12/24/01 - Mark Galindo -

I was wondering if Kraig has put out any transcriptions of Every Precious Moment and Hey Brother? I`d very much like to learn these tunes. Thanks any info you could give would be great. Mark

12/17/01 - Kraig -


12/14/01 - Rich LaPenna - Web Page

Hi Kraig, Hope to see you play again at the Packinghouse in Sarasota. Always a great performance! Thanks Rich LaPenna

12/14/01 - Kevin B. Willer -

Saw you @ Blues Fest & in Roselle.. Great chops,, Hope your doing Blues Fest again | [[:)~ |

11/14/01 - cathie Klemm -

Havn't seen you in quite a while, I'llbe in Vail 1st of Dec. cancelled trip in Sept, they will love you in vail and Breckenridge, my cousin is in evergreen, great bar downtown, Little Bear bar(I think) its a great place. Peace Kraig, hope all is well with you.cathie

11/13/01 - Werner Mayrhuber -

Greetings from good old Austria.

Werner Mayrhuber

11/09/01 - Kip Strean -

Hey Kraig, Just a quick note to say Hi and tell you I havn't fallen off the earth. Safe & sound in Steamboat Springs CO. I'm running an Internet coffeehouse in town and having a blast!!! E-mail me.... I'd love to have you play here. Hope all is well in Chi-Town. Kip

11/05/01 - Dimitri -

My name is Dimitri Nicoli Jansen and I am writing as a professional, a photographer, a fan and most importantly a friend of Kraig Kenning. I was first introduced to this soulful storyteller as I was rummaging through a friends' CDs. I saw his Bare Bones CD, popped it in and was instantly drawn to it. It was interesting, upbeat and had just enough funk and soul to make me want to move to the words I felt connected to. I could imagine myself chasing a long lost love as he sang, "like a moth to a flame…..I just can't stay away." It was about eight months down the road and as I thumbed through the weekly music schedule looking for a good live jam, I recognized Kraig Kenning's name and immediately called a couple of friends to come with me to check it out. It was a great little venue, smaller than a musician likes to play but exactly what fans long for and it was absolutely packed. It was the first time I had seen him live and I couldn't find a good seat until the second row opened up, which I quickly grabbed as I waited for my companions, and ordered a cold beer. There is something about closing your eyes and listening to a musician pour out their heart underneath those lights; with Kraig it is his life and you can feel that. I quickly overcame my non-existent shy-side and requested one of those songs I had so long before been lyrically drawn to, he obliged and came for a visit during the next break; we had a great time talking and I shared about how I had come to attend the show. Our professional and personal relationships were born at that moment. I talked of my photography and Kraig of his inspirations. I was already busy, imaginig pictures and composing a list of questions for me to investigate, regarding shutter speeds, timed exposures, and ambiant lighting possibilities. I couldn't have been more excited at the opportunity that arose for Kraig and I a few days later, a photo shoot that was artistically inspiring, spiritually uplifting, physically grueling and with an outcome that I could not have been more pleased (some of which you may soon see here.) We had our first real chance to sit and talk as we had dinner after the shoot and I began to have a great respect for Kraig, not only as a singer and songwriter but also as a person. Only then could I truly see, that what we got from him as we sat in that sweet summer air, was the real thing. His life and heart played out before us on stage, underneath those lights, with all you could ask a musician to give. He gave it all, holding nothing back; the words, the stories and the inspiration behind them both. I enjoy this, a way of teaching much the same as the way that I share my art. In either case, an image can be beautiful, but it is the spirit that inspires us to create, that must be passed on. As we give these stories and experiences, they become a constant daily reminder of what they symbolize and represent to us--" life is a wonderful blessing and experience that we to often take for granted." Kraig's music conveys this, as I hope does my photography. We all have something to give, as I am giving you this, on behalf of Kraig. I truly hope you find that same thing in those soulful words that I have. Thanks Kraig. May God bless you richly And hold you all in the hallow of His mighty hand -D-

10/27/01 - Donna -

AWESOME MAN!! You get better every time we see you. That was really a great place-sound was very good.We really enjoyed the evening. That last song is a killer-takes me to a new dimension. I like your new shirt,too. This has to say something-I have more of your shirts than I had of John Denver's. And I don't even own any of Neil Diamond's. Looking forward to your next gig. When are you going to try the multi-set on Mon. at 9:15. Kathy is very good. Oh, Judy Robinson & Lisa Breu asked Joe if you had been around. Joe said the person to ask is Donna. I happened to be standing at the fitness counter at the time. I told them about your show tonight.

