my mini tour in florida i droped off a cd or two at wmnf a great radio station in tampa and to my great happiness it is at the top of their play list for the last two weeks ya hoo

peaceful as can be



To contact WMNF radio in Tampa and request something from MAKTUB, you can send email, or phone them . More information can be found at:
You can also Listen to their program from this website


Woke up again thanks mr u things have been on the rise im about 30,000 on my way back from a fantastic mini tour of sw fla I know I thanksed a bunch but there is more WMNF RADIO IN TAMPA HAS PUT the new cd maktub on regular rotation which means they willl be playing cuts from it lots if you call in or email the dj they will even play it more ill let you know how to do this on my next chat Mike at the sweet bean cooked up yet another sold out night for me what a great audience that's one of the first clubs ive played in that area so it means a lot to me Mr dan the man took me in and we relaxed in the hot tub and checked out some tunes on his in house supersonic system and it was great to see the old friends especially my old recording buddy bo davis thanks and much love to alexa for taking ove r the never ending care taking of beat up road dog kenning the support from the home base becca for the rides and andq and matt even though kids will be kids Sorry if I missed anyone truly an awakening I needed from the stars to the morning tea to the fans helpers and Christ even the car rental folks at enterprise were universally cool not to forget tommy from colo and bro Kevin for helping out on the endless web investigations most recently hooking up with the allmans site we I hope to have worked out soon im not sure if I mentioned iris from Sarasota for the place to crash company and advice and the massages from robyn in ft myers and brother bill for carting around all my gear and dealing with this pain in the ass Love you all to peaces kraig


its 2 and im hanging at me new friends house dans crib is a bit out of the city of ft myers ive been so takencare of once again its so amazing to me how people can be so cool just ask them from the second i got off the plane in tampa the enterprise folks were carring my bags giving me cold water and free upgrading then off to dawn for a bit of body work near orlando then a warm welcome from my friends kevin and tammy in tampa for putting me up and sharing the sea weed story with me next was the wmnf radio show with jane doe she let me guest dj for the whole show iris whaT a gal thanks for the crash station and friendship and great advice ifeel so much at home with these friends around me of cource jrs packing house always has the welcome mat out for everyone thanks to gloria for organizing my gig in tampa at the dome church then it was off to anouther day with iris we went to the pool to stay in shape and enjoy the very warm showers the sweet bean in ft myers was sold out and the croud there were so gracious my throat is a bit sore so it could get interesting but im glad to be among so many loving people thank you lee for the acupuncture and advice i cant forget bill f for lugging gear around for me and making me sound good

peace everyone



it would be great to hear from some of you earth muffins or even just regular old people with ideas for the our earth page

just one little comment can make someone look at things differently for the rest of their lives


looking foward but not too far that i miss the moment which by the way is feeling quite allright ill be leaving for fla in about a week and it will be a mixed bag of emotions im sure when i get off the plane but it will indeed be life either live it or elese

worht mentioning for sure looks like ill be officially joining a family i have felt a part of for all of my playing life. thanks to bro ther tom and the great universe it looks like lana is going to make kraig kenning part of the allman bros site i think its called hittin on the web im kind of a numskull when it comes to web stuff but i m getting better ive been checkin in on the site quite a bit and i feel quite nice about becoming a part of it

do not underestimate the power of a nice hug and if you have the chance take it

peace meal


ITS HERE ! MAKTUB IS IN THE HOUSE THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ADVANCE ORDERS they will be in the mail today the 1st of november kind of od to get the finall product on halloween not typically my favorite holiday but one to think on for me im sure it was grace that made it all happen this way

thanks to richie h for the fantastic job on the desighn and the artist especially dimitri and deborah from way down south step right up and get your dose of maktub its in your hands now what you think and do with it from here is up to you the people

happiness is a warm peace


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let me try to explain two weeks ago we headed out for the quad cities thats me kraig and my roadie andq didnt get much sllep on thurs so we rooled in in high form an fri and did our afternoon gig at the bettendorf lib we were invited to perform at the assisted living pad just down the street and we took them up on their offer for a com,plementary apt for the evening by the dinner set we were pretty exzausted but the folks seemed to enjoy the tunes over their eggsalad sandwithces and cups of coffee andq wanted to sllep in the van but i made him hang in the room we headed off to fireworks a coffee shop in moline but instead of checking it out we got a bucket of kfc and i fell asleep on the couch at the show we went back to the home for a long rest and got up to a cold and rainy sat that we used working out at the y in davenport i spent about an hour talking ato a german dude who told me all about the natzis and other shit i could not beleive as night aproached we headed for our gig at for the perpetual folk society

what a fantastic setting at the unitarian church in davenport we were due for a good nights sleep but instead we decided to join my friends band at ribco in rock island shane jonson one of my favorite blues guitar players made me a king for a set what a gas well instead of going home we met some ausome people who had a few drinks and next thing you know its 4 and were looking for a way to keep our friends from driving after cruising though the backstreets of the quad city with a hitcher we found to be a good translator we all found places to crash for a few hours until the sunday gig at the moline library andq was a bit teed at me for reasons that we will keep on the road but as allways we patched things up and acted like proffessionals and headed home with a head full of stories and hearts full of new friendshiip

thanks shane terry from ribco jamie luanne from fireworks pat the perpetual folk society and so many more ive left out many details in fear for mine and andqs lives

peace now


im expecting the new cd maktub mid week thanks for all the pre orders


i guess if your interested in pre buying the maktub cd you need to go to merchandice page not the unreleased


all is very cool got the glass master in hand the recording for maktub is finished we just have to tweek the art work a bit and get it off to the duplication factory should be out in three weeks thanks for all the pre orders it really helps with the finances time to celebrate and take some time to rest and enjoy anyone else who wants a sighned and numbered maktub please go to our unreleased page for more info ill be sighning the first 100 just a bit of a cheap plug

soaring upward and beond give it a chance what do we have to loose hey remember lee micheals i love that nice day for somthing album i dont think anyone else does

pease to meet you



i know it soudns crazy but i am finished recording the new cd maktub

im very burt out its been a tiring half a year but its time to celebrate acually it always time but we dont always get it it should tak e about anouther mnth to get it all packaged up and ready for sale but were on a grreen light now and well get the info on the web soon with lots of sound bites

peace in mind



only one more guitar track to put down and im finished with the recording of maktub the finish is near and in sight im without words

peas and carrotts



head phones some old allman bros its beena long time since ive dug this stuff out reminds me of why i started playing music and the infamous trip to florida i took with my three brothers in our 69 cutlass folling mom and pop and the two girls so much has changed but its nice to know that feeling in my soul still remains and hearing this really churns it up

one more week and ill be finished recording the latest cd two years in the making i think you all will like it should be avail in about amnth just in time to start a new one and mabe a blues cd to boot so i have some down time from the gigs but plenty to do for the new disk

see ya dreaming in mine

peacfull easy feelings



ok ive given myself two weeks to complete the music for my next cd maktub were rounding the last bend im meeting with kevin who is drawing the cover art tomorrow ive got one vocal a little slide and its a rap now keep in mind i have to get everything organized like reprodiction a bit of mix down and of cource all of the little inspriational notes that will clutter the card board package

somtimes people ask me where my favorite place to play is and i must admit some are better than otheres but in different ways a few that stand out from recent performances which are worth mentioning billys white water ranch the place is fn gorgios the river has a way of mellowing and putting me in perspective everyone should come up next year take some time off the beaten path wing park has always been a fave of mine in elgin who would think there was such a great place for acoustics i like anywhere made of brick i love the sound of brick and i love sound palatine community park really came through this year they supl;ied nice sound and it was a perfect night im thinking the nicest sound and all round feel this summer was the lakecounty forest just outside of libertyville just go and check it out youll see what i mean just go and take a walk there

lets walk anywhere lets just keep on wallking you see so much more from your feet lets wak hand in hand and get the most out of this day we could be gone soon or unlucky andsick so find someone to walk with ans keep in mind how cool it is to have a friend to walk with

keep the peace




so many gigs to talk about but its late and im thinking my memory will be a bit off we were in palatine this week and they treated us very well nice stage and great sound system and what a croud befor that there was our anual viswit to woodridge park we have had wonderful times there year after year a big thanks to the bartlett chamber for having us headline there summerfest event hey whats up with streamwood thats my home town now and they dont book me anymore

cd news is very good im planning on finishing the recording in two weeks well get the art stuff and poackageing soon after so im hopeing for i mnth we should be in good shape it been two years in the making and im very happy with the result but the next one i want to do in 6 weeks im stilll working on getting my back to full strength its really been a learning year now its time to be happier than life could imagine im on my way to wisconsin




its 35 minutes into the 4th and i m really drunk all this talk about having a good 4th just sort of rocked my world and woke up all those sleeping ghosts probable kick back with the adat machine on and work on revolution number 10 from my 82 degree bedroom covered in wool;

nothing to do but celebrate

no one to do it to but weel lets not go to far with all this be careful with the gun shooting and the roman candles and put the m 80s down before lighting them

my countrys tis of the

peace in a very big way



spent the day at the custer street art fair in evanston what a perfect veiw big white clouds with a lake breeze really gave me a much neede midwest vibe time spent with awsome audiences and even big jim came aout and street performed with me took 40 bucks for a sitter i know i havent been hanging with you all for a bit i came back from my florida trip with lots of memories and an acheing back ive had to kick back and take a long look at myself and that can be painful man now i know what my friends have to deal with thank you all so much for not completly abandoning me im feeling a bit better every day and today really gave me a boost once again the blues fest in chicago came and went with many good times thanks to matt and andy our faithful roadies for all the help on that week end and steve for being arvey love you to peices kraig


