12/23/98 - Bill F. -

I saw my friend Bryan Duddles checked out your site. It was cool cause I needed his e-mail address. Looking forward to seeing you and Polly and can't wait for the new CD. Peace..

12/22/98 - brendan -

kraig, i saw you play on december 19th and you were amazing. i play guitar myself and your show totally changed the way i looked at music and the guitar itself. u truly inspired me. thanx.

12/22/98 - Bryan Duddles -

Hey Kraig, excellant site. I did the watercolor for Will's "Original from the ground up" advertisement. Will recommended I come here, and I'm glad he did. My wife and I really miss seeing you two play. When will you have a gig in Colorado Springs.

12/07/98 - Beth Kotecki -

Love your music!! Saw you at a dive bar in Wheeling!!

12/06/98 - william evans -

I was competitor at brevard,got see some of my heros,tut taylor,brozman etc.I met you there,and enjoyed you playing hope all is well and maybe we gig together someday,which would be a honor for me .I am here in geogia giging around atlanta i play square dobro in a band with some muscians take care of yourself william evans

12/05/98 - Bob & Brandy Nelson -

Hey Kraig we haven't seen ya in a while but we listen to all your CDs often. The sad part is we're moving to Dallas on the 29th of Dec. Hopefully you could make it down that way some day, or maybe we'll just have to drive up to Fort Collins Co. to see you again.


12/04/98 - shelly -

feeling a little full moon fever here in geneva...thinking of you as i gaze upon the Bella Luna and thank you for the oh so beautiful musica tape- you changed the name to Sherry? ah how quickly we forget my friend,


11/30/98 - Christer Lund -

Hi, I come from Norway. And I am looking forward to meet you and Steve Arvey, the next time you are in Norway. You must come and play at Hunndalen Bluesclub.

My homepage is http://home.sol.no/~christel And Hunndalen Bluesclub: http://www.tonico.no/hbk

Looking forward to hear from you.

11/26/98 - Ron Mack -

Slide guitar is great! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you Florida.

11/25/98 - Jari -

Hi There!

I just found Your site; Nice and Cool!!!

Acoustic Blues with Steve Arvey - Can't Be Satisfied demo is quite good; Hope the rest of CD is same high quality.

All the best t. Jari from Finland A BIG 4W (Waters, Walter, Williamson, Wolf) fan...

11/21/98 - Rob Kenning -

Hope to hear some of your music some day.

Good web site

Best of Luck for the future.

11/10/98 - Nathan Jones -

What's up,

It was good to catch up. I'm checking out your web site. Looks nice. I just had back to back shows with Bryan White and Travis Tritt. Boy I'm still tired. I'm working on a few interesting things that I'll discuss with you later. Keep in touch...


11/05/98 - LouAnne -

Hi there Kraig - first seen you & mates at Hanover Park (one of the village's local/freebie concerts in the summer) anyway got to this site courtesy of the Evolution Blues Band...keep playin' Bud yer pretty entertaining!!

Keep dreamin' the dream & Playin' the tunes LouAnne

11/02/98 - Caron Leff.. Colbi's Mom -

Hi KKraig, We caught your gig in Ft Myers the othe nite at the Sweet Bean. We must say we were very impressed with your music. Your Amazing Grace blew my soul and mind. I however did not purchase the CD with it on it and I would like to get it. My next thought is; Have you ever heard Colbi Sing her music? If not you are missing a bet. You have been looking for the right formula for you music. With you backing her up it would be unbelivable. Please for yoursake as well as hers, ask her to play for you and then make a judgement.Life is funny and things happen in funny ways . The fates. Karma, Beshart, Yiddish for "Meant To Be". Take Care my Husband Marvin and myself enjoyed you very much Caron Leff

10/30/98 - WAYNE KENNING -


10/26/98 - mike basley -

hey where's all the colorado dates. There's beautiful girls down in Durango,too, just like the ones that hang out in Oconomowoc down the street from Paul's Gasthaus.

