12/29/00 - Jackie Schmidt -

Thanks so very much for spending your Christmas Day at the Jericho Road Christmas in the Forest. A lot of folks who would have otherwise spent their Christmas alone enjoyed your wonderful music. I left two days later for Belize, Central America, where Jericho Road has built a medical clinic in one of the most remote jungle and rainforest regions south of Mexico. As director of that project, I play your newest CD in the clinic...and it keeps us remembering that, indeed, life is made up of "every precious moment"! We are trying to make sure that not one moment slips by unappreciated! Blessings my friend. Jackie

12/28/00 - Denny Daniels -

Hi Kraig! Ijust wanted to wish you a very happy New Year! Denny

12/23/00 - nancy satterlee -

He Kraig Thanks so much for your wonderful performance at our Gallery last week. The crowd loved it, everyone wants you back again. it really made for a memorable evening. I play your music in the gallery now and it keeps us all tapping our feet and feeling energized. Hope to see you again soon, keep up the great work! Sincerely] Nancy Satterlee Lifestyles Gallery Vallparaiso, Indiana

12/23/00 - Brian Caffrey -

Hey Kraigory L.! What's up brother? I wanted to thankyou for a great job at The 25th Annual Revival Cancer Benefit! As usual, you were awesome and inspiring. I was very surprised you stuck around for the after party! (Probably just 'cause you wanted a ride home from Noreen! :-)! )Everybody really enjoyed your show, and I know several people who picked up the latest, 'Every Precious Moment', and just cannot stop playing it! I will try to see you soon, before you go to FLA. Just keep on keepin' on man, 2001 will be your best year yet!!! Thanks again Kraig, it was a great success, the best Revival yet, and in part thanks to you!!! All my love TIGER! Brian

12/22/00 - Martha & Mike -

Howdy there Kraig. Mike (necklace dude) and I are hoping to make it out to see you play this weekend. He made you a new percussion instument for your ankle; it has a lot of shells. But, if we don't see you, have a merry one!!!!

12/17/00 - Curt -

Kraig: Great show at Borders in Englewood,Co. on Sat. Hope your drive to Vail went OK. After not seeing you perform in a couple years, it was great to see you again. You keep getting better. I just mailed your Fl. schedule to a friend in Lakeland so he can check you out in Feb. Peace: Curt

12/15/00 - Rusty Baker -

Kraig, I was with my buddy Mark and saw you for the first time in valparaiso.Wow youv'e heard it many times but you got it goin'on. I play my Taylor at small venues but I couldn't carry your slide. I have fun with music and it's a great escape.Love your music my life will never be the same!

12/11/00 - Pam and Dan Willis -

Hi Kraig: Awesome show at Flatlanders last Sat! That was the first time we heard you play electric. You and Arvey mesh so well. More please! Blessings, Pam and Dan

12/09/00 - Mark Needler -

Kraig heard you play at lifestyles in Vaparaiso, brother you are awesome!!! I'm telling everyone to check you out. Can't wait to here you again. Spread the word folks this guy is special!!!

12/08/00 - Mr. Thurkield -

I look forward to seeing you and Arvey together this Saturday playing Electric Guitars!!! Man I cant wait to see you guys play some raw stuff! The way you guys get down on Acoustic instruments is awesome I cant imagine what I will here Saturday night.

12/06/00 - Rick -

I have played the guitar nearly 30 years, primarily classic rock, and last June while visiting Chicago, I stumbled upon Kraig's performance during the Chicago Blues Festival. The music played by Kraig was impressive, to say the least. His music will one day be in classified with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, other great guitarists. Good luck and come play down in Myrtle Beach, SC. The House of Blues here really would be a great place for Kraig to perform. Later.

12/04/00 - Deb Bodson -

I have had the priviledge of witnessing Kraig Kenning performances a number of times...(not often enough i might add!) and a dozen music friends accompanied me to the 12/3/00 show in Des Moines in "The Secret Handshake Room". Today I had the most incredible deluge of email from them thanking me for introducing them to the wonderful music. I encourage those of you checking out this web site who have not heard his music-especially live-not to miss the opportunity. Kraig,you are terrific...as a musician and a human being. Don't wait too long to come back!

