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07/23/17 - linda luke -

Fall from Grace Kenning & Company mandolin version....spent some time with this one.......prayers for you my friend. Truth is worth every tear when the reality has little to do with the longing and the anticipation becomes a lost possibility. Things just ain't the same as they were before, a wisdom i was given so long ago seems somehow appropriate now.... as i type these words that song plays randomly on utube. finger pickin version Peace my friend, love surrounds you in unexpected places from Gods own well.......

02/08/17 -

Missing you. Hope you are enjoying sunny Florida. I'm here too!

12/22/16 - J -

You called me a few years back and I never returned your call. Just wasn't ready yet. But I want you to know I love you man and I love your music. Been listening to the old jams lately and introducing some people to it. I also borrowed kit Carson for two documentaries I did. Not for money but for my classes at college. I haven't seen you play since 96 or 97,but you never know. Hope to catch a show at some point. Enjoy your holidays and keep jamming.

11/21/16 - linda luke -

hope to hear from you

09/04/16 - Sydd & Billy -

Happy birthday, Kraig!

05/29/16 - Peter Shumway -

We enjoyed your performance at the Prairie Festival for The Arts again. My kids set up a live feed on Periscope and seems it had 37 following your first set. I think the farthest away viewer was from Zagreb Croatia. They enjoy slide over there! Best.

04/09/16 - Julie -

Loved your performance in Tampa last night. Brought chlls and heat...chills: rendition of Amazing Grace and heat well because I love your voice and the way you play guitar. You are a musican's musican. I have missed you since I first saw you in Tampa in 2012 at the Lowry Park Bandshell. Something about your music is so familiar and comforting to me.

All the best you Kraig

01/17/16 - Kelly Smith -

Hello Kraig,

My name is Kelly Ann Smith, and I am responsible for fundraising efforts for the Newsome High School Marching Band in Lithia, FL. The band got selected to march in the 90th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade-first in Hillsborough County, only band from Florida in 2016. Since the expenses needed to take 150 kids on this trip are +350,000, the city has given Newsome Band the opportunity to open for you at the Waterworks Park concert on 4/8. I just heard some of your music-love Amazing Grace, and wanted to let you know how excited I am to see you in person.

Sincerely, Dr. Kelly Ann Smith

03/08/15 - Louis Hickman -

Greetings Kraig, Great performance in Ocala at the strawberry festival. I am 62,playing guitar as time allows since 64'.I only caught the last 3 tunes on your set but am I glad I did. Great material and musician ship. I especially like how your music rolled and thumped. Its funny . 2 days ago I ordered a porchfloor bass. I liked your rig. So I got 2 cds and look forward to listening to them. Your voice was great! You remind me of Hal Ketchum with a much better voice. Your ability and tunes is You! Hope you make it back this way again. If you are camp grounding it let me know. We have a great wooded backyard with shower and fireplace. plenty of room. I wish you Peace.

03/07/15 - Teri -

So enjoyed seeing and hearing you play in Ocala! Brought a smile to my face as I listened. Your music is still second to none! Time has treated you well!

01/06/15 - chris -

hey kraig,

hope your planning to attend/play during various south florida festivals this 2015: deerfield beach, delrey beach, others within 15 miles. saw you & heard your music............became an instant fan (liked all numbers, but i guess BLUE AND GREEN stands out.) let me know whens and wheres of your south florida plans for 2015. thanks, chris

12/05/14 - Frank & Jane -

Enjoyed your Nov show at the Old Packinghouse a couple weeks headed back north to St. Louis listening to your gift's great! We hope to connect again in the future. Thank you, Jane & Frank

12/04/14 - John & Sue Gilbert -

We were down at the Cape Coral Yacht club sunset celebration last night and heard you playing on the beach. We really enjoyed your slide guitar. We are from the UK and grew up listening to JJ Cale and Jackson Browne. We bought 2 of you cds and have enjoyed listening to them tonight. Good luck in your travels and may our paths pass again. Sue & John

09/08/14 - Barbara -

A few days late, I know! But, I've been thinking about you everyday since September started. Hope your birthday was wonderful! Have an outstanding year. Hugs and blessings ~from Bradenton

09/04/14 - Mike in Dallas -

Warm regards this birthday - caught your show in Chicago during Bluesfest and became an instant fan. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere when paths cross...

08/29/14 - The Baran Family -

The Family and I caught you this evening at the city park in Munising, MI. We strolled down to the park for a picnic and were greeted with some inspiring sounds from that steel guitar. We couldnt have scripted a better ending to our amazing journey through the Pictured Rock area today. Thanks for plugging that amp in and letting loose. Swing on through the Holland, MI area sometime.

Your fellow Rolling Meadows High grad ( Such a small world )

04/18/14 - Barbara and Jim -

Looking forward to seeing you at Amy's next week! Your fans, B and J

03/18/14 - John Roche -

Hello from Punta Gorda, glad to see you are still performing. Drop in when in town/Fisherman's Village area. John

01/31/14 - Jane DeBoe -

Tom & I saw you in Deerfield Beach last weekend--amazing talent!!! We've been listening your the CD's all week--money well spent. We'll be moving from Florida to the Big Island in a year or so. Growing food for all on our permaculture farm in walking distance from Akaka Falls (check it out--so beautiful). You'll have to play at our farm store one weekend. Know you'd love it there.

12/27/13 - AM Hecht -

https://www.facebook dot /photo.php?fbid=10151864986073030&set=a.10151864988893030.1073741827.593723029&type=1&theater want you back at festival of the arts in the WauZoo contact abe.gabor

09/04/13 - Barbara -

Hope your Birthday is joy filled and peaceful! May you have many, many more. Birthday hugs...

09/03/13 - Sydd -

Hey there Kraig! Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Make it the BEST birthday ever!

08/16/13 - Shirley Glenn -

Looking forward to seeing you here in Tawas. Missed you last winter. ..had my knee replaced so i was not jumping for joy ..doing better now... Shirley

08/03/13 - traci -

Enjoyed your show at the Library!! Keep on makin great Music wherever the Road leads you...Traci from Travel Your Dreams

08/02/13 - Jill Kemper Tetsell -

Hi Kraig. Long time. Was just in the Chicago area visiting family. See you are touring a bit in the Midwest. Mom misses seeing you at Frontier Days. I will let her know about your upcoming daytime gig that I saw on your tour page. Maybe she can get out to see you. And I'll keep an eye out for any western US stops. Would love to hear you play again. Jill

06/09/13 - Trisha -

Saw you for the first time today while walking past the Blues Fest. Your music and talent are amazing... Thank you for sharing your gift! You have a new fan!

02/15/13 - Teresa M. Kayler -

Miss you. Hope to see you play soon. Happy days

01/28/13 - Dave and Lori -

Hi Kraig.....just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for making our quick trip to Florida so memorable. We're your 2 new Canadian friends! We're watching the Live DVD that we bought at the Arts festival and wishing we were back there, by the ocean listening to you play. Take care my friend and we'll meet you again along the way.....

01/19/13 - Nancy McDowell -

Kraig, hearing you for the first time tonight at The Sanibel Bean, based solely upon an ad in the 'Island Sun News', you really blew this ol' folkie-gal away. Whenever you played slide, I got chills in my spine. Way to go, Kraig, and I'll plan on seeing you at The Bean next time you're on the Island. Thanks for a great evening!

Peace and Light, Nancy McDowell

11/29/12 - Shirley Glenn -

It was great to see you and hear your wonderful music.. So glad you will be coming to Tawas this summer. If any one is in Michigan,(Lake Huron-East Tawas) the end of August stop for the Blue Festival and hear our favorite musician play... Will try to get to see you again this winter... Shirley

11/01/12 - kb -

I would love to hear from you..

10/28/12 - Syddknee -


10/17/12 - mari -

Hi Kraig, check out Brevard N.C., plenty of waterfalls to see. Also white squirrels.

09/23/12 - Jamie Groble -

Well hello there my long, lost friend. I have been wanting to say hello for a very long time. It is your "original" #1 fan. It looks as though you've never let one precious moment slip away. I am living in AZ now with my husband (he palys the guitar!!) so if you ever feel the need meet up with a genuine old friend, look me up, you now have my email address. Jamie Groble, formerly known as Jamie Sopiwnik, or Jamie Gentile, (the last time I saw you was in 1999) Wow, that long ago???? You look amazing and so full of love and life!!

09/20/12 - Beach Bonnie -

Left Oregon, now in Kalamazoo.. Wish Wheaton wasnt so far, Id pop over & sea you! Happy belated birthday, wishes for love, happiness & health!!!!

09/04/12 - Sheri -

Happy Birthday Tiny Acorn Man! Love You!

08/14/12 - Owen Nowicki -

Just saw a great show down on the lake in Munising!! Hope to see you in Green Bay sometime! Hope to see you soon

08/02/12 - rhonda -

hey mister - i kinda got used to having you here in redstone. it was a great week of music and river fun.

hope the road is taking it easy on you and that things at home are going smoothly.

be at peace

07/03/12 - Trish Szalkowski -

Hi Kraig! We were glad to see you at Catfish Charlies! We love hearing you and seeing you! We're looking forward to seeing you in August again! Love, Madie and Clare Bear

07/02/12 - Dave Meinhardt -

Hey Brother,

Great to see you at Catfish Charlie's. Awesome as always. Take care of yourself, ok?

Peace- Dave

05/31/12 - Cheryl Cockerham -

On May 27th I meet you in Tracy Conn's back yard, I'm the one that made the quilt for his daughter Autumn..... bought 3 CD's and WOW!! And I'm so glad I did. Listened to all 3 everyday since. Your music is fantastic and very inspirational! I'm listening to them now while I'm quilting. May you be safe in your travels and never stop making such beautiful music!

05/27/12 - 'G' -

It was a pleasure to see you this Saturday in Schaumburg..Enjoyed your performance very much....continued success!

04/28/12 - Angela Kaiser -

YEAH!!!! I am so glad you are comming to Amicalola! First Myakka now Amicalola, I'll just keep moving to parks and you hopefully will keep playing at them!!!!!! You on top of Amicalola mountain with the sunset in the just doesn't get any better!!!!! See you again soon my friend!!!!

04/27/12 - Lisa -

well hello my friend! loooong time....any chance you are coming to NC anytime soon? miss hearing and seeing you play Kraig. hugs. Lisa (from WI)

04/22/12 - Sue Mascarello -

Really? Dawsonville, GA on May 17th. You know thats in my back yard? Well not exactly in my back yard cause thats where the GOATS live, but really close! Xoxo Sue

03/24/12 - Maureen -

Kraig....time's running out. Are you coming to Dunnellen soon? xxx Maureen

02/05/12 - Gayle -

Planned an April trip to Ft. Myers just to see yuou. I think I planned it so I can see you at least 3 times. I can't wait. Wish I could see you more! Peace. Gayle

01/30/12 - Maureen Valley -

Well,'s been way too long since we've seen you and heard you play. Do you still have a place in Dunnellen? When we have a free weekend we'll just have to come to Sarasota to see you. Missing you alot!!! xxxx Maureen

01/18/12 - Joanie -

Hey Kraig Went to the Packing House tonight to see you; even brought a couple of girlfriends and of course you weren't there. Wanted to call you but I have a new phone and no phone # for you. Mine is 941-225-1482. Call me if you feel like talking. My heart is with you. Love Joanie

12/19/11 - Robert -

A few days ago my wife and I saw you play at the Bean in Sanibel. It was a great night. I love americana music and this was it at it's best. Let us know if you ever decide to take a trip to Switzerland. I'm sure I could help you to get a gig or two. Yes, that's how far your music has rippled. Peace to you too... Robert

11/04/11 - Robin Z -

Glad to see ur still rhyming wordz so well. & that ur still happily singing on the road. What happened to the B'town gig? Ther loss. A new place called Tarpon Pt Grill opened on the rivr in B'town now..wud def be a gud place for you to pick n' grin. PeAcE! :-}

11/02/11 - Karin Macias -

Hello Kraig, Just wanted to tell you I love the new CD 'Blue & Green, especially #13 - I enjoyed 'your talk'! Can't wait to see you again in Ft. Myers soon. Even though I have moved away, I still come back for visits, & I will for sure come when you are in town!:) Safe travels, Happy Thanksgiving & see you soon! Karin

09/22/11 - Shirley Glenn -

greetings from Michigan... the Southwest Florida Blues Festival is in November at the German American Club on Pine Island Road.. not sure of the email. It is a big event and would love it if you were there.