10/10/98 - Kevin and Susan Mitchell -

Hi Kraig! It has been a long time. Too long. We miss hearing your music in person. After reading your guestbook we saw some comments about Minoqua. I hope we didn't miss an appearance at the Belle Isle. Didn't see anything listed on your concert schedule. Life is busy as always, but hopefully we will be able to see you in Eau Claire. Go Packers! You're among friends in Marshfield, WI. Kev and Sue P.S. In regards to your email comment on ticks: Not only can a tick give you Lyme's disease, but you can also get it from drinking too much Tequilla. (

10/10/98 - Mark 'radar' Watson -

Hi kraig

I dont know you but found your page after being introdued electronically to Steve Arvey by my friends at Full Moon Records here in Australia.

Nice site here and feel free to drop in to Mr Blues Online Haven at http://www.zip.com.au/~mr-blues/

regards Mr Blues

10/07/98 - Deborah Weidner McGrath -

I heard you play in front of starbucks and honestly was blown away by your musical talent and charisma. It had been "one of those weeks" and escape was what I was looking for. After leaving a pretty lousy music scene down at the Festival tent earlier that night I had just about given up on finding any fun in Geneva and it was looking like a tall,skinny mocha was going to be the highlight of my night. I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble upon you playing on the sidewalk and ended up staying there for quite a while. You saved the night for me and I want to say to you -thank you for spreading your enjoyment of what you do and for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

10/06/98 - maxwell czekala -

Kraig- I saw you at Bluesfest here in chicago. Had no money left to buy your cd. My friend and I stood there transfixed by your music for half the time I was there. I just couldn't bring myself to keep walking and see what else there was. I came to see down-home blues, and that's what I got right there in the park. Just wanted to say thanks for playing for us, and I also wanted to pick up some of your music while I'm here. I considered using my train fare to buy your cd, but I simply couldn't bring myself to do it. Thanks again for playing and making us smile that day. Also: Is there a mailing list I could get on to get some of your dates sent to my house? That would be swell....See you sometime soon.

Thanks! -Max

09/25/98 - a-bomber -

cool web site,man. keep up the good work. how's the new tracks? you've gotta find that student prince sound. or is it small-bodied guild

later, a.

09/20/98 - tom gallagher -

hey craig , looks like your playing quite a bit , i dont see any colorado dates ???? give me a call some day. get my number from deano if you dont have it.


09/19/98 - Hank and Lauralyn Theodore -

We tried to see you tonight at the Gazebo at Mill Race - - too many people, so instead, we sat across the little pond on a park bench - - it couldn't have been more perfect - wonderful night, wonderful music. Thanks for your gift of music.

09/16/98 - Marcy Rieser -

Hello Kraig! I am using my friends computer to send you a note because I do not have internet access but I can recieve messages. I printed the schedule and Jim and I will come see you when we can. We loved your show at the broken Oar. We look forward to future CD releases. Hope you have hada nice summer. BIG HUG!


09/09/98 - Dave Meinhardt -


Enjoyed your show at UW-Platteville, loved the Dobro stuff! Keep up the good work. Come back again.


09/07/98 - John Rothers (Bronto) -

Good to see you at Schaumburg's festival, I'm glad you came up and said hello. I remember the good old days hanging out at Pioneer park. Good luck, and I will check out your site from time to time.


08/31/98 - Carol Alleman -

Kraig, the website looks great! Looking forward to another trip to the Mill Race, this time without the rain....! Congrats on the Slide Competition -- we all knew you could do it. Still one of your biggest groupies! Carol

08/18/98 - Kristin Sokolowski -

Hi Kraig,

Caught you at JG's a week or so ago. You sounded great. The web-site looks good too.

08/07/98 - Paul Reardon, Gaelle & Claire -

It was great to see you in Geneva. You sound great! I could recognize your playing after 18 years. You've been that good at least that long.

