On this page you'll find information on some of the folks that Kraig works/plays with.


Jim Seidel took his first professional gig at the ripe old age of 10, joining a garage band and playing bass parts on a ukulele he found at his parent's house. He moved up from that to playing bass on a 6-string electric guitar. Finally, he got himself a real bass, and it's been true love ever since.

Jim's played a wide range of styles (rock, country, Latin, reggae, jazz). He played in award-winning jazz bands in high school. After high school he went on to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston for two years, where he played in ensembles with Branford Marsalis.

Tired of scraping pennies out of sewer drains, and living in roach-infested apartments; he gave up the poor student routine, and returned home to Chicago where he played with a diverse group of people, including Cab Calloway. He's worked on many recording projects, and has recorded some jingles and movie scores as well.

Jim started on the electric bass, then went to acoustic upright in college. Since 1996 he found his perfect match in the Moses electric upright.

Jim is the most seen of the '& company'. We do a lot of duets together. One of the hardest, and best things a musician can do is 'play for the better of the song'. In other words, do only what will make the song sound best, not what will make you look most impressive. Jim is the easiest guy in the biz to work with, and totally understands what it means to work as a team. Jim will always be a soloist at our gigs; he's way to good to hold back, so we don't. Working with guys like this makes it hard for me to go out and see other bands play because I get to sit next to Jim 3 times a week; and thats hard to beat


Larry's performance background includes numerous "top forty" and rock bands around Chicago, as well as Latin groups, Big Bands, the "Wolfpack" guitar ensemble (Article in Guitar Player Magazine, Oct. '89), the famous rock group "The Buckinghams", the "John Watkins Group" (rhythm section from the "James Cotton Band"), the "Joanna Connor Band" which he toured with for four years worldwide including Spain, Italy, Japan, Turkey and Brazil, "Luther Allison" blues guitar great from Chicago but now lives in Paris, "Screaming Jay Hawkins" who appeared in the movie "American Graffiti" and "Wild T and the Spirit" (former guitarist with David Bowie on the Black Tie, White Noise" album).

All in all, Larry's music speaks for itself. His dream is to reach a standard of composing, performing and relating himself through music, so that everyone listening will enjoy it as much as Larry enjoys creating it!

Larry was recommended to me as a fill in back in '97. I gave him a tape with an enormous amount of material to learn and only a week till the gig. He blew us away. To date the best live drummer I've shared the stage with. His love for the music really shows through. Every chance I get to use Larry whether it's a small acoustic gig or a full blown blues ensemble, I am privileged to share the tunes with this guy. If you haven't seen the cat play, you need to. If you have, you know what I mean.


My old band mate. What a gas sharing the stage with all his energy and positive vibes. Kevin's loaded with surprises too. From country blues originals to whaling one chord romps, there's no doubt he controls a room. Oh yeah; he plays harp like a madman. Kevin also fronts 'The Nightburners'.


Constantly pulling old blues classics out of his hat. His seering wolf-like vocals can bring you to your knees. His sense of humor (once you get it) can not be matched. He's always up, and he can play guitar too. Steve spent a lot of time touring nationally with big names as well as his own band 'West Side Heat'.


The Multi Stringamentalist.
John is a Chicago studio musician. You can hear his guitar/fiddle/mandolin work on Kraig's recorded material.

Andy (AndQ)

The New Roadie
Roadie Extraordinaire. Sets up equipment, tunes guitars. Andy is at Kraig's house a lot doing odd jobs and being an errand boy. On the way to gigs Andy drives both Kraig and the van crazy.


The Old Roadie
Just call him the Matt of all trades. He sets up, photographs, tears down, drives, and does some computer work for Kraig.


Tamara Anderson has over 25 years of performance experience in the music industry. Her career has led her in many directions; nightclub engagements, recording studio work, charity benefits, radio and television, voice-overs and jingle work. Not only is she a seasoned performer, but also an established voice teacher.

Tamara started competing at the age of 9 in talent shows and has won numerous awards including, The Lake County Fair Talent Show, TCI Cable's "Best of Lake County" and several other contests from Canada to Florida. She has been a featured singer on several occasions for the Chicago based and critically acclaimed "Chick Singer Night" and "The Local Vocal Jazz Brew". Both of these are by invitation only. Tamara has also judged many talent shows, including several Miss Illinois Beauty Pageants.

In addition to formal training in college, she continues to study with all of the best voice teachers available from California to New York (collectively, all of her teachers have taught more than 250 Grammy Award winning singers).

Tamara is the co-founder of "What a Voice! Productions, Inc.", sponsor of The Singer's Conference and other educational vocalist workshops including "The Natural Singer Workshop", and co- producer of "Chicago Inside Out" a weekly entertainment show on TCI Cable.

Tamara is currently writing and producing her debut Inspirational CD "Unlimited Love" which is scheduled to be released for the millennium, and is already getting attention from the record companies. You can hear her angelic vocals on several independent artists CDs including, Kraig Kenning's "Every Precious Moment", The Houndz and many more...

Tamara is married to Russell Anderson, a very talented drummer, and they have a beautiful and vocally talented daughter Amber Nicole Anderson.

"One really buys into the way Tamara Anderson sings. She's both soulful and quite an excellent vocalist. Her performances are full of dynamics, riveting, and downright dangerous...she will sustain the kind of intense motivation that it takes for an artist of her caliber to make it in the recording industry." Claude Stein, Director of The Natural Singer Workshop, New York, and coach to The Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Jill Sobule, The Fat Boys, and has worked in the studio with Tony Bon Jovi, (producer of The Ramones, Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix) and Phil Ramone (producer of Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra) and many more.....

"Tamara Anderson has a marvelous and soulful voice. She actually moved me so much during one of her performances that I cried. She is a very skilful and knowledgeable vocalist and teacher." Katie Agresta, coach to Annie Lennox, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, Lenny Kravitz, Carol King and many more....

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