This is turning out to be more than just a comment. Till next time-keep on keeping on! Donna(Bob,too)

10/27/01 -

Ladies, beware. Don't try and make a date with Kraig. He is unreliable. But his music is good no matter what.

10/25/01 - Donna -

Hi! I'm finally able to access the Web and what a fantastic site you have. Looking forward to seeing you in St.Charles Sat night. Donna

10/25/01 - Tim Torrel -

Hello from northern Minnesota, Kraig. My family and I met you at Fort Myers Beach last February when you played outdoors in the Square. Many times I have sat and listened and truly enjoyed your beautiful version of "Amazing Grace". Thank You. I'm still hoping for your tour to head up north, like say Duluth/Superior. Take care and God Bless.

10/22/01 - India -

Thanx so much, or as we say, mahalo for the sweet sounds at Dickson Mounds Sat eve. 10/20. I'll be on this big island of amerika for another few months while finishing up my work in Nashville. I thought I'd try to bring some of your work to our little label if you want. which 2 are your favorite midi's? Think about it. I'll try to catch your Naperville show. I'm not able to check my email in Hawaii daily while on the road, too many hundred dailies sorry. Love and Peace, "ip"

10/20/01 - RP -


10/19/01 - Julie -

Borders oct 19 was unexpectedly awesome, in particular the last piece of work. Keep on strummin'.

10/16/01 -

hello everyone its me kraig

yes the farmers market gig is on thurs afternoon they have been running them all summer and this is the last one until next year

so lets hope for some of that indian summer


10/16/01 - CaraAnn -

Hi, Kraig! You mean that you will be in Barrington on Sat. October 20th, right? I kept telling friends that it was the 18th but, that is a Thursday! See you then! Hope the weather is good!


10/10/01 - Rudy Von Eyser -

Hi Kraig, I'm finally responding to your phone message to my house the last time before the latest last time that you were here in Florida. Sorry we havn't been able to meet up with you lately. I didn't know you were here until I saw the photo on The Charlotte Sun on the Friday before your appearance at the PineIsland Folk fest. And now I find out that I missed another show at the Packing House! Kelly and I were celebrating our Anniversary all weekend, we were in Sarasota on Sunday. Anyways, I see you'll be at Fisherman's Village in January. I'll see you there and possibly I'll see you in December during Christmas week. I'll be at my parents near Rockford and hangin in the Elk Grove area too.I'll check you schedule for updates. Maybe I can get the Finnerty brothers out to see you too. Better yet, let's all get together at Finn's house and jam. See you soon and please send me a response when you get a chance. Peace...Rudy

10/09/01 - CAraAnn -

Hi, Kraig! I was just checking out when you would be in Barrington, IL. We have a High School reunion coming up and I thought you might be in town. But, we will see you a week later! We hope all is well. I'm sure your words and gift are needed right now and that you are following your heart to bring hope.

Peace and Always Love,

CaraAnn and Paul

(by the way: You have been 'immortalized' on the wall of the "Tribute To Great Guitarist according to The Dimmick House"!!) Thanks for the autograph on the picture!

'blondie' <><

10/09/01 - patrick basile -

3:10 pm Tuesday 9 October 2001 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dear Kraig:

Probably don't remember me......asked you alot of questions about Dobros vs Nationals vs Johnson resonators etc. Things getting too strained and too strange over here, we will be heading for the states and our 1st grand daughter, daughter and son-in-law in Rockton, Illinois on November 16th. Hope to see you around the area maybe even at Borders in Rockford Hope my thin blood can get used to Illinois winters.