09/20/11 - Lydia -


Saw you and your drummer perform Sat at 545 bar and grill. I love the two peice set you do! Your dummer is awesome! You both sounded really good! I'd love to see you again. The place was a bit "stuffy", not your typical appreciative crowd. Regardless, it was a pleasure. See ya again, soon.

Lydia and Chase- Oak Forest

09/04/11 - Barbara -

I think of you often, then, Virgo sun and there's no escapin' the tunes insisting to be heard...! Happy Birthday!! Hope you have at least as many more as you have been blessed with so far. ~A Birthday Hug~

09/04/11 - Donna Ball -

Birthday greetings to you Guitarman. Do you believe we are this old? Always, Road Dog

08/30/11 - Shirley Glenn -

Hi Kraig... talked to someone about the Tawas Blues by the Bay..they said they have different people each year, and told me to tell you to resubmitt your info for next year.. Hope you do ...Many people we know in town loved your music.

07/31/11 - Dave Meinhardt -

Hey Kraig,

I finally posted the 3-D photos from the Catfish Charlie's gig. You can find them and download them for free at:

Remember to use your red/cyan 3-d glasses or they will just look blurry. If you misplaced the glasses I have an address on the website where you can get a pair for free.

Obviously you under a dark canopy on a very bright day was less then optimal for taking photos. If you want to set up a more controlled 3-D shoot send me an e-mail at

Take care brother.


06/13/11 - George -

...If I can mock up Jimmy Fallon's "Thank You Notes"...

Thank you,

Kraig Kenning for not succumbing to parkour flying circus madness, street preachers with their megaphones, paint can drummers and ride-by bicycle gangs and for keeping to enlighten us at Chicago Blues Fest!

Chicago loves you!

- George Filonov (c/o Jimmy Fallon :o)

05/11/11 - Debra -

Thank you for the article. And if I look for you at the Blues Fest where might you be my friend? Custer Street is easy as you are on the map. Let me know if you need an mt while you're home.

04/09/11 - shirley glenn -

have you thought of the southwestfloridabluesfestival (com) can't put the period in your comment won't take it... it is in november at the german-american club on pine island is huge. lots of people.. i would love to be able to hear your music again close to us.. check it out...

03/27/11 - shirley glenn -

Just heard Kraig in Matlacha Florida... Great as usual.... had some songs I had not heard before ... His folk songs are so warm and soothng. Crossroads was fantastic as always ( My favorite). I look forward to more of his music... I have almost all his CD's and listen to him all the time at home...

03/25/11 - lisa -

always fun hangin out with you, hurry back!

03/21/11 - Cliff Crockford -

What a wonderful surprise, to be able to see and listen to your music on our last day on Sanibel Island. Our first time to witness your music was last year on the shores of Lake Superior. So from Lake Superior to the Golf, you are the best. What a talent and thanks for sharing your gifts. Save travel and we will see you this August in Munising, MI.

02/17/11 - Bob Fredericksen -

Just watched the newest DVD and love it, just like the rest of Kraig's catalog. The setup for this collection was great, from the mics, lighting, the Dobro, and of course Kraig. Thx, and avid listener...

12/16/10 - Karen Bastis -

After hearing only two songs, I knew that my friend didn't exaggerate when he raved about how talented you are and what a wonderful experience it is to see you perform. After buying all your CDs and sitting through your 2nd set, I knew I made a wise purchase. We listened to and enjoyed your music long after you left the Old Packinghouse, into the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for sharing your talent with us tonight, and thank you for being the first "original" artist in decades whose music I look forward to hearing again and again.

12/11/10 - Don and Shirley Glenn -

Great seeing you in Michigan... hope you come back... hoped to hear you at the southwestbluesfestival. next year it is nov 19th at the german american club on Pine Island Road... Huge event... will see you at Tarpon Lodge...

11/11/10 - Maureen Valley -

Kraig....missing you in Florida. Am trying to put together a camping trip to Tarpon Springs in the trail down there and see my favorite (the only??) slide guitarist on the planet. We put 8,000 miles on the motor home this summer....have become nomads. Life is good. See you from Mt. Dora...Maureen

11/11/10 - Sue -

Crazy happenings in N. Georgia! The goats broke out of da fence. When we caught up to them they were heading to Florida. They kept saying if Kraig can go to Florida, we can too. Your animal magnetism is working. lol

10/27/10 - Ken -

You have made a connection with the Big Lake (Superior) over the years. We have seen your shows. Today she roars with gale force winds and 26' plus waves bashing the shoreline reminding all who have enjoyed her beauty that a hidden power lurks within. Your friend has spoken. Just thought you would like to know. There is beauty and respect within her waves. We stand in awe today. How can something so beautiful turn so violent but it really isnt'. The big lake just wants you to know she is alive an kickin. Sit back and enjoy the show. I just wanted you to know.

Peace from the UP of Michigan.

10/13/10 - Joanie -

Just wanted to say Howdy; alive and well in Sarasota. See ya in November.

10/08/10 - Bill Bishop -

Kraig, your reach extends further than you can see. Thanks for helping me get through the week. Keep making the music!

09/27/10 - Steve Briarton -

My wife and I saw you perform for the first time yesterday in Rockford. Great show! I look forward to seeing you again. Phenomenal Guitar Playing!

09/08/10 - Elaine -

Happy Birthday Virgo! I know this is a bit late, but it's sent with lots of love...Elaine

09/08/10 - Road Dog -

That concert series is awesome. Now anytime I want to hear you sing I can also, see you sing. Marvelous!!! I hope you do more of this type of promoting your great talent. Love Ya, Road Dog

09/06/10 - Trish -

Hey's to another year of making great music, feeding your soul as you feed the souls of others, and making great memories along the way....sorry it's belated...peace and love from me and the girls...Trish, Madie, and Clare Bear

09/05/10 - Steve Kinnunen -


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank You for your time at the GREAT Guitar workshop at the Yacht Club in Marquette! ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to see your show on Sunday: "LIVE" at the Marquette Blues Festival 1:00pm!

Steve K.

09/04/10 - Barbara -

Hey Sweetie! I've been thinking about you all day. Happy Birthday!! Please have a wonderful one - Celebrate, Feed Your Soul, Keep Your Health! Hugs. ~Barbara

08/17/10 - dotter -

It was worth taking the wrong turn and being lost to hear you in Batavia. Wish it was longer. Enjoy being home

08/09/10 - Debra Christensen -

I love the tour schedule. I have been one step behind Kraig in trying to catch his performaces. It took me an embarassing long time to discover this site. There is a reason I have worked only with living things all my life; using technology is never my first answer. Kraig you were great at the Custer St. Fair Evanston though I missed the first show. BUt weneed to get you some shade my friend

08/06/10 - Jim -

My wife and I enjoyed your show at Herford and Hops in Escanaba, Mi. last night. I have watched/listened to several guitarists that were very good at playing different types/styles of music but after last night, you are the best in my book. I especially loved your work on the dobro. I hope you return to our part of world in the future. Take care.

(I'm the left handed guitar player....)

08/02/10 - Dave Meinhardt -

Hey Bro,

Sorry I missed your show in Dubuque. Had my 3-D Photo exhibit and it ran late with lots of people from out of town to see my show. By the time everyone cleared out your gig was over. Next time I will get some 3-D pics of you.

Peace Dave

08/01/10 - Trish -

Thanks so much for playing my birthday bash....I'm blessed to have brought in a new decade with such good music from such a good friend...THANKS!!

07/23/10 - Sydd -

Like a gentle breeze and then you're gone. Nice seein' ya again. Come back soon - Salida loves you.

07/18/10 - Stu Shaw -

Kraig, Nice work, I look forward to meeting you in benton Harbor MI.Ive really enjoyed your utube of amazing grace. I cant wait to get the cds.

07/13/10 - glen kimura -

havent seen kraig he was in Vail CO. 2000. AN AMAZING SHOW at club chealsy? A strange venue with great sound. Living in SF now hopeing he will swing by one of these days. Cafe Du Nord might be a good spot. Best wishes and happy trails!

07/08/10 - Denny Sorenson -

Attended your show in Arlington Heights! Great Show!

Look forward to seeing you again soon!

06/18/10 -

whoops thats next friday the 25th at fitzgeralds

they just added me to the main stage for the early spot at teh custer street fair this sunday 10 am for a slide guitar church service

se yall soon


06/16/10 - kraig -

hey every one its kraig here

yes they do make it a bit hard to perform on the street during blues fest thats why there are so few now a days but i did manage to play at jackson and michigan for a few hours on sunday and it was so much fun the weather made it rough

see ya next year most likely at mich and jackson

ill be at fitzgeralds this friday fro an early set then mt prospect sat and custer street fair all day sunday



06/15/10 - Cathy -

Ditto Lydia's comment... every chance I got, all 3 days, I checked the Street Performer and other areas where he's played, and could not find Kraig anywhere... I was very disappointed not to hear him this year, although I did see the post from someone indicating that he was there... somewhere... I was wondering if the lack of Street Performers was due to the excessive security that has been put in place... perhaps there were more restrictions placed on them, too?

06/15/10 - Cathy -

Ditto Lydia's comment... every chance I got, all 3 days, I checked the Street Performer and other areas where he's played, and could not find Kraig anywhere... I was very disappointed not to hear him this year, although I did see the post from someone indicating that he was there... somewhere... I was wondering if the lack of Street Performers was due to the excessive security that has been put in place... perhaps there were more restrictions placed on them, too?

06/14/10 - Lydia -

Every Year I go to the Chicagos Blues Fest and I look forward to seeing Kraig play. I went on Sunday and looked in Kraigs usual spots and could not find him. Where was Kraig? First year in many that I missed him and quiet disapointed. Sorry to have missed you! Can anyone tell me where he had his spot?

06/13/10 - Tom Kiemel -

Just saw you at the Chicago Blues performance of the whole weekend..WOW!!!!

Thank you

06/09/10 - Dave Meinhardt -


Great to see you in Dubuque -Just what I needed. Thanks. Was fun hanging out with "the girls."

I will try to make the next Catfish Charlies gig, and will bring my 3-D photo rig to get a couple of shots.

Peace my friend. Dave

06/09/10 - Dave Meinhardt -


Great to see you in Dubuque -Just what I needed. Thanks. Was fun hanging out with "the girls."

I will try to make the next Catfish Charlies gig, and will bring my 3-D photo rig to get a couple of shots.

