12/18/99 - Ted A. Watts -

Just got back from signing legal papers in Nashville for "MAGNOLIAS OF SAVANNAH" & thought I'd listen to your new CD. Hope things are going great for you. Give me a call in January when you're close by.

12/17/99 - Greg Rohlfing -

Caught your gig and bought the new CD. It's great stuff! I hope to catch you again soon.

12/10/99 - joe corcoran -

i havent heard your music yet, but i certainly plan on it. i'll let you know what i think. i'm a major fan of joanna conner and david hole.

12/05/99 - Angela Sandusky -

I like your site. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best.

12/01/99 - Steve -

Checking the schedule for the next Rockford date and saw your blurb about airplay on WXRT - CONGRATULATIONS! I knew there was a bright future for that song.

12/01/99 - Sandy Ursic (Ventura) -

Hey Kraig! Is that you? I was driving home the other day and I heard XRT playing some of your music. (I am hopelessly out of touch apparently!) Not sure if you remember, but we went to RMHS together. I have fond memories of driving around in your van, listening to music and being teenagers! It's great to hear you are doing so well. Congratulations! I hope to see you play soon. The songs that I heard on the radio were awesome. Bye for now.


11/30/99 - Lauren Boyle -

I heard you the other day on WXRT's Local Anisthetic. Just wanted to tell you you're sounding great and I hope to see you soon at the Squire see ya! p.s. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

11/30/99 - Rob Duchild -

Thanks for sending the cover to the last album! The web site is excellent too.

11/30/99 - michael martin -

Wonderful music! Thanks.

11/27/99 - Dave Dineen -

I'm an "old" friend from Harper College! Gotta love that music history class! ZZZZZZZZZZ

Living out in Vegas, but still follow Kraig's successes! Keep the peace!

11/25/99 - Emily Rabe -

Hi Kraig-heard you on the radio Sun night ;-) hope you're enjoying your trip to Fl. see ya soon.

11/23/99 - bob nelson -

kraig i'm sitten here lissen to daves streets of desperation while flying through the info hiiiway.can you guess where i got this CD? at your coat drive...that was the best charity event i'd ever been 2.if i had a quarters worth of nothing....do you still play at the old barn in streamwood "that was some of the best free play i'd ever seen". that was said t me . keep your slide going;;they and me will flappp behind

11/21/99 - William George -

Just checked out the updates on the Site. Downloaded the MP3; It's great. Thanks for the free one.
Saw that you will be on XRT. You deserve it. Keep up the good work.

11/19/99 - Duane Hall -

Hi Kraig, I met you at WMNF after the Thursday live show and bought 2 CDs. Just wanted to tell you that the music was as good as advertised. Really great work. I hope to catch you at Borders if and when you get a date.

11/13/99 - Cherie Sasso -

HI Sorry i missed you in DeKalb and Louis Mall, i was in both places at the time you played, but didn't find out until after. you might remember me from Sweet June's (the blonde girl) I just found your web site. Can't wait to see your show in Crystal Lake! Keep up your beautiful work! Love, Cherie

11/08/99 - Bob Mancini -

Looking forward to the new CD!

11/05/99 - matt quinnan -

i saw the new site it looks great

11/04/99 - trevor elliott -

hello mr. kenning. my name is trevor and i have mrs. moltz-homan(maggie) for a teacher. she says that you play the "flat guitar", isn't that a steel guitar? my grandfather plays the banjo, steel guitar, and the dobro(spelling?). he is pretty good. she also told me that you are going to be performing in town this weekend, i think i might come out and see you. well best of luck with all your music. hope to see you.

Maggie's student, Trevor A. Elliott

11/04/99 - MAGGIE -

hi kraig, this is maggie, remember me? I've got a lot of my 1st hour study hall students to come and see you on saturday night. Way Cool ... like far out! Like, it's gonna be awesome!