Some words that come to mind at this time are Ghandi's ....."An eye for an eye makes the world go blind" Take Care & God Bless............Pat

10/08/01 - Becky -

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at the SW Florida Folk and Blues Fest in Pine Island. We really enjoyed your music, also the time we got to talk to you at the CD/t-shirt tables. I took your CD's to work today, plugged in with my headphones, and listened to them all day. Quite a few times my co-workers had to come tap me on the shoulder to either say "shhhh" or ask what was so good that I was listening to. Hope to see you in Florida again sometime soon. Look for some e-mail with web-sites that you might be interested in.


Becky (St. James City and Melbourne Beach, FL)

10/05/01 - Todd Thorrez -

Just found your website. Very impressive! I haven't been able to get out and hear you play for a very long time. Will try to make St.Charles on 10/27. Congratulations on the Slide Fest. It's an honor to know someone so in love with life. Keep making your beautiful music and looking towards the horizon.

10/04/01 - chez -

Kraig, Obviously didn't take Mr. Harter's class! Thank god you play better than you spell. Where is carson? Chez

10/03/01 - Jason Bourgholtzer -

just wanted to say I saw you at the Paladium theATER in St.Petersburg, fl. a few months back and the show was beautiful. i purchased Every precious Moment and love it. As a musician myself, it has inspired me over and over again. I'm in the process of learning about the slide guitar and was wondering what brand or type would be a good beginners to learn on...thanks for the beautiful music...jason bourgholtzer

09/22/01 - Amanda -

I was turned on to the music by Becki and Pops- and have yet to turn it off- great stuff!

09/20/01 - Darlene & Jerry Walz -

Great music~ and look forward to seeing you at the shows! Keep up the good sound.

09/15/01 - bob irwin -

Go see this guy!

09/04/01 - Just a Joe -

A man who plays the dobro like a maniac was born on this day some years ago. Can you geuss who?

09/03/01 - Lawson -

I would just like to make a short comment. The genuine lyrics and amazing guitar playing are something unique in this day and age. Also the easy going demeanor of such a great guitar player is a wonderful thing. I had the priviledge to talk to Kraig for 2-3 minutes, and he truly is a great guy. Kraig you honestly are inspiring, and I will see you at the Rockford Art Museum, good luck to you in everything that you do.

Peace Lawson

09/03/01 - TJ Wolf -

Man i just wanted to say i saw you at the Waterfront and i thought you were amazing. I didnt have a great time there but you made the two days that i went quite enjoyable. Keep up the great work, your music is awesome.

09/03/01 - Kevin Lindahl -

Saw you at On The Waterfront yesterday, thanks for the great music! Wish I could've stayed longer! I haven't been able to get the kids interested in folk/blues music yet, but I'm working on it. Hope to see you again somewhere.

08/31/01 - Starr Durham Kriete -

August 31, 2001 Hi Craig & Polly!

Its been a long time! Im still alive! Lived in London, England for a few years with my now ex-husband Scott, but am happily remarried and "back in town"! I moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to live with my parents after I left England, and lived in Lake Geneva for 4 years where I met my "current" husband Gary! No, Im not collecting husbands! Ha Ha! No kids for me YAY! just dogs thank you very much! Anyway, Gary & I live in Crystal Lake, IL and we got married in Hawaii July 3rd, 2001. What a long trip that was! Anyway, hope you both are doing great!We will definitely stop by and say hi! Love, Starr Kriete

08/22/01 - Anna Banana -

Please note: Annabanana23 is NOT to be confused with the original Anna Banana! Smiles Everyone Smiles. Oh Yea, Kraig, you are still the greatest lyricist on the planet. :::Swoon::::

08/22/01 - sally -

Hey, glad to see you're coming back to the QC in September. It's good for the soul to be captivated and inspired by your art. Thanks for sharing your art with your QC fans!

08/20/01 - Anna -

Saw you at the Blues Fest in June Kraig. I picked up a brochure and just found it. Ah! I just listened to some of your songs... uncovering some fabulous music! I'm excited to see you make it to The House in DeKalb often... Yehaw! I'll see you there next time!

08/14/01 - Cheryl -

was good to hear and see you boys....kiss...kiss...

07/30/01 - Jim Coffey -

What a great performance at Klehm Arboretum in Rockford. Looking foreard to On The Water Front and the Art Show in September.