Peace my friend. Dave

06/02/10 - DONNA BALL -

Sure glad to have you "back home". It was great seeing & listening to you again. You are looking real good. I hope we can connect before you head out to CO. Wish we could come out there again-that was fun last year-sure love to surprise you. Love, Road Dog

05/28/10 - Anna Banana -

Look Loo Who Made The Home Page At Yahoo!

It was truly a WTF moment as I signed on and saw that Local Talent Kraig Kenning was on my homepage!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my sweet, dear, old (both of us) friend! XOXOXOXOXOXXOXO - AnnaBanana

05/25/10 - dave -

PLEASE come back to the " rock " rockford, IL It was a great show. That or you could realease another " album " I have all your CD's You are still the best in the business. Later doc

05/10/10 - Maureen Valley -

Thank you for another fine performance yester, Kraig. Even with a bad ear and other stuff going on, you wowed my friends. Love all my CD's and play them all the time. Take care, won't you? We'll be in touch. Maureen xxxx

05/01/10 - Tiny - Village Oyster Bar -

Hey Kraig - Once again an awsome concert. It was great seeing you and listening to your music again. My friends really enjoyed it - Jeannie is a forever fan! See you when you return to sunny FL. Take care and be safe. Luv, Tiny

04/27/10 - Liza -

Lookin forward to seeing you soon!!

04/22/10 - Mike Guilfoil -


Call me 817-323-8199. I met a old Guitarist named Wade Legget. If you wanna call me at work try 800-303-2330

Hope all is well my Friend. -Foil

04/20/10 - Caw -

Just went thru your website. Must have looked at every photo and video etc. Very very nice. And listen to "Blue and Green" CD. Great bit of writing and performing again. Still can't get thru your short story without shedding a tear for Grandmother Cypress.

04/18/10 - nancy -

I never could understand the groopie thing but since the first time i saw you and heard you at boomtown i understand now...xo nan

04/18/10 - Karen -

Hi ~ I saw you play in Bishop, CA ~ great fun... Please think about a doing facebook account - in your free time :) for us facebook stalkers... We're enjoying your 'Blue and Green' cd as I type. Thank you!

03/23/10 - mary -

Hope you can make it in to Colorado buddy, big snow storm on the front range right now. Won't be able to see you this time around unless you hit the Vail Valley or head into Redstone.

Play well and missing you. Peace

03/20/10 - Brian -

Saw you in Bradenton tonight. It's probably been 12 years since I first saw you at NIU and you still sound awesome! Hope to see you more in the Chicago area and the parents hope to hear you Ravinia some day. Good luck on the west coast brother!! Thanks for the fun...Brian

03/18/10 - Marlowe -

Hey, Tiny Acorn Man - with things much better than... Can't wait to hear your new story & see ya in the Rockies! peace to ya

03/06/10 - Jesse Carroll -

Just felt like playing your LIVE DVD this morning....quietly at 7:30 AM


Hard to sing along when crying....

You are still a direct line to Kathy... always will

Looks to be a very nice day out....39F out and CAVU skies....

We may see 50F one day soon....

Spring is on it's way.....

Waiting for the IOM TT.... then Blues Fest and Custer's.....

BIANCHI time too....

Love ya, brother man....


03/05/10 - Maureen Valley -

Kraig!!! I see you're going to be at the Blue Gator on May 9th. WE'LL BE THERE!!!!! So nice to know another winter won't go by without getting a Kraig Fix.

See you then! We'll be camping at Rainbow Springs State Park in our new mega motor home!!! Got rid of the Roadtrek.

xx Maureen

03/02/10 - R. C. Fulwiler -

Saw you again in Deerfield Beach. I gave you a photo called "Looking for a Gig". Hope you hung it up in your trailer like you said you would.

Bought Blue & Green and really enjoyed your short story. You might like some of mine from 30 years of life on the road as an itinerant artist.

Go to my website (on back of photo) and click on "Book" then "Sample Pages"

Best of Luck....

03/02/10 - Timothyray Laber -

Long time since I have seen this website. Thanks for the beautiful images and especially this capture of your great laugh. I am eager to see/hear your book/story, Kraig. Still enjoying the memory of those first notes you gave me from your new National. Timothyray

02/17/10 - Bernie Zayac -

Hey Craig just seen you @ fishermans village Valentines Day and as usual it was great hopefully if our schedule permits we may be able to see you in Michigan in the mean time stay cool and keep playing your friend Bernie the nut guy "Nuts Galore!"

02/15/10 - Donna & Max -

Sup Kraig?! When are you going to come and visit Frederick, MD? So many music venues and so little time! Check out... This is a real cool gathering from May-Oct. Want to see youthere!!! All the best to you and yours, Donna & Max ps-Max isn't playing as much anymore, sad to say.

02/11/10 - Elaine Ochtera -

Saw you this time at the Arts Festival, Deerfield Beach, you were great as usual. Finally purchased a CD, Maktub. Can't stop playing it!! Love the purity of your lyrics and music. Elaine

01/29/10 - Corri Francisco -

Just saw you tonight at the Bell Tower for the first time...what a gift! I'm listening to my new CD's now, love the Blues,& hope to see you again in Cape Coral next week. peace&love>>>>>Corri

01/28/10 - me -

It's all in the song.... I hope to hear it someday soon...

01/22/10 - Maureen Valley -

Kraig...this will be the SECOND winter we've not seen you in our neck of the woods. We miss you....alot. The economy has just about broken us....but we're alive, well and looking forward to facing a future full of challenges. Hope to see you....soon. Maureen

01/04/10 - Bill -

I saw the Florida TV appearance through your link on-line. I just wanted to let you know that you did a great job. It was a good interview and the music you played should really give people who have yet to hear you a good feel for your style. Hope your having fun in FL. My family and I were just up under the Mighty Mac. Bridge w/ over a foot of snow. It is beautiful. I guess we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Keep on picking!

01/01/10 - Mari -

Hi,We all want 2 see u. We are in the Lower 5! Happy New Year, and hope that u and your's are doing well.Contact L and T. Love always, mrh

12/30/09 - Gary -

Hi. I'm looking for a slide teacher in the western suburbs of chicago. I live in Batavia, Il. I really dig your style. Thanks, Happy New Year! Gary Granberg

12/29/09 -

somebody like you?

12/22/09 - Dan and Terezinha -

Dear Kraig, Terezinha and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. We are enjoying the cool weather here in Fort Myers, Florida. I have been meaning to call and wish you the Merry Christmas but every time I think about it it is about 7 or 8am- too early to call somebody like you. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas. Dan and Terezinha

11/10/09 - Karen Lynette Gore -

Okay, This is why one should proof. That should've read "...and sent me on a search for YOU." Ha. Nice time of year to be hanging out in Florida, huh.

11/10/09 - Karen Lynette Gore -

Oh, my goodness!! I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with you until a facebook friend posted a video a while ago of you playing Amazing Grace. You had me from the beginning and sent me on a search for me. If you get close to Kansas (I hope, I hope) this new fan will not miss a chance to get to hear and see you play. Thanks for sharing your gift!

11/09/09 - Sue Mascarello -

Thank you for the awesome Fall Home Concert Saturday night. You filled my home with your beautiful inspiring lyrics and wonderful music. It was such a unique treat for all of my friends. Your special music and your friendship is a grand gift.

11/09/09 - Da Goats from Georgia -

Hi Kraig, we wanted to thank you for visiting with us in the pasture the other evening. We enjoyed looking at the moon with you. And the music, well, when you sang Bah, bah black sheep, have you any wool? it made even the sassy Roosters tap their toes.

Thanks again for sharing the strawberrys with us. Yum!

We will look forward to you coming back to Georgia soon.

Your friends, Da Goats from the da pasture, just over the fence.

11/08/09 - Vicki -

Hi Kraig! So glad to see you are making your way back to FL. Hope to see you at the Old Packing House on the 25th. Listening to Blue & Green right now! Awesome album! Be Safe! Peace to you! Vicki

10/31/09 - Massage Moment -

Dear Kraig, you my friend are blessed. The dialogue that you drop into melodies becomes magic in the guise of your guitars. You transport the listener. And all of us who hear you are truly better for the experience. I wish you good vibes in abundance, sweet serenity & true joy as you travel afar. And upon your return home, I've got your back! Peace always, Sandra

10/24/09 - Patti Stevenson -

Hi Kraig.... when are you coming back to Sarasota? I'm looking forward to coming to see you again.

09/30/09 - Lisa -

Hey you!!! Remember me??? It's been too long...i miss you! I am so excited about your new CD. Congrats Kraig! I know how hard you've worked on it! Just want you to know, that I think of you often and your music still soothes my soul!! xo~

09/28/09 - Eve -

Well hello there Mr Kraig Kenning.I have only very recently found you and your music.I found an oasis in the desert,a pearl in the oyster.Your song 'PEACE' especially~ could feel it came straight from the heart~ and gave me shelter one stormy day...~ I wish you peace, love and shelter wherever the Road may lead..I am from Scotland and only wish that one day i will get the chance to hear you 'live'.. Much Love, Eve x

09/28/09 - Eve -

Well hello there Mr Kraig Kenning.I have only very recently found you and your music.I found an oasis in the desert,a pearl in the oyster.Your song 'PEACE' especially~ could feel it came straight from the heart~ and gave me shelter one stormy day...~ I wish you peace, love and shelter wherever the Road may lead..I am from Scotland and only wish that one day i will get the chance to hear you 'live'.. Much Love, Eve x

09/16/09 - Marion -

Miss you in deerfield, Im really glad that I got the blue green cd, love both of them every precious moment is such a special gift, and Im sad tahat I could not hear you once before you left the east florida. The ocean is waiting for you to take a swim. Please make some time to come back. You have made an incredible impact on my life.

09/05/09 - Mary -

A most perfect Birthday to you old friend. I hope you filled your heart mind and soul with great happiness. Oh my, a full moon over great waters and shooting stars; Earths Firework display and no better way to celebrate a Birthday alone or surrounded with friends and family. Let me know if you will drive to Cally this month; Hope it will cause you to pass my way there or back. Find a gig for you while passing through Colorado I hope. Play well and be safe. Peace.


09/04/09 - Kelly, Brian, George & baby -

What's up Kraig!! Today flew by and no baby to help celebrate your Birthday, wanted to let you know you have been in our thoughts today and we are looking forward to October. Hope you had an awesome day and found some inspiration while watching that full moon of a 50th celebration rise. peace

09/04/09 - Sherry -

Aww! I just saw that it was your birthday. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day. Sherry

09/03/09 - Barbara -

Happy Birthday!! Yeah, I know, it's a day early, but we are on the road tomorrow so better to get it to you today. We'll be sending all kinds of powerful happy feel-good vibes all day tomorrow! Hugs, Barbara & Bob

PS Full moon on your birthday has got to be good - revel!!

08/24/09 - Jason -

*** Interview with Kraig from Jemsite[dot]com ***

*How did you come to pick up the guitar?*

I listened to music on loud stereos that my older brothers had some of my older brothers friends were what you would call hippies and that sat around a park playing guitars and I could not get enough listening. One of those guys talked me into getting a guitar. I also played guitar in mass at the school I was in, starting in 7th grade

*Who are your musical and guitar influences?*

Started off with the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Leo Kottke, and Dylan after years of playing way too many to mention--but I am a sucker for a well written ballad. Patti Griffith is hard to beat.

*How would you describe your music?*

Its a combination of a lot of music I grew up listening too its a bit of an excuse to write whats on my mind but to get people to listen you have to make it attractive musically as well a little finger style mixed with some edgy slide then off to a mellow ballad.