Havent checked in for a while well ive been back from florida officially since the beginning of april but I did return to record with bo from sonic studio for a week then I came home and left for Ashland Wisconsin and it rained for two days strait I screwed up my back while doing the 3 mnth florida tour so I decided to chill for another week and learn some techniques for stretching which seem to be helping anouthe r slow down for the new cd although I am still pluncking along and the stuff tha t is finished is rea;\l nice Looks like ill be making the Midwest my home for a while again but im feeling a bit sluggish so I would appreciate any good vibes sent my way thanks to timothy ray amy Bruce Rachel dr knapp Sharon for all the care and concern and working with me to heal my back Andrew or andq deserves his own paragraph hes my new roadie for back home and mid west gigs he has helped me out in sooo many ways around the house in the office driving to gigs test driving the champion moving the trailer and on and on thanks so much you're a great friend even if you did spill out of that special bucket on our way up to northland

Congrats to Polly and Cal Pease and light kpk


yes on my way back down hwy 74

happy easter everyone ill be on the road for the next 24\ then a little rest then a liitle trip through springfield and st louis area with none only than the original matt quinninan on roadie experties

by by florida see ya in may when i come back to complete my recording with bo from sonic recording

peace of the action



backa t this corner im sitting at bos desk at sonic recording studio in cape coral fl man we ahve worked hard and im forever greatful to bo for the friendship and musical talet he has poured over me

ill be leaving fo rhome in about a week and i must say it will be exciting to get to re know all my old buds and hang outs in the midwest that would include th 7 eleven sub way rosatis of cource my work out world im thinking glennas dog camander is really missing the walks in the woods and i guess i am to

ill be taking the tracks from down here to dr caws studio in north brook for finall touches i havent put many of the roughs on the web because i didnt want to let the cat out too early but we are getting close t o a finished project here

the next step here id to record some live stuff of me andd the dobro thats it just me and the dobro

thanks for your prayers and spiritual thoughts my sis is doing great and everything went as good as poss now my mom heads in for some maj or surgury life is not allways the easiest thing to figure somtimes but im sure of every heart ive had the pleasure to meet there have been reasons and for this i am a happy man

peas and carrots kRAIG


its late or really early bo just left without a drivers licence and cape coral cops are brutal we got some nice tracks tonight yes we finnally started recording and i have no gigs for two weeks to worry about so we are digging inn

im starting to forget where i live and im thinking its not the worst thing because it forces us int o getting to know different things about the world the whole seeing thought someone elese eyes thing i do miss quiet and of cource it misses me about 10 minutes a week

so lont to the moon good night to the stars hello to the pillow and my reat pad

Among souls of abundant wisdom Walk beside me for I am weak Forever learning the cures of silence Always testing the sacred ground

Sent to travel or kept in chains There is but one rule they say When I reach the end of journey Will my destiny have filled my dreams

I can tell you the instant I speak Only what ive learned till this moment Every corner and every passing fleet Brings a new test of truth

Ill be watching if you allow From your side from the now Whether searching or huddled away Or slowly sifting every blade

Now I drift through all the questions And try to settle self from within Analyzing every situation While all the pieces fall so thin


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a day on pine island woke up 10 ish set up a cot lent to me by iris melted in the sun for a bit went in and fed the cats cooked up some cakes for myself went out to the sun for a bit more drove down the road a peice to get my propane filled up stooped at the point to hang in the water a bit go back to the cabin take cloths from the laundry and take shower cruse to berts for fries and a coke while sitting barefoot on the dock drive to bos studio make a few calls score a gig at roselle library head to bunche beach for sunset grab some thai food brooks favorite chicken basil and head back to the studio make an addition to kraigs korner

with all the peace i have



contemplating anouthe r day or eve as it must be cause it was quite a day im hanging at bos studio in cape coral as he wigs on an acoustic im sitting at his dest tring to figure out where to start

tring to spill the events one by one would be impossable by now just today would be a handful perfect sky above down by the bay in downtown ft myers the art fair smoked folks and artist were all great were planning on doing some recording down here at bos if i ever get off the road long enough we did record a bit of dobro the othe night and it sounded great so we have a mission

ill be commking back to the midwest in april and i have to admit i do miss having a door inside a door to close but i figure it wil l always be there

did i say i love miami ido great folks and all kinds from every walk side by side it s been about a 12 hr day so im not typing too well not that i ever do but i think its time to hit the cabin down by the river that frank and his gracious wife have given to me on semi perma loan watch for the reunion of all systems go

thanks for listening

peaceful and easy



i dont ussually get this personall on my korner but i know alot of spiritual souls visit my site

my sis and my mom are both having serious hospital visits at the end of feb so please ask for your guides to help us get good results




4 am leaving ohare airport after a nice trip to chi town for a refresh met by scott to bring me back to my camper after reorganizing it was off to bo's studio to restock on cds and reconnect weith my friend and re evaluate our biz here on planet e

after pandjs and some green tea i was off for st augastine arrived at about 10 pm and set up camp and dinner for the eve by now im pretty gone got up early and set up fdor the fair i got some help from my new friends daniel and justin just after a sound check billows of smoke poured from the sub wolf due to bad ac there was no perfomance from me

i hooked up with my unbeleivable friend the regional manager of gtr center tony via phone hes shipping a new sub and will have me up and running by next week

i did take the kids who helped me throught the fort that ws built to protect the city before i left st aug

i went down to datona and met my good friend bill and sonnyt they let me stay with them and recoop by playing my tacoma gtr in the ir room until i felt better

nothing a good week wont fix

see ya on the moon

take a peice



wher to begin im sure to leave important events and meetings out because so much is going on took quite a while to make the drive from chi town to the southerern tip but all was well the weather really broke as i xsed the florida line so i pulle d over at the welcoming rest stop and did just that

miami kicked lost pwer in my bat on sun but the security guy at the college gave me a jump met jeremy and we swam at the university pool we barted our arts to eachother and i wound up witha very cool hand made picture frame he got every precious moment bo has allowed me in his beautiful studio for rests and were also planning on recording some on my dys off

the liquid cafe gave me there tip bucket it says tipping brings good karma on it then i got to play for berts on pine island right on the water with a buncjh of cool folks a little crackerish but very cool

lets back up i di the fishermans village in punta gorda thanks to my friend kathey that was so nice rudy kelly and rudy jr and kellys sis and of cource corol the peach head that was sent from an oul high school buddy tom was ther too carol convinved me to put toghether a bastard version of little martha i kind of like it thansk to amy for the frindship and help also before i forget awonderful photographer took some shots i can hope fully get up on the web

some main event s i almost drown off the dock of frank and cindys i flipped a kyak and i couldnt get it back around i was thinking to my self how weid it was tha t i was going to die on pine island oh well i dint and when i got on the water a dolphin went right past my kiak and did one of those blow hole things

the camper has had its little bugs to get worked out but of cource an angle by the name of erik came my way and fixed the shit out of everthing that needed help in the parking lot of my friends health store in ft myers

speaking of angles little dwight arived just as i had to break down after aa long week end in miami so i hired him on for the load out i think he was only abouyt 10 but he was special

to everyone who has taken me in and dusted me off thanks so much thanks to laureen back home for keeping the fort and glenna for the suport and matt my roadie for keeping things going

ill be on saibel if any one needs me

till then make peace happen kpk


ive got a lap top a cell phone a vw camper van some green tea and a bunch of guitars

im leaving soon for the sunshine state ill be in fla for 2 and a half mnths looking foward to seeing some old friends and ill be missing a few as well

it seems like forever i have been working on songs for the new cd but they are comming one by one and the y sound real nice

i did a new years gig in rockford il its called first night i played in a n old church just want to thank all you folks for helping me ring in the new year with such good company and thanks to andrew my roadie for a job well done