07/28/98 - mark dechristopher -



07/27/98 - John Sandidge,Snazzy Productio -

Let me know if you are ever coming to Calif. We have a live music radio show that is on every Sunday on KPIG radio is Santa Cruz.

07/20/98 - Mel Berry -

what a great performance at the Broken Oar on Sunday. looking forward to your next album. what clubs does the Stan Sane Band play. regards

07/18/98 - Michael Karbo -

Hi Kraig I like your music a lot. I saw you in State Street, Chicago, on my first day in the US ever, visiting BookExpo. It was a great concert, Chicago is a great city and USA is a great country! I do not think anyone else in Denmark know you, which is not good. However, Windows 98 does neither know your music - letting CD-player Deluxe download album titles from the Internet (who cares?). Keep up the good work! Michael Karbo. http://www.mkdata.dk/english

07/16/98 - Steve and Lisa Jackson -

Kraig - Looking forward to seeing you up in Minoqua soon. We've enjoyed "Somewhere In Between". I get particular pleasure listening to Let em Roll, Monterey, Drowning in Love (ya, ya), and Hold On. Any thoughts about playing in Madison - there is a great music scene. I have spoken about you at a couple of (great) micro pubs - The Angelic and The Great Dane - which book bands. Also, a community-sponsored radio station - WORT- would be a great place to hear your tunes. I'd be happy to check them out for you if you'd like.

See you soon.

Steve Jackson (a.k.a. The Jackson 5, formerly of Elgin)

07/07/98 - Bomber -

Ass kickin' website, keep rockin'.

07/04/98 - Linda Carder -

Hi Kraig,

Saw you at the Columbus Blues Fest.........thought you were great. Wish you would visit our state again. I love the "Pass the Hat" CD, especially "Amazing Grace."

Your website is great. Can't wait to order your other CD's. Keep the good music coming our way.

Linda Carder

07/01/98 - Jeremy Zurek -

Kraig, I saw you at Mobil Print's open house. You were incredible. I only regreted that I had to leave before you finished your set. I play guitar myself and have to say that you have inspired me to keep practicing. I am looking foreward to seeing you preform in the future.

07/01/98 - Wayne Jones -

I heard your Pass the Hat Cd because a friend caught your show at the Columbus Blues Fest. I love slide and I think you are as good as any I ever heard. Keep it up!

06/21/98 - steve bernhard -


I read an article about you in the Tribune in December and it moved me to tears. You have such a positive outlook about your injury, as well as your place in the "music industry." I am a songwriter/guitarist who is basically a living room player. I did record some demos a few years ago but no one was interested. Your story made me realize that even if the songs were just for me that was ok - do it for the joy of doing it. I have since hooked up with some guys locally and we play at different little festivals in the area. No money involved, but we're hoping for some someday! I downloaded your schedule and am hoping to catch you in the near future. Best of luck with your charity work, and keep on slidin'!

06/16/98 - Kevin and Susan Mitchell -

Hi Kraig, We were looking forward to seeing you in Minoqua on July 31, 1998, but we see it was eliminated from the tour schedule. We're dissappointed but hopefully we can catch one of your shows soon. Hope your new CD is coming along as planned. We can't wait to hear it! We're never dissapointed when it comes to hearing your music. Hope all is well and hope to see you soon.

Your Northwoods Buddies, Kevin And Susan

06/15/98 - cary -


Great record. Really good to talk to you the other night, I have a very enjoyable evening listening to "Somewhere in Between". Mentioned it on the Costello Internet discussion list and know you got at least one sale after the mention.

Please drop me a line - I have something I would like to discuss with you - a potential sale of a few more copies. Again - NICE DISC.


06/08/98 - Stephen Dane Jensen -

GREAT performance at Blues Fest. This is the first year that I've seen you play. I've got several dates in my calendar now to see you again. I was VERY impressed. I heard that my nephew sat down and started playing along with you for a short time. I wish I could have seen that. I hope that didn't upset you. I think that is one of the great things about blues, you can sit down with anybody and just start jamming. That's what it's all about to me.