11/02/99 - Amy Bakalar -

Kraig! Wonderful CD....truly! You have mastered this recording thing. I've enjoyed every track...but I especially love "Michael"...but I loved it the first time I saw you over a year and half ago. Anyway, enjoyed speaking with you at length at the restaurant on Sunday...the Village Squire, or something like that. See you December 3rd -- Gus and I are rounding up a crowd! Love, Amy

10/29/99 - Denise -

Loving the CD. Listen to it every morning on the way to work. Just me, the moon, Every Precious Moment, (and you, of course) at 5:30 am. Missing you, but always near. New friends in Connecticut like your voice and the CD!

10/28/99 - Eric Black -

just had a listen to the samples of your new album,sounds excellent can't wait to hear the whole album.

10/27/99 - Pat Smyth -

Hi Kraig:

Uncle Don and I enjoyed seeing you through your websight. Just recently got on the internet and got you address from your Dad. Looks like you are famous. Couldn't get the audio to work on my computer so could listen to your CD's. Hope all is going well with you and Polly. Do you ever get to Cincinnati? Would love to have you vist. Love Aunt Pat

10/22/99 - Hey brother... -

I am one of the fortunate ones to have a copy of the new CD ("pre-release" November 5th). What can I say, it is the shit! (does your web master censor your guestbook?)- can hear the individual work that went into it, worth the wait (now that's it's here, and i have my copy). "Forever takes on a brand new meaning when you're working on your CD". If you like Bruce Cockburn, you'll love "every precious moment", if you were/are a Dylan fan, you'll dig "Left Behind", but most of all, if you are a fan of the true Kraig acoustic sound, this is.. it. Saw one of your shows in Denver, hope you'll come back soon - the weather's nice (really) Shoontie :)

10/19/99 - George W. Brown -

Just got the promo copy of your new CD. Great work! If you can see your way clear to do it I recommend you send a copy to Mike Considine, Cross Country Productions, 2600 Fremont, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. He currently manages "Arranmore" and produces their music. Further, he maintains of his old country music contacts and often makes useful connections for people in the business. Call me when you can at 630-964-4871. George

10/15/99 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, I just got home from your show at Borders in Rockford, and am listening to the new cd while I write This. I truly feel like I have won the lottery as I now can listen to "Every Precious Moment" whenever I want to!! This is one of the best songs I have ever heard, and yes I am including _______________ (insert big star name here)!!!

I wanted to talk to you after the show, but since we were basically thrown out, this will have to suffice. I don't know if you are familiar with a magazine called "Performing Songwriter," but in each issue they review 12 cd's released independently. I think this would be a great way to spread the word, because your music deserves to be heard. The magazine is available at Borders, or you can send a cd and a press kit to: The Performing Songwriter Attn: DIY 390 Downing St Denver, CO 80218

Best of luck with the new cd. I hope to catch you at another show very, very soon.

10/12/99 - Jackson 5 (Lisa,Steve & kids) -

Kraig: Was looking for some tour dates in MadTown but didn't see any. Glad to see the new CD though! Recall hearing "Northland" at your solo apperance at MATC - great tune. Looking forward to seeing you one of these days. We'll be ordering the new CD soon. Hope you're having fun. Steve & Lisa

10/11/99 - Judy Robbins -

I'm listening to your newest CD as I'm writing this. Kraig, it's absolutely great!!! I love it. You should be very proud of this.See you in class.

10/08/99 - Bonnie Mueller -

I had never heard of Kraig before today. I was lucky enough to walk in and hear him play at the local Borders in Saint Louis...I was overwelmed at the amount of emotion that he puts into his work and brought out in me... Bought all 4 CD's and can't wait for the 5th....Kraig....Thanks for your work Your Newest Fan, Bonnie

10/03/99 - Sven bOOgie Behrens -

Hi Kraig -

this is my first time visiting your great website. This is like a journey through the Love of Slideguitar. Cool stuff and I will be back regularly.

I would be happy if you come to visit my SlidezOne [http://www.slidetone.de/slidezone]. I've got some RealAudio Stuff at the "music"-section.

Best regards and slide on...