Jim & Connie Coffey

07/26/01 - Maggie -

Might catch you this weekend. Friends visiting from West Virginia. Can't think of inappropriate suggestive remark. Life is good. Hope you're smiling. Love, Maggie

07/24/01 - Richard Tresise -

Really enjoyed your gigs at the Chicago Blues festival,we were 5 guys from England and thought you and Steve were the best and really made it for us. We had a great time in your city, hope to visit again, at least we have the CD to remind us plus I got you on video on the stage and in the park, it was the best Good luck to you both hope to see you in the UK sometime Richard

07/20/01 - Don Rieck -

I first discovered Keaig on my birthday, Jule 16th at Custer's Last Stand in Evanston, Illinois. What a birthday gift. I have been a fan of the sliding steel guitar. My father palyed and taught the guitar. I heard on many Hawaiian records my father played at home. My photos of came out so good I Had him authgraph three at the Daley Plaza on July 16th. My photos again turned out fantastic. Kraig wanted me to send copies......I will in a couple of weeks.. Don Rieck

07/19/01 - June Hood -

Hello Kraig, I heard you play at the Univ. of Miami. I bought your "Every Precious Moment" CD. Now I'm buying it for my friends. Everyone wants one. Your song Michael - you must have lost a dear friend. I lost a brother named Michael. Very touching. It's as if it were written for me. Thanks for that creation. June

07/13/01 - Pat Hodor -

Hi Kraig: Heard you had a website, so I thought I'd send you a e-mail. We're you in Florida this winter? If you were we missed out. Hope to catch up if your in Fla. this Fall. Pat and Ron Hodor (Faith's mom and dad)

07/11/01 - Tracy McArthur -

This past Fourth of July my mom and dad and I saw you playing at the Hoffman Estates festival. We thought your music was great (especially my dad)! We even followed you to your next show at the Arlington Heights festival. We plan on attending some of your next shows that are close to home (Schaumburg). Well, keep up the great work!

07/05/01 - roy goodwin -

We were really happy to see you play at Frontier day in Arlington Heights. to bad you weren't given the respect you deserved by those in charge of the main stage. The people around us still appreciated you. Hope to see you in Geneva. PS: You did have fans at the blues fest. The timing was bad for you being at band shell. They wouldn't let us in with food. We were stuck outside the fence. We truly wish you would have played. You were the reason we went there. We were just as disappointed as you.

06/24/01 - Steve -

Just trying to find a old friend,Marcus Huck

06/10/01 - Dennis -

Hey old Friend,

It's me the big dreamer who laid his music dreams down after his big non-politically correct recital.

So, I missed you at Christmas when you played at Borders. You right across the street from us. Then just recently on a return trip to Colorado in Boulder.

Give us a call the next time your in town. Looks like the Kraig that hung around the practice rooms has somewhat harvested some views that we all joked about.

Nice to see your doing well I always new you would. Still have that one song you always played in school on tape. Listen to every once in awhile.

06/01/01 - Boomer -

Hey Kraig old (one foot in the box) buddy!

Just one thing...

I didn't do it! I was framed... I'm still scared, and I wouldn't come any closer because.................


Boomer (hahaha)

PS When are we jamm'in with physco Todd anyway?

05/21/01 - Sandy Blanc -

For the Boiler Room, 32 S. Vail, A.H. '05: the guy to send press kit and demo to is Rob Zettl. Good luck. It was great to hear you...haven't had a chance to speak to Ann Rosen, Director here about June 23-24,Festival of Fine Craft, but I will.

05/19/01 - Corey & Marcy -

Since you are doing all this touring....when are you coming to SOCAL??? We miss you and your music!!! Corey and Marcy Rivard

05/15/01 - Laura Rush -

Hey there hansdome! How the heck are ya? I miss you, and your tunes. I'm in great need of a CD fix! Call me when you get into town, I'll try to catch up with you "on tour". Is your full band w/Rushmore? Can't make those is that's the case, ya know?! I need some cd's, jamming to Van Morrsion is close, but I need some walkin' shoes. I want to hear John Paul & Suspicious Minds...