12/02/00 - Tom Gritton -

Great show at Davenport Borders last night Kraig. Caught you twice this summer, at the Mississippi Valley and Prairie Blues Fests, and am awed by your skills.

Sent notes to buddies in Chicago area and Colorado to try to catch a show.

Please visit the Quad Cities area again soon.


12/01/00 - Kirk Lorange -

Nice playing Kraig. I wish you lived nearer to Australia, we could have a good time. I've been playing slide for too many years to remember -- well, 38 years. I also love to play the Strat with a slide. Have a listen at http://mp3.com/kirklorange.

Regards from Tamborine Mountain


11/27/00 - jill maceachron -

hi kraig.....just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed you playing at our wedding reception. it was a great performance by you and the guys! the entire crowd loved your music and we have had several people ask for your web site!!!!! thanks again! jill

11/19/00 - Nicole -

What's up Kraig? I work at Park Place. I talked to you the other day about some of your upcoming shows cuz my uncle wanted to know. Just wanted to say hey!

11/16/00 - Dad -

You forgot to fill the gas tank on the car again. I know it was an oversight. Mom's standing at Spirit arrivals waiting for you. What hotel are you staying at while in SW Florida in January/February. We should do lunch.\


11/12/00 - Deb Bartlett -

Kraig, My girlfriend and I heard you perform for the first time last night at Cubby Bear North. Man what a great slide guitar, too sweet ! ! ! ! Will have to catch more of you and your band. Thanks for a great evening with you and all the other great performers. Kevin Purcell as always was great. Have been following him for a couple of years and who could top Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Look forward to hearing you again soon ! Deb

11/09/00 - Corey & Marcy Rivard -

Hey Kraig... Great site! We most like the shot of you at the top of Kraig's Korner...remember how freaking cold it was up there? It's great to see your still doing great. Your CD's are all in our most-played set. Can't wait for another. Corey & Marcy

11/03/00 - Dave & Janet Kaiser -

We just thought you might like knowing that we were told to go and see you perform at a Borders. We took our three kids, (11, 10 & 8) and everyone loved you! The next day our 11 year old son talked us into going and buying him a Fender guitar. He has been taking lessons from his uncle, who happens to be very good also, and is loving it. We listen to your CD all the time and am looking forward to seeing you again very soon. Thank you for your music and inspiration to our son.

11/02/00 - CaraAnn -

Hello, again, Kraig! Glad to see you are back in town! We are looking forward to seeing you in Barrington! Peace, Paul Dimmick and "Blondie"!

10/21/00 - Jim HEY -

Thanks for such great music ...I saw you at Rockford and I think your music really settles in a deep familar place inside me... A place of home and memories and heart ....I'm buying 10 copies of Every Precious Moment and sending them to all those great friends I haven't seen in way too long.

10/15/00 -

Enjoyed the performance at the Roselle Library today!

10/15/00 - Kim McCall -


Just happened to go to the Crystal Lake Borders, and lo and behold, three musicians in front of me. I loved your slide playing and will continue to follow your development. Thanks for the music. The cover price was really high, but the music transcended. :)

10/09/00 - ryan -

hey i just seen you at the fest at lincoln mem. gardens you were great i bought one of your cds and cant stop listening to it in fact u have inspired me to pick up my guitar again and start playing it i play the trumpet now. my uncle in indiana has a band the but they are country named south bound. i better go


10/09/00 - E. Johnson -

I saw kraig on a St. Louis tv station and was impressed, I just thought that I would check out his web page...HELLO!!

10/04/00 - bambino -


09/26/00 - Brian Caffrey -

Kraigory L.!!! Hey brother! Well, I was there at the beginning and still here now, man, somebody hand me an icepack! GREAT WEBSITE!!! I am really digging your new CD, Every Precious Moment, very tasteful. I am so proud of what you have achieved over the years, keep on keepin' on man. Everybody's talking about this years Cancer Benefit on Nov. 11 @ The Cubby Bear North, this will be the best and the biggest, how appropriate for one of our very own who is shining so bright to kick it off! I am so proud to have you part of it! Well I got all your CD's and I'll catch a show soon, now that you have my address, write me sometime! All my love TIGER! - Brian

09/22/00 - ann ryan -

Loved your set at Fitzgeralds last night--hope you can make some more gigs there. Enjoyed meeting you too, briefly! --Jill's pal p.s. are you going to put out any live recordings? How do you feel about fans "plugging in" to the soundboard for your sets?