*Your bio says that you manage to leave every audience feeling like theyve just spent quality time with an old friend. How do you connect with your audience and can you offer some words of wisdom to up and coming guitar players out there?*

I'm pretty sure this is just the heart talking out loud. When you do something with passion and people pick up on it that allows them to drift off in their own dreams for a while.

*What is your trademark dobro?*

A dobro is a resophonic guitar that sounds appealing when using a slide bottle instead of fretting. a lot of Blues performers have used them as well as country players. I go somewhere in between with mine.

*You are said to be one of the best at American Fingerstyle. How do you practice?*

All the time ! you need to practice a lot and in the beginning it can be a bit redundant. Like working out to be good at a sport. I used to sit in front of the tv with a rag under my strings to quiet the sound and practice finger patterns. When I worked as an orderly I used to wrap my fingers in alcohol pads to harden the calluses. Nowadays I wish I had more time to just practice. I tend to have to practice in front of audiences or steal an hour before a show. Im no expert but slowly picking up.

*What are some of your latest projects?*

I am almost finished with my second short story. Its about an old horse and a young pony. No to long ago I finished my 7th album called Blue and Green. Its pretty mellow. Kind of like Neil Young's Harvest album. I really like it and I'm glad I'm finished with it more recording to come more writing and I would love to up the gigs a notch and do more theatres etc

*Where do you see yourself going with your music?*

Wherever it takes me and hope fully that place will provide for me so that I can continue to do what I love for a living

08/24/09 - debra -

Great house concert last night on Peter's Island, the tunes reminded me of those long ago days when the beauty of the sand draws to it the wildness of the ocean, at times crashing with a powerful purpose, other times yet just a gentle rush over the shoreline depositing jewels of the sea. Gulls, and sandpipers heads into the winds anticipating what the seas will bring next. Ah the ocean forever changing, a new watercolor to be painted,a sonnet written and a song played. Although the maiden has voyaged beyond the sandy shores,and simple life it is just for a short time until the the seas call her name, and she takes flight never to look back. Thank you for the return trip debra

08/15/09 - Margie & Malcolm -

Hey there! Enjoyed your performence immensely at Camp 7 last night. We were the folks in the blue VW Van whose refrigerator was on the blink. Blew out the line like you suggested and it started up on the propane with the first try--yahoo! Not only did we have a memorable night listening to your music but got our van fridge fixed too! Thanks for EVERYTHING and we hope to see you back at Camp 7 next year!! M&M

08/11/09 - Ken -

Enjoy the land of big sky and clear cool water. Wish I could join you on your Great Lakes tour. Stuck here in the city working for the man. Toast the Lake for a friend. Great spirit of the Lake will refresh the soul.

08/10/09 - Jen -

Just wanted to let you know that your music inspires all that listen, and I got several calls this morning thanking me for playing your song "Run with the wind, I'll play something from Blue and Green in the next couple of shows, peace Jen---WSLR Sarasota Florida

06/28/09 - Jesse Carroll -

One week gone by.....

Missing you, already, Bro....

The loan offer still stands.... no repay for a year.

Maybe even no interest.. My M.M. Account's only paying 2.8%

Or less, come the next statement..... so W.T.F. ..... CAPITALISTS!!

Kathy would approve... she was the accountant.... HER Masters degree.

I'm doing my best to get friends to buy CD's and the DVD....

I'm in the middle of the DVD at my Movie Therapy Group....VERY well received by all.... most are on Public Aid / SS / SSI......

Maybe a staffer will buy... the Director is a Folkie.... a Banjo freak.... and a good friend since 1995....

My Therapist, Jim Weiss, bought "Moment" online.... just after I got it from you... in '07.... we played most of it for a session and he bought it after he got home... he wants Maktub... understands your situation.



06/21/09 - Elaine Thompson -

Hi, Kraig-

I heard you sing today at the Custer Art Fair in Evanston - and bought 2 of your CDs. They "sang" me all the way home to La Grange. I stop and think sometimes about how important music is to our lives - even- or maybe especially - to those of us who can't sing or play. That's why I thank you for what you do. You are a very talented musician - what a joy to encounter someone with your skills at an unexpected place. Thanks!

06/19/09 - mary miler -

Hi! Am visiting in Holly MI, my grandson is absolutely entertaining and wonderful, daughter and son-in-law ok, Randy is starting to get lonely! We are going to CA in July. I'm already looking forward to the Fall, and don't forget we need to keep an open date in April. Lots of love, miss you, Mary

06/15/09 - George -

... and I keep spreading the word about you and your music.


06/15/09 - George -


Thank you again SO VERY MUCH for your show at Bluesfest! I hope, they'll allow you to play there for as long as you like (I'd say forever but I don't want to sound slavery :)

Your music comes straight from your heart and reaches hearts so easily... something some other big-stage Bluesfest musicians have long way ahead of them to achieve.

I had a little trouble at first trying to find your spot and there it went a little funny:

I decided that I need professional help and stopped by information booth, asking for street performers spots on the map... here's my dialog with info booth lady:

- What is he playing? (me:) - Uh... blues(??) - What instrument? (me:) - Uh... guitar(zzz?) - Hmmmm... curly hair? (me:) - Yes - Down that bridge! :)

From Russia with love & peace, G.

06/08/09 - candy scott -

Hey kraig kenning, been a long long time. I heard about you for kathy-fro from school days that you are singing all around the country. doing what you loved best. I'd love to hear you sing sometime. I'm living in Charleston south carolina. Been here 22 yrs. love it. If your every in need a a place to stay on your way up north, the doors always open. love to see you candy 849-553-6194

05/26/09 - Dean Paskey -

Hey Kraig! Great to see your doing well! You & I used to shuffle boxes around together in Northbrook IL roughly 25 years ago! WoW! Have run into you a few times over the years at several of your gigs and still check out your music now & then. We now live in Somerset WI, and hope to catch one of your shows soon. Keep the riffs comin! Love to hear from ya! Dean

05/05/09 - Donna Dixon -

What's goin' on Kraig?! We live in Frederick, Maryland now...lovin' it! Lot's of music venues from May-Oct in town, at wineries....thinking about you and sending lot's of love your way! Donna & Max ps- Max is tearin' it up on his electric and acoustic....vocals are improving as well...once the voice changes completely! HA!

05/03/09 - Still Beach Bonnie -

I woke this morning in awe of what you created last nite. God you were out of body... in your own realm with energy pulling everyone thru creation of beauty.. heartfelt expressions touching hearts... no need to say you are incredible.. ^and feelings will not be forgotten^ know your timing is perfect and everything is yours^

04/24/09 - Jay Jarman -

Dude, you rock. We just back from the Tampa Trib concert and that was the best one yet. No one has had people involved like you. I tapped my foot the whole time. We're going to try to make it to Safety Harbor next weekend.

04/20/09 - Joanie and Greg -

Hey Kraig Thinking of you and your music and will see you asap. We've worn the Blue searching for the Green; immensely enjoyable journey however need to hear you in person.

Hope this has found all well and peaceful in your world and your journeys are safe.

We will try to see you soon.

03/25/09 - John -

Thanks for a great performance at the Sarasota Folk Festival and for Personalizing the CD for my son.

Today is his birthday and I know he'll enjoy it! (I did). Thanks again, see you at Earth Day.

03/24/09 - Rob Kucan -

Hey Dude, Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I've enjoyed you tunes over the years, seen you play a coulple of times but never got the chance to say hey.It's been a long time...don't know what I like better your music or your website? Actually it's good to see that you haven't changed after all these years. Your living the life a lot of our generation was seeking back in the hats off to you for that. Hope all is well, I'll come see ya next time your near. Your old side horse buddy, Rob Kucan " side horse specialist" (what a joke that is!) P.s. Hey to Eileen Casey.

03/21/09 - Paul Cataldo -

Good to see you again, the album is great although after losing my lady kinda got me a little. Good news though, we are talking. Love is a really amazing thing isn't it. Gonna try to catch you at Mattisons next show. See ya then.

03/20/09 - Kim Cusick -

I L-O-V-E-D hearing you play at the Sarasota Folk Music Festival! Amazing!! It was a pleasure meeting you.

03/14/09 - Eileen Casey Kress -

Wow Kraig! You have come along way from Mr Rheinhart's 8th grade homeroom classroom!!! He would be so proud!!! Congratulations on your successful career!! I will try & catch you next time you're in Chicago area. A high school friend sent me your web-site- awesome!! Best Wishes!!! Eileen

02/15/09 - Paul Cataldo -

We met a couple of years ago at Fogartyville,sad it's no more. I play some of your stuff. I like the new song, gonna get a copy of the CD real soon. I will try to get to Madissons in March. Maybe get one there. Not lazy just real busy. See ya.


01/27/09 - Angel aka -

I am so glad I have both cd's no matter where you are I have you here in music and memory. Sunday was a sweet day, I hope to get to see you before you move on to your next destination. I have been singing back up to the songs LOL. You are a precious soul, and there just wasn't enough time to enjoy you and your music.

01/15/09 - Leigh Humes -

Hey Kraig! I played just before you last night at Jolli Mons. You were FANTASTIC. I absolutely love your sound, your voice, your person. I do hope to see you again while you are in Florida and will be looking at your tour dates to make that happen. You have GREAT energy and it was a true pleasure to have shared a stage with such a fine, talented artist as yourself.



01/15/09 - Tampa Man -

Saw you on TV. Others might be interested in the video

01/14/09 - Peggy Zukowski -

Just want to write that I saw you on 1/14/09 at Jolli Mon's in Dunedin, Fl. You are a superb guitarist and I really enjoyed your music. Bought the Blue and Green CD and its great! Just wanted to say keep playing, singing and writing...

01/10/09 - shirley glenn -

just experienced your music at the old fish house in matlacha, florida. your music, guitar playing is amazing!!! plus you are hot... too bad i'm not 15 years younger. my husband and i truly enjoyed your style of music... thank you for a great evening.

01/07/09 - Tara -

Hey, stranger. Always thinking of you...wishing you a year filled with all that is good. Take care of yourself, my friend.

01/05/09 - Earl Grey -

Good Job

Earl Grey

01/01/09 - Kristy Kirch -

Hey Kraig- I don't have your correct phone#, my band is playing this Sat. at Clancy's in bradenton-64th and cortez. 9 to 1, try and come out!! Our name is "Under the Radar". Call me if you can and if you even get this-378-9218. Saw your schedule, you are gonna be here for awhile! Kristy

12/23/08 - Patrick -

I saw you at Fisherman's Village on 12/21/08 - Great show!

12/19/08 - Vicki -

Saw you at JR's Old Packing House 12/17/ your music and style....Happy Holidays to you...Hope to see you again soon. Peace (my favorite song so far)

12/11/08 - Bonnie -

You rocked on the NPR today ! Great job..

11/28/08 - Trader Jons -

When are you comming to Il. again

Please stop by and check out our new guitars we got in !! I saw you @ in Linconshire a while ago but cant wait to see you again. Were at Trader Jons 1514 Cedar Lake Rd. Round Lake Beach, Il. 60073 847-740-5000. Stop on in and Ill get you some cool picks to throw out to your fans !!!! Trader Jons

11/18/08 - Rita -

I enjoyed reading your last blog when I looked in your corner :) Haven't been to Atlanta in a few years but I hope it was a good one for you . Do you come to Birmingham any ?