Much Love,


05/12/01 - Kevin O'Malley -

Craig, great to see that you landed the date in St. Petersburg. We look forward to seeing and hearing you that evening. Please let us know if we can of any help in your trip back to FL.

Take Care, Kevin&Tammy

05/06/01 - Nick Miller -

Thanks for the wonderful show you gave us here in Eau Claire. Your style and passion for music is an inspiration to all. I found your music so eye appealing. Never could I take my eyes off the way you play guitar. Thanks for your devotion in music and I wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your journey.

05/04/01 - Scott Schwendner -

Hey, rember when you went to walworth elem. and middle school? well I was at the middle school assembly do you happen to listen to Keb'Mo or B.B king because my dad wants to know and plus he is a big fan of the blues. Well gota go by.

05/03/01 - Martha & Mike -

Kraig, Hi there. I love your pic on the "press" page, because (besides your general good-looks) you have on the necklace made by Mike. He was so excited when I showed him his work was displayed by you on your cool web site. And, we were wondering how the shell-ankle instrument is working out for you. Did you use it on your Florida trip? The last time we saw you was in Orland, so hopefully we'll see you again soon.

Mike's new african store will be opening soon. He'd really like you to come check it out. He's just about done w/ the remodeling, and the paint job and the whole set up is really bizarre and different and a cool retail experience. I'll let you know when it's officially open, as there will be a party. See you soon!!!!!! Martha & Mike

05/03/01 - neil adams -

hello i was at walworth school today the best song was come to gether was cool talk to ya latter bye

05/03/01 - t.devlin -

hi there. you just came to our school. just like to say thnx! have a nice day! it was walworth middle school in walworth

04/30/01 - Steve -

Kraig, Really looking forward to your show on 5/18 @ Borders in Rockford. I brought a friend last time and he's a fan now, so my goal is to make a convert at every show!!! Hope you'll play the "Al Green song" from the upcoming cd. Played it last time and it was AWESOME!! Take care

04/13/01 -

Yeah, it's great to see that you guys are going to be street performing at Blues fest!

04/10/01 - Charlie Krall -

Me and a buddy of mine saw Kraig play at our university in Eau Clarie Wiscoinsin and it was great! We had never saw such a wonderful show at our little concert hall on campus. Not many people with Kraig's talent have visited the Cabin, we truly enjoyed ourselves and want Kraig to come back anytime!! Keep on strumin' brotha!

04/09/01 - Deb -

Hello Kraig...checking up on additions to your web pages, from samples to all the terrific press. Congratulations! You do have a great site. My schedule keeps getting in the way of my music travels, and I am always headed somewhere for wonderful experiences...am so disappointed to have a conflict this weekend for your Davenport gig at Borders, but I'll catch you live again one of these days. Am needing a Kraig music fix. Best Wishes as always hard worker, sending you many good thoughts!

04/08/01 - sally -

The hubby and I stopped out at the Brat Kabin to hear 'just another accoustic guitar player' WoW, Kraig was impressive, what an enjoyable hour we spent, bought a CD for the 19year old Nick but I know I'll be borrowing it too.. Really a nice web page, I should be sleeping, but had to look it up..Gosh it's 1:15am Thanks for the evening, and the chance to hear some tunes again.. From Cadott Wi.

04/07/01 - Danielle -

I saw Kraig last night at the Cabin at UWEC and he was GRRRREAT!!!! Thanks for a GREAT show!

04/07/01 - Jeremy Parkes -

Thanks for the excellent show in Eau Claire!! I enjoyed it emmensely!!

04/06/01 - Gail Frost -

Kraig, Sorry I didnt get a chance to talk to you around the holidays=but I did want to tell you how good you sound-it's been a while-and you've done the old songs justice!!! Roll on-G

04/06/01 - Susan Andrew -

Hi Kraig !!! I heard about your website & you from Fairway Records.com as a link. I love the Dobro !!! I am going to buy the cd when you are in Geneva,Illinois on the 13th of April at Border's Books. Looking forward to hearing more of your music then.