Sven bOOgie Behrens

webmaster @ www.slidetone.de


10/01/99 - AJ -

In my reading class at school we listened to your song, "Troubled Waters". I really like it! Andrea Gahart is my teacher! Thanks for makin the song!!:)

10/01/99 - terri harmening -

hi kraig hay we haved moved if you want i hope to see you on sat. 23 at borders in schch

09/30/99 - Richie -

yikes!!! brother... your CD artwork, poster and flyer are all done!!! come and get so the fans can appreciate


09/29/99 - Angela Gaspari -

Saw you guys at Borders last week and just had to say you kicked ass Hope to hear more soon!!!

09/29/99 - Dwight Mark -

Kraig, You put on some great shows in Colorado. Thanks for the pre-release tape of the new CD. I listened to it last night and this morning. If I could sum it up in one word it would be... refreshing. It will certainly compliment your other CDs with something different. It's nice to hear the resonator guitars on so many tracks.

There are so many great songwriter CDs out there. I think your new CD shows that you can pick a mean acoustic as well as write, sing & produce. There are really some great cleverly cool lyrics throughout. Great job!

09/21/99 - Phyllis Lettieri -

Justed wanted to say I think your music is great! I have seen you twice both times when you came to our Horizon Camp,in Lake Villa. I hope to see you back again every year. Take care Ciao

09/21/99 - Jeff Kulie/Jackie Twitchell -

Kraig- SO looking forward to your Sweet Bean Cafe visit in Ft Myers. You introduced "Every Precious.." last year to us live and we have been sending you positive thoughts ever since in hopes of helping you nurture those songs into the beauty that they are. Peace, safe journey, see you soon!! jk & jt

09/12/99 - Deb Bodson -

Congratulations! Am thrilled the new cd is now available, will have my orders and check in the mail today,(have been checking often!) Will gift my friends for no reason other than everyone deserves a very special treat now and then. Your music has given me so much pleasure, sure wish you were going to show up in Des Moines soon!! Best wishes Kraig.

09/09/99 - Bob "Bobo" Fredericksen -

I met Kraig about 5 years ago in Galena, Il. back when J.P. was still here. Dave Rush played drums that night as well. Kraig's performances live are almost un-equalled. I wish I could see him live more often. This website is setup quite "user friendly". I commend the developer. I highly recommend all of Kraig's material, and if you are lucky enough to see him play, you won't be disappointed. Keep up the good work Kraig, ~Bobo

09/02/99 - the Blues Stalker -

Kraig: Steve Arvey sent me Pass the Hat and it knocked me out. I have a regular column in the 12 Bar Rag, newsletter for the Suncoast Blues Society in Tampa. I hope to catch you when you come down to the Bay area. Keep up the good work. I want to do an article on you guys before the April Florida dates.

the Blues Stalker

08/27/99 - Tamara Anderson -

It has truly been a pleasure to sing with you. I not only love your music and melodies, but the lyrics take me to places I have visited and forgotten, and places where I would like to be. We take so much for granted in life, thank you for putting memories back on the table to eat, digest and savor.

I look forward to the release of your critically aclaimed forthcoming work-of-art CD Every Precise Moment.

Your singing fan, Tamara Anderson

08/26/99 - Cindy Lynch -

I enjoyed your show at Dickson Mounds very much. Also liked the "open mic" concept there. Very cool that regular folks are willing to share their talents with the world. I hope you will come back to Dickson Mounds. Meanwhile, I will try to catch you October 9th in Springfield.

08/23/99 - Gary Dickson -

Kraig, Caught your show at Dickson Mounds Friday night. I really enjoyed your music and hope to catch up with you again some time. Gary Dickson (no relation to the mounds)

08/22/99 - Eric Black -

Pass the Hat is the most played album on my radio show Blue Country favorite tracks are Someday Can't be Satisfied Katey Mae & Coming back to you, and I'm happy to say I paid for this CD. Just love that slide.

08/19/99 - vanessa coffey -

Hi, My son is Kriag's roadie. Kraig take care of him. Vanessa

08/19/99 - matt quinnan -

hey Kraig when are u going to put the new pics of the band up??? I hope you do soon so i can get credit for the ones I took Any ways see you Saturday, Matt "roadie" Quinnan

08/18/99 - Dave -

Saw you at Mitchell Park last Sunday. My wife said someting called Bopology was supposed to be there, I was not that thrilled. As we lugged the 2 strollers and 3 kids and I heard your music I knew I stumbled onto something great. You are REAL music. I bought Somewhere in Between and haven't stopped playing it the last 3 days. I hope you add Borders in Deerfield or Wilmette to your schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you live again soon.