09/22/00 - Don -

Kraig, great show last night at Fitzgeralds...to me you highlighted that night! Keep it up! don

09/22/00 - Paul garris -

I look forward to receiving your package and hearing your music

09/22/00 - Charley Krebs -

great show at fitzgerald's, Kraig! good to talk to you and to meet your friend Jill. hope to catch you again soon......before I split for a life in the wilderness (thanks for referencing our conversation on stage)...

09/20/00 - Adam Gerber -


Thanks so much for performing at our school this morning. Truly, the students were charged by you, and I've heard praise for you time and time again throughout the day.

If you ever play an all-ages show in Chicago, please let me know; I have a couple van-loads of kids who are waiting in line.

Thanks again, Adam, Lake Forest Academy

09/18/00 - Jill -

Hey Kraig - really liked Sweet on Sugar and Left Behind!

Trying to drum up some buddies to meet me Thursday at Fitzgerald's - have several friends who live in the Oak Park/River Forest area - and they all like Fitzgerald's too!

See ya, hopefully, on Thursday!

09/17/00 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, Saw you this past weekend (9/15) @ Borders in Rockford. Great Show!! I brought a buddy and he left with 2 cd's; I think we have a convert. I really liked the new "Al Green" song. When do you expect the new cd to be ready? Keep up the good work. We'll catch you on down the road.

09/07/00 - Dan McCain -

Kraig - I saw you & Larry at the Organic Market, Thompson Center, 9/6/00. Great work guys!! Now I'm hooked. I'm a blues harp player for thirty years (no professional gigs, but some 'sittin' in'. I've been working with a friend (guitar) for some kicks, doing some Dead & Dylan standards. But, I always come back to my first love: raw, stripped down, barroom, electrifying delta-based blues. I've added he soprano & tenor recorder to my accompyment stylings. Yes, the recorder is a serious intrument in the right hands (or breath, as the case is). You're live version of "CrossRoads" was beyond satisfying. I've been doing Robert Johnson most my harp playing days. I look forward to seeing you again and buying some of your CD's. Hope to catch you at the Orland Park Borders in Oct & maybe your Tinley Park show. I believe me, I'll tell my friends. I already have. They best way to show my appreciation to what I witnessed yesterday is to say "THANKS".

09/04/00 - Melodie May -

9-4-2000 Hey Kraig, We havent talked in a while. I just got back form Telluride Colorado and I was showing some folks some tunes from "Every Precious Moment" you know my favorite c.d. it's rockin! Keep playing your stuff and working your magic. We are all looking forward to you touring out west. Peace-Melodie May

09/03/00 - eileen -

HAPPY happy Happy HAppY HAPpy haPPY hapPy HAAAppyy BiThDaY- coOL COol COOOOL kRaIg

love eileen

08/28/00 - Noreen -

Kraig - I'm supposed to tell you that "Lighthouse Barb" said hello!

08/23/00 - Rich Hagen -

Just wanted to say "I love your music, and the peace and soothing qualities in which instills in my mind."

C-ya labor day weekend at Lemont's house

Rich H. Portrait Artist Guy Friend of Chris and Marcy.

08/19/00 - Patti Ecker -

Hey, You!

I love this website, Bud. What fun! I am so glad that you are doing so well. I heard a song from your new album on College Radio. You sound great too! Like all good survivors, you are able to turn on a dime and do any gig that seems cool. Isn't music great?

See ya soon! Your Pal, Patti E.

08/14/00 - Brad Abraham -

Hey Kraig,

I saw you at UW-Platteville and you were awesome! Hope to see you back there soon. I'll be there!