meet you in the new year just anouther day anouther chance to smile at eachother new years resolution to try to make each being you meet a bit happier than they were the instant before you came into their presance

peace to meet you



where do i start what a journey its a long drive out to colorado the camper van loves the highway but i have to admitt i got a bit tired

many thanks to my bro in law for the hospitality in denver after the long and strait road next tony buffalow from gtr center pulls through once again by setting us up with gear in town andt the folk at gtr center were so helpful and nice thanks fro the new brass slide doug

after the gear it was off to aspen it didnt help that i left my wallet in golden and didnt remember until i was nearing vail so i mret my bro in law half way back by the time i got to aspen it was snowing like hell and might dark and i was pretty tired of the road after finding out we were in the nicest hotel in aspen things took anouther turn

thanks to james at the hotel for all the directions pointers and phone calls ect.. the sun was shining the next day and it was like being in a winter scene from a christmas movie

now for the climax we weere off to vail for a couple of awsome gigs at the club chelsea dimond dave really knows how to run a club thanks to mitch as well

but the very best ids yet to come a day of sking with dimond and jim on vail mountain never before have i skied a mountain it was like being in gods house for an afternoon

shared the ride back home with my sis and we enjoyed the green house effect it must have been 60 in brewster kansas thanks to barbra for mailing my letters from the stuckys and yes i did enjoy the grilled cheese with grilled onions

nice to see the family in st louis thanks for copping the lap top bro kevin i suppose i have really stepped in now

walk in the peace of the light



last weekend i finnally got to experience the web the first web charlotts web it one of the most respected folk venues in the midwest its been going on for 30 years and run by the same karen my hat is off to her and all of the voenteers who beleive in live meusic jim and i had a spiritual night performing in the old memorial hall which was built in 1903 what a sound its like it had automatic pitch correction built right in the theatre

we love rock ford now and will probale move there and raise our children in acordance to the rockford life style

enjoy this day and every person you get a chance to meet



well its heading twards wintere here in the midwest but the warm winds are still hanging a bit im thinking we need to pay a bit more attention to this warming trend whats the worse out come wecould clean up the planet and find out we didnt do it for global warming

the front puorch was once again a lovely trip to good old indianna and once again i took the wrong way home and went right by gary on the skyway talk about clean up time i feel like im in a sciencefiction movie when i take that drive a scary one im so glad i got a chance to perform at the prarie center for the arts what a nice theatre and right next to my home town

i am still working on new tunes for the upcomming cd i know it has beeen a while and its been kind of tough on me to finish up tunes for a bunch off reasons but they are comming along

the title of the cd will be MAKTUB i stole it from the book the alchemist

peace to you and the world



where have i been since dixon mounds was quite the adventure always a nice croud out in the sticks of ill i spent the night on the holy indian grounds in my new camper van ive got pretty muckh every thing working in the camper now ecept havent got yhe frige to run off the propane its like having anouther small house to take carer of but im really going to get alot of nice trips in it

thanks for comming out to the steel beam in st charles il thats a very cute little place we have rebooked for april after this years trip to florida

looks like the gigs are filling up for the florida trip this year but if know any cool places in the sunny south drop me an email and ill investigate

imtaking the three peice ou to vail and aspen in mid dec details wil be on the web soon

pray for peace



dont look a tooth strait in the eye

thanks for the card deb

peace and prayers



now is time for prayers for all in the world who suffer from losssed due to war

world pease


recent travels spent some time in devils lake state park there is somthing in tha t water that cleanses the soul forever great memories

up to bill y wildmans white water ranck did some rafting and a great show on the porch so much magic thanks so much to billy and lisa for taking care of us and jimbo for comming up with the family to join me on bass

next out to vail co where my old friend dave andersen was as nice as can be to me ive known and played with dave for many years and its really good to see him suceeding in so many ways in life thanks for taking care of me dave dimond dave is also an old friend from the slice of chicago who works now at the club i played in vail. as always what a great guy

saw my old friend john who moved out to colo 6 years ago i think we slept together in a tee pee in palatine il it sort of feels like a dream being in vail so much beauty wealth distace weather fleese pretty people and abundance

dimond dave is talking about bringing the three peice out in dec so well see ya on the slopes or at the broken leg shop

back home or close to anyway two of the most stunning weather days ever street performing at on the water front in rockford il thanks to my trusty roadie matt for being at the air port right on time and getting me to the gigs with fresh cloths water and power bars

i dropped off some takes at dr caws before i left so now its back to work recording

enjoy life peace



finished up the gtr work on a new track like we used to ' i went into the studio with the rhythm section jim on bass and jeff on drums/percussion a weeek or so a go so ive been hard at work with all the over dubs i th8ik were off to somthing pretty cool

speaking of cool the weather has kicked into plesant gear here in the chi town area the moon is rising way early in the morn and looking quite precious in these clear skis im off to wis for a bit of camping then home then back to wis to perform at bill wildmans whitewater ranch then out to vail for a week in be tween trips ill be busy recording and finding more gigs any ideas on cool places to play let me know and well cut you a pecentage

beleive in peace



im on my way to dr caws studio to start producing new tracks wish me luck

by the way the beautiful place we played in rockford is called the klehm arboredum not nursery those of you who know me know i have constant mind skips its hard for me to understand how i can remember any of my lyrics

do i have any lyrics?

do go to the arboredum and taks a long hike through the buterfly garden

peace kpk


what a week im a bit exzausted but it has been most deffinately worth it the hoffmas est prairie stone and the klehm nursery were both bright and shinning gigs with natural light shows that could not be beat

at the klehm gig the flowers and gardens were beautiful and thanks to vickie for the golf cart ride throught the whole joint i willl have to go back and walk it soon the sun set as soon as we started the meditation and the moon was half full a quarter of a ways int o the sky

two of the finest out door settings in the area and we played them a day a part

ill be a t dr caws studio weed and thurs recording basic tracks for a new cd wish us luck we have 12 or more tunes for a disk

thanks so much for all the love shown to us this last week i really needed it to keep my levels up for all the shows now i would like a nice shrimp dinner

peace and all kinds of love to youall



st louis cool as hell the sheldon theatre has excellant sound we could have used a bigger croud but the vibe was great as suggested by a women in the audience i played the last song completly unplugged and it sounded great i hope to be back there soon

fox news pulls through once again thanks to bobbi and the folks at the station for having me back it really got the word out for the other shows in st louis i was on right after marlin perkins side kick thats right the wild animal guy was right across the room from me at the studio he let me hold the python

and then there was columbia il right across the river from st louis i di the library for the moms and their kids what a great bunch of people down there looks like ill be making anouther trip there some time soon. last stop was rend lake near carbondale il what a nice setting right on the lake as the sun was going down it was pretty hot but we toughed it out and i managed to grab a quick swim in the lake before the gig thanks to brother dan in st louis karen kenning for the great food and hospitality glenna for the suport and road help and all of the folks who keep me doing this music thang

see ya all soon pick a flight and get on board and dont get off dont wait for it to come and dont watch it all go cherish it now and share it with somone you love

keep the peace



so what do you make of it beauty its all around everlasting completely intoxinating right here in front of me

one sighn points to anouther and brings closer to realizing that the entire journey has been remarkable not one part of it missplaced or accidential

i need to talk sence to this new day and allow it to show me every inch of every blade every wakening of every babe

i can taste it like ripe watermellon leaned up against a tree or the openning of a window into a night breeze im free free to beleive free to see free to seek free to love free to smile free to share free to share smiles free to remember free to forget free to walk free to meet free to be met

free to love love



from dekalb to evanston ill anouther great week end i had a feeling things would be cool at the house there are a bunch of doable folks up ther in gods country i think well have to pay anouther visit in the fall but hey the fall is a bunch of summer days stacked on top of eachother from now so lets wake up today in the sun and enjoy

moving on to evanston revisited by the healer made me think how fast a year goes and how much we can go through never the less a very cool visit and alwys cool to hang with my artist pal mike whom ill see this week down on randolf st in chi town hes the guy who gives me all the shell stuff

what a crew we playe d for tonight the horizon summer camp hastings thanks for the t shirts thanks to jim and larry for comming out and playing their asses of thans to matt for luggin the equipment for free and well see you all next year thats how long it will take me to digest the hackney burger and veggie lassania

its not on the sched page so if your a feal fan you can find us this sat and sun at the randolf st art fair

love you all kpk


blow wind fromthe desert heat to the artic air

from across the ocean through her brown hair

collecting wisdom along the journey

for hungry souls to feed and share

love has wings and many destinies

please keep me in the path of these

never silence my joy to express

with every bit of love i am blessed


so when does a friend turn into a love or is it simotanyous? and when does a love turn back into just a friend or is the friendship the underated of the two why are we shown love and then forced to live with the loss of it trust the universe and your heart will learn from this journey follow your heart and the universe will reamin true