06/07/98 - Ken Molnar -

Kraig, Doesn't look like I'll be out your way for awhile and it doesn't look like Natl Guitar will sponser another slide guitar festival. I've been playing out a couple of times a month and working hard at learning new stuff. Your music was a great influence on me last Aug in North Carolina. Think about coming east sometime. Regards, Ken Molnar, Peterborough, NH

06/06/98 - Garrett Zopp -

This is a really great page. I am glad to see somebody out there who knows how to update a web page. it was cool to visit and i am sure i will be back. keep up the good work guys.


06/05/98 - Bill Dalton -

The best sound in the world

Myself a pure beginner

Aspire to be ? --- content with playing to a public that listens perhaps

Good luck to you

Keep on slidin'


06/02/98 - Justin -


I'm REALLY sorry I missed you on your latest trek to Des Moines...I'm home in Kansas City for the summer, and couldn't make it up. I tried to work it out so I could, but my boss wasn't co-operating. Anyway, I'll always come to your shows during the school year, that much I can guarantee! :) Hope to see you soon!

-justin (and meredith)-

06/01/98 - Eric Parker -

Kraig, You kick ass. I just saw you the other night at the Brew Pub in downtown Des Moines, 5/31. Just thought I would check out your site. Pretty sweet. The two CDs I bought are awesome too. Well good luck. Let me know if you get down to Arizona anytime. You told me that you thought the Arizona music scene sucked, but come to Tempe, that's where its at! Later, and good luck!


05/20/98 - ruben sanmiguel -

Kraig: I really enjoyed your solo perfomance at the vail cafe on 16 may. Your amazing guitar work really lit the place up. My 3 year old, Marisol, was dancing and singing along. It was her first concert and she was concerned you might "break a string".... I said, "when the music is that good... its ok... breaking a string is good"! We wish you the best and look to catch you again real soon. ruben

05/17/98 -

STAN SANE - who is that guy anyway?

05/13/98 - Joel Rust -

Hey. Do you remember coming to "the middle of a corn field" and playing at Manchester College? Well I was very impressed with your performance and I was wondering about a certain song in particular. I think the name of it was "every precious moment." Anyway, is there anyway I could get my hands on that song? You said something about it being released on your new album and I was wondering if that album has been made yet. Let me know if and when I can order that CD, I bought "somewhere in between" and I can't wait to get some more of your music. Thanks,

Joel Rust

05/09/98 - Steve Pickerel -

Hi Kraig:
I'm one of your Columbus, Ohio Buds. Hope things are well. I love the CD you and Steve did.


05/08/98 - Rob Currie -

Hey Kraig, I was just sitting here thinking "what should I do tomorrow night - I'd like to catch some blues" - when I did a search on the 'Net and VOILA, here you are. too bad you aren't playing tomorrow night (May 8) but I'll catch you soon! Take Care, Rob (Terry's brother) Currie P.S. Terry and Cindy's baby is due next Tuesday!

05/03/98 - julie zurawski -

kraig what great pictures, so glad i finally checked out your web site, now i know why your so busy all the time, take care , julie

04/29/98 - tom gallagher -

hey kraig, just snooping around, heard you had a site!!! congrats on 1st place. let us know if you get to colorado, good to see you so busy keep it up !!!!


04/25/98 - phil johnson -

saw you last night in columbus, nice work, keep on working that dobro

04/24/98 - Drowing in Love -

:::whew::: i made it...do you remember who i am? =-)~ by the way...the page is great!!!

04/18/98 - Clyde Pearce -

Saw you at Borders Oak Brook on April 17. What a performance! Inspiring. Keep it up...

04/12/98 - Dono -

Hey Kraig, Good show tonight, just wanted to thank you for the after hours talk. It was good to hear from someone the same but different. Have a nice day. Peace Dono.