08/14/00 - matt quinnan -

Happy Birthday Kevin! How old are you? Like 25 or something? -Matt

08/14/00 - Daddy -

"Webmaster" is twice as old as dirt and I was there when the dirt was made flesh so, therefore, I am witness to the dirt. The "Webmaster" :>) should have been named "Bumper" as a result of his childhood capers. All these years and not the correct name. Happy B/D to "Bumper"!!!!!!! Dad

08/13/00 - Trevor Hyland -

I received Every Precious Moment from you on the recomendation of Eddie Russell. I have played it on Triple C 89.5 FM and have encouraged one of our overnight presenters to play the cd. He played four tracks Saturday morning and got good feedback as have I. I felt I needed to visit your site. I'm glad I did - keep up the great work.I will continue to spread the name & the music of Kraig Kenning

Trevor Hyland

08/12/00 - Pam Willis -

Happy Birthday Kevin. It's almost my birthday too. (Roarrrr!)

08/11/00 - Deb -

Happy Birthday Kevin! May the year ahead brim with good health and happiness.

I tell many folks what a well constructed site this is.

Remember, age is mind over matter-if you don't mind-it doesn't matter!! It is never your age, it is your attitude about life, isn't it?

08/11/00 - Terry Ament -

Saw you two years in a row at the Prairie Dog Blues Fest. Great Music, Great Talent. Hope this gets me on your email list. Thanks Again for the grat sounds.


08/11/00 - loganius -

hey kraig, you are my hero. i hope that one day i will possibly be able to meet you or even your hot as hell rode who matt quineine or something you are to wet dreams in one boat. he he he sorry for the language krai. hopefully youll go swimming soon and ill have to save your life.

08/11/00 - KRAIG -

Hey everyone its almost BIG BROS B-DAY

Thats right the webmaster who is responsable for this very cool and helpful website

so sighn in and tell him how great he is so he wont be thinking so much about getting old

theres no such thing as age just anouther day to witness HAPPY BIRHTDAY KEVIN


08/11/00 - Jill Kemper -

Round & Round - like it! Where it stops? - guess we could feel lucky it doesn't!

08/09/00 - frank pace -

Hey Kraig, Wrote awhile back about when you might be coming back down to sw fla. You mentioned setting up some gigs for the season down here. When I last saw you play it was at the Liquid Cafe in Downtown Fort Myers. You did some GREAT slide and blues guitar work, but also indicated you would have liked to do some more of `Every Precious Moment' cd but the energy level was kinda high. Anyway there's this new place down on Fort Myers Beach that's pretty cool. The owner's a good guy and likes to bring in some of the more creative, non mainstream artists, even has story tellers come in. Anyway i thought it might be a good place for you to do some of you Every Precious Moment cd, if your interested let me know and I'll send more info so you guys can talk.

Looking forward to seeing you down here again.

Take care, Frank

08/08/00 - liz rosen -

hi there, i am a friend of kim kaeseberg! she turned me onto your fabulous music!!!!! i love it, keep up the great works!!! :)

08/01/00 - Dennis Wille -


I say most recently at the Prairie Du Chein Blues Fest. To me and my friends you where the main attraction. Love your CD "Every Precious Moment".

Please come back next year eh.


07/31/00 - Dan and (Auntie)Pam Willis -

Hi Kraig: Great show(s) at the Prairie du Chein gig. Despite the problems (Hey, they really should have included hay on your stage), you and Steve tore the place down, especially during that downpour, a good example of "grace under fire". Awesome!

Blessings, Auntie Pam

07/26/00 - Auntie Pam -

Hi-- Looking forward to seeing you and Steve Arvey at the Prairie Dog Blues Festival in Prairie du Chien this weekend....see ya there! Blessings, Auntie Pam

07/20/00 - kim -

Hey, It was great to see you yesterday. Thank you so much for letting me hear the completion of "Round and Round" It sounds great. The last name is Kaeseberg. It means "cheese mountain" in German by the way, silly huh? Look forward to seeing you soon. Your friend, Kimmy K

07/12/00 - Jill Kemper -

Hi Kraig,

Long time.......

Well, not sure what hit me in the head, but, I have returned to AH after 12 years+ in Phoenix. Will definitely return to Phoenix some day.

Wanted to get out to see you the other night, but had another commitment. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Might bring some of my old buddies with me - people you haven't seen since ....well, we won't go into that!

Talk to ya.


06/17/00 - Larry Robinson -

I enjoyed your concert at the Waukegan Public Library yesterday.