i miss you


chicago comes through in a big way i know ive been living in this drem land world of sea shells and beaches and love drops and sun soaked skin beneath warm moon lit skies but its wake up time chicago just kicked savere ass at the blues fest a record breaking year for steve matt and i and yes i do love chi town people from all over the world hanging with us at beautiful grant park with the sun shinning as th spray from the buckingham fountaian kept a cool mist blowing on us specia; thanks to mary ilene for all the help running for food and taking care of us its good to be home and play for such great folks




so what s goin g on im down in fla again and its suposed to be hot not its perfect and back here in chi town its cold and rainy lets get with the season here and warm up chicago we have the blues fest right around the corner

man the palladium theatre was fantastic thank you very much wmnf for having me out to st pete we had a great croud sold a bunch of cds and dave and tracy were cool as hell thanks to my new photo friend dimitri and his friend mark for the great photos that youll see comming up on the web the new cd and on some limited edition t shirts

i very much enjoyed the town st petee we spent a day just walking around i must mention the funky old packing house cafe its old florida and we sure have good times there and jr is not a bad guy either

its hard to beleive 6 hrs ago i was floating aon a raft of the beach o seista key well im home for a while and i think ill get back to some recording see ya down the road

thanks to amy dimitri mom and pop timothy wmnf randy and barbra jr packing house all the folks who came out and supported the music all the spirits and guides for making yet anouther trip quite a trip for me peace kpk


yes i did anouther 10 days in florida they had a really cool spring so it was like paradice for swimmers i hear its getting hot down there now so im going to arive for my st pete gig in a spedo right out of the air port just returned from osco and i picked up some photos from the trip some good shots well put them up on the web if i can talk the web master into it shot from the old pentax i bought when i was 18 that makes it over 28 years old

i saw thirteen different weather days today what a trip it is to watch the sky change minute by minute

we stopped by the feild of dreams while we were in diresville iowa mat and mel and i tossed the ball around on the feild we sat around and reminissed about all the dreams weve had and let go along the way it was quite nishtalgic i bought an apple juice from the souveneers shop a trip not soon to be forgotten

last chance to catch me in fla until fall so everone pack your things and hit the road and yes i think well be ok living for the day and kissing the night away

oh ya remember the sub dudes im openig for the lead singer this fri at fitzgeralds in berwyn il one last note a very cool friend is going to paint an owl on one of my gtrs in august so if for no other reason come to a shoe to see that

peaceful thoughts and dreams














on my wqy home from colorado tomorrow im a bit tired but the sights have been off the map thanks so much to heidi for letting me hang at her place in the foot hills of bolder and of cource kristi and jim for getting me in and out and all around denver i got some long time needed voice lessonds out here so ill be hanging around the house singing hey hey hey for a while ites very dry out here but the weather has been spetacular hanging in boldr is a trip what a mix match of people at the peral st mall they wouldnt let me plug in so so much for street performing the library auditorium smokes its a great little theatre

well its home for a week then off to fla again they like me down there we just sit on the pourch and talk about duane allman and how hot it is wmnf is allready pro mo ing the shaow at the palladiun theatre on memorial day kickin

meet you in the soonage dont need no coat or even rain gear just vegie plane meals and plenty of leg room

pease to ya



there is a warm wind blowing in the windy city tonight buds are happening and life is beginning again for all our summer friends its time to shed all the bagage and begin a new for our selves i think for me personally it would be a good idea to do that every day im soon off to my sister state fla then a dip into the mile high city to hang with the book worms just stopping in to say hi and share that life is good

i send you peace my friends



somthing has been running me in high gear its chill time and remember time

thanks so much to all the folks at the libertiy ville library for giving me such a nice recharge ya we all let life get the best of us sometimes and i really needed the boost love patiently carefuullly always love big and small without discuise and try to see though the blinding light

wishing you all love and light cherrish it and care for it piece kraig


its still cold up here in eauclaire i felt like i was comming on to an old ware wolf set when i puled of 94. the cabin has been a cool gig they are keeping me hostage for three night s up here man a little sun would really go good with my skin right about now i di dsome laps at the campus pool today that water in friggin cold everthing is cold up here itss a much bigger pool then im used to so i m really tired so its off to the excell inn one star hotel for a dry heat night of sleep riverside look out i should be in rare form by the time sunday aternoon rools around after the trip back late saturday good





and stair


what a nice show at the dubuque library waht a building lots of spirits once again joining us i always knew there was a cool spot to play in dubuque thanks mel and steve for the friendship and nice place to stay it wasso nice to han g with all you people and to top it off the beautiful weather to match the drive home i almost doosed a couple of times i thinkk it that damm time looking foward to those long days ahead see ya soon kpk


its been a quite nice week here opening for martin simpson in batavia the home of the big wind mill was fantastic got a new gtr stand out of the deal minus thirty bucks from one of the most sarcastic guys ive ever met he owns a music store in naperville called hicks any ways i got a call yestarday from my friends at wmnf tampa and i will be apearing at the palladium theatre in st pete now thats good news so i want all you crackers and snow birds to come out and check out this one its on may 26 hows that for a shameless plug back to the batavia show lots of spirits watching over us that night some from long ago this beautiful church was quite the kindered place to perform there were many performances going on at once in that place

im suposed to be recording so its back to the base ment for magnitisation

love and peace

kraig did i mention the company was grandious over the week end im so cared for


what a lovely morning hope it is for all of u as weel pease kpk


finding the midwest groove it seemed a little distant there for a while kind of swallowed up by the office and all the chatter about bizness and being a big star well ithink ive woken up from my short nap and im back on the rising

take me to the quiet place where simply being is enough alllow me to realize the power af a single true friendship give the past a rest because there is so much comfort in this moment

hey any one in the chicago area interested in helping me run my office ? email me

im just diggin the whole deal at this point byt he way i am back to recordng so ill keep youall posted


just back from a hike getting re aquaninted to my ever changeing friends walking over the last surviving sheets of beaton packed ice patches as the give way to the slightly warmer ground below . its the same wind just a bit more bite the same sun its just working a bit harder to cut through and the moon that never lets us down . ah the fimillyer midwest its never been like runnung into open arms of a love or even going out of its way to welcome me but its consistant and its reliable and ive grown used to its moods and i supose it will allways be a place i refer to as home wherever i wind up

its where you are not where you live

ill see you all in my fire peace kpk


whatever it was that rolled me out has rolled me back to the midwest again

im so completely taken care of by the planet and it inhabitants and i would like to extend my most sinceer gratitude toall these folks

in no specific order

to the hawks for guiding me down from the north to the sand my new friends in miami gina and mark for patching me up feeding me rehydrating me and sending me on my way to linda for bringing me to all the kids at mirror lake especially my body gaurd allen all the friendly artist i met along the way for the sun screen umbrellas and company my friends brooke and jeff for the back yard camping loading and unloading for my say at the swamp and the attempts to keeping me in line all the folks at hte liquid cafe of cource wmnf who had me on the air for two live shows and got the word out in a big way especially bill barbra and randy doc kelly and ken at the blue parrot in sarasota great chicken fingers thanks to timothy ray for the body tune ups and putting up with me for all the overnight stays and the good directions around town lets not forget deb for the fantastic photo shoot on seista keyto the spirits and the creator forr all the all the sunsets skies warm winds safe arrivals veiws and friendships gained and shared thanks kathy at fishermans village hope i wasnt too loud then there is rudy and kelly and rudy jr for putting us up in punta gorda the quietest streets in america brad at the black hawk pretty paula for keeping track of where i was and wasnt micheal the dude from the sweet bean who pulled through for us whaen we needed a doctor my only mom and dad for allowing me to pool off cool off eat drink and sleep and come and go through their palace like a gypsy in the night and beautiful amy for her spirit love guidence and smiles but not to forget the back home crew eileen thanks you so much for hanging out under grey skies ansering phones and telling all those lies to people about me to get me more gigs and of cource all your wisdom and love

may all this kindness find apermanant place in my heart so that i can share it along this incredable walk peace kpk


wher do i begin the gods have been guiding me like never before ive spent nights in in sancuaries amongst music hammoks special friends and the trees all the trees the stars all the stars no cars no plains big moons the gigs in florida have been fantastic im turning black from the sun and my skin smells like salt so much thanks for all the folks patching me up allong the way massages inspirational talks thankful prayers and friendship oh ya motercycle rides to the beach and sushi ive been so many places on the road and in my mind and im thankful for each trip keep living with all your heart and well all be listening together peaceful thoughts to all my guides and angles out here ya ya i know i sound like a jesus freak we'll mabe just a freak kpk