08/16/99 - Jon -

Play on, brother. Play on.

08/15/99 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, Hoping to catch you on the 19th @ Rockford College, otherwise I'll see you @ borders in October. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the new cd - I have to have a copy of "Every Precious Moment" ASAP!!! That's a song!!!!

08/12/99 - Matt Quinnan -

Hey Kraig, when are you going to put a picture of me on the site. And when are the new pictures that I took, when are they going to be on. (for ant one that is read this I am the Roadie) See you soon Matt"Dickie"Quinnan

08/11/99 - Patty Stathopoulos -

Hi Kraig,

Love your music. I know your mom and dad here in Fort Myers.


08/07/99 - Norman Puckett -

HI'Kenning I seen you at Prairie Du Chien at July 31,1999.You were very awsome.

08/04/99 - Paula Lambertz -

Enjoyed your music at Streamwood Park DIstrict last night for Natl Night Out. Have never seen so many people on the Park Place patio, kids rolling down the hillside & having a grand time in the park. Thanks for a super evening that ended too soon!

Paula - S'wood Park Commissioner

08/01/99 - Stacie and Mark Hinrichs -

Hey, We enjoyed your performance at the Blues Fest up in Prairie last night. Hope to see you in Havana or Plattville. Have a great summer!

07/28/99 - Miller -

Great seeing you today at PP, Would have loved to see you next week on National Night Out but the night skys of Montana are just to great to miss, maybe next time. I will send Scott and Ryan(who still says you need a Black corvette). Like the web, glad you mentioned it. Miller

07/24/99 - terri harmening -

I would like to say that kraig is a very nice person. He is very caring person he also hears what you are saing.

07/14/99 - Ricardo Muino -

Hi Kraig: Your WebPage is shaggadelic, baby. Looking foward to hear you play during your next visit to Denver. Maybe we'll have time for a photo shoot. Ricardo

07/12/99 - Stuart the Maniac -

Hi! Nice page you have here! Check out my Jukebox at http://stumaniac.music.webjump.com if you like! You can leave it open in a remote window and hear music while you websurf! Hope you'll sign my guestbook too! See ya! :-)

07/06/99 - diane from jersey -

Hi I'm originally from Illinois (Geneva/St. Charles area) but recently moved to New Jersey. Last month my sister and I reunited in Ill. and I turned her on to you at Swedish Days. We both bought CDs (she was impressed with your honor system) and are trying to analyze some of your lyrics, esp. MISERY and MISER. Anyway are interested if you have grandious plans or are simply happy in the Chicago area? I try to catch you whenever I get back to the area.

06/30/99 - Sara Voegeli -

Hi Kraig, Jameson's Wife here! Heard from Doug, He misses us all. We may see you this weekend in Steamwood. Have a great show! Love, Sara

06/29/99 - Taylor Mackey -

Hi Kraig, Hope all is well. We are having the 2nd National Slide Guitar Festival in Macon GA Sept 24-26 '99. You know you are welcome and are free to compete. Please share the info and invite as many people as you can. We are expanding the competitions to include dobro,pedal steel and band. Hope to have 2 extra stages for open style and blues workshops and concerts along with vendors of all sorts. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!

Taylor Mackey promoter 828-884-4415 slidetm@infoave.net Steffans Hardin producer in Macon 912-781-0055 ext 15

06/24/99 - Anna Banana -

Wow, you're playing Frontier Days the same day as Rick Springfield! Now, if you got bumped to the same day as Pat Benetar at Ribfest, my life would be complete! :::SMOOCH:::: ;->

06/16/99 - Mitch Weier -

Hey Kraig,

You probably don't recognize the name, but I'm one of the spaghetti boys from Eau Claire. I was looking at Prairie Blues Fest poster and I was very excited to see you on the bill. I'll try and round up the rest of the spaghetti crew so we can watch you play.