Are you familiar with the lake county folk club? You would do well in their songwriters contest. Obviously, you are professionally more advanced than most performers, the Open Mike sessions could give you an opportunity to try out new pieces. Strickly a no-smoking, listening room, one of their twice a month concerts showcases local talent.

For more info, http://members.xoom.com/lakefolk/ or e-mail folkie@prodigy.net.

06/14/00 - Bartlett Fan -

Frank [see 5/00],lighten up, the new CD kicks butt!!!

06/13/00 - Larry -

I really enjoyed your show and the chance to catch up a bit on things. Looking forward to attending more in the future. It's great to see a person with your passion and humility. You have found the true riches in life and I can't say that about too many of the other friends I grew up with in AH. Your site is one of the best-very earthy. PS 'Will Not Fade' is one of my favorites. Take care. Larry

06/01/00 - Dale S. Meredith -

Kraig :

Please contact me about a possible opening in our accoustic tent for our Labor Day weekend blues festival.


05/29/00 - Frank -

Hey Kraig,

know your schedules full for the summer up in the nidwest, but hope you get back down to Fort Myers, FLA in the fall or winter. The cd's are great but the energy's not the same. Would be really cool to see you with the band. But will be real happy to just get ya back down here bro.

05/29/00 - deb bodson -

hi kraig!...have not checked your site for awhile and just thought i would say hello. am always referring others to your site, it is so well done. just mailed a copy of "every precious moment" to a couple i met at a coffeehouse who were not familiar with your music. am hopeful i will get to drive over when you are at the mvbs fest...wishing you well, as always. thanks again for the lift your music brings my life!

05/27/00 - Ty Rice -

Dear Sir I am a new listener to the world of slide guitar and would wonder if you knew of any great instructional material's to buy having to do with the scalic modal and chordal as well as theoretical aspect's of the music thank's

05/26/00 - BOB "SLIM" RADER -

Hey kraig kool site.I found it from a link in a review at the fox valley blues page.Stop down the street sometime! later SLIM

05/23/00 - cheryl -

hey kraig you need to take it to the west coast,Venice beach Oregon great place i just got back see you soon xo

05/23/00 - Kristy Kirch -

You are too cool,baby!!

05/19/00 - Sarah Payne -

Your music was fantastic at Northland College, you rock! You were by far the best performer there!

05/13/00 - Melissa -

WOW! I saw you perform at Northland College Friday night. It was excellente! I just wanted to say thanks for providing some FANTABULOUS music here at the college.

05/10/00 - Jerome mcLennon -

Love your site, best wishes guys

05/06/00 - Kristen Henderson -

Great show at the Long Grove, IL Chocolate Fest! Great seats also at the Guiness Book World Record Tent for Largest Chocolate Sculpture. I bet the fumes really made you want to have some! Well, keep rocking, you guys are awesome and great website too! Kudos to your brother for doing such a great job.

05/02/00 - Shaun Ferguson -

great website!! i'm moving to mt prospect monday may 8. would love to get together and jam ! i,ll be living with brian c. and playing with the nightburners. later, shaun

05/01/00 - Kirk Lorange -

Hi Kraig, thanks for submitting to the Slide Guitar Web Ring. You definitely qualify. If you ever get down to Australia, drop me a line. We'll do some slidin' together.

Anyone out there interested in drop d tuning slide guitar, come visit my site http://lorange.kirk.net . Anyone interested in hearing the highest slide guitar note ever recorded, have a listen to (or download for free) my tune Come a long Way from http://mp3.com/KirkLorange

Cheers from way DownUnder

Kirk Lorange

05/01/00 - KIM -


04/30/00 - kraig -

i just wanted to tell my big bro what a great job he has done for me on this web site thanks for all the time and good energy you have put out there for me and my friends kpk

04/29/00 - another friend -

hey friend #1, i totally agree....bambi is taking up valuable space on the site, kraig i read the story about the sick pigeon in kraig's korner, that's very cool. combining your music and your good heart makes a great mix. i look forward to seeing you soon

04/26/00 - a friend -

tell BAMBI to bite it, move on and to stop chewing up space on your site

04/25/00 - BAMBI -


04/24/00 - steve jackson -

Kraig: It was nice seeing you and listening to you play. I heard alot of nice comments from the people who were at the arts program.