off again in the blue socker mom van these lungs and and face have grown tierd of the dry furnace air i need some humidy and im getting this feeling i might get it

i htink i need some celebration cloths like mabe shorts and a snorkle in january. or mabe just a pair of ray bands

so illl gig ill cam p ill write ihope and i m sure contemplate who knows mabe jeff and i will hava a game of naming super groups on one of outr road trips to tampa

hope to catch up with some of my southern friends and speak to the late night creature s who hang in the cypress swamps

hey what a bout a no car day one day a year where no one can use a car sure there would be some disaters but imajine the sound of the planet and how rested our right feeets would get

shoes are for industry i feel you near me

i found out there are lord kennings in england shalom kpk


havent been out here for a while

how are youall ive been off galavanting aroud this big old world and its all been good got a new office guy brandon hes doing a good job eileen has been making quite a few additions to the groveability of the whole deal as well

ive been reunited wiht my roadie matt were heading off to yes anouther borders books imajine that us a t a borders well its off to visit all youall crackers and snowbirds pretty soon illlbe hanging for quite a while this time at least enough time to defrost allthough x country sking today was might y fine

happiest of days to all and lets hang together for 2001 piese kpk


back home again what can i say colorado was perfect tony at gtr center set me up witha pa my sis and bro in law gave me a place to crash alizas helped with equipment and the folks came out and sent the vibes my way

we hung up in vail for a night and i did a gig with old buddy dave anderson what a gas diamond dave was way cool as allways we saw two shooting stars over the mountains on break

sold every cd i brought along so i guess thats about as good as that gets

hung out at a theatre in bolder for a show called e-town talked to sonny landreth for a while after the show what a nice guy and a fantastic musician well see mabe if im nice to those guys thell hook me up for a show looks like ill be around chi town for the next couple of weeks then its off to florida

the happiest of days ahead to all of ya see ya out there kpk


its a bit rainy here in the chi town but all is well and the greens are getting a cool drink seems like the recording boot camp never ends arvey and myself spent sometime in the basement last week working on stuff for the next arvey and kenniing blues cd its going to kill but it all takes time doesnt it

ill be cashing in for the night train so keep energy flowing my way and i promise to put it to good use and remember shoes are for industry

peice of cake


mellow sun down here inthe south of the states if you keep moving its possable to swim outside year long the colors have been fantastic in the midwest but i guess well be settling in for a winters rest happy halloween see ya soon

p e ac e kp]k


thank you time indeed people can really be nice things man ive gotten so much from so many latley i need to write them down

thanks to greg at s@k menswear for the dea l on the shirt and the unbeleivable price on the sub wolfer for the kick box ya see greg also works at radio schack

to patrick who works at borders in schaumburg for up gradeing the art work for the e p m cd

to denny at rauen gtrs in milwaukee for the make over on both my resonater gtrs

to doug my old pal for all the work hes done for the new poster due out very soon

to jason my god child for desighning the original poster and upgrading the splash page

to all the folks at en route music in janse ville wi especially bill for re wiring the sub wolf

to bob hartman for loaning me his vintage gtrs for recording

to universal slim for loaning me gtrs for recording

to bill my roadies uncle in law for loaning his tele and twin reverb

john the crc in colo springs for aranging my borders tour in dec

to our new friend at the sushi restaurant in streamwood for staying open late to make us california rools

to the creator of all the fantastic weather weve been so lucky to enjoy

peace kraig


just laid basic tracks with larry ortega and jim seidel for the up comming 2nd kenning and arvey blues cd we dont have a release date but we ve begun the tracks sound great so far sloppy drunk a blues version of us blues and the mike jordan song sweet on sugar we play that one alot live with my guys

so the sky is reaching down and kissing outr cheeks here in the midwest it doesnt get any prettier than this ecept of course her face shinning in the light standing under ill be down in st louis soon then its over to springfield for an indian summer fest thats whats new pussy cat

peas more peas please kpk


just wanted to say thanks to all the little angels at blair school for hanging with me today

even though i did have to get up early


winnabago was a smash nothing like hanging out in the middle of a forest perserve outside of rockford doing what i do which hopefully translates into some form of open communication.

what a croud a big thanks to dan and jennifer who got me the gig to begin with thanks to the owls for being there on our after gig wind down walk just as i began to question the worth of it all

fri night was cool as well emmetts in dundee il check this place happy b day number one to little jack

back to sat night if your in the rockford area check out the severson nature center they are doing concerts regularly and its a great place to hike i think you have to be special to get to do it at night

ill be back and forth to rockford ill and devils lake wi all week so take a deep breath and then a nouther

ill be in the studio 5thurs working with a piano and organ player for a couple of new tunes im excited about the new sounds were waiting for some good enviro tips from you all keep the peace kpk


the gods smiled down upon us as we traveled the white water of the peshtigo river. stunning stars at night black woods beond our fires light peaceful walks with no cars in sight thank you bill and lisa for allowing us to stay at your wonderful ranch thanks to my special friends who allowed me to have the quiet and most peace ful birth day i have disapeared and come back in a different light


ever have a song in your head that just would not go away ever have a song in your head that you hear over and over so much that you cant sleep thats me right now

we recorded basic tracks for a new song run with the wind last night. its scarey good. larry ortaga on percussion and big jim on bass. i cant find the stop button in my head mabe ill try meditation

peaceful dreams kpk


what a night as we have many times recent ly loaded the van well mainly matt does the loading but im there and as asupervisuall suporter we both expel huge quanities of energy

my point is weve been hauling extra stands mikes heavy sh--t boxes wires chords xtra chords attitudes and all kinds of impliments in order to record live shows well up until now they have all turned out pretty damm medi oker tonight on the other hand we got some great stuff yes the three piece and all of you were captured on tape magnatized as steve eral would say

sooooo we have a new page on the site it s called new cd but will soon be called unreleased somthing or anouther we will feature a bunch of tunes as they come in i think youll like some of this so any one who has asked me for live stuff over the years it onit s way

on anouther note thanks for all the vibes tonight im not just saying that i really felt at home playing and you guys turned that borders into a small concert

right the suchoin on good to see the necklace dude yvone and some old faces lets all go fishing or just sit by the water and imajine we were without acually hooking any thing through the jaw

rock throught the night and dream nice

peeeeeza kpk


did ya see the africian sunset on sunsay like the jewl to a necklace worn by the gods

equaling its performance the full moon once again making its appearance from the east

good company big skies and veins packed full of love to all ofyou my friends

looks like colo davenport desmoins will all be added to our early winter schedual

$eazzzzze kpk


from kansas to milwaukee to libertyville to ottawa to milwaukee again i hope the jack russel is at my next gig if he was mine and i could take the time to care for him id call him rag muff rag for short



i remember somthing special last time i heard the rain behind the whisper aguided light

there was a voice kind to my heart

forgiving and free lyng beside me

with the shadows of drops falling at my feet

i watched as life rooled beneith

to know love is to acept the pain and know it s woth every cent thats paid

i remembered someone special last time it rained


the mississippilaid quiet like a deep lake witha sheet of glass covering its borders inviteng any one brave enough to slip into tis belly and ride its current to be swalled by the darkness and fog

never have i seen her so calm but it seemed to enhance her strength like a crater full of slow mooving lava unstoppable

prairie du chein is most deffinatly a beautiful little spot and the praire dog blues fest was a marathon gig for steve myself and matt we started setting up at 11 am and tore down after 1am then we invaded cit carsons camp fire until 3 then it wqs on the road back to streamwood il

lots of great folks out there and the cd sales take an all time record for a blues fest thanks everone !