See you later,


06/01/99 - Kevin and Susan Mitchell -

Hi Kraig!! Kevin and I just spent a beautiful weekend in the northwoods. It was about 85 degrees! At night we were sitting by the fire listening to the the logs crackling and singing a few campfire songs. The crickets, tree frogs and loons sang through the night as the full moon shimmered on the calm lake. The fish were jumping into the boat. BIG ones! Sound nice? Why not take a few days off from the city life and visit the big town of Minocqua? I bet the Belle Isle misses you. We sure do!

From Marshfield, WI, Kevin and Susan Mitchell

P.S. If you do decide to come up here anytime soon, bring bug spray, foggers, tiki torches, stop itch, etc. for all the pesty insects we have this year. You might even want to consider a tick collar because they are supposed to be pretty bad too.

P.S.S. The water is freezing!

05/28/99 - Mike and Shelly -

Howdy Kraig, the yellowhammers are doing well. Danny and Paula are heading north on june 18 to Wisconsin for vacation. Just checking on where you are going to be. They want to stop and see you. Put me on the mailing list. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Peace Mike and Shelly

05/27/99 - deb bodson -

deb from des moines checking your web site and tour schedule yet again!such fun to note "every precious moment" has been added to your samples. you know i liked it the first time i heard you play it-sounds wonderful! but then you have many terrific songs. am anxiouly awaiting that cd, kraig. best wishes-will keep looking for you around here someday!

05/27/99 - Mom and Dad -

We are the first signature to your guest book, way back when. As it should be. Parents should have some place in the pecking order with their children. "Precious Moments" has for a long time been my favorite all the way back when you were just pickin' at it and it really sounds great on the "REAL" presentation. Your mom likes it too. Sort of a built in prejudice but I told her to go pick out her own favorite, this ones mine.

I guess we can be on one mind and voice and say we are very proud of you and your work. Keep on truckin'.

Mom and Dad

05/26/99 - Ken Sierzega -

Hope everything is still going solid, looking forward to seeing you this summer!

05/23/99 - jan & larry -

Finally had a chance to check out the site, we're impressed! Who is that terrific photographer anyway??? Thanks for the great commentary on Lar, that was really nice!!! Alright enough of this praise I don't want your head getting any fatter than it already is. Have a great day! From the third hardest working person in showbusiness! and his secretary.

P.S. who took the poll for the hardest working anyway???

05/14/99 - bob gredlics -

hi kraig this is bob from whole foods juice bar, wanting to say hi, lets get together and jam one time ok. drop by the store ok take care bob

05/04/99 - Alan Friend -

Dear Kraig'

Hope everything is going great. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the redheaded guy with the goatee (I spoke to you at the Mt. Prospect library). Anyway, the last time I saw you, I mentioned that a good friend of mine from the east coast named Greg Greenway was going to be playing around here sometime soon. It turns out he is performing at a Phil Ochs Song Night on May 22nd. You and he would really hit it off (he's a great musician and songwriter, like you). He's a great guy. Anyway, if by any chance you can make it, or are interested, you can get the info at:


Take it easy, and hope to see you there (or sometime this summer).

Alan Friend

05/03/99 - Mark South -

Great Music Dude.

05/01/99 - Steven Willis -

I heard your clip of amazing grace. Sounded great. I am just learning how to play guitar. I take lessons at ZZounds at north & wells. I bought a Fender Stratocaster and hope one day to be able to play the blues down the road.


Steven Willis

04/30/99 - rick savaiano -

Great to see your web site. Now I'll be able to keep up with you again. I'm happy to see that you are doing well and enjoying yourself. Congrats on the fisrt place award at the slide fest!!!! AWESOME!!!! I look forward to seeing you some time in the near future, for sure at Pioneer Days. Have you ever or do you plan to play out in Rockford? I ask because I'm living out in Harvard these days and I make it over to Rockford often.

I look forward to seeing you in the near future. take care.