11/08/08 - grounded -

It's all many questions. WEBSITE IS VERY WELL DONE. Look forward to Chicago. Your ability to influence is a powerful gift. You get to change lives through your music. Wow! Peace

09/16/08 - Dave Meinhardt -

Hey Kraig,

I just wanted to say thank you. My father recently passed away and I did a photo montage of his life to "Every Precious Moment" (non commercial of course). People at the memorial service remarked to the beauty of the song and how it truly fitted the wonderful man that my father was. You have no idea how much your music has meant to me and to others who I have bought your cd's for. You are a wonderful soul, I believe that good people find each other somehow, and your music is an amazing catalyst for this wonder of nature.

Take care


09/08/08 - Sean McCue -

Greetings from Wausau.

Caught your performance at the Arts Fest yesterday.

I've played there myself for the past 8 years and would have missed you entirely had I done so this year.

Honestly, we have never seen another artist pull the folks into the music as you did.

Old, young, even those on there way somewhere else simply stopped in their tracks and listened.

Hell, even Mother nature blew in for a a visit.


09/03/08 - youknowwho -

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!!!!!!!

YOU'RE the best!!!!!!!!!! :D

09/03/08 - ROAD DOG -

Hey everybody out there let's wish Kraig a Happy-Happy Birthday!!!!

08/28/08 - Marianne -

Hi Someone leaned over to me the other day and said, hey guess who just played Sunday in downtown Skokie? Kraig Kenning. Dont you know him? Life is funny after wanting to get a chance to hear you play you are playing right in my back yard.! Perhaps if life arranges a next time my boys and I will get a opportunity to hear you play. Nice to know you continue doing what you were born to do

08/23/08 - Maureen Valley -

Hi, Kraig!! Be glad you're not in Florida at the we're still getting the residual effects of that naughty Fay. I love your new CD Blue and Green....the story at the end is powerful to say the very least.

We're looking forward to a winter of KK's music...the best of the best, Kraig. Love, Maureen

07/15/08 - Marlowe -

Hope you are enjoying the mountains. You couldn't be here at a better time! je vous manque

07/14/08 - mw -

Hey buddy,

You sounded great on Plum TV. Vail is nice, but I don't like crowds or that much concrete in one place; I'll take Redstone anytime, more my speed. I hope you find time to lose yourself in the woods while you are here. Avalanche Creek on the way up to Redstone (left side of road)makes for a great hike and camping. Drive till you can't drive anymore and start from there up, and I mean up. Enjoy the mountains during this awesome full moon. Boy you hit Colorado at such a nice time..Enjoy and peace. M

07/07/08 - Kelly and Brian -

So unhappy we will miss the show this year in Munising, MI. We fell in love with Kraig last year and our schedule is 2 weeks off for this year, anybody close to this area should MAKE THE TRIP, Kraig will be playing in a new venue designed for great sound, outdoors. Beautiful area, lots of hiking and kayaking, we hope to see him here next year!!

07/03/08 - The Mailman -

Just had the opportunity to see you briefly at the Arlington Heights Frontier Days Extravaganza. It's been a while. I wish you were in town more often. My wife and I still talk about the first time we got to see you at the Mill Race Inn in Geneva back in the olden days. Thanks for keeping on doing what you do. That blue Godin is beautiful. There's a picture here if you replace the "dot" with an actual dot.


06/22/08 - ROADDOG -

It sure is great to have you back up north, Kraig. We enjoyed your gig at the Wauconda Library Thursday evening. It was really nice having it outside. Always good to see Jim & that Kevin guy is something else-so much energy.

Hey you KK fans out there. BE SURE to get a copy of the new BLUE & GREEN. It's awesome-the best yet.

06/15/08 - jody a hadley -

new cd is AWESOME it was worth its weight!!

06/14/08 - Laura (Voegeli) Richert -

Hey there stranger! Came across an article about you in a Rockford paper. Can't make your Rockford gig - getting ready for vacation with the kids. Got your website saved in my favorites. Will be checking it out when I get back. Doug still lives the single life in N.C.


06/13/08 - Dwayne & Jane -

Hi Kraig,

Glad to see you at the Chicago Blues Fest 2008. It was worth the six hour drive. You've got a place to stay if your in Southern Illinois. Give us a call.

Dwayne and Jane

06/13/08 - Billy Carlisle -

Just got your new CD in the mailbox. Really cool. We like it. I thought about taking the afternoon off just to relax and absorb it. You know me. Too much of a working dog. I'll write again tomorrow when I have spent more time with it. Thanks for the tunes and the poetry.

06/13/08 - Marianne Richter -

Hi! I saw you last year at Taste of Chicago and loved your music, however I was very sad because I didn't have enough cash with me at the time to buy a CD. Luckily as I was aimlessly wondering around Blues fest this past weekend I saw you playing on a bridge!! I was so excited, it made my day. I bought 2 cd's and I love them both. Thanks for some great music and I can't wait till the next time I randomly find you playing. :)

06/09/08 - Marlena Belmonte -

Hey Kraig....I saw you for the first time this weekend at the Blues Fest in Chicago! Great show...keep rockin'!!!

05/20/08 - Mike Willett -

Kraig: Sorry we didn't get to see you again in Florida, man, when you play road houses, you mean road houses. We look forward to seeing you at blues fest in Chicago. Stay well, my friend, and keep on singing! Mike Willett

05/14/08 - Mary Miller -

I didn't want to waste time by using mail order, so I played Precious Moments as I used my credit card. Most fun using a credit card this year! It sounds great, Kraig, can't wait to hear the whole CD.

PS If you do decide to go to New England, I'm sure hoping that it won't take away from Florida time! LOok forward to seeing you in the Fall. Take care, Mary

05/08/08 - Ken -

Saw you mentioned in Charlotte's (FL) "Harbor Style" magazine. Being a lover of slide guitar, I was drawn to your site. Love the clips, Have pre-ordered the new CD. Just one question: Do you have any plans to tour in New England? Specifically Boston or southern New Hampshire? Would love to see you live.

Keep on sliding!!


04/11/08 - Mari -

Hi,I like your story.Charlie and I were not sweet on each other,although he tried.I still keep in touch with TB and LP.Enjoyed you and the music miss it very much.margi

04/05/08 - Heather Adkins -

Kraig, Saw you for the first time at the Friday Extra concert and absolutely loved your music. Especially Every Precious Moment! It touched my heart. I hope to see your again in another venue somewhere here in Tampa! Thanks for you music!

04/04/08 - Linda Wheelock -

KRAIG, I enjoyed your Friday night extra show at the Lowry Park bandshell. It was nice to get your autographed CD's and read the words you wrote in Every Precious Moment. I feel better already; having just met you. Would love to follow you to another venue if I had an upcoming schedule. If you could ever get into the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, I hear it pays well. The dates are end of Feb. and one week into March. Always the same dates as Daytona's Bike Week. You signed my C.D. Peace to Linda,and Peace to Ralph We plan on seeing the show at the Ford Amphitheater on Sat. night. George Benson is playing. I haven't seen him since 76. Hope to see you sooner. Linda from Syracuse,Plant City,Virginia,and inbetween.

03/31/08 - Billy Carlisle -

Glad you could make it to Salida, CO. The show was great. Glad you got a chance to enjoy the area and relax. I was amazed at your skiing. Still can not believe it was only your second time skiing. You should make it a point to visit here in July or August the weather is cool and dry. This is the place to be when the rest of the country is hot and humid.

03/27/08 - Sher -

Mon Joli, Looking forward to seeing you in Salida Colorado - and in Dillon Colorado at the Cala on Tuesday, April 1st! :) bonne nuit

03/27/08 - Heidi McClow -

Hey Kraig !Can't believe you will be this close again and we will be in Moab, UT for the weekend. Hope to catch you in Florida at end of April. I will keep your schedule close ! Heidi

03/24/08 - Tom Kenning -

My daughter and I enjoyed the concert at Myakka immensely. It was nice to talk personally to a possible relative (from name) whose spirit so mirrors my own thoughts. Great song selection. The "Come Together" at the end was so cool, and so pertinent. Will try to catch you again in Tampa. Peace, Brother.

03/17/08 - Maureen - mother just received your great DVD and after playing it twice is hooked on your amazing music. Like mother!!!! See you soon in Dunnellon. Maureen

03/14/08 - Kim -

Hi Kraig, Bless you, the world is your home.Thanks for being a part of it.

02/13/08 - Kraig Information Specialist -

Kraig WILL be performing at Mattisons/Riverside in Bradenton on Feb. 15 at 7:00pm.... Enjoy the show! ;)

02/12/08 - Tom -

Does anyone know if kraig will be performing @ mattison's riverside on the 15th? I called there and they said he was not but I am having a difficult time accepting it?

02/10/08 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig come back to Rockford-we miss you!

01/26/08 - Beach Bonnie -

Kraigggggg.... Your fingers are on fire and your guitar is smokin !!! I believe the spirits sent you as an angels token... Not only are you talented but warm and compassionate too. We humans of this Earth are blessed to have found you... So, keep on keeping on and when your bird lands Know you have one who would love to share your plan...

Love and Many Blessings... Just Another Beach Girl

01/13/08 - long time follower -

Then why all the comments about his "wife"? (Actually only a couple....) I bet Kraig is enjoying this drama about his personal life!

01/09/08 -

or do you mean singles???

01/09/08 - Kraig Information Specialist -

Kraig's marital status at this time: SINGLE

01/07/08 - Curious long time follower -

Hey Kraig, or someone who knows: Fact or fiction: Are you now married??

12/31/07 - Kenny -

Just a Happy New Years wish from a distant fan that tries to catch your show every year at the Bay Furnace in Michigan. You never disappoint. Keep spreading the Peace. Lord knows the world sure needs it.

12/30/07 - MAGA MGBADA ETE -


12/14/07 - MAUREEN -

See you tomorrow night at 3rd Place in Eustis, Fla. Kraig....we have a nice crowd coming to see you play and sing. Hugs, Maureen

11/15/07 - John -

Hey. Just checkin out your site after hearing that you're going to be playing "Stanfest" in 2008. Can't wait to hear you, in Canso, Nova Scotia. Love the slide...

John, Halifax, Nova Scotia

11/13/07 - Kreg Yingst -

Enjoyed catching your set at the Frank Brown Songwriter's festival! I very much appreciate your professionalism and giving it your all despite the small turn out - a true arteeest!!! See you down the road....Kreg

11/06/07 - Kala -

Just checked out your schedule. So glad to see you are going to be back in Fl. I know it was up in the air for you, but I'm glad to say Welcome back. Fun in Sarasota, Fl

11/06/07 -

Wife? Did I miss something? Was a shotgun involved?

11/06/07 - Ann Clayton -

Would like to see you perform again. Tell your wife hello. I'm one of the ladies from Henderson. ANN

10/19/07 - lizzy -

What a great night with fabulous music!

Bob and I are working on getting you to Denver - we will be in touch!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us...

10/18/07 - Bob Buford -


10/13/07 - Matt & Kathy Crocker -

We really enjoyed you today @ the Indian Summer Festival in Springfield, IL. Hope to see/hear you again soon! In the meantime, we will purchase one of your cd's (we didn't have enough cash today!).......

10/01/07 - Donna & Max -

This past weekend in Duck River was one we will not soon forget. The simplest of times, warm gentle breezes up the Tennessee Hollow, watching you and my son play guitar on the porch yesterday morning at the "Shack", with Lucille somewhere near by. Beth's breakfast wasn't bad either! Wish I was still there...listening. You are good company, hope to see you back there around Halloween?