it was a little overwhelming but in a good way to see my god child sara (kits daughter ) fot the first time in 20 years she looks just like her mother funny how that happens well im a bit out of sorts gonna t ake a couple of days to get back with my clock but thank you everyone all you tent people for hangin with us we had a great time

good to see ya carol and tell kate she is a crazy one but me and matt agree she grows on y a

harepeice kpk


its off to wher e the mississippi meets the wisconsin well be hangin on the big muddyfri day night the dobro is restrung and the oil is fresh so i guess there is nothing stopping us just got back from the east coast we watched a whole lot of water come down for a couple of days ever notice that the trees are fatter on that side of the range

round and round is nearing its finall round in the studio well have a version up on the music page in a week or so were doin g some basic tracks for three new tunes on mon so it looks like its back to work in the recording world

were planning on recording the whole day at the blues fest in wis this week end

dont miss the love that waits for you every day dont mistake this day as just a passage to the next dont wast time waiting on a cure live for the second that stands in front of you


hope no one missed these last two days of moon beam matt and i just rooled in from rend lake somewhere between here and there southern ill

its got a hole lot on st louis in my opinion but never the less the folks were fine in those parts as well as i played we watched the sun set behind me over rend lake and sure enough the moon came up in front of me minutes later

my advice is to walk strip down and let the light paint your skin and then walk again screw the lawn and the garbage pick up forget about the day gig and the have to apointments hang with your love and make it happen

peaceful thoughts for you my friends


here i am back in the corner it looks a little scarey from here im a bit bunched up and sort of squished in

i can see oportunity in front of me and to both sides but my back is firmly up against the wall with caution its back to the moon and all of you it wont be the last time we all make it through

if you have love to spare send it about so those who need a fix can fire it up

be honest to your self and everone you meet and allow what must come your way weather pain or extasy

my love will allways be given no one can take that away sleep right everyone and please send some dreams my way and i promise i will return the favor


peace to my friends ive had a tough week how are you all doing not to say there havent been any miricles happening just thet ive been a little blinded latley i had a dream i was with michael hedges a couple of night s ago we were hangin at a big restuarant bar and when they started asking peple for a cover charge the all left it did nt seem to bother mike too much ithink thats because it was my gig he just kept fooling with the eq on all the gear anyway it was nice to hang with him for a while

i did play a very cool bar / restarunt in dundee il its called emmetts you all know i dont dig bars too much but this is like a mini park west well be back there in sept i highly recomend it

keep the moon in your eyes and the sun on your brim untill imeet with you again


its been raining its mostly been real nice rain warm and friendly rain so many gigs all running together from wing park on the solstice to the only dry or sort of dry tent at the downers grove heritage fest matt and i my as well move into the van for a while i know i said there was a new tune almost finished and it is were goin to do some mixing on it on the 3rd il put some samples well bro kevin will if all goes well its a cool tune and weve turned it into a sing along for the live shows hope to see a bunch of ya in davenport ive got a new tune called iowa i can lay on them keep your hands out for your friends and your eyes open for new ones peice of aXX <<<>>> how do you do that smile thing



thank you for the magnificent light show blackend sky to the east a backdrop to aperfect rainbow

to the west aburnig sun blured by sheets of warm rain mountains of clouds huver above the horizon blowing to the north

finally after the burning amber surrenders to a cool blue grey the day away from a full moon apears above the tree line and takes over for the eve

what a gift


round and round we all go sure sounded nice at the bartlett library with all my back up singers good job and yes what a pleasure to see my old friend mary once again bumped into my lod friend larry as well we did some crazy stuff in the way back

speakin of round and round we are almost done with the recording of that tune we plan on mixing what we got on the third of july so look for it on the site im not sure what well do with the new tunes were workin on but im sure thell wind up some where im sure wll all wind up somewhere i wish i knew how to sing that dicky betts song rain because id be doing it we sure have had some the greenage is lookin good and i have been doing some planting with the help of northland preanual farm and of cource cindy

well i hope all your gardens are strengthening and changing with the seasons for some reason i feel lucky this morning

pease of the action ray


nothing like a cresent moon to remind me of how special the nights can be . outside in may playing under the stars thinking of whos here and who im missing .we let the tunes ride worked real hard and watched anouther day and night pass thanks for the gifts for the friendship for the wisdom and the chances. sweet dreams


whata nite im out in colo springs it was a great gig nice folks good sales and some ok sushi afterwards nor like the chi town sushi any ways i went to drop melody at dennys andshe finds a sick pigion on the road in front of the joint i asked her if i should run it over it looked like it was in a lot of pain she would not have it she wqtched the bird i got the phone book we hooked up with some ausome folks at the all night work on animal place and scott dana and kevin knew the scene evidently its pretty common for these birds to get a hold of poisen corn they liked us so we were invited in on the whole deal i sprung for some live slide in the operating room it it ended with a happy ending we met some cool folks cured the bird and saved melody from a trajec evening i never thought id see a pigion get its stomach washed out


round and round we all go getting some interesting email guest book additions and snail mail as even some unusuall phone calls chill now its just me and i keep changing right along with the rest of us i think there must be some kind of a built in leveler in our worlds somthing that wont let uds swing too far in one direction kind of keep s us in line well on the high side that new coffee shop we stumbled on in naperville il the fat bean is very sweet thank you to the folks who showed to the newspaper women and their cameras and of cource the owners of the fat bean nice organic tea to go its early in the morn and i just got back from caws where we were doing a vocal comp on my latest recording round and round next ill send it off to john rice for some string stuff then well put it on the web and see what you thihk we started recording live showa a coup;le of weeks ago and there comming out pretty good well work the bugs out and see if we can throught a few of them your way via the site i headie d out to colo rado so i hope to see ya all on the mountain with the sun on our backs warm socks on our feet and good food in our bellys LIGHTEN UP BAMBI AFTER ALL I DIDNT NAME YA


who would have thought i would be doing a bunch of librarys at this point or any other point imust say both jim and i have been severly enjoying performing at these unique acurences think i need a spell check onthis thang mabe the webmaster will hook me up so lots of folks of all ages been coming out and the connects have felt real nice so dont think its too square to join us who knows you may even catch me starting to read spring is comming up like a storm on my heals with lots of healing to do life has its ways of screaming at us until we react as allways thanks for your thoughts and rest assured they are not going to waist see ya ont he next wave


so we have been to desmoines and davenport the mississippi valley blues folks were quite nice to come out to the borders in davenport and a special dose of poetry between the sets matt was quite the roadie on outr first out of town venture together we spent fri night in a office park parking lot at about 3 am he was abduckted by some kind of a white light it did nt seem to have any adverse effects excepth he did sleep in his swim suit starry night s in des moines is a hip littlle joint chuck was very cool been spending alot of time outside the early summer was no t to be waisted even though i probable lost a bunch of gigs for blowin off the office the cd i produced and recorded for jay kaiser is done and i have started a new tune called round and round it s a little dark but what the hell welll put it up on the site whaen its dne on a nouther note send some of those smiles this o ways times are surely changing


and yes big thanks to my friend bruce for all the help loaning me the pa while i was in floridaand the hair dooo


well im on my way back to do some crass country sking back in chi town florida was a nice break but i did work my ss off i found a great massage dude down in sarasota acually he found me he left a free session as a tip and he turned out to be a life saver his name is timothy ray laber look him up if u need helkp my favorite friends in the south brook and jeff were as always fine companions and keep the spirits alive while on the road thanks to jeff for taken all the long raod trips with me they would have been alot lonleyier without ya miami has turned a corner in my book i have bad memories of the place but we washed themaway at the art fest and yes we did through some money out the window on the way home to celebrate the good fortune check out the blue parrot if your in sarasota the owners are vey cool the food is good and when i was playing the music was too i got to hold one of duane allmans old guitars for about an hour good vibes there its off to des moins ia and dekalb il hope your all rockin easy peasen happiness kpk


watch out now take cover beware of moons that linger full moons on the winter solstice all eyes ears souls and feet to the sky


oh ya started recording some more acoustic blues stuff with good friend steve arvey so we will have anouther blues cd out in the future its sounding friggin great raw and in your face well post some when we mix a few


watch out now take cover beware of centurys unfolding and christmas cheer discusied in a way out ive been to fla since we last had a serious conversation its seriuos because im the only one who transmits seriously screwed up as allways the sun greeted me and the moist air healed my throat and skin igs went real nice in sara sota and on the radio in tampa i did some twilight sleeping on the beach in sarasota kind of a strange thing to fall asleep in an army sleeping bag on a sun soaked beach to wake up to this rightious moon overhead im just not used too that much sky well do ur do it right try not too get too caught upin expectations we can only be as much as we can be and that is as close to a miracle as needs to be be good to eachother and eachother will be goood to u pace yourself your only running out of time piece kpk


what a great time out in gods country yes i mean dekalb il lori and shawn really send out the fell goods and the folks who hang there made my night thanks for masking the cd release perfect see ya again dekalb


soooooo here weare again im finnally out of the basement but guess what idig that place more than ever now plans are to keep recording now till my ears fall off im diigggin it well its about 300 hundred degrees in chi town and it haloween thats kind of scarey no t that i cant use the late fall tan just kind of wondering when winter is comming im thinking that its cool to be far from returning into any kind of normal condition so lets enjoy the moment thats right you are a superstar


ya man everprecious moment is now out of the can and in the box extra special pacaging on this one with a book ful of the events which have come and went mobile print out did themselves this time imust say im glad steve still gets pro mo cd s in the mail from his agenting days cause thats where we got the proto type for this cd package i just spent some time back in the basement and rather enjoyed it the studio is slowly becoming a good friend so if i live to be a hundred and fourty and stick with it i should have it down see ya aat the cd release or mabe somewhere on the streets as allways happinessssssss