Rick Savaiano

04/29/99 - Kip Strean -

Hey Kid, Thats a pretty hot web page for a young guy who used to play on my Durty Nellies open stage. Im finishing up an album of my own. I hope to see you sometime as I will be playing out more.

See Ya


04/27/99 - Steve Cawthorne -

Great site. It's good to see the names of old friends i've lost touch with, including you. I plan to get out to one of your shows when I get a free night.

04/27/99 - Bob Roquet -

Hey, I saw Kraig at Border's in Rockford just recently. Wow, what a sound. I was supposed to do some studying, but found that I had a difficult time concentrating! Not because it was too noisy, or whatever, it was just plain good music! Keep it up Kraig!

04/25/99 - Jerry Fulk -

Hi Kraig & Co. I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the show at the Bordens Books store in Rockford. I was bummed out and really needed a boost, when I walked through the door and heard the music, I forgot all my woes and made a bee line to it. I will try to make up tape with a few cuts off of the blues CD that I got from you and see if I can get some interest here in Detroit. If I get you some business here I would like one thing in return however, I would enjoy having you folks over as my guest for dinner. Maybe I can get my wife to brew up some of here amazing sweedish Meatballs (She is Sweedish). Well think about it and I'll catch you on the filpside.

Later, Jerry

04/24/99 - Dee Hess -

Hi: Enjoyed the Borders (Rockford 4/23)tunes. Your music is great and you are an inspiration to the audience with your great personality! Hope to catch another show in one of your areas that I also visit - Oshkosh, Sarasota, or W. Suburbs. Thanx - -Dee

04/24/99 - Joe Esposito -

Hi Kraig, THANK YOU!!!!!! for a great show at the (Borders Tour) in Rockford :-) I'm glad I purchased all 4 of your CD's. I look Fwd to the new one, not just for the new songs, one reason is that I have a 5 disk CD changer and it would be great to put all 5 in at random play!!! :-) I'll catch up to you sometime this summer on your tour. Peace---------------------------------------------------------------------------JOE

04/24/99 - Steve Berrnhard -

Talked to you @Borders in Rockford after your show last night (04/23). GREAT SHOW!!! I can't wait to hear the new cd Looking forward to your next visit to the area. You definitely have a gift, so keep on doing what you're doing.

04/19/99 - Heidi Hollingsworth, Sycamore -

Kraig, I know you've been working very hard on your new CD. I can't tell you how peaceful it is to get on a horse and ride for a while; you will not only get out of that basement of yours, but the walls will also disappear as you open up your creative mind in the fresh rural air. I hope to make it to Rockford on the 23rd. Peace, Heidi

04/16/99 - Joe Esposito -

Hi Kraig, Look Forward to seeing you at Borders in rockford on the 23rd. My wife and I saw you there the last time. I can't wait to hear some of your new cd. Take care.


04/16/99 - Richie -

Kraig... working on your brouchers at mobile.. your web site looks great.. i play in the band 7th heaven... i can appreciate all your hard work at what you do..... keep it up.. richie - 7th heaven

03/29/99 - tom -

Hello. I was just plugging around the internet looking for other musical acts with a similiar name to my band. Good Luck to you! T

03/27/99 - Julie -

Thanks for starting slow last night, it was the touch I needed after a very aggrevating day. I told Gary that I needed to go kick boxing or find a peaceful jecuzzi, a bottle of wine (maybe some red candles!)to wind down. But because I planned on seeing you, I counted on you to bring me round. Thanks and peace. Julie

03/22/99 - Deborah Bodson -

Debbie from Des Moines sees you every location when you are in town and tells her friends about your music. Those who didn't get a CD in their Christmas stocking will be visited by the Easter bunny. Finally have computer and enjoyed viewing your well designed web site.(Need a terrific retirement home?-find me under volunteer services at www.calvincommunity.com)!

You have a wonderful talent. Come back!

Thanks also for the suggestion to listen to James McMurtry. Was out of state and had to miss his February performance at the Maintenance Shop in Ames, Iowa. Boo Hoo.

Best Wishes.

03/22/99 - Faith Watson -

I'll have to make a point of checking out this guestbook more often--it really is a facsinating read! Anyway, Kraig, could you tell Tom to tell Dean not to be chicken to tell Faith that Jill told you to tell Tom to tell Dean that?