04/01/01 - Pamela Brandt -

Hello! The kids and I enjoyed your concert at the Dubuque library today. I liked the two songs about getting older and looking back at life. Also, your version of "Crossroads" was outstanding. Thanks for sharing your music with us!

03/30/01 - Craig Coker -

Just a short comment on how much my wife and I enjoyed your visit to Batavia last Saturday. We will visit you again sometime soon. I'm also enjoying your Every Precious Moment CD--Great reminder of a fun evening out!! Best Wishes, The other Craig

03/26/01 - Patricia Smyth -

Hi Kraig. It's nice to be able to just turn on my computer and see you. Hope you're enjoying life. Love Big Aunt Pat

03/25/01 - Uncle Ed -

hello Kraig, Just checking things out. see ya BE

03/20/01 - A Banana -

<>>Kraig in all his infinite wisdom

Did we stop being friends because I choose not to worship you any longer? How dare you offer up my job - through a journal even! Still think about you! Hope all is well!

03/08/01 - Jon McDonald -

I think you are an incredible artist. Keep up the great work.the guitar work has inspired me to try different things on the slide.

03/08/01 - Margaret Gienger -

Hi Kraig,

I saw you perform two years ago at a SPRA showcase and so enjoyed your music. You recently mailed me a copy of your newest CD and I listen to it at work often. It calms my soul.

I just wanted you to know that the promos you send out do get noticed, and I am waiting for the opportunity to hire you at one of my events.

Thanks for the music. Thanks for the calm.

03/07/01 - Everett Adams (songwriter) -

I love the dobro.

03/06/01 - Kate -

Loved your music. I'm gonna steer my son to this great website - he'll love it, too.

Enjoying some time with Amy tonight! (I met you at the Blue Parrot with Timothy & Amy in Sarasota.)

Best wishes to you, Kate

03/06/01 - Gaston Macau -

Great music!!!!! Keep on picking.

03/04/01 - Berit and Bjorn -

We were at your concert, first roe at the libary. My favorite song was Coming Back to You!!! I'll trie to make it to your other concert!!!

03/02/01 - Kim Eckman -

I saw Kraig for the first time in Fort Myers at the Sweet Bean Cafe and received the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget what an incredible performance he gave. How can one person house so much talent? It can only be from God. I'm still absorbing the vibe! Don't ever stop Kraig... keep on blessing people with your music. Thank you. Kim

02/20/01 - Tom Economos -


What a great experience it was to hear your amazing music for the first time on WNMF this morning. I live in Tampa, but was not able to see you at Skippers tonight. The next time you're in the area I will plan on seeing you. Your music reminds me of good music/memories of coffee houses in Upstate New York (Kingston/Woodstock) during the early/mid 1970s. I'm getting a few of your CDs. Also, thanks for the "links" on your website.


02/15/01 - Yvonne and Bob Garstki -


We're looking forward to seeing you perform a couple times in March back home. We fist met you in Naples, FL last year and have been listening to you since. Haven't seen you perform since last August at Border's in Oak Brook. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you perform live again. There's nothing like it.

Hope to hear some of your new music as well as chat with you for a few minutes if possible.

Your old friends, Yvonne and Bob Garstki PEACE

02/14/01 - gitbox chet -

Yo Kraig,great site,haven't heard your tunes yet.

I'm a musician as well and travel to Fla,or Europe almost every year.

check out my site: www.hammondcelltech.com/chestr Cheer's and continued success !!! Gitbox-Chet

02/14/01 - mary wiesbrock -


02/09/01 - larry musall -

Kraig! Listened to you on WMNF , and this is the first time I have heard of you. I listen to lots of blues.I was blown away by you slide work. You have much talent, keep up the good work.Hope to see you at Skippers. I must let my brother know about you .He and I love a good slide guitar. He lives in Indiana,and will be watching for the time, you get to the area. Thanks for coming down to Florida Sincerely , Larry Musall

02/08/01 - Rich LaPenna - Web Page

Heard u on wmnf this morning. the show was great!


Rich LaPenna

02/08/01 - Martin Sinclair -

Really enjoyed your show on wmnf.fm Thursday. And an impressive web site too! Take care.