I found out the Rita Yanny, the art teacher at Kegonsa, had spoken with Nicole Allen who is a contact for the Madison arts festival about your performance. Maybe you'll get a call soon on that.

Also here are three contacts for the Madison area:

Angelic Brewery - 608-257-2707 ask for Tom Java Junction (Stoughton) - 608-877-0104 ask for Sharon or Chris (male) Great Dane Brewery - 608-284-0000

Talk at you later.


04/24/00 - BAMBI -


04/21/00 -

can't wait to see you play tonight at Borders!

love your #1 fan ;)

04/20/00 - val at val's halla records -

Hi Kraig - great site. See you May 6

04/18/00 - Loti -

Great show at Harper last week!

04/15/00 -

Awsome website, checked out every link. Starting to jones for some heavy blues and dobrow. I see on your schedule you have the full band at Flatlanders in May. Gotta see/hear it! Always a good time. My wife is wearing out the "Moments" CD. Who needs a five disc player when all ya listen to is one CD.

Keep it coming, it just gets better and better.

M. Duda

04/10/00 - Katie Sullivan -

Kraig's music is a blend of soulful blues and sassy slide guitar which keeps your toes tappin'!

As a recording artist with the same musical influences as Kraig, I understand the challenge of making it in this business. After all, it takes creativity and courage! Way to go, Kraig - great site!

I have a blues/folk site as well. If anyone is interested in checking it out -simply e-mail me at: sullsinger@aol.com.


04/07/00 - Del Hadaway -

Hi Kraig! Enjoy your music, caught you at Borders a couple of times. Love your dobrow playing.
I play guitar and may do some work with Tamara Anderson. I hope, we'll see.
Hope to meet you some day. Good Luck!


04/06/00 - Missy Pagano -

happy spring ...xo

04/02/00 - jingo blues yard -

hi Mr Kenning I´m blues slide freak from small european country and sorrrow but i dont know your music but your www i discovered on the slideguitar zone an I want just say Hi jingo

03/30/00 - schmirgle -

Ok..here I go again. I just wrote up something and lost it. I think you are "peacemaker of Venice"??? This december my friend and I were having a slight disagreement in TJ Carney's resturant in Venice Florida. You tried to play peacemaker and sat with me outside on a bench. Was that you? If so thanks...that was nice. If not, ok.

Since I am from Oak Park and right before I moved to Sarasota..from Glen Ellyn..nice to know you are from the same town. Great City...Chi Town...great music.

When are you due back here?

Warm winds to you


03/29/00 - cara ann bocian -

Hi, Kraig. It's "Blondie" from Fox River Grove. Paul and I hope to see you soon when you are in the Chicagoland area. I just got back from Tucson, Az. Love that Chi-Sox Baseball. Peace, CaraAnn

03/25/00 - Jim and Mary Pat Scoltock -

See you tonite. It's been almost 3 years!

03/23/00 -

I think you're the most!

love your #1 fan!

03/23/00 - al galatte -

Hey good to see you yesterday. Stop by and see the gang sometime. Al

03/22/00 - Steve Arvey -


03/19/00 - Volker Theißing from germany -

hello from cold germany,i love slide guitar and wish you good luck.and go on with this wonderfull music

03/03/00 - Barb (Decker) Wachholz -

Hi Kraig: Wonderful, friendly website. Congratulations on all of your success. Read a great review of your new "Every Precious Moment" CD in the Daily Herald today and am planning on going out and purchasing it. Keep up the good work! Kindest regards, Barb

03/03/00 - Jim & Lois Edfors -

Just read the review on "Every precious moment",sounds like a winner,much luck.

03/01/00 - Lori Magee -


We can't wait to have you play Saturday, March 18th at Streamwood Park District. You had quite a crowd last time we had you out - We are looking forward to hearing you play some of your latest and greatest for the community.

I encourage any other Park and Recreation agency to book Kraig Kenning for their community festival, summer concert or special event...You will thank me later!

p.s. Bookmarked your site - Love it!