No, wait...I have a better idea. Next time you're in Ft. Meyers, tell my parents to tell Dean to tell me why Tom said he was chicken to write in your guestbook.

There. I went first. See? It wasn't so bad, after all.

Love & blessings to all old friends,


P.S. Don't tell Dean...it's chicken for dinner tonight.

03/13/99 - Mike and Sam LaBarbera

We saw you at Aurora's First Night too. We both marvelled with your music and talent. We purchased the "Pass the Hat CD" and love it. I will be checking your schedule to be sure to catch you in the neighborhood.


Keep up the good work. Hope to see you perform here soon. I also hope I will be here when you come to perform at First Night next year. SAM age 10

03/08/99 - Bryan Duddles -

Hey Kraig, Colorado is patiently waiting for you to play in our neighborhood. Your music is needed in these mountains. Please let us know, if you have a gig in the Rockies.

May I link to your site. I thoroughly enjoy your music and I think people that visit my website would enjoy yours, as well. At your convenience, I am located at..... http://www.coelife.com/duddlesart, thanks for the great tunes.

Take care. Bryan

03/05/99 - John Englert -

First saw you at Taste of Chicago; you tossed peanuts from your unicycle.

Saw you at Fitzgerald's as the prelim for the Hoopsnakes a few years ago.

Next heard about your winter coats campaign.

Paths have not crossed lately but I really like your stuff. Thanks for the intro to the RPG2. I'll try harder to see you and see what groups I can bring along.

03/04/99 - Rudy Von Eyser -

Hello! from former Elk Grovian and friends of Katy and Gerry, Johnny Finnerty, Yang and the rest of the peace lovin cats that I miss a lot! last time I saw you was at Gatorz in Port Charlotte, Fl. January, 98. I am sorry that I havent check inwith you lately. I hope I didn't miss you if you came to Florida again this year. If you did I know I missed some great times. Thing s have been really busy,but going well. Please let me know what I missed or if there is a chance that yo will be here again. I will try to visit Chicago this summer and will hook up with the Finnertys and see some of your shows. I need some good new music, any ideas where I might find some? I printed your order form and will be requesting some cds soon. Please write back and fill me in wit whats up. See Ya Soon, Peace! Rudy

02/26/99 - bill fischbach -

I was just turnig some friends on to your site. they thought it was cool and were wondering if you were playing in their home town of Omaha any time soon. They said the music scene needs a little new blood in Nebraska. go figure.

Love ya man. See ya soon. bill

02/19/99 - Mike Maguire -

Hey Stranger, I thought that you fell off the face of the earth. I see now that you are just hanging out in cyber-space. Check out my web-site at www.wwtg.net Your site looks pretty cool. Good luck and stay in touch. Mike

02/17/99 - Paul Van Antwerp -

Hey Kraig, Sorry I missed you this year up in Ashland, Wisconsin. One of my favorite memories of my college years there was the campfire on Superior a few years back, listening to you and Dave play. Throw in some northern lights and a sky full of stars and it adds up to something mighty fine. I hear you're playing up there next May, maybe I can get back up to see you. In the meantime, if you're ever in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area, look me up.

02/17/99 - Jill Lerner (Livermore) - eMail: lerner@satie.arts.usf.edu

It was so great to find this sight. I will have to get your CD's. And please tell Tom to tell Dean not to be chicken to write something.

see ya!!

02/16/99 - Tim Scheerhorn -

Hi Kraig,

I made it to the cyber world. This is a cool site!!

Hope things are going well and we'll talk to you soon.

02/12/99 - Geneva Terry -

OK Kraig, let's skip just a few dates on your heavy schedule and get the new CD out already. Can't wait any longer to hear some of the new/old dobro tunes on the new CD. Can't travel to all your shows. Need the new CD to fill my dobro needs while you're outa touch. Gotta release date on the new CD? Love your music. It calms and relax's my soul in these busy times. G.T.