Donna, Max and Lucille

09/28/07 - dan byrnes -


I just wanted to let you know that your music always inspires me. It is amazing how your music can influence a person's frame of mind. I dream of one day having you over again as my guest and to have a few special friends over for a camp fire and have you perform. My hot tub awaits you any time. Remember, mi cas es su casa. I hope your travels are friendly and that everyone feels the same way as I do. I have known you for many many years going back to Sweet Bean days and I still get goose bumps listening to your music. Please come and visit my wife and I this winter.

Dan and Terezinha Byrnes

09/24/07 - SUE -

I saw you a couple weeks ago in Wausau,WI. I was with my grandson and we went straight to the music and totally enjoyed your performance. We loved it, to say the least. My grandson who is 4 years old looked at me and pointed to his foot and told me to "do this Nonny". He was tapping his foot! After hearing the song "Troubled Waters", I was nearly in tears and had to buy the CD. My sentiments exactly, put so well in your song. I'm doing all I can to show my grandson the wonders of nature and the beauty that is out there,(despite the cancerous development taking place in Wausau) from falling leaves to snakes and frogs-he enjoys all of it and I so hope it stays with him forever. Thank you so much for your beautiful music and words. I only hope we can see you again. peace Sue

09/18/07 - not tellin' -

i miss you too.

09/17/07 - Rita -

Hello Kraig , hope you are enjoying your sites of new and interesting places :) Hope to see you back here in Memphis sometime too. Until then remember it's not the years in your life that's the life in your years ~hugz

09/08/07 - Wynette Reece -

"TOO WONDERFUL"......Wynette....and PEACE 2 U 2

09/04/07 - Connie B -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hoping you have a FUN FILLED Day today!! I have friends coming to see you in Memphis and we will all be glad when you make it back to Florida!! Peace and Big Hugs!!! connie b :)

09/02/07 - Dale Walker -

Hi Dale here in the UK a friend of mine a fellow guitarist like myself gave me your DVD to watch and I was totally knocked out, so I am spreading the word for you in England hope you get over sometime as I think you would soon build up a great fan base. Dale

08/22/07 - Road Dog -

Really great sounds coming from the Wauconda Library Thurs. night. Well worth the drive. So nice to see Jim again-miss those old days. And that guy Kevin-wow! And last but not least-the reason we came up-you were great, Kraig. I'm always amazed at how you change & improve(if that's possible)each time we see you. Thanks friend.

08/19/07 - Daney Jelley -

Brother Kraig how is your summer going man? Hey it has been a weird one for me down here...I see your already booked for the Tarpon on November 21...I'll be there...give me a shout when you can..peace be widdya Kraig...

08/11/07 - Darrell -

dont noif u remember or not but i remember you and your incrediable guitar skills. i was there last hippe jacks and saw u forthe first time. i was blown away dude.And Who Could ever forget the drunk guy in the crowed.lmao anyways wanna say whats Up.oh remember the drunk guy followed u to the back of ur van when u changed me and ur wife laughed so hard at his goofy ass. Anyways hope u continue to do well in your Art. You Defently have a God Gifted Talent!!! Peace Out Your Friend Mystikal>>Alliace Darrell.

08/04/07 - Mark -

Hey Kraig you gonna be a Hippie Jacks at the end of August for his Labor day bash? So far your name isnt down as appearing ,at your website or his.I sure hope you'll make it.You and Warren Gently were hands above everyone else there for the Memorial day bash.He is gonna be back and I sure hope you will if you can.Be safe in your travels.

07/29/07 - Bryan Ekberg -

I missed you at the Bay Furnace in Christmas MI.Had to work trouble call,took 6 hours.Hope to catch you next year in the great UP of Michigan.

07/29/07 - Connie B -

I hope your musical journey this summer has been a good one! Florida hasn't been that bad this summer..we are getting a lot of MUCH needed rain here in Rainbow River country :) Hurry back, tina and I need a good day fishing and swimming :) Peace and Hugs!!

07/25/07 - Donna -

We can't wait to see you in Duck River, TN, Sept. 29th at Beth's Why Not Ranch! We'll be putting everything together. Until then...

07/22/07 - Ken Jaworski -


Good Show again at the "Furnace". I hope Mother Lake renewed your Spirit and Refreshed the soul. What a pristine weekend in the Land of Sky Blue Waters. The Maker was in full form.

I hope you find what you are searching for soon and that the moon rises higher on the horizon.

Peace brother.

07/20/07 - Ed -

Love your sound. Manson turned me onto your site. Awesome!

07/18/07 - Bill Worcester -

I saw you Several times at Evanston's Custer's Last Stand and last year at Batavia's Art in the eye. I was wowed by your slide skills in particular and am really looking forward to seeing you this year in Batavia. I talked with you briefly last year, you probably don't remember me but I bought a Goldtone resonator after seeing you a couple of years ago and told you so. I'm not at your level on it, but I love the sound of slide. Good luck and keep on fingerpicking and sliding those blues.

07/05/07 - Sydd -

Hey Kraigy-poo............... Long time no hear. Drop by for a quiet time in the beautiful Colorado mountains - it's medicine for the soul. :-)

06/14/07 - Maureen -

Kraig...I see you're wowing 'em in the upper midwest, my old stomping ground. Hurry up and get all this out of your system and come back to us in Florida, will you?

Stay well.... Maureen Eustis, Fla.

06/13/07 - TJM -

Kraig, caught you over by the fountain in Grant Park at the Blues Fest last Friday. I totally dig what you're doin'. You've got a new fan.

06/05/07 - Lydia -

Lots shows planed for Il. Great!!! Bringing a few friends who have not yet seen such a amazing time! Looking forward to it!

05/27/07 - mark -

i saw you at Hippie Jack's Saturday and you were unbelievable.I had saw you on his TV show and I said Ive got to see this guy live.It was well worth the trip.Both your sets were killer!I could watch you play all day.Hope you come back back to Jack's or somewhere nearby someday.Here's wishing you continued success and good heatlh.

05/19/07 - Susan -

Hey, Kraig. I'm sitting here in Music on the Square listening to you. Really glad I found out about it at the last minute & came. You are a fantastic musician!

04/22/07 - Connie B -

I want you to know how MUCH I enjoyed your show in Dunnellon.I have been back a year and that was the FIRST good music I have heard here! Hope you got that dip in the Rainbow and had YOUR battery recharged! It is a VERY SPECIAL river :) Hope to see you perform again when you come back in November... Peace and hugs, connie b

04/22/07 - Maureen Valley -

Well....another stellar performance, Kraig. You wowed my buddies as I knew you would. Thanks for being so gracious and coming over to say hello to them. They now are linked to your web site and will monitor your tour dates.

Your appearances in our area are too few and far between.


03/31/07 - Diane & Steve -

Great concert today at Manatee Park. Looking forward to seeing you again.

03/26/07 - dave/kathy -

Kraig: We're waiting for you to play "Severson Dells" again in the forest city, Rockford, IL ( maybe this year ) but I / we didn't see it on your summer concert list. it's always a good vibe to hear/ see you live. see / hear you later on this summer when you get back to your hometown fans who know your the best... later dave/kathy

03/24/07 - Kirby Dietz -

Hey Kraig! You are one great artist! Just saw you (like a minute ago) on Hippie Jacks show, googled you and when I go to check your tour dates, you're in my old stompin grounds, Sarasota,Bradenton ect... I've played Sanibel years ago, just beautiful. Man I'm knocked out by your style and will try to bring some friends to Crawford as my wife Joyce and I are not too far since we're in Nashville now for the last 12 years.Anyway, I'll be turnin' some friends on to you. Mightyfinepickin Mr. K Kirby

03/15/07 - Rawhide -

Hey You, Kraig's the name... (no worry no repeats). Did that already last night at the Indigo Room. No worry. No one knew of. Or in the flesh.

Shit, was that a rush. Shaking from head to toe. Started REAL SLOW. Old (1 month!!!) stuff then on to me in THE RAW. Audience cajoled me on with each pauze. Started REAL SLOW. But soon took flight.

My God. People (i.e. HUMANS)actually LISTENED. Not heard. Listened. With heart & soul. At least so appeared. Said. By the hand-shakes & recognition. YES!!! Two journalists even asked for my number. Young guys. Too young to understand. But did.

Exchanged numbers. See if anything comes. Sitting at the bar. Beter than my WILDEST dreams. Definately beter than sex. At least what I have experienced. In the 23 last barren years.

No wonder. Wonder if you're ready for this week-end. Two gigs: Ft. M. & Piney M. May drop by with a few friends. Got the word out. Anyway.

Are you free sometime in April? Or off in a VW Van? Preparing a show for Manna. Indigo just a proloque

Need some back-ground - no front-stage musicians. know any? Flute, jembe/bongo's Maybe a piano to boot.

Signing off, bakc to work

03/09/07 - Malaca -

For the late night Owler: I pray to the birds. I pray to the birds because I believe they will carry the messages of my heart upward. I pray to them because I believe in their existence, the way their songs begin and end each day-the invocations and benedictions of Earth. I pray to the birds because they remind me of what I love rather than what I fear. And at the end of my prayers, they teach me how to listen (Terry Tempest Williams).

Hope your owl was watching over you all night.

02/13/07 - Julie -

Just sayin hi on your stroke page-all well deserved. Wish i could say i enjoyed your music live but some of us just have to wait up north,. Great day for someone from Pinellas Park to fly north, huh? Will be lovin your cds from here. Stay safe.

01/09/07 - Brenda Best -

Saw you on TV Sunday a.m. LOVE your style and appreciate the fullness of sound in your one-man show. I'm inspired and may just take up playing dobro...but I have a long way to go to be as great as you. I hope to catch you live someday when I visit FL. BB (Nashville TN)

12/22/06 - Maureen Valley -'s me again. I'm still sailing from your performance this evening at THIRD PLACE in Eustis, Fla.....along with the 4 Merlots. Masterful guitar playing...sensitive lyrics...stage presence...gee....and we had you all to ourselves. I'll be watching for your appearances in central Florida or anywhere for that matter. Thanks for making our holiday weekend. Maureen Valley

12/21/06 - Maureen Valley - it true? You're going to be at Third Place tomorrow night? That's a mile from my house.

We'll be there!!!

Maureen Valley Eustis, Fla.

12/18/06 - Richard L. Nacamuli -

Greetings again!

12/08/06 - Joanie -

Thank you for coming back to Sarasota, can't wait to watch your awesome performance. Hope to introduce a friend to your music. See you soon at the Packing House.


12/06/06 - Michelle Chase -


Thank you so very much for the performance you generously gave at the American Legion Post 123 on Sanibel Island this past Sunday. You were the perfect artist to launch our new endeavor in providing exceptional musical artistry once again on our Island.

Thank you for sharing with us your energy, passion, and awesome talent.

Michelle Chase American Legion Post 123 Sanibel Island Florida

12/04/06 - Richard Nacamuli -

Great music. Love it!

12/02/06 - tracee -


11/20/06 - Maureen Valley -

Your performance at Winter Garden on Sunday was stellar as usual, Kraig. I now have two of your CD's to sustain me till I get to see you perform in person again. Stay well as you tour....and come back to central Florida, soon!! Maureen Valley

11/20/06 - Kurt Malinowski -

My wife and I really enjoyed your show at the Winter Garden Art Festival. Your music was so hypnotic and full of soul. We couldn't stop listening. We picked up one of CD's and plan on getting more. I hope your in the area, again, soon. By the way, I haven't seen a Hoffman Estates sunset in awhile myself...loved the song.