04/07/98 - Joe Peifer -

Just read your Web Site, great to see you are so booked up and obviously doing well! On a personal note I can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping out with the benefit for Mara & Joe and their kids.

If I can personally do anything for you at anytime, let me know! I (we all) owe you one!

See you on May 9 for the Benefit Concert. Thanks again, Joe Peifer

04/06/98 - Viki Falco -


I just saw you play this evening at Diversions Lounge at NIU in DeKalb. You came over, we talked for a few minutes, I also live in streamwood. I just wanted to say again that I really enjoyed your show. I told you that after the show but I didn't express how much some of the music really moved me. I can't wait to see you again on the 18th at Bean Hut.

Sincerly, Viki

03/30/98 - Brent Wensauer -

Hey Kraig,

Awesome job in OshKosh! If you don't remember me, I am one of Glenn's gophers from Moraine Park Fond do Lac. The one with the Elmo tie. We really enjoyed your music and your great personality. Hope to keep in touch. My e mail is brensauer@hotmail.com. Gotta go.

Keep playing,

Brent Wensauer

03/23/98 - Elaine Phillips -

I first met kraig and Steve 2 years ago at the blues fest in beautiful Chi Town, now living in Phoenix, I continue to enjoy kraigs music and I await a new cd to add to my collection. Keep the music playing!

03/13/98 - Kevin - Webmaster

MR RIP 1: I fixed the links to the homeless pages thanks to your hint in the previous entry.

Anyone else who has problems with the site, please let me know, using the eMail address above.


03/12/98 - R. Scott Ripoli -

Rock on Kraig!! See you at the April 4th Show. Tried to get into your page on Coat Drive but it didn't work. Try again later.

Bye, Scott

03/07/98 - Caroline Mergen -

I just wanted to say that I was blown away by the music I heard last night. I was on a date with my boyfriend, and while we were waiting to go see a movie at Rice Lake Square, we stopped in at the Borders Books there. I knew that they had a coffee shop set up, but when I walked in, I thought there was a CD playing over the speakers. But when I saw Kenning & Co. set up and playing their hearts out, that was it for me. My boyfriend has taught himself how to play the guitar, and he was totally impressed with the music also. He has two uncles that play in different bars, but he said they don't even compare to the talent Kraig had. Now that I see all the info. on this site about Kraig's experience, I can see why! Thanks for sharing your gift with us. -Caroline

03/02/98 - Glenn McMurray -

Hey, great looking page.

I live in Batavia and have found Steve Arvey on the Blues Access notepad type thing.
That led me to his page, then here, of course.
I am trying to help The Screaming Bluedogs get the attention (and gigs) I think they deserve.
Steve has been very kind in this regard.
Best of luck to you. I'm off to check out the rest of your page.



03/01/98 - Matt Salustro -

Hey Kraig, just wanted to drop a quick line and say "hi" from all us hammers out here at Junes. Dono's on his way over to hang out in my basement again, he says hi old man. Any way, I hope to catch you next time your out at the Empress, maybe I can finally give you that tour of the boat. Godspeed on your travels, Peace, Matt

03/01/98 - Beverly & Greg -

Your Web site looks great. Did you design it???? See you soon --- Beverly & Greg....

02/28/98 - Lisa Wollney -

Hey this is great!!! Hopefully we'll see ya soon!!!


Jim & Lisa

02/23/98 - justin + meredith -

Just wanted to say thanks again for the show tonite in Des Moines. It was an incredible performance, I was blown away. Good luck at the bluebird, and hopefully we'll see you again in May!

02/19/98 - gus -

im right here

02/19/98 - jilly -

heard you on the radio - sounded good - long time

02/19/98 -

cool graphic now if people would use the book wheres gus

02/13/98 - Maggie -

Consider this a valentine. Chocolate or flowers or something later.

02/12/98 - Russ Peters -

Hey Kraig, nice site.

02/12/98 - Mom & Dad -

Fort Myers' biggest fans. (Kraig's about finishing my song. It's super. - Dad)

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