Lori Magee

Public Relations & Marketing

Streamwood Park District

02/19/00 - "Don" -

Dearest Kraig Kenning,

This is a beautiful Web Page...Why don't you have any photos of the amazing women singers who have accompanied you over the years?

Truly, this is a great reference and it has been bookmarked! The family will be out to see you soon! Take care-Donna

02/19/00 - julie zurawski -

kraig,,i hope you are still answering your own email, i need some advise on gutair lessons for my son robet he's ten and want to take lessons, i can't think of anyone better to ask than you, do you do any lessons and if not send me to someone as good as you i know he has a song in his heart, it sounds corny but its there i can feel it.....hope all is well with you and your family, we are all still singing, and all still listening to music, thats what brings me to your web site.....write soon love julie

02/18/00 - jojo the dog face boy -

HEy kraigy. i am at school learning about stuff.

02/17/00 - Linda -

"Bruce Cockburn, Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder and Leo Kottke move over and make room for Kraig Kenning. With his excellent new CD, "Every Precious Moment," Kenning is here to take his rightful place among the pantheon of socially conscious singer/songwriters and exceptional instrumentalists."

Take Care Kraig. And congratulations on a very fine CD. You should be very proud.



Hey Kraig! It's been a number of months since we talked last. Hope everything is fine with you and yours. Just dropped by the website to get a mailing address. and to tell you to watch our mail for a copy of the Midwest Music Makers program we did in 1999. It turned out just great. Hope you enjoy it, and most certainly want you to stop by anytime your in town to catch up again keep up the great music, and hope to hear from you soon. Peace to you as well!

02/10/00 - mike tarnpoll -

Kraig, Saw you at the the art show in Naples, Fl. last week.I was the guy with no money and had to borrow my wife,s checkbook. Your music connects powerfully with me. Bought a CD but wish you could extend your road trips to hit my area from time to time. Thanks.

02/09/00 - Bob & Yvonne Garstki -

Hi Kraig,

We saw/heard you perform a week or so ago at the Fleishman Park Art Fair in Naples. You were great. We spoke to you and purchased your latest CD. We have been playing it ever since. It's fantastic. We plan to come to your performance at the Borders in Oak Brook in March. See you then. Your fans from Lombard.

02/03/00 -

see you tomorrow maggie and levi

02/01/00 - Karl Schaefer -

If you don't need your old guitar anymore...

Hey hope to hear you on our local radio station, KPIG out of Freedom California, home of the slide guitar.

Check www.kpig.com

02/01/00 - TimothyRayLaber -

Hi, Kraig, You are too right! Kevin has done an almighty fine creation of this website. Am so grateful to you for your music, Plus I feel like I have you for a great friend, too. Thanks for accepting my buskers tip. Love your music. Looking forward to hearing your next creations. Congratulations on your award. You are too humble. TImothyRay. BarakaBashad

01/31/00 - Bill Leighly, blues guitarist -

I'm trying to make it into the biz, and have a home-made demo out. My band, The Spuggs, play at Otto's Underground in downtown DeKalb on Wednesday nights. Mostly originals, folk/blues/R&B based. Do you support local musicians who are trying to get their foot in the door, but don't quite know how to do it? Please help if yu can, or at least point me in the rite direction. I dig yer music. Thanks ~ bill leighly.

01/26/00 - Emmons-Kroeger, Susan -

Hi, We're looking forward to an exciting evining on Monday,March 27,2000 at lisle library. You're www site looks great hope you'll include your stop here on your schedule or where ever. thx. susan

01/08/00 - caraAnn and paul dimmick -

Hi, hello, whatever... thank you for the enjoyable night out. Please feel free to call and don't be a stranger to us. I have been talking about you to my friends in Tucson , Az. If you ever go in that direction. Peace and good wishes "back at you" Love, Always, CaraAnn or is that too much! Ha Ha

01/03/00 - CaraAnn and Paul FRG -

went to see you at O'traina's with friends.did the landslide bring you down? waiting your prescence at the village squire on thurs the 6th. no landslides this time we will probablt be having an avalanch. ha ha peace, blondie

01/01/00 - Scott & Linda Johnson -

We saw you for the first time at Aurora's First night. We bought the new CD right then. Thanks for a great night.

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