11/16/06 - John Matthews -


Man, you were terrific at the Sarasota Farmers' Market. The vibes you created that day were incredible! You're almost as good a guitarist as you are a human,hehe. I hate I missed you at the Packinghouse, but I'm told it was standing room only, which doesn't surprise me.

Thanks for enriching my life, with both your music and your soul.

10/11/06 - joan -


Just spoke to Fogertyville to reserve a ticket to see your show and they said your not playing on Nov. 3, just on the 4th???


10/08/06 - Joan -

Hi! Sarasota looking at you here, like what I see, dorky, cute and happy. Looking forward to your visit, Fogertyville, Sarasota Farmers Market. Can't wait to hear your new music. The weathers fine, your gonna love it... A Devoted Fan Joan

09/08/06 - Mike Cannon -

Sweet Show in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night! First time I had the chance to see you. Love the CD also!!!

09/04/06 - Sydd -

Hey - dude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Sounds like to have a great day planned. Enjoy!

08/23/06 - Roaddog -

You missed a good one, Ken. When you are in an awesome setting listening to an awesome person you can't go wrong. So glad we made the trip. Love the UP & love Kraig. And to top it off, he did Imagine. I thought I'd float off my chair.

08/22/06 - trevor -

hey kreig ya know rich phizer down in florida? rememberyou had that concert you had at his shop in FT myers he is a friend of mine. try havin a concert in farwell M.I> please man

08/21/06 - Ken Jaworski -


How was the Mich UP tour? Man I wanted to be up there so bad after catching your show there last year. Man, that place refreshes the soul.

Keep spreading the Peace brother!

08/17/06 - Debbie S. -

Hi Kraig- Saw you at Batavia Art Festival Sunday, enjoy your music so much, I go away feeling great. Enjoy your next travels, wish I could follow you there. Debbie S.

07/23/06 - Brooks -

I just missed by a day while visiting the folks in Chitown. I will try to catch your show in Denver.



07/21/06 - Sydd -

Hey, dude.......... do you know a law was passed in Colorado July 1st, 2006 making it illegal to smoke in most public places statewide?????

Score one for the ole lungs, baby!!! I'm happy!

07/17/06 - Cheryl B -

Truly enjoy your music! We always look for you at the Blues Fest in Chicago..... Hope to see ya soon!

07/17/06 - ashley kenning -

hey! i never heard you sing before but it sounds like you must be really good.. but we have the same last name!!!maybe we are realated sumhow?

07/14/06 - Dorothyk -

Amazing Grace was my Mom's fav son! I know you are such a contemplative personality-appearing frivilous! Are those words really in the dictionary? I hope I used them correctly within the context of my writing......thanks for the opportunity! Mercy Smiles, DEE

07/10/06 - Muhanid -


07/04/06 - Kim and Mike Whitty -

Just listening to your CD and listening to Amazing Grace. I sang the song to my kids the other night as they were going to bed, they both said they really liked that song. I told them I had a copy of it. Your version was the first I thought about. My husband and I heard you at the Sweet Bean in Fort Myers Florida when Amber and Mike owned it several years ago, (before kids 6 or 7 years ago??) We have wanted to hear you again ever since but kids, weather or something else has gotten in the way. We Hope to hear and see you soon in Fort Myers. Keep up the good work.


Mike and Kim Whitty

07/02/06 - Imelda Lucero Mendoza -

your passion in your music showed it all as i watched you perform and i listened to your music last friday at the waukegan public library....that was a perfect lunch break with a terrific performer with the best music!

06/26/06 - Su -

Hi - I've enjoyed your music and CD's from the past couple of years at Custer's Last Stand in Evanston. Awesome! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us....

06/19/06 - Joe -

Hi Kraig,

A few friends and myself saw you perform this past Saturday at the Custer Street Fair in Evanston. Wow. We were impressed! You could feel the energy in the crowd. You rocked! Thanks for the amazing performance.

06/15/06 - Alexis -

sry on my last comment i for got the rest of my email address! Alexis

06/15/06 - Alexis and Lydia -

I emailed you and i just love ur song "Wishi Ta"! Oh and thanks for signing my moms cd. I hope you remember me and my mom Lydia!!! I told my mom that you should remember us because i asked you to sign the cd! ~Namaste~ Love always Alexis and Lydia

06/14/06 - Lisa -

Hey Kraig- Had a peaceful run this morning with Maktub...Great CD It's probably hard to wrap your head around how many people you have inspired/touched with your tunes but you have. I look forward to when our paths cross again.... Hugs, Lisa

06/13/06 - carley -

I enjoyed staying with your site, will surely come back to learn more

06/08/06 - Asalamani -

OH Kraig

I So Love your Mangos


namaste asalami

06/06/06 - Kim Borden -

Greetings Kraig!

What can I say but you were absolutely SUPERB last evening at the Freemont Public Library in Mundelein (IL) last evening. Your versatility of style and showmanship were outstanding. My husband, Rob, and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and will definitely see you at Independence Grove in Libertyville (IL) later this summer.

I am listening to your "Every Precious Moment" CD as I am writing this and will be continuing with Maktub and Pass the Hat later this morning.

Many thanks again for your wonderful performance.

Namaste )o(

Kim Borden

05/29/06 - Cutie -

The eyes have it.....on display for all to see If, that is, they are looking and searching as you are Intense and passionate; yet pained-not really free The audience is mesmerized by the captive tool Of the gifted singer and his fine tuning His face so sweet;wanting to touch the heart of a soul Knowing the distance between his eyes and mine makes it hard to express What's on the inside Let us lock hearts and think about the day As a butterfly breaks through its own pain and is free to fly away And finally live and breath and capture its destiny Thank you for a lovely day!

05/24/06 - Sydd -

Dude - you sure you're headed to Salida in September??? Don't see it listed anywhere. Be cool.


05/22/06 - Steve -

I must admit that I have been a bit remiss. I bought Kraig's Halloween DVD about a century ago and managed to NOT post a review here on his site. The time has come to set the record straight.

If you haven't seen Kraig perform, you need to. If you HAVE seen him perform and haven't purchased Halloween, then you are absolutely missing out on an excellent value. Kraig's excellent songs just keep on rolling out. Our very talented friend is very generous in what he shares with us on this DVD. Trust me, just buy it!!

Thanks for stopping by the Library Kraig, you made for a wonderful day.

Steve G.

05/09/06 - Jay F. Ver Burg -

Kraig, KC and heard you at One Trick Pony in Grand Rapids, MI as part of the WYCE hat trick series. KC is a programmer at WYCE and told me we needed to attend. She was right! you were awesome. Great! Knew you were very good from the first song. Will see you at the Chicago Blues Fest. Jay

05/05/06 - Dan B yrnes -


My trip to Brasil was amazing! I saw so many beautiful sites there and the people just enhance the beauty! A country to explore with so many hidden treasures is called Brasil. I hope to share some of the many sites I visited with you.

Hope your travels have been fun and inspiring. I look forward to your visit to SW Florida again. Please call when you have time.

Dan Byrnes

04/23/06 - Elizabeth Mullen -

Just saw you again with my daughter and her friend at Stir The Soul. Another incredible experience. Thanks so much for sharing your music with us here in Florida. Can't tell you how much it's inspired me. Enjoy your time off this summer. You will LOVE California! Just don't dissapear out there, we need you back here live! Happy trails and God bless, Elizabeth Mullen

04/06/06 - Sydd Carlisle -

Uh..... Schiller, you're too late!! :~)

04/01/06 - schiller -

hello, your music is fine, but please don't publish any photos of you naked!!

03/17/06 - Joan O'Neal -

Hey Kraig It's Joan from Sarasota. You already know that I think your a fantastic musician and from what I can understand from your web site and our conversations; your a naturalist also interested in the good and natural things of life. I love your music and each person that I introduce it to also loves it and wants to hear more. Hope your at the market on Saturday but if not, we'll see you at the Packing House and perhaps Fogertys.

Your Devoted Fans

03/04/06 - Sid McKeen -

Caught you at Fisherman's Village last night (3-3-06)and picked up your "Pass the Hat" CD with Avery...both your act and your recording are what we folk from Maine call "wicked excellent."

02/21/06 - steve pociask -

hi kraig when u comin to sycamore/dekalb know ypur havin fun, keep on playin hope to see you soon big steve

02/07/06 - Cheryl -

Hey Kraig,I never tire of listening to you and your music.Oh my God, acoustic too! I will defintely be in the eutheric! I am so excited that you are playing so much in the Sarasota/venice area. Thank you for sharing your gift of song!

02/05/06 - Larry Huro -

Hey man how's it going.I hope the shows are going well. It's kind of cold up here in Streamwood. I hope to see you when the weather gets warmer. Be safe and keep home in your heart. Your Spinning friend, Larry

02/01/06 - Eti Swinford -

Phil and I enjoyed seeing you again or "agin" (from Florida ya know)in Deerfield Beach. Hope the directions we gave you were good. If they were, I gave them to you, if they were bad, Phil gave them to you! Ha! I see you have fan photos on line here. Will submit a couple.. one of the Owl for sure. We might be looking for you across the state sometime. Nice site! Looks great. Love the DVD. Eti

01/18/06 - Sydd Carlisle -

Hey Kraig-e-poo............. I'm not avoinding your calls, I'm just not here when you call. Sorry. Try again... maybe on my cell? It must be hell sunning on the beach in Florida this time of year. NOT! Come skiing.... Bill will show you how to break your neck. (not really) If Bill can do it, then I'm going to give it a try. Here's an idea for ya: make Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious the password and we'll spell it backwards for you! NO WAY, Hosea!


01/03/06 - Billy Carlisle -

Hope you had some nice times during the Holidays. I took time to learn a little bit about skiing and Sydd and the kids spent time with the Family in St. Louis. Come to see us if you ever get a hankering to do some skiing. This area is beautiful in winter. Best Regards, Bro Billy

12/26/05 - Larry Huro -

Sorry not to have written for so long. Happy Holidays and have a great New Years. I hope to see you around Park Place soon.

12/16/05 - Daysi & David -

Happy holiday Kraig from both of us hope all is well and the season is the best ever,we are looking forword to seeing you when you get back down to Fl.would love to enjoy the sunset as you serenade Pine Island Sound with "Little Martha"that sure was a beautiful night.Be safe and God Bless.Enjoy the Hoilday.Peace:)

12/05/05 - Sydd -

Hi there Kraig. Didja fall off the planet??????? ;-) Sydd

12/04/05 - Katheine Mullen -

Hey Kraig, I wanted to compliment you on your truly amazing work as a musician and artist. If the two didn't work together, you'd have just some a musician who plays on the street for tips. What you do penatrates the soul, you can almost feel your spirit healing when you pluck the strings. I saw you play at the Art Festival, I think in Venice this last weekend with my mom. She was a tall blonde lady who asked you to see her husband play at a gig this week, don't expect you to remember, but she was impressed as much as I was. We stayed there for half the day watching you play, god must send talent and harmony though you because your a blessed man with a such gifts. By now you must know have some kind of magic so don't you ever give it up. Lol, well you can definetly tell I'm going to see you again sometime. My names Kat' and I'll make a point of shaking your hand and giving you a smile that next sometime. Geuss I'll seeing you later. ~ Bye

11/27/05 - gerry Quinn -

Hi Kraig Just came across your site by accident.I hail from Liverpool UK and I have been playing like, forever.I thought I'd heard of most players, especially sliders, but you came as a complete surprise.But what a great surprise!.I understand you like Sonny Landreth and if that's true then I'm with you.How about you guys coming over for a tour and blowing our minds. Love the Dobro, and I might just trade in the Telecaster for one( on second thoughts I'll keep the Tele and get the Dobro).Anyway I will now try to find your DVD in the UK and spread the word. Keep Trucking Gerry

11/27/05 - Daysi/Colt/David -

We sure had a wonderful time eating "rich people food"and watching the stars by the lake in Myakka.:)

11/22/05 - Lindsay Hutton -

Hey, I'm not sure if you remember me but I always used to write on here and go to your shows whenever you played at fireworks in Moline, IL. well, I was stopping in to say hey because I stubbled across "Every Precious Moment" last night and came back to listening to you all over again, I love your music.