ok ill try this one more time this might sound a bit tired thats because ive written this two other times and we had some comp problems so i was the only one who got to read it colo rado was just fine and nice the borders shows went great and thanks to dwight all the needs of a needy person like myself were met with the most gracious style it was nice spending time with melodie whos young mind give s me hope in your future the weather was great that is on the days i was gigging as soon as we had a day off it turned into winter for a while every precious moment the new cd is done thank god and all his helpers its nice to be able to breath again and not smell tape head s burning in the air i will be gining to dist them in 8 days were going to have a party so check the schedule page for the anoucement the web site is about to change quite a bit bro kevin management has been hard at work upgrading the site and it will be unvailed as soon as we get the cds 8 days sooooo ihope ual dig the new old tunes and well keep the pot boiling hoping to conjur up some more ecuses to fall away from the day to day well talk soon piece kpk


i dont really know what to say this part of the journey has come to aan end im putting down the last track of gtr for the new cd which has become a very old friend tomarrow u heard me right the cd is basiclly done we have to mix at dr caws but weve been mixing all along so it wont taake that long i ve been told its about a thirty day max wait for the cdes to be replicated so were looking at late sept . im real excited and a little confused as to what life will be like without this giant world of the un known bieng slowly built from inside of me im thinking on taking a trip if i can fit it in since i gave up my two weeks here in aug to finish this thing in a week to two we should have lots of new samples up on our new cd site and probable an order form thanks for waiting and keeping me giong for what seems to have been a very long peeece of life kpk


just got back from somewhere in the middle of ill.close to havana got myself some home grown maple syrup from finks grove and cruised a while on old rt 66 the gig at the dikcson musseium was extra cool a nice little theatre in the middle of a beautiful peice of this planet some times we just have to open our eyes to seethe and smellthe roses ive done a few little town s in Ill the last few weeks and snuck up into wis a little too even swasm the mighty missisip i ve givin myself till the end of aug to complete the recording of the new disc so were on home streach

as always thanks for all the posativeness kpk


well ithas been a long time ive been hiding out a little bit things have beeen spinning quickly and im holding on pretty tight been meeting lots of wounder ful folks all over this summer just got back from wis with steve we did a blues fest and i got to swim in the big muddy missisip got to hang on a real steam boat the heat has been giving our shows a bit slower effect but ive enjoyed all the sky shows the new cd is creaping right along i promise it will be worth the wait thanks for all the energy that you have been sending my way ive really needed it buckle up and enjoy the ride even the rough spots peeeeeeeece kraig


just stepped in from a bath in the warm summer rain its really not that warm but reatively speaking it is the spring was fantastic herr in chi town and starring into the stars above lake supieor wasnt bad either ill be hanging at dr caws studio tomorrow putting together mor e of the peices of the awaited now remember its the journey that thrills its the ride that entices its the un ceartain ty that arouses so we have to not make such a big deal about the arrival so whens that godam cd going to be finished ?{+:LK*(())_{{""GBHNJMK


sometimes we run too fast twards change and catastrophy occur but in the mean time we live sometimes we stay safley idle and even bigger catastrophys occur and in the mean time


the full moon brrought me good luck old friends with new faces reapearing jump starting my beliefs and stimulating my dream state if i had someone someone really worth while id take her to springfield enjoing the un beleivable maddness of spring if i could freeze time for a bit this would be it spend time with the ones u care about and let them know no matter what the cost




im back in the basement mon i will go to the big studio and do some mix downing feels good like the tunes are spilling out sort of like honey slow but sweet the moon is cranking tonight im sure there is alot of goodenergy to be soaked up back to work now thanks for all the pos vibes from uall well see if it comes full circle i wish i would have paid more attention to my teacher in typing class must have been those weird cigarettsbefore zero hour that blured my vission so much to learn for such a slow learner


i know your starting to not beleive that there will ever be a new cd out but as the blood and sweat pours to the floor i swear its on its way we have been getting alot done lately about 5 tunes are near complete pretty soon well have some more samples on the newcd page im sick of the basement somone please get me out of here even when im on the outside i see these walls and here the last riff i was workin on this is the life i know lay around write songs and think of traveling to exzotic places nextttttttt spring is back


its 4 in the morning and the birds are allready up reminds me of the old days or is a reminder of the days to come just finished rhythm tracks for the siong every precious moment i know there has been some folks asking about this one well so far so good il be hanging aroud the chi town area for most of the summer but i am lookin g foward to the folk fest in the great north woods north land college my favorite folks last time i was there i was getting a foot massage within the first 10n minites of my arrival hope everone has dug our two blu moons in a row

hopecan be an excuse to not face the pain of the present but


i know it s been a while been to iowa been to st louis been busy ive got a new tune almost finished it will be showing up on the newcd page sooooon its a bit of a rocker with a strong acoustic flavor its called katy local hero studio musician john rice helps out onnhtis one the winter wasnt half bad here in the midwest infact it was quite beauitiful the shows have been great and i want to teell u all who have been coming to these event and witnessing the rollercoaster ride were on thank thaknk thank uuu it been a gas to hang and meet with ya peisce kpk


so the blue moon is hidden by the chicago clouds dont unde estimate the power just because its not in full veiw


ATTENTION anyone know anyone interested in doing a little roadie work this summer looking for someone who lives in the chicago area (nw suburbs is where most gigs are)wh0 is interested in setting up pa stuff for me and the band easy work no beifits and no retirement plan but surrounded by love and music must have a drivers licence and perferable a car email me at

well im back from anouther trip to the moist oxegenated air of south florida it was a good deal the weather gods smiled down on me the whole time i was gone.m/,.n,b. ive got a new tune im real happy with im going to have my good friend dr caw produce it it may even make the new cd cut ill be heading out to gods country next week thats right back to iowa keep the good vibes alive and if u can spare any send them my way peise kraig


99 came in with a bang couldnt ask for a cooler gig did first night in aurora and a whole lot of love and spirit filled our room we delt with the cold hung together let the music soar and watched the new year creep in the fireworks at midnight topped it off and not to forget the almost full moon hanging in full veiw ill be heading back to florida soon for a couple of weeks keep the smiles tender words close we could all use a bit of kindness peeeeeeeese kraig


im hanging up here in eau claire wi one more show to go ive been suntanning outside of the dorms watching everone walk up this huge hill its hard to beleive its this nice of weather in dec in wis hope its not the greenhouse thang im looking foward to returning to the dungin for more recording when i get back to chi town be nice to eachother a smile sometimes is all it takes peeece kraig


have we all been gazing into the dec moon i think everyone in the midwest has been spending alot of time with the warm winds ill be in wis con sin soon then off again to fla im hopeing to get back to some writting on the road i ussually find the solitude for writting keep sending the good stuff my way and well keep eachother on track peeeese kraig


the hollidays are apon us but isnt it kind of weird isnt every day sort of a holiday if your in the right mood it is and if your not in the right mood on a holiday its worse than a regular bad day tonight has been a great one had the drummer and bass man over tonight and got some good old fashon groves recorded the schedule is filling up and im begining to feel like i work too much but when the gigs go good it all seems worth while just wanted to pass some of these good vibes out there to any one who needs a few peeeese kpk


its late and im a little burt out spent most of the night working on slide tracks for the new cd been using a guitar that was custom made for me by tim scheerhorn it sounds un be leavable we have been using larry on a small drum kit for the three peice lately it gives the show a little more edge to it the people at borders have to hold on to there books a little tighter i hear were in for some big changes as we continue our journeys so stay with it and trust your hearts peeeeeeese kraig


hello friends im way down near the cypress trees florida has been interesting this time even more so than usuall met with some management people who work with lenard skynard and the likes and we all got along imagine me getting along looks like the e3nd of the huricane mitch just blew by and im about to do the same ill be heading to beauitiful dekalb ill tomorrow i hope ill still get to see this big old moon once in a while just before comminm down i did an opener in front of james mccmurtry at schubas in chicago john rice says im not allowed past lawrence but he must have been doing a session for miller or somthing thank u chi town the show couldnt have been much better. peeese kraig


It's been a very very long time since I've been able to chat with you computer geeks in this highly modifiable world in which we pretend to live in. Summer's always busy, and this one's no exception, been here and there and back here again. And somewhere in between I've been finding some time to completely enthrall myself in home recording. I must admit if my guitars were worth less I might have smashed some against the walls by now. As I become hipnotized by click tracks and repetitive finger picking of acoustic guitar, the hopes that this will all be worth while when the new CD comes out, by now the CD seems very old, but again in the hopes that this is all worth while. As always, one of the giant perks of being a musician is meeting wonderful people along the way. Spent some time in Platteville at the campus. Spent some time at Northland, UW Wisconsin. All good vibes from all good people. peeesceeeeeee kpk


hey can u beleeve it weve finished a cut fo rhte new cd well finish up the mix this week per haps well have the webmaster bro kevin put some of it on the site things are staying real and busy watching it all go bye is quite a rushin itself dont run the air too much its bad for your clinching teeth peece kraig


Can you believe it? This week I will have pretty much finished one song for the new and upcoming CD, Every Precious Moment. That's right, Cocaine Girl is almost done, and I have to say even as picky as I'm getting I think this one sounds pretty damn good. There's been some nice advantages to recording at home and using some of the fine studios around town to help out. You've got your own weather so we won't talk about that. See ya. KPK


anouther bluesfest has come n gone record sales this year even if it was a little cold out there called on an old friend for some bass work on cocaine girl john pazdon and we have some live in the studio takes from the wiil radio show tonight ill be back w jim seidel on bass working on some more tracks one of thes days


Okay, what's been happening? Me and Jim Seidel, the bass man just recorded up in Kenosha, WI for the WIIL broadcast which will be on Sunday night, the 7th. Made some good friends at the studio, let's see what's the name of that place? Oh, yeah, Renwood Messenger. They got it going on up there, man.