02/04/01 - ED BUTLER -


01/31/01 - Cameron Cook -

Kraig Kenning, July 18, Sheldon Theater, St.Louis ?!?! Anxiously awaiting further details. Born in Chicago... C.J.Cook, St.Louis

01/25/01 - Shawn(You called me Scott) -

Kraig, when we heard @ Mirror Lakes Elementry that you were going to perform,personally I said to my-self ho-hum.No big deal.Man was I Wrong!! Your music, presence,and style was OUTSTANDING!!! In fact I WILL be there tomorrow to see you again @Black Hawk/ Black Swan With the wife in tote! Seeing you interact with the kids,listening to your songs,made my day! God Bless,and please keep up the good work. YOUR VERY SPECIAL!! Shawn Grennan Mirror Lakes Elementry. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!!!!

01/24/01 - Paul Birch -

I just wanted to say that I was visiting my Sister in Villa Park Ill. some months back. Since both of us are musicians, we are always sharing music and "tasting" different things together. Anyway, she puts on "Every Precious Moment" and I was so blown away that I made her play the whole disc. I returned home to Michigan and two weeks later she sent me my own copy. It is one of my favorite disks - I especially like the liner notes that talk about how the songs were concieved. Kraig, where did you learn to play guitar like that!!! Absolutely breath-taking!!! I'm planning another trip to Ill. just so I can enjoy a live performance of some truly excellent music. Kraig, you're definitely one of a kind and I hope you can do your stuff for a long time. Your talent is so fine it would be a sin not to share it with the world.

your brother in tone.. Paul A. Birch

01/21/01 - Gina Castro -

Enjoyed your music on NPR/WLRN yesterday! Hope I'll be able to catch you at UM this afternoon. I especially enjoyed your web site - well done, indeed. Thank you for sharing your gift, and cheers to the new year.

01/18/01 - joe collier -

Hey Kraig, Jim Edfors sent me to your site. I met him in Flagstaff in my capacity as the music editor there for a small free arts and entertainment weekly. I just moved to Chicago, and I'm gonna try and check you out sometime. Maybe we could chat about the scene here. Later, Joe Collier

01/17/01 - Marty -


Great show at Borders in Geneva. We try catching your show whenever you're in the Geneva/St. Charles area. Thanks for stopping at our table and talking, we all got a kick out it. Good luck in Florida and we are looking forward to seeing you play this summer.

Your "Every Precious Moment" CD is awesome!!!!

01/14/01 - mel -

i love your "it can happen song" it makes me happy, why can't i find it on napster

01/09/01 - Michael Warren -

If you ever get out to the NYC/NJ area drop me and e mail so I can come to see ya.

01/08/01 - faith -

...and to think I knew you back when you were livin' in a van down by the river. ;-)

01/05/01 - Dad -

Kraig -- I received the following e-mail from long time friends of ours from Chicagoland. The "mail" speaks for itself. It is a side I can share with those who check out your web page. I too am very proud of the work that you do. We "bless" each other in many ways.


The letter is:

"Hi Bill & Arlene, Our daughter's oldest son, Adam, is 13 yr. old. I'm sure you remember what 13 yr. old boys are like. Adam has attended weekly CCD class in his Bartlett parish faithfully for all eight years of his elementary school career and for the most part enjoyed it. In fact, when his folks moved to a larger home in a different parish he insisted on continuing CCD in the old spot. Until this year. Adam had lost his enthusiasm and has to be "more encouraged" to go. But this changed last week. Adam has recovered his old spark and interest. It seems that a young man by the name of Kraig Kenning was a guest speaker last week and spoke on motivation. Mind you, I'm hearing this third hand, but Kraig related to the eighth graders how important music was and is in his life. According to daughter Joan, Adam can't stop talking about Kraig and things he said. I couldn't wait until we're down there to tell you. You guys have a great deal to be proud of and this is the latest chapter. See you soon, Pat"

01/01/01 - Karen -

was at the First Night in Aurora; saw your performances. you were amazing. was playing the cd this morning while puttering around the house. my kids, ages 17 & 18 came home, heard you, and now the cd has been kidnapped, and on it's way to borders to see if more of your music can be purchased. pretty nice!

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