I started playing guitar about a year ago and last night I tabbed out "Hey Brother" and "The Mystery of Life." I think I did it right because they sound like it. I hope you're coming back to the Quad Cities again soon. Cya.


11/14/05 - Jim Neal -

Sorting through CD's to add them to my iPod collection, I tripped over my copy of Somewhere in Between and proceeded to damn my weak moment when I gave my copy of "Pass the Hat" to someone. Seeking out your web page, and clicking on some of the samples I was rushed back to that hot summer afternoon in Chicago when you and Mr. Arvey rocked my blues world. My eyes tear up thinking of your skill and passion. You are truly a blessing on this earth. Never give up the magic! Thanks.

11/01/05 - Billy Carlisle -

Kraig put on a great show in Salida, CO 10/22/05. He was playing a blues classic when I realized that the beat had entered the stratusphere. It was technically still conprehensible, but incredibly fast. I looked at Kraig's hands and they were not there, just a blurr. That is really exciting and fun music. Kraig's music is multidimensional touching our souls in more than a few ways. I asked the bluesman Blind Bryan Lee what he liked most about the blues one time. To paraphrase, he said it was a spiritual thing, we are going to have church in here tonight. The connection between us all in the music is something I think Kraig understands. The music is a gift and something that can be shared. This is a spiritual side of the music, I think. Thanks for your poetry in song, Kraig. You take is to a higher plane. Best Regards, Billy C

10/31/05 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, Caught you on 10/28 in Rockford and what can I say, another great show!Especially enjoyed "Iowa" as I was born in Dubuque and can relate to those feelings. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

10/09/05 - Sarah Carzoli -

Hey Kraig, Good to see things are going so well for you after all these years. My kids are part of your next generation of fans ...

10/06/05 - Phil -

I heard Kraig when he played in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last evening, and was very impressed with his powerful guitar playing. I attended with a 14 year old fellow who is a wannabe guitar player, and is learning fast. Kraig was most gracious in talking with us after his playing, and I am sure that he was a great inspiration to this young man. I am looking foreward to seeing an interview Kraig also gave last evening, which is slated to be on our local tv station next Wednesday , and which was conducted by Jason Kent, who is a pretty good guitar player in his own right. Thanks again Kraig, for coming our way, and for blessing us with your wonderful music.

09/13/05 - Dan Byrnes -


I just wanted to wish you a great vacation. My wife and I are doing wonderful. The jet skiing has been so sweet down here on the Gulf of Mexico. This past Sunday we were surrounded by dolphins searching for food. We took in some fresh Red Tide Air and actually spent some time swimming around the pools at Sanibel Harbour. You remember the place, right? Well, when you return be sure and connect with us and we will enjoy the pools. Be safe, Dan

09/07/05 - Seymour Butz -

Very great website. Keep up the good work.

08/22/05 - Ken & /Christin Jaworski -

Kraig, Caught your show at the Bay Furnace in Christmas Michigan. What a pleasant surprise. While camping we hear your concert in the distance. A stroll along the beach and we find you playing to an small crowd in front of the historic Bay Furnance along Munising Bay during a fantastic sunset. Thanks for a great evening. One we will never forget. Hope to catch you again soon now that you have introduced us to your music. Peace brother

08/20/05 - Arth Vandelay -

Very excellent site. I will enjoy the next update.

08/17/05 - John Rupke -

Great performer....amazing guitar work and vocals...if you have a house concert, GET THIS GUY!!!

08/17/05 - Diane -

Hey, is the webmaster on vacation? Incorrect spelling in tour dates, looks like KK has taken over! LOL

08/12/05 - Jody Simmons -

Hi Kraig,

I heard you for the first time this morning on our morning news. I can't wait to hear you this evening at Tunes at Twilight. I really liked your music.

08/05/05 - Debi Jordan/Greg Bek -

Hi Kraig.

We met in Tallahassee this winter when you played at the Tallahassee Museum with Steve Arvey for the Freedom Blues Fest. We drove Steve back to the Motel Six after having BBQ at a blues jam.

We didn't purchase a CD from you when we met, but we were blown away with your rendition of "Amazing Grace". It was very moving to the spirit the way you made your guitar sing like an angel. Amen!

We'd like to get a copy of whichever CD has that rendition on it. Can you email and let us know which one? Thank you, Yours in The Blues Debi Jordan / Greg Bek

08/03/05 - Jani -

Mr. Kenning, I recently saw you at Independence Grove in Libertyville. I can honestly say that your music is the best live music I've heard in a long time. You are truly inspiring. My friends and I want to say thank you for sharing your talent and music with everybody. I also think you should get in touch with Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, and play there.

08/02/05 - Anna Banana -

HELP!!! K-Are you playing the Wauconda Library on WEDNESDAY, August 24 or Saturday, August 27? I'd love to come see you! Aloha-Anna

07/27/05 - Brandon -

Mr. Kenning, I recently saw you at the Chicago Blues Festival. You are really great, you're one of the best I've ever seen, I've seen alot of slide guitar players. Well, award-winning slide guitarist, Kraig Kenning, I thought you'd wanna know that you are now listed as one of my inspirations for writing, I wanna write the same type of stuff you do, it sounds similar to things I've writen. I bought your 2002 album, Maktub. I know all the songs, can play all of them, and know every single word, My favorite song is probably, Iowa, or, Flying High. I can relate to many of your lyrics, especially the opening line to Round and Round. You are a great songwriter, thanx for the CD and the signature, keep rockin, PEACE.

-Brandon Smith

07/20/05 - Paulette Kucera -

Where is the gig on Sat 7/23/05? The phone # is for the Kenosha Public Library and Barrington says there is no Eton Park there HELP!

07/17/05 - Capt'n Amey -

Dear Mr Kraig Kenning--

I saw you at Gasparilla music fest in 2005. I have recently been learning to play slide guitar and I find your music to be inspirational. I just wanted to thank you.

07/16/05 - Adam Zapel -

Cool website!

07/05/05 - Jennie -

Hi, happy 4th! I saw you perform 2 years in a row at the Frontier Days in Arlington Heights. Just wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing is great and we need more people like you in the world. It is great music and you seem like a genuinely beautiful soul. Thanks for the show. :)

06/23/05 - Marie -

I am from Vegas, but I was visiting the lovely city of Chicag and caught your performance at the Custer's Last Stand Festival of the Arts in Evanston. I know Las Vegas, Nevada is a bit far, but I would love to see your performance again sometime.

06/16/05 - Trader Jon's -

Hey we saw your show last year in Linconshire. If your ever in the area stop on by and say hi!!

Trader Jons 1514 Cedar Lake Rd. Round Lake Beach, Il. 60073 (847) 740-5000

We have alot of cool guitars you might like!!!!!

05/03/05 - Mgbada Muge -

Good Site.

04/28/05 - ric bianchi -

Kraig I finally got my 2nd disc Keys and Strings completed - even though it was recorded last fall. I would love to send you a copy to get your feedback about it - if you don't mind. I need some address or PO Box to send it to. Hope to catch you locally again when your in the area - I always seem to be working the night your my area. Continued success and best wishes. ric bianchi

04/24/05 - jill -

What a great time Bruce and I had at the coffee shop! Glad to see that you have some gigs up north. Be seeing you this summer....jill

04/22/05 - sdt -

i have it

04/22/05 - Daney Jelley -

Kraig - I trust your travels have been filled with mucho gusto of all that is. I tried to enter a comment the night after your show here - to no avail (heavy sigh).

The response to your shows here on April 8th has yet to die down. I suspect I will have to answer the question "When is Kraig coming back?" at least 4 million times by November.

Thank you for everything Kraig. Please stay tuned to our website for your review in the May newsletter. You are a bro, indeed.

With unyielding gratitude - much love, Daney - Stir the Soul Coffee Hous, Vvenice, Florida.

04/20/05 - Kimber -

Your music touches from my toes to my head and everthing in between

04/19/05 - John McLeod -

Spent some time listening to Kraig at his Cape Coral Yacht Club beach gig last February. I was on holiday visiting from Scotland. Kraig's slide guitar playing blew me away...Invested in his Maktub CD and haven't stopped playing it since. Addictive !! Come on over to the UK Kraig...

04/02/05 - Dan Byrnes -

Kraig, I hope you and Misty enjoyed the BETAR a few Saturdays ago. Next time you are in town please drop by and bring Misty and we can have a bbq and hit the hot tub. Terezinha and I always welcome a nice person to our house. The look on both your faces said everything that Saturday. Feel free to come back another Saturday. Maybe next time I won't work and I can bring the Jet Ski out. May you travel safe and sound.


03/28/05 - Bob Goshert -

Hi Kraig I heard you for the first time when you were on WMNF radio in Tampa,live, during their pledge week. I was the first one to call in, and made a pledge, and recived your cd Maktub.Outstanding!When the DJ announced my pledge on the air,I heard you say,"all right Bob".That makes this album very special. I read The alchemist many years ago,but I can't remember what Maktub means.Please refresh my memory. All the best to you,and I hope to see you live the next time you are in the Tampa Bay area. Bob Goshert Sunset Beach,Treasue Island,Fl.

03/14/05 - Ms Tracy L Wright -

Kraig, Awesome, Entertaining, Uplifting, and Unique You Are! Tracy

03/10/05 - White Powder -

call us again, not on the cell phone.

03/09/05 - Beth -

I heard you in Steamboat Springs a couple of years ago. Any chance you are coming back?

02/27/05 - Joe Dunn -

Kraig Caught you by accident in Ybor City (Tampa) yesterday and loved your style. Bought the PassTheHat CD and it is fabulous.

Best wishes for a great time while you are in Florida this year. Joe Dunn Tampa, FL

02/03/05 - KaraLee, the estonian -

Hi Kraig! You never know how far reaching something you sing, say or do, today will affect the lives of many tomorrow!!! Keep Loving the world!

02/01/05 - KEN MEYER -


01/18/05 - Chris -

Kraig, I have been introducing friends to Maktub since we saw you in Sarasota last March (2003) while on vacation. I was happy to see that you'll be playing Sarasota again this March. We'll be there. I bought a Godin Acousitcaster based on your sound and recommendation. I've had it for 6 months, it has added everything I was looking to our little Minneapolis band. Sycronicity, believe in it!

Your Minneapolis connection, -Chris

01/16/05 - yannis -

hey this is the kid u met at the beux art show, and i as with my cousin talkin bout how trashy ashley simpson is and how music isnt as quality as it used to be. you are some of the best i have seen in a while. im going to buy ure dvd and cd at the st stephens art festival, cant wait to see u there good luck on your tour. -yannis

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