Gave us an idea to possibly do some live recording in the studio, of course, for the upcoming CD. We were thinking about calling the next CD Troubled Waters, until a friend of mine started singing immediately, "Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

Well, it's hot out, and we're working alot, and we're sure to get suntanned here in the midwest. I only hope it will last until I can get down to Florida in October because God knows I don't want to lose that beautiful brown skin.

Anyways, hope your lives are all cruising along in a particularly good way and practicing biofeedback is a good thing.

I'm thinking about getting one of those monitors permanently hooked up to me for stress management.

Piece, Kraig


really digging the summer weather were having heree in chi town looks like cocaine girl wiil be the first new song to be completed for the new cd alot of the bugs have been worked out of the at home recording process now its just hard work and soul searching peace kraig


its raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining


now this is why i live in the midwest for aroma therapy you just have to walk out side everything is cranking the skies cant make up their minds and migrants are crosing the country.its a little hard to do working kind of things though so kick back and enjoy the spring


saw the sun rise fromthe farm feilds of indiana last saturday after playing the columbus blues fest with steve arvey hes a rare bird i would wake up from my sleep in the back seat and we would be at some stange truck stop then he would get out and leave me for a while come back drive for a while and start all over again.just got back from wi today i need a rest from the car it needs a rest from me to


well here i am up in gods country dekalb ill the sun is shining and so are the people helping out with tonights show well be doing a duo just jim seidel and myself ithink i can see the sun at least i think thats what we used to call it last year i keep recording and learning what a life i think ill have a drink on second thought mabe just anouther sip of this arizona tea w ginsing peese kpk


Hello everyone! Last weekend the Vail Street Cafe was rocking. Thanks to the awesome audience. I'm heading up to Wisconsin tomorrow. All the way up to Northland, Then down to Oshkosh. Looking forward to some tall pine trees, fresh air, dark starry nights, fast highways, and inspiring conversation. Working real hard on the new CD. Should be done sometime in the next century. Peece, Kraig00000000000000000000


just back from desmoines iowa. very cool trip thanks to the wenzels for taking care of me i even hada pork on i was in iowa they grow em right there i had a record sale for a borders gig the people there were very fine hey the sun is out so what am i doing staring at all these typing hurts my hands way more than dobro playing c ya in nashville pease kraig


well mery whatever the ___it is .. been here and there . wejust keep learning dont we too bad its not howe to type what type are we any way ive been ?tioning that lately wellits off to des moin this weekend i wonder if elninyo the new weather god will grant us some sun in the midwest im begining to feel like a shroom. let the world know who u are then give us a break. drink it up every last drop peice and gloves everyone


south florida isreallly rocking tonight. just finished a blues show w/steve arvey at the sweet bean cafe.what a croud.anouther week and ill be back braving the chi town weather.go can they loose w/ payton as qb miss ya if i can see ya if i do peese kpk


get a ride find hwy 75 and drive south


im sorry to say we lost anouther one. John Duich deffinatly the finest chicago based blues player ive had the privilage to know.a very talented and giving dude.John ill miss ya.ill speak to you with my songs over the ocean. look out for us now will ya .thanks for the music. peace kraig


what a bash. we raised $1500 cash that will be turned into jewel gift certificates. add tons of coats hats and gloves. we got a 500 dollar donation for used clothes store from a wcbr listener. also 50 pair of brand new gloves from a catholic org. allright allright thank u thank u! special to the tribune and cltv! peace kraig


here we go again.its twoorthree listening to old dylan takes me right back to that strange dudes house where we all sat on the floor.was that really the same life as the one im living now? just unloaded the van from anouther unbeleivable spiritual xmas bash!how much did we make?unmeasurable impossible to calculate.deserving of glad to have time to share w my family and friends who have become the same.i wish u all some wonderful spirit ive got alot left over from tonight im sending it out piece peace pice kraig


last week was a treat.hung out w/ james mccmurtry.what a song writter.I played on tommy lees show at wcbr 92.7 right after james and what do u know ha d alot of cbr listeners at the schaumburg show hey anyone know the iowa area?im looking to fill a fri in feb in the des moins area have dobro will travel peice kpk


i'm a little sad and a little confused. a friend, and big influence of mine recently checked out. michael hedges will be missed. i know the sadness is selfish. i'm sure he has moved on to much better horizons. thanks for the inspiration

speaking of inspiration; i recently recieved a hand made book from some new fans in ft myers florida. a big thanks to ms c's first grade class. this is one of the best gifts i've ever gotten. thanks for the re-fill...peace kraig


Life is moving right along Gigs have been perfect and i feel good about the at home recording were doing.Take a look up once in a while.Last night was happening piece kraig


our first snow came yestarday i celebrated by x country sking by the moonlight. of course i got lost but then again when am i not weve finally got a good acoustic gtr sound up for rec so its time to get to work. the gourmet coffee shop in deKalb was a gas lots of cool folks out therre peace kpk


the moons been lovley andnow were waiting for the snow seasons fly by especially when u spend time on the road. settling back now with this eves cup of tea washing into tomorow with a spoark in my eye


well well backin chi town ./Ill be back in the studio mode as we aproch the new year...florida went great and shell se me again in jan cya kpk


im heading out in a few minutes via united. its kind of hard to leave this beautiful night chi town here i come 1! lots of contcts made down here and ill be back in jan. oh ya im in florida. peace seeking human kpk


hey everybody i/mdown here in s florida1! the sweet bean was sweet on halloweeen. ive been swimming everyday and giging every night. ill be back in chi town soon all is quite nice peace kpk bye now


Got too hangout w/ anders before the show yestarday. we talked alot and just mabe we might hook up on some acoustic gigs in the future ,..JAM prod were on the gig and seemed real interested in kenning +co for future shows mabe some big openers1/1.we werwere also aproached by ahip chicago radio live show peace+soulllllll...kpk


last nights shoe w/muriel ANDERSON wasfantastic not only is she a great picker but a wonderful person a special treat when she called me up to do anoncor w/ her i took her through a wild version of walkin shoes 99(CLASSICAL blues)?!"still recording at home checking out alot of mikes lately ivebeen sitting indianstyle on my office floor doing vocalssssssssss pe ac e kpk


well it's cold now. /time to go to Florida, but I'll be around Chicago enough this winter. Just played a new club in Palatine called AMICI cjjjCoffee and more. Check it out. I'll be back there in December. Great atmosphere. All ages. AND NO SMOKING venue. AFN (all for now) kpk


okI STARTED RECORDING SOMEruffs for the next cd./ cocaineGIRL +mystery of life sounding pretty good same old problems listening to yourself tomuch1...were going for a real simple sound that talks to the heart not too much lovey dovey stuffr if any afn peace kpk


yes anouther outstandingshow at DONAVONSsweet JUNES JOINEDby JImseidel on standup bass and a greatcroud.who would have thought willmington could shine so bright/';lookingfoward to the xmas bonfire next show AFN (allfornow) kpk


hey webbers remember lowel george?he used to coment/ on all his records never.using;properpronuncation.or spelling well he's gone nowso Iguess its myturn'colorado was hep special thanksto DWIGHT forroad mgn=inspiration idid manage to get altitudesickness 2wice next stop is florida end of oct gounited!ruben have started groundwork for the next cd yesLOTS of the shinnyguitar

we will record in my home and mix at DRCAW studio I know he cant wait to see me? peace+love kPk

I would like to personally thank my bro kevin for putting together this awsome site

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