02/09/99 - Tom Gallagher -

Hey Kraig

Well I see your doing some (Borders gigs) I've read some requests to do some Colorado shows. Well now is your chance cuz we have them here in CO. Springs and in Denver, you know Home of the 2 in a row Superbowl Champs, anyways Give me a call if you play this way, I can get you some air play but need some promo stuff.

peace Tom

p.s. Deans to chicken to write anything here..............LOL

02/06/99 - Jon Wise -

Saw your show at Borders in Des Moines on Feb. 6. It was great really appreciate you coming down to Iowa to play for us. Keep comin back Jon

01/31/99 - Gary Stoklosa -

I heard you guys play, Friday night at Borders in Crystal Lake. Exciting show. I even bought one of your CD's. Could you tell me where you'll be playing next?

01/30/99 - Mike Collins -

Saw you busking on the streets of Sarasota, which was a high point of the day.

Have just got home (UK) and played the CD, visited the site. All great, Thanks. Mike

01/26/99 - mike fitzgerald -

sooo glad we found your site! you like lowell, too! Feat are our favorites. Do you know of John Mooney, and Roy Rogers? Silly, of course you do. we only had one of your albums (Bare Bones), didn't know you had more. the check'll be in the mail tonite! can't wait to see you live, glad you live in the Chicago area

take care.

01/24/99 - Bruce Larsen -

Hey from Cape Coral Florida, had a good time recording. Good luck finding a groovy Hiwatt. Let us know when you are in town. Peace from the sunbelt. Oh, nice webpage too.... Bruce

01/22/99 - Bob Bowman -

Hey Kraig got in from the gig at the SweetBean and put your disc in. Very nice production and arrangements. Glad I I finally got myself out to see you play. Enjoyed your music and I hope we can get a taste of your dobro on my project Sunday. Peace to you man, Bob Bowman

01/15/99 - Rob Currie -

Hey Kraig, was that you on page 4 of Friday's Tribune, or was it my imagination? Anyway, nice picture!

I'll be checking you out at Porter's on Feb. 3. See ya then,

Rob (Terry's brother) Currie

01/10/99 - alan christensen -

Kraig, Its been awhile since we have seen you.I have not recieved a mailing list all of 98 but my friend don said you have a web site COOL!!! Hope to here from you soon.


01/09/99 - Greg & Kelly Kearney -

Kraig, we were introduced to your music in Galena and were completely impressed by the show. We saw you again at Border's in Rockford with the same result. We'll definitely see you whenever you're in the neighborhood. Remember, Jessie Cooke Gravity CD, and have a great time in the sunny south. p.s. My brother in Michigan pulled down your web site today, and needless to say was very impressed. Hopefully you will be able to connect with some open dates to play in Cadillac or Traverse City Michigan. gk

01/08/99 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, I just got home from your show at Borders in Rockford. Tonight was the first time that I had seen you, and I was blown away!! You possess an awesome talent - keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you live again soon. Thanks for a GREAT evening.

01/06/99 - Matt Kenning -

How about tickets for a chicago show for having the same last name.

01/06/99 - Sara Voegeli -

Hey Kraig,

Great Show this Christmas. Jameson and I had a great time. Hope to see you again soon. I would like to send a copy of the Christmas Benifit flyer to my family, who gave us all those coats, so they can read about what you do every year. If possible, can you email a copy to me or send a copy in the mail?

Say Hi to Polly!!

Sara Voegeli

01/05/99 - Steve N Mel -

Kraig you were great at Fried Green Tomatoes in Galena last week of December. We'll make the trip in soon to see you again. Open invitation anytime at our pad. (Just use the key!!)

01/04/99 - Boomer -


Can't wait until we go ice fishing again ;)

Your lil buddy...Boom

01/04/99 - Mike -

Saw you at Aurora's First Night celebration. Bought your Pass The Hat CD Great Sounds!

Looking forward to see you perform in area! I'm printing your schedule as I type.

01/01/99 - Pete Mesha -

Saw you last night on "No Cover." First time I've seen you. I was very impressed. I'm looking forward to catching your act live soon.

I didn't recognize the guitar you were playing (the one with the equalizer ). What is it?

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